Judge overturns California's ban on s...

Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage

There are 201885 comments on the www.cnn.com story from Aug 4, 2010, titled Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage. In it, www.cnn.com reports that:

A federal judge in California has knocked down the state's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, ruling Wednesday that the state's controversial Proposition 8 violates the U.S. Constitution.

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Frankie Rizzo

Hayward, CA

#186848 Apr 5, 2013
Your Futures Yesterday wrote:
<quoted text>
Then please list the ways same sex marriage has damaged his marriage or anybody else's for that matter! Can't wait for this and please make these reasons one's that actually do and not the usual B.S. you're so famous for bigot boy! Talk about dense,you're at best laughable and at worst a major dic! Notice what,your fantom reasons?
Aw shuddup Bill you silly jackass!
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186849 Apr 5, 2013
poledancer45 wrote:
<quoted text>why are you a faccist communist
Why are you, Lililth, allowed to pretend to have an opinion?
Frankie Rizzo

Hayward, CA

#186850 Apr 5, 2013
poledancer45 wrote:
<quoted text>if your for equal rights.. why do you bash those in favor of it
Because you're jackasses and hypocrites.

Hope that helps.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186851 Apr 5, 2013
poledancer45 wrote:
<quoted text>why are you a faccist communist
And would you, please, define a Fascist Communist? Please use a proper definition, and not your opinion? Please include any contrast/comparisons to validate your definition? Kindly provide some concise examples of classic archetypes?
Frankie Rizzo

Hayward, CA

#186852 Apr 5, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
Not "Slippery Slope", Logical Implication. Please get it right.
Big D doesn't feel the need to cross that bridge.

Does that mean it's now OK for those against SSM to not feel the need to cross his bridge? I bet not.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186853 Apr 5, 2013
Jaredb8 wrote:
<quoted text>
I said race or gender. Incest has nothing to do with either it has to do with unwilling participants and or science showing that if they reproduce it can cause defects.
Waitadamnminute....Reproductio n = Procreation. And procreation has been dismissed, BY YOUR SIDE, as irrelevant to marriage. Next? Unwilling participations to sexual depravity have occurred in every arena of sexual orientation, not strictly to, and only within, the incest crowd. Next?
Frankie Rizzo

Hayward, CA

#186854 Apr 5, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
We don't. And if you loved America, you wouldn't be trying to take part in dismantling it.
Or committing crimes in it. Lilith's life is one big misdemeanor.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186855 Apr 5, 2013
poledancer45 wrote:
<quoted text>so why are you a communist then
Oh, please. You cannot even define "Communist". Can you? ROFLMAO.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186856 Apr 5, 2013
RiccardoFire wrote:
<quoted text>I like how you squirm and start out writing "I said race or gender"....lol....Did you forget the other part you wrote, fool. You are the that wrote this: " No 2 PEOPLE should have anyone tell them they can't be together based on race or gender or any other reason or difference." Not me. "or any other reason or difference" Not me. So now you are saying Marriage is about reproducing? and bro and sis can't marry because of that? What does gay marriage produce? Is that your issue now? You are hard to follow, all over the map. LOL
No, actually, he is quite easy. Just follow the convoluted, confused knot of self-contradictory, aimless, non-productive flopping. You'll find him, right there, in the middle of it.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186857 Apr 5, 2013
SkinTight wrote:
Prop 8 Hero's who donated in Glendora, CA
List of Hero's in Glendora, CA who donated $$$ to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign,
Greg Hendrix $250.00 11/03/08
Kenn Ramage $1,000.00 11/02/08
Robert Jones $100.00 11/02/08
Bernard Weber $100.00 10/31/08
John Andonian $200.00 10/31/08
Lynn Green $50.00 10/31/08
Cindy Mcclain $125.00 10/29/08
Doreen Costello $20.00 10/29/08
John Blenkinship $100.00 10/29/08
Karon Mackay $250.00 10/29/08
Michelle Mackay $500.00 10/29/08
Phyllis Wong $99.00 10/29/08
Thomas Marchetti $10.00 10/29/08
William Thompson $100.00 10/29/08
Alice Rubow $100.00 10/28/08
Desiree Ackerman $100.00 10/28/08
Jeffrey Murphy DDS $100.00 10/28/08
John Richards $200.00 10/28/08
Kristen White $250.00 10/28/08
Alex Lukes $45.00 10/27/08
Cathy Packer $100.00 10/27/08
Gregory Hendrix $200.00 10/27/08
Heather Giles $450.00 10/27/08
Lu Ann Jenson $100.00 10/27/08
Marilyn Batt $150.00 10/27/08
Sheryl Bell $100.00 10/27/08
Thomas Marchetti $10.00 10/27/08
Todd Giles $450.00 10/27/08
Hector Kistemann $100.00 10/26/08
Lori Sefton $500.00 10/26/08
Marie Pepe $100.00 10/26/08
James Watkins $500.00 10/25/08
Kathleen Szczepanski $100.00 10/24/08
Thomas Marchetti $25.00 10/24/08
Gregg Stowell $100.00 10/23/08
Heather Giles $9,500.00 10/23/08
Monica Macciola $50.00 10/23/08
Scott Duncan $100.00 10/23/08
Thomas Marchetti $14.00 10/23/08
Todd Russell $150.00 10/22/08
Alice Rubow $100.00 10/20/08
Cindy Mcclain $99.00 10/20/08
John Andonian $50.00 10/20/08
Lynn Green $100.00 10/20/08
Michael Smith $200.00 10/14/08
Orville Mestad $201.00 10/14/08
Timothy Butcher $250.00 10/11/08
Michael Mcdermott $250.00 10/10/08
Alice Rubow $250.00 10/09/08
Phil Martinez $100.00 10/09/08
Diego Dibenedetto $50.00 10/08/08
Julie Favro $99.00 10/08/08
Thomas Marchetti $10.00 10/08/08
Paul Jex $100.00 10/07/08
Alice Rubow $500.00 10/04/08
David Bishop $100.00 10/04/08
Thomas Marchetti $25.00 10/04/08
Dorothy Hatch $25,000.00 10/03/08
Kathryn Scott $300.00 10/03/08
Maria Berbee $100.00 10/03/08
William Thompson $100.00 10/03/08
Gaile Lawson $100.00 10/02/08
John Blenkinship $200.00 10/01/08
Jarold Laidlaw $500.00 09/30/08
Frank Macciol $100.00 09/26/08
Janell Hall $100.00 09/25/08
Bard Smith $200.00 09/24/08
Gary Blackburn $1,000.00 09/24/08
John Watkins $500.00 09/21/08
Bryan Chase $100.00 09/18/08
Don Kitchen $500.00 09/18/08
Stanley Gunstream $100.00 09/18/08
David Jackson $1,000.00 09/17/08
Henry Nichols $25.00 09/17/08
Kim Holmes $1,500.00 09/17/08
Kjelstrom & Associates, Inc.$1,000.00 09/17/08
Thomas Marchetti $25.00 09/17/08
Pamela Dupre $1,000.00 09/16/08
Ronald Willes $500.00 09/16/08
Alice Rubow $100.00 09/15/08
Diane Larson $500.00 09/14/08
Wiley Ogle $100.00 09/11/08
Julie Foth $1,000.00 09/10/08
June Hamlow $100.00 09/10/08
Sharilin Miller $1,000.00 09/10/08
Thomas Marchetti $10.00 09/10/08
Classic Floor Care, Inc.$250.00 09/09/08
Jae Walker $500.00 09/07/08
Marilyn Batt $250.00 09/07/08
Lynn Green $50.00 09/05/08
Robert Felten $100.00 09/05/08
John Phelan $250.00 09/04/08
Russell Corbett $1,000.00 09/03/08
Mark Hyer DDS $500.00 08/31/08
Miller & Hooker Cpa'S, Inc $500.00 08/31/08
Patrell Engineering Group, Inc.$1,000.00 08/31/08
Thomas Marchetti $25.00 08/29/08
Charlene Thomson $2,000.00 08/28/08
Henry Nichols $25.00 08/28/08
Melinda Hertzberg $500.00 08/28/08
Daniel O'Bryant $5,000.00 08/26/08
William Christiansen $100.00 08/26/08
William Raymond $1,000.00 08/26/08
Barbara Nelson $200.00 08/24/08
Katrina Bishop $250.00 08/21/08
Richard Kirkham $250.00 08/21/08
Robert Moehle $5,000.00 08/21/08
Ernest Jackson $500.00 08/20/08
Kaelene Petersen $100.00 08/20/08
Rebecca Hawkins $9,500.00 08/20/08
Ronna Gibson $500.00 08/20/08
Raymond Hertzberg $500.00 08/19/08
June Hambleton $1,000.00 08/17/08
Kendall Merkley $1,000.00 08/17/08
Stacey Segura $250.00 08/17/08
Thomas Marchetti $10.00 08/17/08
Davis Bench $100.00 08/14/08
Don Hunt $1,000.00 08/14/08
Douglas Bench $250.00 08/14/08
All Hero's.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186858 Apr 5, 2013
SkinTight wrote:
Prop 8 Hero'ss who donated in Glendora, CA
Hero's in Glendora, CA who donated $$$ to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign, how much and when:
Natalie Bench $200.00 08/14/08
W Douglas Steimle $2,500.00 08/14/08
Bard Smith $100.00 08/13/08
Douglas Bench $30.00 08/13/08
Jeffrey Murphy DDS $1,000.00 08/13/08
Lori Mcdonnel $1,000.00 08/13/08
Stephen Larson $250.00 08/12/08
Kjelstrom & Associates, Inc.$99.00 08/06/08
Thomas Marchetti $25.00 08/04/08
John Blenkinship $100.00 08/01/08
Thomas Marchetti $50.00 07/25/08
Robert Felten $100.00 05/22/08
Lillian Griffith $100.00 05/21/08
Lynn Green $50.00 03/17/08
Lynn Green $50.00 01/14/08
All hero's. Is this your attempt to publish a target package for all the haters on your side? Do you hope that these people will be targeted for harassment? Is that why you published their names?
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186859 Apr 5, 2013
Randys Momma from beyond wrote:
<quoted text>
The constitution does not specifically disallow SSM, so it must be legal already.
It doesn't mention it. It is not a right. It is a privilige that has not been extended to the gays. Prop 8 reinforced that, but was unconstitutionally overturned by a biased judge. Failure to be mentioned in the Big C does not automatically grant such a privilege.
Frankie Rizzo

Hayward, CA

#186860 Apr 5, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
Waitadamnminute....Reproductio n = Procreation. And procreation has been dismissed, BY YOUR SIDE, as irrelevant to marriage. Next? Unwilling participations to sexual depravity have occurred in every arena of sexual orientation, not strictly to, and only within, the incest crowd. Next?
Notice the hate against a loving consenting adult incest marriage. What harm would a marriage of two siblings cause him?

After all, procreation is irrelevant to marriage. And modern science has found that the dangers of inbreeding are highly exaggerated.

Are some marriages more equal than others?

Since: Dec 09

Knoxville, TN

#186861 Apr 5, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, fat people exude an odor of cellulite. They sweat more. They are unable to run as far as skinny people. They are unable to tie their own shoelaces. They ruin car seats. They.... Well, you get the point. Tall people are taller than short people. They ask the short people "How do my nuts smell?" Fat people like big girls. Less chance of hurting a fattie, in the event of a roll-over. And, it seems that an unhealthy amount of good looking girls are already drawn to homos, they are called "fag-hags", and they operate under the delusion that they can fix a homo. They can sense the faulty wiring. Women are more sensitive than men. It's one of the defining traits of REAL women. Something that no LBGT can emulate.
Let me correct one little bit of your "comment".

"Fag hags" hang around gay men because we treat them with respect. They have no concern that we're going to come on to them. They feel a certain amount of safety around us. They can let their guards down.

Unfortunately, straight guys tend to get very jealous of us when we're around your girlfriends or wives. You observe that we can have a level of comfort around women that you cannot.

I'm not trying to be a jerk when I say that. It's just the facts.

I've had "girlfriends" all of my life. They totally understood our friendship. And I've had to deal with my share of jealous boyfriends--guys who just HATED my being friends with their women.

I, personally, hate the word "fag hag". It's demeaning to women. No woman is a "hag". And just for the record, I hate the word "fag". It's been carved into the bodies of too many young gay men by hate-filled assholes.

I swear to God, I thought you were different. I honestly did. Where did I get that idea?

Are you really so shallow? Are you really that mean-spirited? Do you really have that level of disdain for gay people? Do you dislike gay women with the same intensity as you dislike gay men?

I really do hope that the nasty back-and-forth that takes place on this forum hasn't made you more bitter toward gay people.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186862 Apr 5, 2013
veryvermilion wrote:
<quoted text>
The Supreme Court has supported citizen's fundamental rights to marry 14 times since 1888
Here are a few of their comments regarding marriage...
Loving v. Virginia,(1967):“The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.”
Boddie v. Connecticut,(1971):“[M]arriage involves interests of basic importance to our society” and is “a fundamental human relationship.”
Cleveland Board of Education v. LaFleur,(1974)“This Court has long recognized that freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”
Moore v. City of East Cleveland,(1977)(plurality):“[ W]hen the government intrudes on choices concerning family living arrangements, this Court must examine carefully the importance of the governmental interests advanced and the extent to which they are served by the challenged regulation.”
Zablocki v. Redhail,(1978):“[T]he right to marry is of fundamental importance for all individuals.”
Turner v. Safley,(1987):“[T]he decision to marry is a fundamental right” and an “expression of emotional support and public commitment.”
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey,(1992):“These matters, involving the most intimate and personal choices a person may make in a lifetime, choices central to personal dignity and autonomy, are central to the liberty protected by the Fourteenth Amendment. At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”
Lawrence v. Texas,(2003):“[O]ur laws and tradition afford constitutional protection to personal decisions relating to marriage, procreation, contraception, family relationships, and education.… Persons in a homosexual relationship may seek autonomy for these purposes, just as heterosexual persons do.”
Only when all unrelated, consenting, adult couples are able to marry the person of their choice will we be fully equal.
In the pursuit of alacrity, I will address the first one, only. Loving V Virginia was a decision about interracial marriage, not sexual behavior.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186863 Apr 5, 2013
veryvermilion wrote:
<quoted text>
"Self-indulgent whining?" Why do you have to be so insulting?
Look, you may not think that we have the constitutional right to marry, but the last time I looked we sure as hell have the right to free speech.
Should the blacks have kept their issues to themselves? Should they have forgone public demonstrations and sought the help of their therapists?
What about women? Maybe they should have just bucked up and kept quiet too.
I'm sorry that you're disturbed by homosexuality. But that is your issue--not mine.
Man up and stop complaining. If you don't want to hear about us, by all means stop coming to this site. Don't watch television. Stop reading the newspapers.
But we're not going to drop our voices for your convenience.
As long as folks like you continue to believe that we are less equal than you, we're going to keep talking, and marching, and protesting, and suing.
We will have our voices heard by those who make decisions about our lives. We will politely request equality. But when it's refused, we will demand it.
Damn man; how can you honestly believe that gays are inferior to straights? How is that possible? This is the 21st Century!
Science has already declared us to be normal. Medicine took us off the list of disorders FORTY YEARS AGO!
You've had ample time to wrap your head around this fact.
I am a tax paying, law abiding citizen of the United States. There's no law against me seeking the rights that I believe I'm entitled to.
Yes, self indulgent whining. "I'd like the whole world to know I am mixed up"... Please. You certainly have the right to free speech, and so do I. Negroes were being denied basic human rights, not a little issue about marriage. Different argument here. Theirs was a fight to be considered human. Not, at all, what your argument is about. You have no right to intrude upon us. I will not close myself up into a little box, merely to let you get away with misuse of the public media, in order to announce your inclusion into the new "Hip Kids Club". I will exercise my freedom of speech to call it what it is. And that is telling your sexual business to the public, vastly inappropriate. Borders on sexual harassment, if you ask me. You attempt misdirection. Dropping your voice is not the same as refusing to trumpet your faulty wiring. You aren't being asked to drop your voice, you are being told that you are shouting, and you do not like being told so. Then stop it. Behave with more class. Which would be the decent thing to do. I did not say inferior, I said that they are not the same as a heterosexual couples. Are boys inferior to girls? NO, of course they are not, but they are most assuredly different.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186864 Apr 5, 2013
poledancer45 wrote:
<quoted text>I stopped going to school

Since: Dec 09

Knoxville, TN

#186865 Apr 5, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
Does history scare you? History has shown us that any society that casually allowed same sex coupling has disappeared. Greece, Rome, Turkish Empire, etc. Modern medical findings show us that the vagina and the penis are multi-use organs, and that a nasty old puckered-up anus is a single purpose organ. That should be the basis for any decisions to be made, concerning validation of marriage.
I hate to be the one to break this to you, Randy, but studies are pretty much show that heterosexuals enjoy anal sex about as much as homosexuals. In fact, anal sex has been used throughout history by heterosexual couples as a means of birth control; you know, like back in the days before condoms... It was also (still is) used to "preserve virginity" of women who wished to remain "intact" for their future husbands.

Heterosexual anal sex is also in the Kama Sutra--a collection of sexual positions that dates back to 400 BC.

And contrary to what you say, according to the info I've read on the internet (just Google it), there are more nerve endings in the anus than there are in the vaginal walls.

Having never seen a vaginal wall, I wouldn't know.

Sometimes it's better to do a little research before posting something that you're not really sure about.
Randy -Rock- Hudson

Wooster, OH

#186866 Apr 5, 2013
poledancer45 wrote:
<quoted text>honey this girl rocks the house
I hope that you truly dance, and don't simply resort to the tired old "pose to the music" tactic. It is the mark of the fake dancers, to simply pose to music, and call it dancing.

Since: Dec 09

Knoxville, TN

#186867 Apr 5, 2013
Randy -Rock- Hudson wrote:
<quoted text>
In the pursuit of alacrity, I will address the first one, only. Loving V Virginia was a decision about interracial marriage, not sexual behavior.
As you know, each decision of the court can contain multiple findings, on which future conclusions may be drawn.

Just because "Loving" dealt with interracial marriage, one aspect of the case found that marriage is a fundamental right of U.S. citizens.

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