Ricky Stormes
amber taylor

Russellville, AR

#21 Nov 7, 2008
look he has not put US HIS FAMILY THROUGH ANYTHING were not made at him or upset with him or anything we are glad that he is making money and got out of corning and like i said earlier it is none of your buisness i mean how do get off on talking about some one that you do not even know or know the facts about so get your facts straight. at leat we know the truth and you'll have no life but to sit at freaking computer and make peoples lives a living hell you think ricky is putting us through stuff no it is you so just quit and we can all be happy. no ricky and our family will be happy the only way you'll are happy is to bash people on topix. at least we have the balls to put our real name not stupid fack crap

Newport, AR

#22 Nov 7, 2008
I seen this as well. And was appauled by this crap. I could not believe that RICKY STORMES was on a gay porn site no matter how much money he makes. I feel sorry for his family and especially his sister. She is a beautiful girl, and does not deserve this.
Amber, you are nothing but a dumb-ass. You cant even understand that what he is doing is so wrong. I cannot believe you think this is right? I know that he is your cousin but jeese.
Amber dont even say anything about me not putting my name and calling you a dumb-ass. You, your sister, and your mother are all dumb and think that you are bad-ass, but couldnt whoop yourself out of a paper sack. I have seen how you all walk and laugh because you think that you are some shit, your not honey! Maybe Ricky could give your family some money to fix your's and Tasha's teeth! Oh and i am not telling who i am. so dont even say anything. I dont want my name all over this internet. Not like you and Ricky.

Newport, AR

#23 Nov 7, 2008
Buti dont guess you and and especially your sister being big sluts is any different. How do you like this? Maybe you wont talk bad about people anymore. Think real hard, and youwill know who i am.

Collierville, TN

#24 Nov 7, 2008
Just think every girl that he is with from now on will always wonder in the back... of their mind.."I wonder if i should stick a dildo in his rear to satisfy him" Im sure that girls are just a cover...most gay men that are in hiding usually have flings with many women thinking it hides their gayness....ITs pretty obvious that he is gay. he just is to coward to admit it. as far as what its doing to his family i mean lets get real this is stormes we are talking about and ALL STORMES love drama so this is doing wonders for the family...THey all get off on this. Heck i figure his cousin Eric is queer too.. IT prolly runs in the family and its all good cause it doesnt do anything to the stormes family to tell all about the gayness in their family..They themselves have stated that over and over and over again
amber taylor

Russellville, AR

#25 Nov 8, 2008
grow the hell up and you are coward and if you were not you would to me my sister and my mother and say it to my face

“Dont drink the kool-aid”

Since: Aug 08

Location hidden

#26 Nov 8, 2008
If you are a guy and have sex with a guy you are gay! Sorry but that is the way it is.

Cherry Valley, AR

#27 Nov 8, 2008
It think that all of ya'll need to stay out of peoples business!
It is so ridiculouse that you find pleasure in talking trash about another person!
He chooses to make his dissisions and it is not your place to state weather it is wronge or not.
It is between him and God. He will find his place and decide what he want to do with his life and if that is it then who the hell are any of you to worry about it. It shouldnt bother you what this person does with his life. I go to school with his sister and I know his family. I also KNOW Ricky is not gay. He is a nice guy and you should all just drop it. It isn't neccisary to bash people.

Newport, AR

#28 Nov 8, 2008
Sorry i was just stating howi feel about it. I think that they are all nasty!
rumor girl

Jonesboro, AR

#29 Nov 9, 2008
If you think what ricky has done is bad....you should check out what rodney hefner and jerry warren have been doing!!!!

Cherry Valley, AR

#30 Nov 9, 2008
who the hell is that?

Collierville, TN

#31 Nov 9, 2008
Well why would Ricky not want people in his busines yet he posts it on the internet for the entire world to see..i mean he did have it posted for the world to see? right?
whats up

Warrenton, MO

#32 Nov 9, 2008
rumor girl wrote:
If you think what ricky has done is bad....you should check out what rodney hefner and jerry warren have been doing!!!!
I know one of them, what are they up to?

Cherry Valley, AR

#33 Nov 9, 2008
Who are they and what are they doing? Enlighten us..
milf 06 -08

Vilonia, AR

#34 Nov 9, 2008
what exectly has ricky done to you to make you judge him like this??? its his life if he wants to do porn rather its gay or straight porn hes not hurting anyone so why does it matter??? if this was a girl an not a guy that was a big jock in high school it would not be a big deal at all!!! everyone of you that is sayin hes puttin his family threw hell NO your the ones who keeps doin it the reason it doesnt bother them is the same reason it doesnt bother anyone that is a true friend or family member just because what hes doin rather hes gay or straight we still care an love him just the same! hes an adult he can live his own life hes not hurting anyone an doesnt need anyones approval to do it so leave this shit alone! if everyone was so concerned with there own lifes like they are over his maybe there life would be better!!! if you dont know someone personally an know all the facts keep your damn mouth shut theres nothing wrong with what he is doin if god judges him then so be it but heres something to think bout i know it says adam an eve but god made everyone of us an if its so bad for someone to be gay or bi then why did he make us that way???
Ricky Stormes

Honolulu, HI

#35 Nov 10, 2008
hey nick whats up bro...thanks for the post about me man..its been a while and i hope that your doing well..i know things didnt end right between us but you was my best friend..so i hope that someday we are cool again...AMBER AND AUNT DEBBIE look you two these people are going to run their mouths and talk shit all they want..by you replying you are giving them exactly what they are craving..ATTENTION because they cant get it anywas else..i just want you two to leave this site and not worry about it cause your just going to be upset when you think about it and i want you two to worry about YOUR lives and not defend me on this stupid site that means nothing ok? love you and ill see you next month
Ricky Stormes

Honolulu, HI

#36 Nov 10, 2008
as for everyone else on here...i will inform you now that i will be coming back to corning in a month or two maybe to stay while i finish college or maybe just a visit..who knows depending on if fratmen want me to continue to work for them..heres the thing i know alot of people get their kicks out of this and good for you..im happy your having fun seeing you cant find anything else to do with your lives (not trying to be rude nor mean but its just how it looks in mine and everyone elses eyes) something everyone needs to realize is this is MY LIFE so im going to live it how "I" want not how you want...please just seriously stop this because when i do get home i wont be in the mood to put up with it cause ill be happy to see family and old friends and if you think your something special and come up to me and trying to ruin my time i'll put an end to all your shit talking one way or another right then and there...i just want everyone to get along geez how hard is that..have a good day all and please find something worth while to do rather than waste your lives on a computer

“I don't know”

Since: Oct 08

Trumann, Arkansas

#38 Nov 10, 2008
And for the religious speak on here I will end this entire conversation by saying and I quote the Bible on this " Let the who is without sin, Cast the 1st stone."
dont worry

Cherry Valley, AR

#39 Nov 11, 2008
There is about 50 people from this pathetic town who LIVE on this website and do nothing but say bad things about people. They post under many different names and change their isp location. They love being anonymous. It hides their true identity. They can say whatever they want and not be held liable for their words. They would never, ever, ever say anything so crude to your face.

I'm not saying everyone should put their name on here EVERYTIME they have an opinion about something. BUT--if you are going to type something that is not true or say something outright MEAN about someone else, then yeah--you SHOULD go ahead and type your real name. That will never happen though because there are too many people who enjoy not being held accountable for their words.

United States

#40 Nov 11, 2008
My name is Zachary Smith. I live in Maynard, Arkansas and I am 20 years old.

I do not know Ricky, but I do not like him due to the fact that he likes to suck off other guys and take it up the a$$ for cash. That's f*cking sick!
rude dawg

Collierville, TN

#41 Nov 11, 2008
first of all ricky you should really think about what all you have stated and done...lets look at what you have done so you might clearly see......you have allow photos of you posing naked with other guys doing it or pretending to do it. i wasnt there when they were taken so i couldnt tell you.....first we must ask why would you do that...to entertain people that want to assume that its real and that your having GAY SEX with men. But over and over and over again you and others have gotten on this site to say that you arent gay. yet you allowed them to be posted hoping that someone out there WOULD THINK that you were gay so they could get their rocks off. therefor to anyone that might claim slander you dont have a case.. because the whole gay thing is what the people of fratmen.com intended...and rick you knew that so there is no slander. U yourself have no one to blame for this thread and all of the comments and the hurtful things that your family has had to listen about you (TRUE OR NOT)...no one BUT UR SELF..ITs all your fault and if you can live with that then thats fine.I personally wouldnt want my family to be subject to such horrible things.But
Also I can tell that you have no conscience about the fact that your posting stuff that kids can see that is graphic and adult, then do the world a favor and dont ever have kids yourself and dont be hanging around any kids because your choices are weak and immoral and you are unsuitable for kids to even be in the same room with. And i know you or some of your family are going to mention all the money you make...its sad that you have to sell yourself like some cheap whore to make money. Its nothing to brag on and what is even sadder is the the fact that a mother condones it as though its ok...speaks alot about the quality of your mother and anyone else that would aprove of suck gross things posted on the internet for the entire world to see....Get some morals so you dont end up chopping off a arm or something down the road for some money..cause basically you lost a lot of yourself when you let them post those pics of you naked being or pretending to be gay

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