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Midland, TX

#25 Jun 21, 2008
wheres the button that i can vote that they all suck?

Corpus Christi, TX

#26 Jun 30, 2008
smusic5333 wrote:
I worked for one of those stations recently and have to agree that they all need some serious work, but FOX and KRISTV are the worst.
FOX KUQI who? Wha?
Channel 10 is up and coming, but they lack the resources to really put up good numbers. Nationally, CBS is the ratings leader in prime time and a number of other sectors. KZTV is going with a younger group of anchors, which is probably a good thing, but you can still see the immaturity in their reports.
Channel 3 KIII is ok, but they need a to let loose a little here in CC. They are #2 nationally in ratings. They do a lot of work with the community, hospitals, schools, etc., which is a very good thing, but they still have a ways to go. They definitely need some new anchors!!! Katia is actually very good, but you can tell that Joe does not like spending time with her.
Channel 6 KRIS is almost the worst! They are not community oriented and they have sooooooo many internal problems. They finally started to come around the corner in terms of news and production quality, but they still have a ways to go. It always comes from the top down in every company, so take that comment and run with it. That will give you an idea as to how the company is run. Plus, I hear they are the worst company to work for. Although, the anchors and reporters are definitely tops, but it is unfortunate they don't have updated resources to work with. I mean look at their dilapidated building. Gross! They share a street with hookers and gang members.
Ultimately, TXCN is the best source for news on TV in Texas. WFAA-ABC in Dallas is probably the best station in Texas and they broadcast live from the American Airlines Center. If you have not been and you have the chance to go then do it! Very very cool!
I perfer to stick with the Caller-Times.
Sounds like sour grapes to me. Why would you even work for a place that is so terrible and then go online and talk smack about it?
Go back to your tea set and let the grown ups work in the real world.
blah blah blah

College Station, TX

#27 Jun 30, 2008
5333 should stick to music. I hope he knows music better than the media that he is bashing. Also, if you don't like the neighborhood stay out. Besides that who uses the word gross.
Local News

Corpus Christi, TX

#28 Jul 2, 2008
I agree that local news here is pretty lame. But it's Corpus Christi, not Houston or Dallas. So instead of 20 mins of hard hitting, in your face news, you get around 2 here in CC. The rest is filled with check presentations and ribbon cuttings. KIII has a decent newscast when they try. As of late, they have been filling up the cast with 'ask the expert' stuff that no one cares about. KRIS is just old fashion. Old set, graphics and over all look. KRIS is becoming what KZTV was about 7 years ago... out of date.
KZTV has come a long way. They have a more up to date look onair. I think if they were to improve their set and go HD, they'd send KRIS to the #3 spot. Just my 2 cents :)

United States

#29 Jul 2, 2008
Just Saying and blah need some serious chill pills. Looks like they take things too personally. Hmmm... They should probably stay off this board and get back to their tea sets if they can't take the criticism. I have heard the same thing from peeps that work for those stations.

Corpus Christi, TX

#30 Jul 2, 2008
Pills are for those who don't want to live in reality.
the truth

Corpus Christi, TX

#31 Jul 3, 2008
I farted on kris once.
Arnold Maulkin

Davis, CA

#33 Jul 5, 2008
yada yada wrote:
KIII has ex strippers who are executives there. Living the same lifestyle but trust me they look nothing like a stripper now with many kids from different daddies.
Haa..Haa..welcome to radio-tv IN CC.
Arnold Maulkin

Davis, CA

#34 Jul 5, 2008
Lulu wrote:
KIII news is a joke. Whoever came up with the "dream team" of Joe Gazin and Katia Uriarte should be fired. It's so obvious that he does not like sharing the spotlight with that bimbo, it's uncomfortable for the viewers. She tries to be so "cutesy," bobbing her head, giggling and making little asides. She is TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. She needs to watch some reputable female news anchors that take their job seriously. Even Bianco Castro on KRIS has some poise. And to Joe Gazin -- STOP POINTING AT THE CAMERA for emphasis. That is SO WRONG! Didn't your mother ever teach you that pointing is rude?
My word is Joe Gazin still there? I think Fred Hoffman has banged a few of those ex strippers that now work as (cough cough) Salespeople. LOL!

Corpus media hasn't changed one bit! Cess-pool
Arnold Maulkin

Davis, CA

#35 Jul 5, 2008
Bring back Charlie St.John!!!!!

I heard they had to get rid of 'ol Charlie because he had a real problem with alcohol flatulence. Everyone ran for the exits when Charlie arrived. LOL!

San Antonio, TX

#36 Jul 6, 2008
They are all screwed-up and I include the Caller Times! The economy of Corpus Christi is on the edge of an economic collapse like the 1920's and they come out with lies about our economy. Anybody with a set of eyes can see that the stores here are EMPTY, the streets, highways and SPID are EMPTY, the beaches and hotels are EMPTY. Not according to KRIS, KZTV and KIII. Those TV stations have a vested interest in making you all think that things are better than they really are. If they start to report how things really are here and how the economy really SUCKS then nobody will buy or pay high prices for their advertising slots.

Has anyone been at a HEB the last several weeks? Empty or people are buying very little and very inexpensive items. After you pay for gas, electricity, taxes, then things for the city you have little left for anything else. Result: The economy of Corpus Christi is crashing down. I apologize to the TV stations here as I know how important it is for you to scam to sell your advertising but if you look around you nobody is buying much of anything.

Come out to where I live near Oso Creek! Foreclosures and homes are for sale or lease everywhere you look.

I challenge the TV station and the Caller Times to tell the people how bad it really is here in Corpus Christi. Don't have yellow bellies! You may lose your advertising money but isn't the truth more important?

I loved the story about the hotels being full on July 4th at Port Aransas! I made a few calls after the report and EVERYONE had vacancies. Do some FACT CHECKING for a change and tell people the TRUTH about the faltering economy in Corpus Christi.

Saint Louis, MO

#37 Jul 6, 2008
Is that true about Oso Creek?? Houses for lease ?
Could you give me an idea of where to look or who to call. I have lived on the island for a few years and they raised our rent again and it is just way too high. Do you like that area??
If you know of any certain streets , let me know , I will drive over there.

San Antonio, TX

#38 Jul 7, 2008
Dutchess wrote:
Is that true about Oso Creek?? Houses for lease ?
Could you give me an idea of where to look or who to call. I have lived on the island for a few years and they raised our rent again and it is just way too high. Do you like that area??
If you know of any certain streets , let me know , I will drive over there.
I don't live there in that area. I hear the area near the botanical gardens has problems. The prices are still too high for a place like Corpus. Give it another year and the prices may drop more if you want to stay here. If gas prices get super bad you will have a long trip to the city. The up side of gas prices is that suburb housing prices will fall. The suburbs in Colorado are hurting in a bad way. May sound bizarre to you move to the city since most predict the value of central areas will go up.

Syracuse, NY

#39 Jul 9, 2008
Love Eric Von Wade on KZTV
Enjoying life

Saint Louis, MO

#40 Jul 12, 2008
Our television broke about 4 years ago. I wondered how long I could go before my husband really missed it. Thank God, we still don't have one. We watch DVDs on the laptop or go to the local movie theater if it's time for movies. We read and listen to music in our household. If there's a televised event we really want to see, we find a way to enjoy it at anoter venue-with friends, family, sports bar, etc. Our news comes via the newspaper and internet. And we really enjoy each spending quality time with each other instead of zoning out in front of the television! What a concept!

San Antonio, TX

#41 Sep 7, 2008
I think this digital television is a big mistake. When we have the slightest rainstorm the television pixels ruin the picture. With the old system you may get some static. With digital television the screen freezes-up. The worst stations for digital are KZTV and PBS. I don't think some of the stations have digital television so I don't get them. It may be dangerous if there is a severe storm and you can't get a picture. It is worthless and I wonder why the FCC really did this.

Corpus Christi, TX

#42 Sep 7, 2008
Up2Here wrote:
I loved the story about the hotels being full on July 4th at Port Aransas! I made a few calls after the report and EVERYONE had vacancies. Do some FACT CHECKING for a change and tell people the TRUTH about the faltering economy in Corpus Christi.
hahaha good looking out!
we need more smart people around here
Jay - Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, TX

#43 Sep 12, 2008
Hey everybody, listen up. Just found out that the company that owns KZTV-10, has sold it to the company that owns KRIS-6. Probably KRIS will run KZTV out of town, and move unto that new building with the bricked in tower. Also worst station here in town has to be KEDT. Always when you tune them in they're running their dumb, stupid and idiotic auctions. Seems like when they make their appeal for funds its like those guys on the street corners in the city asking for food. Go figure.

Denver, CO

#44 Apr 25, 2009
LAST wrote:
<quoted text>
KIII is the best of the news in Corpus Christi. Rudy Trevino needs to stop talking about the problem of diabetes in Corpus Christi and lose some weight and he needs to tell the pigs in Corpus to get off their butts and exercise. Maybe if they rode bikes, ran or walk around Corpus more they would obey traffic laws when they are behind the wheel. Corpus Christi has the fattest population in the United States and Rudy needs to tell them to get out and do things. Maybe Rudy can do a special and ride around Corpus on a bike to see how long he will survive without getting killed by some fat pig SOB in a Ford Explorer or Chevy Suburban.
Then Katy Kiser could stop helping the mayor of Corpus Christi Henry Garrett answer questions on that show about the city. They make the questions easy enough to answer but then that Katy helps him answer even the stupidest of questions.
I have a top ten list of questions that Katy should ask Henry Garrett that they will not ask because they live in fear of the corruption in the city.
Maybe Katy Kiser and Rudy Trevino could start a segment called Pamper Patrol along the same line as Pothole Patrol. You could turn in dirty diapers to them and they could go out and film the scene and ask why the diapers are not cleaned-up. That's a show the few educated people could get behind.
U have got to be kidding! Uriarte thinks she is the cutest thing on the air and R. Garcia giggles her way thru the morning segment. The new girl Sabrina Hall gets stuck doing the so caled "feature" stories and the thinnly veiled commercials. I may have to change my worst station vote from FOX to KIII. Oh wait! There is another Time Warner conflict somewhere around the corner. Waa! Waa! from Dick Drilling.
dunder mifflin

Santa Fe, TX

#45 May 1, 2009
Anyone on here old enuff to rember KVDO channel 22 back in 1953. was on the air 1953-57. signal went dark in 57 when KRIS came on the scence. I was on the Captain video Show as a kid. Sponsors were Cantwell matress company. "You Cantwell sleep with out a cantwell matress nad Barq's root beer bottling company on robstown road.

Was walter furley on KZTV? KZTV was origionally KSIX TV Channel 10. now does that make sense?

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