Why do Republicans hate Mexicans? Don...
Latinos Are Hot

San Antonio, TX

#68 Feb 29, 2012
I think all the hate must be jealousy 'cause Central American men are just so much more handsome than white ones.

Here's a complete education on illegal immigration:

United States

#69 Mar 4, 2012
redbird wrote:
<quoted text>
listen here you stupid mexican, you seem to forget the reason u came to Texas to begin with, its because your so called country is nothing but a shit pot ! and your stupid people dont know how to run a government.. even IF yall took over Texas, you would trash it just like you did Mexico.. your filthy people,.. not worthy of a country.. worse then roaches..nasty filthy people!
Listen here you stupid redbird or redneck,you seem to forget that texas was apart of mexico in the 1800s and I bet it was cleaner than now. Now its filthy because the government dumps all their crap in the ocean! And cancun is a beautiful resort so no its not a sh!t pot. And do you think america knows how to run a country?! There's poor people in america and the government isn't doing anything about it! Newsflash dumba$$ there's rich people in mexico. Worse than bird crap nasty b!tchy people :p

United States

#70 Mar 4, 2012
YOU smell LIKE GOAT POOP wrote:
republicans hate Mexskins because they are Retarded and their kids are always in those groceries baskets in HEB yellin "momauh kedy soda!!,, momauh kedy soda!!,momauh kedy soda!!, Mexicans are dirty and dumb! thanx for your time,, god bless
Educated mexican here. Well, it looks like you need a grammar lesson.

Momauh is actually spelled mom-ma. Let's try this
again. M-o-m-m-a, comprende? Ok I think we're dobe here.

United States

#71 Mar 4, 2012
Oh I mean done but I'm pretty sure you already knew that, huh?
Sick of Illegals

Fort Worth, TX

#72 Apr 21, 2012
Go back to your filthy country, you worthless turd. Americans -- of ALL races -- hate you and want you gone!

United States

#73 Apr 22, 2012
All I got to say.... is Mexicans are only the majority in corpus because the sneak over here... ILLEGALLY .... and if ur so proud to be Mexican then stay in Mexico ..... I was not born in Mexico and glad.... I am a proud American .. you mojos aren't making anything better by coming to my country .... go bk to where yall came from .. as you can tell no one likes u and yall are taking over corpus like seriously.. but guarantee it wont be like that for long ... like seriously yall have no say in whether u wana stay or not... oh by the way.... look out for la migra ..... :) ha ha

Regina, Canada

#74 Jun 25, 2012
If the Mexicans aren't smart enough to get it through their thick heads they aren't wanted in America, then I guess we'll have to wipe them out at the genetic level with a DNA specific virus that's harmless to humans. The stink of their rotting bodies will be horrendous, but just think of all the prime real estate left over south of the border once these humanoid cockroaches have been killed off, once and for all...
Jimmy Laing

Regina, Canada

#75 Jun 25, 2012
Some people say that Mexicans evolved from cockroaches. But I think it's the other way around...
Tea Party 2012

Corpus Christi, TX

#76 Jun 25, 2012
I love mexican teabags in my mouth. : p
Richard C

Corpus Christi, TX

#79 Oct 12, 2012
People like you are why white people hate hispanics. I am a hispanic from out of this area and the way people look at me is disgusting. You are the reason because I get lumped into people like you.. congrats. This is the shittiest town I've ever lived in and can't wait to get out.

btw. I blame the mexicans for the slow deterioration of the great state of Texas. Congrats as well.

Corpus Christi, TX

#80 Oct 13, 2012
So you are saying you look disgusting? So you are shit bag living in a shitty town, I would say that's the kind of town you belong in.

United States

#82 Oct 14, 2012
They should fill the rio grande with molten lava and battery acid. Shoot those monkeys as soon as they set one crusty brown foot on the border.

United States

#83 Oct 14, 2012
You beaners are a disease no matter what country you wander into. No matter what border you pretend doesn't exist. I hope your taco truck smashes into your sno cone shack and it burns to the ground.

Signed, a democrat.(Don't worry we hate you too for ruining our country) lets not make this a bi-partisan issue.

United States

#84 Oct 14, 2012
So when you're the majority, will you start working and let us lay around, park our cars in our yard, and take free trips to Walmart and the hospital? That would be great. I might move to Texas and apply for my Lone Star Loser card now.

Houston, TX

#85 Oct 14, 2012
Republicans and Mexican love bushbullit.

United States

#86 Oct 14, 2012
Oh BTW, republicans don't hate you. They love the free slave labor. Adds to the bottom line when you have Mexican whores giving birth until her uterus prolapses on the floor of the slaughterhouse. It all goes in the hotdogs. Greasy beaner placenta. God you're even polluting our food supply. You know meat processing used to be a stable good paying union job until you pathetic animals with no self respect started crawling under the fence and begging for handouts. You all should just kill yourselves. You're worthless and you're bringing on the end of the world because you're too stupid and poor to wear condoms

United States

#87 Oct 14, 2012
If you're desperate enough to promote your stupid band on topic it's already doomed.

United States

#88 Oct 16, 2012
I hate all of u wrote:
It's funny how people react when I tell them I want to move out of this shit hole city. It's because of the ignorance that dwells within this town. Being part of both cultures (White and Hispanic) makes me ashamed of all of you that say that one is better then the other. I've seen the best and the worst of both; not one more then the other. WTF is really bothering you people! Did u get picked on, or your ass kicked by the other race.
So you think your shit don't stink?? ROFL!!

Herndon, VA

#89 Oct 17, 2012
why dont mexico send another santa anna to take it like before lmao its the lone star state for a reason

United States

#91 Nov 8, 2012
Like or not we're taking over, just look at yahoo what we have just done,our brown votes have reelected Obama, never b4 had I felt such joy like I did this past Tuesday, that's what u fools get for messing with the sleeping giant. Hope you biggot fools learned ur lesson

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