Mexicans Angry About Illegal Aliens
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#88 Jul 12, 2014
Border Patrol Warns MS-13 Using Nogales Processing Center as Recruitment Hub

According to Border Patrol sources, violent MS-13 gang members are using the Nogales processing center in Arizona as a recruitment hub and as a transfer point for gang members to get into the United States.
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#89 Jul 12, 2014
Reagan left office in 1989. G.W. Bush left office in 2009. Obama and this do noting congress must take ownership of the invasion. Make no mistake, this is an invasion. To suggest that the Catholic church controls Obama is extremely disturbing. Such statements point to a person who is delusional.

TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID, Says Border Patrol Union

MCALLEN, Texas—Illegal aliens are being allowed to fly on commercial airliners without valid identification, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC).“The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms,” NBPC’s Local 2455 Spokesman, Hector Garza, told Breitbart Texas.
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#90 Jul 12, 2014
Jimmy Carter's disastrous DREAM ACT: the Mariel boat lift

It is amazing that President Obama is competing with President Jimmy Carter for who has the most stupid and disastrous DREAM ACT and who will have had the most destructive administration to the country’s wellbeing in the history of the United States.
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#91 Jul 12, 2014
Human costs of immigration:“The Beast” train derails

WASHINGTON, July 10, 2014 — For the thousands of people trying to escape across the Mexico-U.S. border, the chances of success are slim. Some give up, unable to complete the physically demanding journey. Others fall prey to the drug cartels. They are kidnapped or are sliced by the wheels of The Beast, the freight trains they hop, hoping for a bit of ease in their travel.

The Beast is part of a network of freight trains that run the length of Mexico, from Guatemala to the U.S. The train is also called the Death Train.

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#92 Jul 12, 2014
Catholic Church Insists on Overpopulating Poverty Stricken Countries

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#93 Jul 12, 2014
Democrat President is NOT the Republican President George W. Bush .

Who signed This Bill that Protects Unaccompanied Children From Deportation into Law. in 2008..

Republican President GW Bush Signed this Immigration Bill into Law.

U.S. Law Is the Reason Behind the Central American Immigrant Invasion Wave

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#94 Jul 13, 2014
Catholic Elites Spend Millions To Sell Illegal Alien Amnesty

Phoenix, AZ

#95 Jul 14, 2014
masterblasterisabitch wrote:
Jimmy Carter's disastrous DREAM ACT: the Mariel boat lift
It is amazing that President Obama is competing with President Jimmy Carter for who has the most stupid and disastrous DREAM ACT and who will have had the most destructive administration to the country’s wellbeing in the history of the United States.
I agree with every post you have wriiten! Freaking liberal left are destroying America! Now 3rd World country. This is planned by Obama and his commie partners! Bringing into North American Trade Union. Yes, the Mickeys are in on this dire crisis as well. This is just trial run for HLS. FEMA camps are for the rest of the folks that go ain:t government. Too late folks.we're done in US read and listen to message from retired general major ...can't think of his name. He is warning America about what is really getting ready to go down in US between now @ 2017...we're in danger!!!! My best advice is get your soul and affairs in order!
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#96 Jul 14, 2014
What is Gods name will it take for the Obama administration to shut this mess down.

Four-Time Deportee Arrested For Allegedly Molesting Young Girl In Texas

Authorities in Parker County have arrested a man suspected of molesting a 9-year-old girl as she slept in her home. The man, 35-year-old Israel Andrade, has been deported from the United States on four different occasions.

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call on Saturday, after a woman called to report her daughter had been sexually fondled by a stranger who broke into her home.

The 9-year-old victim, who had been sleeping on the family couch with siblings, told deputies that she was awakened by a man who was groping her in her private areas.
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#97 Jul 14, 2014
Mexico, Guatemala fast-track delivery of illegals to U.S.

Mexico and Guatemala have reached an agreement that is intended to make it easier and safer for Central Americans, including unaccompanied minors, to enter the United States illegally.

Though largely unreported in the U.S. mainstream media, the two nations agreed on July 7, in a presidential-level meeting in Mexico, to make it legal and safe for Central American immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, to cross Mexico’s border with Guatemala and transit Mexico en route to the U.S. border at the Rio Grande.

The agreement apparently does not recognize that the result of such trips – entry into the United States – remains illegal.
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#98 Jul 14, 2014
King Obama

Drones in the sky o’re the land of the free,
“The Messiah” Obama spying on you and me.
Tapping our phones and e-mail too,
He is afraid of what we can do.

He wants our guns and ammo you see,
Cause his tyranny, is not to be.
We are free people in this land,
But not under the Kings heavy hand.

He is working hard almost everyday,
To try and take our rights away.
GOD given rights he can try and take,
Afraid that will be one tremendous mistake!

Millions have served this great land,
Many have died from an enemies hand.
I cherish this land and freedom too,
I was proud to serve America and of course you.

Black verses white and tween men and women too,
He has started wars to divide me and you.
Take from the makers everything he can,
To GIVE to the takers in this great land.

Between Fast & Furious and Ben-ghazi,
The King is a liar as we all can see.
Lie to America every chance he gets,
There is no lie that he regrets.

We must hold firm to survive this regime,
And send’em packin’ in twenty fourteen.
We will survive there is no doubt,
This is the land of the free that I shout!!
masterblasterisa bitch

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#99 Jul 14, 2014
CNN Report: It only costs $1.30 for illegal aliens to cross from Guatemala into Mexico’s southern border:

In an incredible report from CNN, Gary Tuchman visits Guatemela to show just how easy it is to cross from that embattled country into Mexico. Contrary to all those memes you might have seen about how difficult it is to illegally immigrate into Mexico, it appears that it only costs $1.30 and the police don’t really care how many cross in.
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#100 Jul 14, 2014
Governor Vexed With Secrecy in Sending Illegal Immigrants to Nebraska

In a sign of the far-reaching impact of the U.S. immigration crisis and its political fallout, Nebraska's governor says 200 children who entered the country illegally were sent to his state this week without warning and that federal officials are refusing to identify them or their locations.

Gov. Dave Heineman, a Republican, said federal officials also wouldn't answer questions about public school attendance by the children and the potential costs to taxpayers.

"Governors and mayors have the right to know when the federal government is transporting a large group of individuals, in this case illegal immigrants, into your state," Mr. Heineman told The Wall Street Journal in an interview on Saturday. "We need to know who they are, and so far, they are saying they're not going to give us that information."
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#101 Jul 14, 2014
Federal Government Sends Hundreds of Unaccompanied Alien Children to Multiple Locations in the Chicagoland Area

The Department of Health and Human Services has brought nearly 430 unaccompanied alien children (UAC) to Chicago, and placed them under the care of Heartland Alliance, according to a release from Senator Mark Kirk (R., Ill.). Heartland Alliance, describes itself as “the leading anti-poverty organization in the Midwest” on its website and is an HHS grantee. The kids are being held at multiple locations in the Chicagoland area, a staffer in Kirk’s office tells National Review Online.
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#102 Jul 14, 2014
Reports Says Illegal Aliens Costing Mississippi Taxpayers

State Auditor Phil Bryant's report estimates 49,000 illegal immigrants in the state, costing over $25 million.

"It's the first time anyone in the State of Mississippi has tried to look at illegal immigrants and what it costs the taxpayer," Bryant said.

The report takes into account contributions from illegal aliens who pay more than $40 million in sales tax and more than $3 million in income tax each year. But the estimated costs are more than $69 million. That includes everything from education and healthcare to public safety and losses from income sent out of the country.

Only one illegal alien bill remains alive in the legislature. It would allow Mississippi to cancel any state contract with a company using illegal workers.

"I think we need to slow down the headlines, slow down the hype," Rep. John Reeves said.

Reeves says he'll support the bill that's now in his committee, but he wants people to realize the contribution to the economy made by immigrants and sometimes illegal immigrants.

"All you have to do is go to the Gulf Coast for about two hours and see who is building Mississippi down there. Who's doing the grunt work."

Reeves would like to see a guest worker system for immigrant workers, allowing them to come and go while still paying taxes.

Bryant admits his report isn't exact and now wants state agencies to help keep tabs on illegal aliens.

"We need to continue to track that with additional information year after year and see what growth pattern is going to be and then how we deal with that additional cost," Bryant said.

And that could mean asking congress for more money or joining other states and passing legislation to strengthen federal immigration laws.

You can find the entire illegal alien report on the State Auditor's website, .

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#103 Jul 14, 2014
Rift on Immigration Widens Between Conservative Catholics and the U.S. Catholic Bishops

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#104 Jul 14, 2014
U.S. Catholic Bishops Oppose Deportations Of Illegal Immigrants

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#105 Jul 14, 2014
Michigan: Sisters of St. Francis Offer Building to House and Care For Central American Illegal Aliens

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#106 Jul 15, 2014
Protests Across the Nation Against Housing Illegal Immigrants
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#107 Jul 16, 2014
Thank you Obama.........Catholic church doesn't control the distribution of EBT cards.

Illegals Arrive in Bus and Shop at Walmart With EBT Cards

A school bus of illegal immigrants reportedly pulled up at a Walmart in North Carolina and shopped with EBT cards. The woman in the video says the immigrants could not speak English and were reportedly staying in China Grove.

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