Laredo, TX

#1 Dec 30, 2012
the asst manager from PACSUN is a dirty, lying, disgusting, slut that needs to get his ass kicked.

Laredo, TX

#2 Dec 30, 2012
met him off grindr once, he wanted to mess around but when i saw him in person he looks really sick (with you know)

Laredo, TX

#3 Dec 30, 2012
i hate that filthy queer

Albuquerque, NM

#4 Jul 2, 2017
I know the same guy. Are you sure he works there I thought he was a banker at welsfargo. He I grew up with him. We had a crazy child hood. We started smoking weed but he moved to more hard drugs. Like x pills cocaine and acid. My whole child hood he would put shit on me most of it is just lies. He was always out to paint a bad picture of. I'm over though. I heard he ended up getin herps and a bad liver.

Albuquerque, NM

#5 Jul 2, 2017
If this is the same guy ive got all kinds of dirt on "this guy". He knock up this girl katya garcia. It's kinda wired cause they both had the same last name. He treated her like shit. Bragging about sticking a remote up her ass against her will. Hitting her. He made that poor woman go crazy. He's told me about him paying people to over dose her. Its really scary cause she was over dosed in February of this year. I feel bad cause he already gave her herpes im pretty sure he has it. Now he also wants her dead I feel bad for their daughter. Stuck with this ass hole as a father. He drinks cheap vodka by the gallon. He talks shit about everyone. He needs to look at him self and stop painting bad pictures of people for no reason. Im tired of it. Im just trying to deal with my peoblems. I dont need these always talking shit about that guy nunu

Albuquerque, NM

#6 Jul 2, 2017
Dustin garcia once told me of a story about him and fabian injecting coke with a syringe. Fabian asked for a new syringe and dusty ended uo making the shot with a dirty syring and shooting him up with a dirty syringe. Then he goes around grabbing about doing it. Like wtf I hope he did that before he got herpes. Back in the day he use to beat up the same guy and forces him to eat dirt till he started puking. He would pick on him 24/7 about that same sped kid wetting his bed. He was a striaght dick to fabian. Dustin garcia os a piece of shit. I hate how he acts like he better than everyone. He's a humab being too. He's made plenty of bad mistakes him self.

Albuquerque, NM

#7 Jul 2, 2017
I mean the guy is shitty. This girl Melanie has a crush on him for like ever. Thier partying with her brother shane and his girl. He doesnt want to chill cause thiers not a girl dor dustin. Shane tells disty he can hook up with his little sister melanie. So he hits it and quits it. Then goes around telling every one her brother pimps her and she was a bad lay. He doesn't need to land on that moon twice. He also said allot of bad stuff that i wouldn't repeat about the poor girl. I just hope he didnt give her herpes

Albuquerque, NM

#8 Jul 2, 2017
And then there's nunu. He has treated nunu like shit. Air boxing hes supposed best friend and he nails him square in the jaw with brass knuckle. His jaw is still fucked up from that. He was in a car with nunu all drunk and dustin has to puke. So what does he do pukes on nunu. Another time they were all drunk hechrabs nunu a loce you brother and starts head butting nunu like wtf. One time he met a under age girl on MySpace. Took her to a party with nunu. After the party nunu wanted to go to his house they drove right past nunu house. While nunu was being vto get dropped off. They went to dustin dads house. Dustin said nunu can sleep floor he promised they wouldn't hook up. They did. nunu had to walk home 6 miles drunk off his ass. They drove by hes fuvking house. Then nunu 23 years old he becomes homless living in a honda. He says fuck it. Sells gis car to go backpacking in Colorado. Hes up their hes doing good gets two jobs at a candy factory and a car wash. He fucks up starts doing meth. He high than fuck trying not to rob people for meth so he starts scrapping out of dumpsters. Nunu was just trying not to be a bad guy. He moves back home. Cause he got areest in boulder colorado. Moves to hes home town he still homeless. Living on the streets. Trying not to be a bad guy. Has people trying to rob his family. Heat from all direction. Dustin painting a horrible picture of this guy for trying to be young and adventurous. He starts to clean up but gets locked. For 6 months. He gets out and realizes every one is bad mouthing him for dumpster diving. He trys more dis honest ways of living on the street. Dustin just puts it on him harder. Makes it seem like hes robbing everyone in town. Like hes a horriable person. Nunu ended up hes clean today. 25 years old trying to make amends for the people he has wronged during his drug use. Dustin still painting a horrible picture of him has people licking him on his way to n.a and after n.a. Trying to make him look like a bad guy. Talking shit like nunu fat hes 6'2" 175 pounds. Leave the guy alone. At least nunu isn't out to ruin peoples life like dustin patric garcia. Nunu isnt the that guy makes him out to be. Ask nunu he won't lie. Go nunu get clean. karma going to catch up with dustin watch

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