Hannah Overton's troubled past

Hannah Overton's troubled past

There are 157 comments on the KRISTV.COM Corpus Christi story from Nov 19, 2007, titled Hannah Overton's troubled past. In it, KRISTV.COM Corpus Christi reports that:

“Her mom never even knew her own dad, so there's really no connection there”

There is still no word on whether Judge Jose Longoria will grant a new trial to convicted murderer Hannah Overton. via KRISTV.COM Corpus Christi

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New Caney, TX

#143 Feb 17, 2010
This is just a question. Had anyone ever tested Andrew for any abnormal conditions of the liver or kidneys?

An abnormally working liver/kidney could have caused what is known as "third spacing" which is where the fluid flows from the vascular system into the cellular system and when the cellular system can no longer hold all of the fluid, it shifts into the serous lining this is "cellular overload". This fluid shift could happen very quickly under the "right" circumstances.

If there was an inadequate acting liver, even a smaller amount of salt could/would have been seriously dangerous without immediate treatment, but there would be very little physical signs of this occurrence other than edema, which may take an hour or so to progress.

I want to say that in some of the photos of Andrew with the Overton's I feel like there is a small amount of noticeable edema in his face especially the eyelids,(or it could be weight gain)- This was different in the photos and video with the foster mother.

With that, I just want to add that if there were a medical condition going on that caused the third spacing to occur the signs and symptoms that Overton described, aren't necessarily so alarming that one would immediately call 911.

I think it might take observing these changes over a period of an hour or so to really see any signs or symptoms of a dangerous situation developing so I'm not 100% convinced that "failure" to seek proper medical care IF there were other renal failures would fit this.

I just couldn't make a decision on guilt or innocence on this case without knowing 100% the functionality of his renal system prior to death and or any abnormalities after his death.

I don't think this was ever looked into.
Fellow Christian

Spring Hill, FL

#144 Mar 23, 2010
I go to Calvery Chapel Coastlands, and it is not a bad or crazy church. I do belive that Hannah did that to her child. Did you know that she was a nurse? She knew what she was doing. I don't belive that she should just be let out of prison, she deserves what she got. And her father didn't start the church, and her father wasn't a killer. Don't accociate the whole church with some crazy people that go there. And it's a Non-Denominatial church, nothing like a cult.
seeking the truth

Corpus Christi, TX

#145 Mar 24, 2010
The second appeal was denied.

To Fellow Christian - not that it matters, but her father was Benny Saenz and he was convicted of murdering a 17 year old member of his church. Her grandfather was Marshall Applewhite, but like I said it doesn't matter but that is the truth. No one wants to be judged by what their family did. I believe that if Hannah had not listened to the pastor, Rod Carver, but taken a lesser plea things would have been better for her but I am happy that there is justice for Andrew.

Corpus Christi, TX

#146 Jan 31, 2011
That kid is retarded.
You can readily ascertain this by just looking at his photo.
He did it to himself.
Dt texas

United States

#147 Dec 16, 2011
I have read the appeals in this case as well as many opinions and comments. The support of members of her church is irrelevant. Do I believe that child over seasoned his own food and caused his own death? Of course not. That is certainly a novel defense strategy. I was not there but the facts I have read lead me to believe the child was given the pepper as a punishment. I don't see anything that indicates it was the intent to cause serious injury or death to him. What happened to that child is horrific and beyond comprehension. With no evidence suggesting intent it does not rise to the standard for capital murder and life without parole. These are the objective facts. Negligent homicide at best. Don't take my word for it read the law.
Voice of reason

Mabank, TX

#148 Dec 31, 2011
Hannah Overton deserves another trial. Bottom line.
Voice of reason

Mabank, TX

#149 Jan 8, 2012
Yeah, I agree DT. Intent was not proved here. This is a terrible injustice. She deserves another trial. There's a pattern of false convictions just like this.

United States

#150 Sep 7, 2012
Totally agree! No kid would voluntary drink that stuff!
LeeAnn wrote:
Hi MedPro. Read this from another poster and wanted to share: I’m not sure if there are some who have never had Zatarains, but I’m from Louisiana. Zatarains is sometimes the closest thing to the spiciness we are used to when we are living away from home (I’m a Navy wife always on the move). Zatarains, honestly, isn’t the best stuff or even the closest to real Louisiana cooking, but it is available practically all over the country so it works if absolutely necessary. If you’ve not had any of the Zatarains boxed meals or seasonings, I invite you do try some. Put some of the seasonings on a spoon and taste it. Then see if you can, in good conscience, believe any 4 year old would purposefully digest the quantity it took to kill him. No adult I know would even do it unless they were a contestant on Fear Factor and would receive money for it. It’s not just that some of it is “hot”. Cajun cooking has nothing to do with “hot”. That’s Texas. It’s the seasonings that are very strong and in a certain combination will make your throat burn and your eyes water if not digested properly. Also, water does NOT make the burning go away, as seen on silly TV shows. Only milk. Water, actually, makes it worse. Therefore, any one who would believe this little boy ate this quantity of seasonings in conjunction with water on his own is a complete idiot!
Marilyn Stults

New York, NY

#151 Oct 5, 2012
My comment is about the condition known as "pica." The cravings that come with pica are not always for non-food substances. I had a bad case of anemia and the one thing I craved was Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Nibblers. I mean, I would knock off two bags a day. But I researched my problem - I was craving the onion because it's a vasodialator and one of the anemia symptoms I had was shortness of breath (in fact my anemia was diagnosed by a lung specialist that my GP referred me to). As soon as the anemia was cured by taking iron supplements, the craving went away and I haven't had any desire for the pretzel nibblers since. So pica cravings can also be for food substances (better than dirt, I guess).

“Loving Life”

Since: Jun 12

Donna, TX

#152 Oct 5, 2012
Terri wrote:
Totally agree! No kid would voluntary drink that stuff!
<quoted text>
well kids wouldnt voluntarily drink medicine either but just my two cents with some common sense?;)

Houston, TX

#153 Oct 17, 2012
Gonna be on courics talk show
texan beach goer

United States

#154 Oct 18, 2012
Hannah Overton is where she belongs! She was convicted of killing that poor baby and her church people keep defending her. A poor boy lost his life at her hands and she deserves to be where she is at. Sometimes people refuse to see the evil in someone they know but the facts speak for themselves!

Phoenix, AZ

#155 Jan 4, 2013
Not sure if this point has been made, I only recently heard about the case, but she stated on the Katie Couric show that he would eat cigarette butts from the floor ... Yet they didn't smoke? It's impossible he could've been burned with cigarettes because none existed in the home? Doesn't make sense, does it? I cannot believe the media backing she's receiving.

Plano, TX

#156 Oct 29, 2014
Viper wrote:
No, she's not going to get another trial. There is no reason for another trial. She's a killer. A convicted felon. She did it. She admitted to it. And get this, her psychotic former fellow church members still backing her? Is there not something wrong with that picture? I know I wouldn't come within a 100 yards of that church. Hannah is where she should be. She's being passed around the jail cell block being one woman's bitch after another. Justice for Hannah!
. You are a moron! Sounds about right..one idiot after another spouting off when they don't have the facts..AND..women don't even do that in prison! Idiot

Plano, TX

#157 Oct 29, 2014
Justice for Andrew wrote:
I understand that 20/20 is going to do another segment this Friday on Hannah. There is a post on the ABC 20/20 site that talks about this case. I sure hope that this time 20/20 gives the true facts. It saddens me that this church makes Hannah out to be the victim. There are many people who talked to the bio children and know that all the children were punished by spices and that Andrew was punished more.
. That's an all out lie
Dateline Diva

Kissimmee, FL

#158 Dec 26, 2014
Will be interested to see what people have to say after Hannah's release and this evenings. 20/20 updated edition!!!

Seattle, WA

#160 Jun 21, 2016
MedPro wrote:
<quoted text>

I wondered what else we should know and found this:
Marshall Applewhite and Louise Linant (this is a bit confusing - I have found his mother listed as Louise Haecker and a older sister Louise Applewhite) married in 1962 (Presbyterian church). They had 2 children - Mark in 1963 and Mary in 1968 (Hannah's mother). Applewhite & Louise divorced in 1968. Applewhite fired in 1970 reason "health problems of an emotional nature" (he was a music professor).

Mary (aka: Lane - Applewhite's followers did function in normal society under false names) married Bennie Saenz. Had 2 children (all I have found mentioned) Hannah and Nathan Saenz. Bennie Saenz was convicted of murder in 1985. He beat a teenage girl to death with a crowbar.

My questions:
1. Does anyone else see the pattern here?
Psychological problems DO have a genetic
component and this case proves that. Shows,
once again, Rod Carvers ignorance in his lame
attempts to explain things away!

2. Why, when this all began, did authorities
place the remaining Overton children in the
care of their maternal grandparents? I don't
think they knew exactly what they were dealing
with or it's magnatude.

3. Does anyone else think that CPS or the
adoption agency should have looked a little
deeper into "good ol' Larry and Hannah's"
backgroung? Good Lord, many of us go through
more intense background checks to get jobs
and clearences.

What do ya'll think??????????
Her name was Vicky Thompson. The girl Bennie murdered. She was my friend.

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