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List of Famous Mississippian's Since Grayson Hates South

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#1 Oct 1, 2013
List of people from Mississippi
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[hide] 1 Activists and advocates
2 Actors and actresses
3 Artists
4 Athletes and sports-related people
5 Broadcast media personalities
6 Comedians
7 Educators
8 Entrepreneurs and business leaders
9 Filmmakers
10 Jurists and lawyers
11 Military figures
12 Models
13 Musicians and performers
14 Physicians
15 Politicians
16 Scientists and inventors
17 Supercentenarians
18 Writers
19 Other people
20 References
This list contains people who were born or lived in the U.S. state of Mississippi.
Activists and advocates[edit]
James Bevel (1936–2008), clergyman, civil rights activist (Itta Bena)
Ruby Bridges (born 1954), first African-American child to attend an all-white school in the South (Tylertown)
Curtis Conway "C.C." Bryant (1917–2007), African-American civil rights leader (Tylertown)[1]
Will D. Campbell (born 1924), Baptist minister and activist (Amite County)
James Chaney (1943–1964), African-American civil rights worker (Meridian)
Vernon Dahmer (1908–1966), African-American civil rights leader (Hattiesburg)
Charles Evers (born 1922), African-American civil rights leader (Decatur)
Medgar Evers (1925–1963), African-American civil rights leader (Decatur)
Myrlie Evers-Williams (born 1933), African-American civil rights leader (Vicksburg)
Dianna Freelon-Foster, African-American civil rights activist, first female and first African-American mayor of her hometown,(Grenada)[2]
C. L. Franklin (1915–1984), Baptist minister, father of Aretha Franklin (Shelby)
Lloyd L. Gaines (1911–1939?), challenged segregation at University of Missouri School of Law, disappeared in 1939 (Water Valley)
Duncan M. Gray, Jr.(born 1926), Episcopal clergyman, civil rights activist (Canton)
Percy Greene (1897–1977), journalist, activist (Jackson)
Lawrence Guyot (born 1939), civil rights activist (Pass Christian)
Fannie Lou Hamer (1917–1977), civil rights, voting rights activist (Ruleville)
Perry Wilbon Howard (1877–1961), Republican attorney and civil rights activist; served as assistant United States Attorney General under President Herbert Hoover (Ebenezer)
Winson Hudson (1916–2004) civil rights activist (Harmony)
Clyde Kennard (1927–1963) civil rights activist (Hattiesburg)
Edwin King (born 1936), civil rights activist, Tougaloo College chaplain (Jackson)[3]
James Meredith (born 1933), first African-American student at the University of Mississippi (Kosciusko)
Anne Moody (born 1940), civil rights activist, author (Centreville)
Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862–1931), civil rights activist, women's rights activist (Holly Springs)
Donald Wildmon (born 1938) founder of American Family Association (Dumas)
Actors and actresses[edit]
Joshua Alba (born 1982),(Biloxi)
Mary Alice (born 1941),(Indianola)
Dana Andrews (1909–1992),(Covington County)
Roscoe Ates (1895–1962),(Grange)
Katherine Bailess (born 1980), film and television actress (Vicksburg)
Laura Bailey (born 1981), voice actress,(Biloxi)
Earl W. Bascom (1906–1995), film and television (Columbia)
Willie Best (1916–1962), television and film actor (Sunflower)
Jimmy Boyd (1939–2009)(McComb)
Don Briscoe (1940–2004), soap opera actor (Yalobusha County)
Geneva Carr (born 1971), television and stage actress (Jackson)
Finn Carter (born 1960),(Greenville)
Wally Cassell (born 1915), film and television actor
Lacey Chabert (born 1982), film and television actress (Purvis)
Alvin Childress (1907–1986), actor (Meridian)
Gary Collins (1938–2012), film and television actor (Biloxi)
Wyatt Emory Cooper (1927–1978), Broadway actor,(Quitman)
Cassi Davis (born 1964),(Holly Springs)
John Dye (1963–2011), film and television actor (Amory)
Mary Elizabeth Ellis television and film actress,(Laurel)
Ruth Ford (1911–2009), stage and film actress,(Brookhaven)
Morgan Freeman (born 1937), Academy Award-winning actor (Charleston)

Cathedral City, CA

#2 Oct 1, 2013
M. C. Gainey (born 1948), film and television actor,(Jackson)
Cynthia Geary (born 1965), actress (Jackson)
Gavin Gordon (1901–1983), film, television, and radio actor (Chicora)
Allie Grant (born 1994), actress (Tupelo)
Nikki Griffin (born 1978), actress (Vicksburg)
Gary Grubbs (born 1949),(Amory)
Lynn Hamilton (born 1930),(Yazoo City)
Beth Henley (born 1952), dramatist and actress,(Jackson)
Jim Henson (1936–1990), creator of The Muppets,(Greenville)
Anthony Herrera (born 1944),(Wiggins)
Wilbur Higby (1867–1934), silent film actor,(Meridian)
Shauntay Hinton, actress (Starkville)
Eddie Hodges (born 1947), former child actor,(Hattiesburg)
Thelma Houston (born 1943), actress,(Leland)
Don Jeffcoat (born 1975),(Gulfport)
James Earl Jones (born 1931),(Arkabutla)
Robert Earl Jones (1910–2006),(Senatobia)
Simbi Khali (born 1971),(Jackson)
Diane Ladd (born 1935),(Meridian)
Daniel Curtis Lee (born 1991),(Clinton)
Tom Lester (born 1938),(Jackson)
Martha Mattox (1879–1933), silent film actor,(Natchez)
Shane McRae (born 1977),(Starkville)
Gerald McRaney (born 1947),(Collins)
Mary Ann Mobley (born 1939),(Brandon)
Parker Posey (born 1968)(Laurel)
Evelyn Preer (1896–1932)(Vicksburg)
Thalmus Rasulala (1939–1991)(Arkabutla)
Beah Richards (1920–2000), stage/screen/TV actress (Vicksburg)
Eric Roberts (born 1956),(Biloxi)
Toni Seawright (born 1964), international actress,(Pascagoula)
Larry Semon (1889–1928), silent film actor/director/producer,(West Point)
Britney Spears (born 1981) singer, songwriter (Mississippi)
Jamie Lynn Spears (born 1991), actress, singer (Mississippi)
Taylor Spreitler (born 1993), actress, model (Hattiesburg)
Stella Stevens (born 1938),(Yazoo City)
Tonea Stewart (born 1947),(Greenwood)
Byron Thames (born 1969), actor (Jackson)
Ashley Thompson (born 1980), actress,(Booneville)
Joe M. Turner (born 1969), actor, magician, mentalist, professional speaker,(Brandon)
James Michael Tyler (born 1962),(Winona)
Brenda Venus (born 1957), actress,(Biloxi)
Ray Walston (1914–2001),(Laurel)
Sela Ward (born 1956),(Meridian)
James Wheaton (1924–2002),(Meridian)
Kit Williamson (born 1985), actor,(Jackson)
Oprah Winfrey (born 1954),(Kosciusko)
Hattie Winston (born 1945),(Greenville)

Jere Allen, painter (Oxford)
James McConnell Anderson (1907–1998), potter and painter (Ocean Springs)
Peter Anderson (1901–1984), potter (Ocean Springs)
Rick Anderson (artist)|Rick Anderson, painter and children's book illustrator (Clinton)[4][5]
Walter Inglis Anderson (1903–1965), painter (Ocean Springs)
Earl W. Bascom (1906–1995), painter, sculptor, "King of the Cowboy Artists" (Columbia)
Bill Beckwith, sculptor (Greenville)[6]
Howard Bingham (born 1939), photographer (Jackson)
Jason Bouldin, portrait painter (Oxford)[7]
Marshall Bouldin III, portrait painter (Clarksdale)[8]
Bruce Brady (1934?–2000), sculptor of Conerly Trophy (Brookhaven)[9]
Andrew Bucci (born 1922), painter (Vicksburg)
Byron Burford (1920-2011), painter (Greenville)[10]
William Dunlap, painter (Webster County)[11][12]
Sam Gilliam (born 1933), color field painter (Tupelo)
Theora Hamblett (1895–1977), painter (Oxford)[13]
Ted Jackson (born 1955), photographer (McComb)
Chris LeDoux (1948–2005), bronze sculptor (Biloxi)
Ed McGowin, sculptor, painter (Hattiesburg)[14][15]
Fred Mitchell (born 1923), abstract expressionist painter (Meridian)
Ethel Wright Mohamed (1906–1992), stitchery artist (Belzoni)[16][17]
George E. Ohr (1857–1918), potter (Biloxi)
J. Kim Sessums, bronze sculptor, painter (Brookhaven)[18]
Floyd Shaman (died 2005), sculptor (Cleveland)
Jack Spencer (born 1951), photographer (Kosciusko)
Glennray Tutor (born 1950), painter (Oxford)
James W. Washington, Jr.(1908–2000), painter, sculptor (Gloster)
Dick Waterman (born 1935), photographer and blues promoter (Oxford)

Cathedral City, CA

#3 Oct 1, 2013
Athletes and sports-related people[edit]
Main article: List of sports-related people from Mississippi
Broadcast media personalities[edit]
Alex Bonner (1926–2003), broadcast media executive (Marks)
Paul Gallo (born 1947), radio host (Shaw)
Lee Habeeb (born 1961), conservative talk radio producer (Oxford)
Chris McDaniel (born 1971), conservative talk show host and state senator (Laurel)
Angela McGlowan (born 1970), Fox News political commentator (Oxford)
Robin Roberts (born 1960), newscaster (Pass Christian)
Norman Robinson (born 1951), news anchor (Toomsuba)
Doug Russell (born 1972), Yahoo! Sports Radio personality (Jackson)
Tavis Smiley (born 1964), talk show host (Gulfport)
Shepard Smith (born 1964), Fox News anchor (Holly Springs)
Oprah Winfrey (born 1954), talk show host (Kosciusko)
Jerry Clower (1926–1998),(Liberty)
David L. Cook (born 1968),(Pascagoula)
Mack Dryden (born 1949),(Moss Point)
Tig Notaro, stand-up comedy,(Jackson)
James Madison Carpenter (1888–1983), folklorist,(Prentiss County)
Joseph Crespino (born 1972), political scientist (Macon)
Jesse Dukeminier (1925–2003), professor of law,(West Point)
William R. Ferris (born 1942), folklorist, chairman of National Endowment for the Humanities,(Vicksburg)
Edgar Godbold (1879-1952), college president (Lincoln County)
George W. Grace (born 1921), linguist,(Corinth)
Robert Khayat (born 1938), chancellor of the University of Mississippi,(Moss Point)
Rory Lee (born 1949), clergyman, college president (Ridgeland)
Mamie Locke (born 1954), political scientist, dean at Hampton University,(Brandon)
John A. Lomax (1867–1948), folklorist,(Goodman)
Frances Lucas (born 1957), president of Millsaps College,(Jackson)
Bernie Machen (born 1944), president of University of Florida,(Greenwood)
Walter E. Massey (born 1938), physicist, University of Chicago,(Hattiesburg)
William H. Miller (born 1941), theoretical chemist,(Kosciusko)
William Muse, chancellor at East Carolina University
Rod Paige (born 1933), U.S. secretary of education,(Monticello)
Milburn Price (born 1938), hymnologist, dean of School of Performing Arts, Samford University (Electric Mills)
Dan Reneau (born 1940), president of Louisiana Tech University (Woodville)
Roy Vernon Scott (born 1927), historian,(Starkville)
Jimmy G. Shoalmire (1940–1982), historian (Starkville)
Louis Westerfield (born 1949), law professor, first African-American Dean of the University of Mississippi School of Law,(De Kalb)
Fannie C. Williams (1882–1980), normal school educator (Biloxi)

Cathedral City, CA

#4 Oct 1, 2013
Entrepreneurs and business leaders[edit]
Jim Barksdale (born 1943), president and CEO of Netscape,(Jackson)
Joseph A. Biedenharn (1866-1952), entrepreneur: first bottled Coca-Cola in 1894[19]
James Breckenridge Speed (1844–1912), industrial pioneer
Fred Carl, Jr., founder of Viking Range Corporation,(Greenwood)
Cully Cobb (1884–1975), agricultural publisher
Cynthia Cooper, WorldCom vice president, whistleblower (Clinton)
Bernard "Bernie" Ebbers (born 1941), founder and CEO of WorldCom, convicted of fraud and conspiracy,(Brookhaven)
Joshua Green (1869–1975), shipping magnate, banker,(Jackson)
Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Haas Outdoors, Inc.
Sam Haskell (born 1955), former worldwide head of television for the William Morris Agency,(Amory)[20]
Robert L. Johnson (born 1946), founder of Black Entertainment Television,(Hickory)
Ken Lewis (born 1947), Chairman, CEO, and President of Bank of America Corporation,(Meridian)
Walter E. Massey (born 1938), corporate executive and board member of several organizations,(Hattiesburg)
Glenn McCullough (born 1954), chairman and CEO of GLM Associates, LLC,(Tupelo)
Charles Moorman (born 1953), CEO of Norfolk Southern,(Hattiesburg)
Clarence Otis, Jr.(born 1956), CEO of Darden Restaurants,(Vicksburg)
Hartley Peavey (born 1941), founder of Peavey Electronics,(Meridian)
Pig Foot Mary (1870–1929), culinary entrepreneur,(Mississippi Delta)
Robert "Bob" Pittman, founder MTV, former CEO and COO AOL,(Jackson)
J. H. Rush (1868–1931), founder of Rush's Infirmary, the first private hospital in Meridian, Mississippi,(De Kalb)
Fred Smith (born 1944), founder of FedEx,(Marks)
Antonio Maceo Walker (1909–1994), president of the Universal Life Insurance Company of Memphis, Tennessee,(Indianola)
Zig Ziglar (1926–2012), motivational speaker, author, salesman (Yazoo City)

Charles Burnett (born 1944),(Vicksburg)
Jamaa Fanaka (born 1942),(Jackson)
John Fortenberry, film and television director,(Jackson)
Lawrence Gordon (born 1936), producer of Die Hard and other films,(Yazoo City)
Jonathan Murray (born 1955), creator of the reality TV genre,(Gulfport)
Patrik-Ian Polk (born 1973),(Hattiesburg)
Larry A. Thompson (born 1944), television and film producer,(Clarksdale)

Cathedral City, CA

#5 Oct 1, 2013
Jurists and lawyers[edit]
Rhesa H. Barksdale (born 1944), federal judge (Jackson)
Neal Brooks Biggers Jr.(born 1935), federal judge (Corinth)
William Joel Blass (born 1917), attorney,(Wiggins/Gulfport)
Gerald Chatham (1906–1956), lawyer, lead prosecutor in the Emmett Till case,(Hernando)
Bobby DeLaughter (born 1954), prosecutor, judge (Jackson)
Jess H. Dickinson (born 1947), associate justice, Supreme Court of Mississippi,(Charleston)
Boyce Holleman (1924–2003), attorney,(Wiggins/Gulfport)
Frank Hunger (born 1936), assistant U.S. attorney general,(Greenville)[21]
E. Grady Jolly (born 1937), judge of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals,(Louisville)
Charles W. Pickering (born 1937), federal judge,(Jones County)
Thomas Rodney (1744–1811), federal judge,(Natchez)
Richard "Dickie" Scruggs (born 1946), attorney,(Pascagoula)
Michael B. Thornton (born 1954), judge, U.S. Tax Court
Michael Wallace (born 1951), lawyer,(Biloxi)
James R. Williams (born 1936), lawyer and jurist,(Columbus)

Military figures[edit]
William Wirt Adams (1819–1888), brigadier general, CSA,(Jackson)
Van T. Barfoot (born 1919), World War II colonel and Medal of Honor recipient,(Edinburg)
William Barksdale (1821–1863), brigadier general, CSA, died at Gettysburg,(Jackson)
William Billingsley (1887–1913), ensign, first Navy aviator killed in an airplane crash,(Winona)
Alvin C. Cockrell (1918–1942), second lieutenant, USMC, killed in World War II,(Hazelhurst)
Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821–1877), general, CSA,(Hernando)
Walter "Smokey" Gordon (1920–1997), World War II veteran, portrayed in the HBO mini-series Band Of Brothers[citation needed]
Jeffery Hammond (born 1978), major general, U.S. Army (Hattiesburg)
Randolph M. Holder (1918–1942), USN lieutenant (junior grade),(Jackson)
Felix Huston (1800–1857), general, Texas army,(Natchez)
Samuel Reeves Keesler (1896–1918), Army aviator,(Greenwood)
Newt Knight (1837–1922), Unionist leader,(Jones County)
Roy Joseph Marchand (1920–1942), World War II fireman first class,(Crandall)
Henry Pinckney McCain (1861–1941), adjutant general, US Army,(Carroll County)
John S. McCain, Sr.(1884–1945), USN admiral,(Teoc)
Donald H. Peterson (born 1933), USAF colonel and NASA astronaut,(Winona)
Charles Read (1840–1890), naval officer,(Meridian)
Viola B. Sanders (born 1921), USN captain, director of women, U.S. Navy,(Sidon)
Daniel Isom Sultan (1885–1947), inspector general, U.S. Army,(Oxford)
James Monroe Trotter (1842–1892), first man of color to achieve rank of 2nd Lieutenant, U.S. Army, music historian,(Gulfport)
Richard H. Truly (born 1937), USN vice-admiral, astronaut, NASA administrator,(Fayette)
Louis Wilson, Jr.(1920–2005), Commandant of the Marine Corps and Medal of Honor recipient, Brandon, Mississippi

Cathedral City, CA

#6 Oct 1, 2013
Jennifer Adcock (born 1980), Miss Mississippi 2002 and Miss Mississippi USA 2005,(Hattiesburg)
Kristi Addis (born 1971), Miss Teen USA 1987,(Holcomb)
Susan Akin (born 1965), Miss Mississippi 1985 and Miss America 1986,(Meridian)
Jenna Edwards (born 1981), former Miss Florida and Miss Florida USA,(Brandon)
Ruth Ford (1911-2009), model,(Hazlehurst)
Taryn Foshee, Miss Mississippi 2006,(Clinton)
Lauren Jones (born 1982), model, Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right, shoe line namesake (Jackson)
June Juanico (born 1938), beauty queen known for dating Elvis Presley in 1955 and 1956,(Biloxi)
Nan Kelley, Miss Mississippi 1985 and GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown hostess,(Hattiesburg)
Kendra King, Miss Mississippi USA 2006,(Monticello)
Christine Kozlowski, Miss Mississippi 2008,(D'Iberville)
Leah Laviano (born 1988), Miss Mississippi USA 2008, and 1st runner up in Miss USA 2008,(Ellisville)
Monica Louwerens (born 1973), Miss Mississippi 1995,(Greenville)
Lypsinka (born 1955), drag performer and model,(Hazlehurst)
Lynda Lee Mead (born c.1939), Miss America 1960,(Natchez)
Mary Ann Mobley (born 1939), Miss America 1959,(Brandon)
Kimberly Morgan (born 1983), Miss Mississippi 2007,(Taylor)
Cheryl Prewitt (born 1957), Miss America 1980,(Ackerman)
Crystal Renn (born 1986), plus-size model and fashion model, Clinton
Toni Seawright (born 1964), Miss Mississippi 1987 (first African-American winner),(Pascagoula)
Naomi Sims (1948–2009), fashion model and author (Oxford)
Ellen Stratton (born 1939), model and Playboy Playmate,(Marietta)
Amy Wesson (born 1977), fashion model,(Tupelo)
Cindy Williams (born 1964), journalist and Miss Mississippi USA 1986
Jalin Wood (born 1981), Miss Mississippi 2004 and Miss Mississippi USA 2007,(Waynesboro)

Cathedral City, CA

#7 Oct 1, 2013
Musicians and performers[edit]
3 Doors Down, band,(Escatawpa)
John Luther Adams (born 1953), composer of music inspired by nature,(Meridian)
Afroman (born 1974), comedy rapper,(Hattiesburg)
Tommy Aldridge (born 1950), drummer for Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake,(Pearl)
Mose Allison (born 1927), jazz musician,(Tallahatchie County)
Robert Anderson (1919–1995), gospel singer-composer and pianist,(Anguilla)
Steve Azar (born 1964), country singer,(Greenville)
Milton Babbitt (1916–2011), composer, electronic music pioneer,(Jackson)
Glen Ballard (born 1953), songwriter and record producer,(Natchez)
David Banner (born 1973), rapper/producer,(Jackson)
Matt Barlow (born 1970), lead singer of the metal band Iced Earth,(Biloxi)
Prentiss Barnes (1925–2006), rhythm and blues singer,(Magnolia)
Lance Bass (born 1979), member of pop group 'N Sync,(Laurel)
Jeff Bates (born 1963), country music singer-songwriter,(Bunker Hill)
Beanland, jam band,(Oxford)
Robert Belfour (born 1940), blues musician,(Holly Springs)
Carey Bell (1936–2007), Chicago blues harmonica player,(Macon)
Big Time Sarah (born 1953), blues singer,(Coldwater)
The Blackwood Brothers, gospel singers,(Choctaw County)
James Blackwood (1919–2002), one of The Blackwood Brothers,(Choctaw County)
Blind Melon, Alternative rock and jam band (Starkville)
Blind Mississippi Morris (born 1955), blues artist (Clarksdale)
Blue Mountain, alternative country band (Oxford)
Lucille Bogan (1897–1948), blues singer (Amory)
Charley Booker (1925–1989), blues singer and guitarist (Moorhead)
Eddie Boyd (1914–1994), blues musician (Clarksdale)
Bobby Bradford (born 1934), jazz musician and composer (Cleveland)
Jan Bradley (born 1943), soul singer (Byhalia)
Delaney Bramlett (1939–2008), singer-songwriter (Pontotoc)
Cory Branan (born 1975), singer-songwriter (Southhaven)
Jackie Brenston (1930–1979), American R&B singer and saxophonist (Clarksdale)
Big Bill Broonzy (1898–1958), blues singer-songwriter and guitarist (Scott County)
Eddie "Bongo" Brown (1932–1984), percussionist,(Clarksdale)
Willie Brown (1900–1952), delta blues guitarist and singer (Clarksdale)
Jimmy Buffett (born 1946), multi-genre singer-songwriter,(Pascagoula)
R. L. Burnside (1926–2005), blues singer-songwriter,(Harmontown)
Jerry Butler (born 1939), soul singer-songwriter,(Sunflower)
Cadillac Don & J-Money, rap duo,(Crawford)
G. C. Cameron (born 1945), soul and R&B singer,(Jackson)
Ace Cannon (born 1934), tenor and alto saxophonist,(Grenada)
Gus Cannon (1883–1979), jug band musician,(Red Banks)
Bo Carter (1893–1964), blues singer,(Bolton)
Johnny Carver (born 1940), country singer,(Jackson)
The Chambers Brothers, soul music group,(Lee County)
Sam Chatmon (1897–1983), blues singer, brother of Bo Carter,(Bolton)
Otis Clay (born 1942), R&B and soul musician,(Waxhaw)

Cathedral City, CA

#8 Oct 1, 2013
Chalmers Clifton (1889–1966), conductor and composer,(Jackson)
Odia Coates (1942–1991), singer,(Vicksburg)
Hank Cochran (born 1935), country music singer-songwriter,(Isola)
Bill Coday (1942–2008), singer,(Coldwater)
Phil Cohran (born 1927), jazz musician,(Oxford)
Colour Revolt, indie rock band,(Oxford)
Mike Compton (born 1956), bluegrass mandolin player,(Meridian)
David L. Cook (born 1968), Christian country music singer-songwriter,(Pascagoula)
Sam Cooke (1931–1964), gospel, R&B, soul, and pop singer (Clarksdale)
The Cook Family Singers, Christian country music group,(Pascagoula)
The Cooters, punk metal band,(Oxford)
James Cotton (born 1935), blues harmonica player and singer-songwriter,(Tunica)
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup (1905–1974), Delta blues singer and guitarist,(Forest)
George Cummings (born 1938), guitarist and songwriter,(Meridian)
Olu Dara (born 1941), jazz musician,(Natchez)
Lester Davenport (1932–2009), American blues harmonica player and singer,(Tchula)
Liz Davis (1987), country music recording artist,(Madison)
Paul Davis (1948–2008), singer-songwriter,(Meridian)
Jimmy Dawkins (born 1936), blues guitarist and singer,(Tchula)
Al Denson (born 1960), contemporary Christian artist,(Starkville)
Bo Diddley (1928–2008), rock & roll/R&B singer-songwriter,(McComb)
Willie Dixon (1915–1992), blues bassist/singer-ongwriter/recor d producer,(Vicksburg)
Nate Dogg (1969–2011), West Coast Hip Hop and R&B artist,(Clarksdale)
Marshall Drew (born 1984), folk rock singer-songwriter,(Clarksdale)
Kevin Dukes (born 1956), guitarist,(Brookhaven)
Omar Kent Dykes (born 1950), blues guitarist and singer,(McComb)
Judy Dunaway (born 1964), avant-garde composer/free improvisor/conceptual sound artist
Meredith Edwards (born 1984), country singer (Clinton)
Ruby Elzy (1908–1943), opera singer (Pontotoc)
Lehman Engel (1910–1982), composer and conductor (Jackson)
Chris Ethridge (1947–2012), country rock musician, songwriter (Meridian)
Shelly Fairchild (born 1977), country music artist (Clinton)
Charlie Feathers (1932–1998)(Holly Springs)
Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, gospel singers (Piney Woods)
Steve Forbert (born 1955), pop music singer-songwriter (Meridian)
Barbara Siggers Franklin (1917–1952), gospel singer and mother of Aretha Franklin,(Shelby)
Lee Garrett, R&B singer-songwriter
Eric "Red Mouth" Gebhardt, multi-genre singer-songwriter,(Biloxi)
Bobbie Gentry (born 1944), singer-songwriter,(Greenwood)
Mickey Gilley (born 1936), country singer and musician,(Natchez)
Mark Gray (born 1952), country music singer and keyboardist,(Vicksburg)
Garland Green (born 1942), soul singer and pianist,(Dunleith)
Lloyd Green (born 1937), country music steel guitarist,(Leaf)
Al Goodman (1943–2010), R&B/Soul singer,(Jackson)
Ted Hawkins (born 1936), singer and songwriter,(Biloxi)
Kenneth Haxton (1919–2002), composer,(Greenville)[22]
Jessie Mae Hemphill (1923–2006), blues musician,(Como)
Caroline Herring, bluegrass musician,(Canton)
Michael Henderson (born 1951), bass guitarist, R&B singer (Yazoo City)
Aretha Henry (born 1982), rhythm and blues, pop singer and songwriter(Jackson)
Faith Hill (born 1967), country/pop singer,(Jackson)
Kim Hill (born 1963), Christian singer-songwriter,(Starkville)
Ernie Hines (born 1938), soul musician
Milt Hinton (1910–2000), jazz double bassist,(Vicksburg)
John Lee Hooker (1917–2001), singer-songwriter and blues guitarist,(Clarksdale)
Big Walter Horton (1917–1981), blues harmonica player,(Horn Lake)
Son House (1902–1988), blues singer and guitarist,(Riverton)
Randy Houser (born 1975), country music artist,(Lake)
Thelma Houston (born 1943), R&B singer-songwriter,(Leland)
Guy Hovis (born 1941), big band singer,(Tupelo)
Howlin' Wolf (1910–1976), blues singer/guitarist/harmonica player,(West Point)

Cathedral City, CA

#9 Oct 1, 2013
Cary Hudson, lead singer and guitarist for alternative country band Blue Mountain,(Sumrall)
Mississippi John Hurt (c.1893–1966), country blues singer and guitarist,(Teoc)
Clifton Hyde (born 1976), multi-instrumentalist and producer,(Hattiesburg)
Carl Jackson (born 1953), country and bluegrass musician,(Louisville)
Cordell Jackson (1923–2004), rockabilly guitarist, producer (Pontotoc)
Elmore James (1918–1963), blues guitarist and singer-songwriter,(Richland)
Skip James (1902–1969), Delta blues guitarist/pianist/singer-songw riter,(Bentonia)
Roosevelt Jamison (born 1936), songwriter/publicist,(Olive Branch)
Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson (born 1944), drummer in The Allman Brothers Band,(Ocean Springs)
Big Jack Johnson (born 1940), blues musician,(Clarksdale)
Jimmy Johnson (born 1928), blues guitarist and singer,(Holly Springs)
Robert Johnson (1911–1938), blues and Delta blues musician,(Hazlehurst)
Syl Johnson (born 1936), blues and soul singer,(Holly Springs)
Margie Joseph (born 1950), R&B and soul singer,(Pascagoula)
Junior Kimbrough (1930–1998), blues artist,(Hudsonville)
Albert King (1923–1992), blues guitarist and singer,(Indianola)
B. B. King (born 1925), blues guitarist and singer-songwriter,(Itta Bena)
Fern Kinney, rhythm & blues and disco music entertainer,(Jackson)
Fred Knoblock (born 1953), country singer-songwriter,(Jackson)
Kudzu Kings, band,(Oxford)
Sonny Landreth (born 1951), blues musician and slide guitar player,(Canton)
Skylar Laine (born 1994), country music singer, finalist American Idol (Brandon)
Denise LaSalle (born 1939), blues and contemporary R&B singer-songwriter/record producer,(Belzoni)
Rick Lawson (born 1973), soul and R&B singer,(Raymond)
Chris LeDoux (1948–2005), country music singer-songwriter,(Biloxi)
Mylon LeFevre (born 1944), gospel and Christian rock singer,(Gulfport)
J. B. Lenoir (1929–1967), guitarist and singer-songwriter,(Monticello)
Robert "Squirrel" Lester (born 1942), second tenor of The Chi-Lites,(McComb)
Bobby Lounge (born 1950), singer-songwriter,(McComb)
Dent May, musician (Jackson)
Tommy McClennan (1908–c.1962), Delta blues singer and guitarist,(Yazoo City)
George McConnell, guitarist,(Vicksburg)
Kansas Joe McCoy (1905–1950), blues musician and songwriter,(Raymond)
Papa Charlie McCoy (1909–1950), Delta blues musician and songwriter,(Jackson)
Fred McDowell (1904–1972), blues singer and guitarist,(Como)
Mulgrew Miller (born 1955), jazz pianist,(Greenwood)
Little Milton (1934–2005), blues and soul vocalist and guitarist,(Inverness)
Hoyt Ming, old-time fiddler,(Choctaw County)[23]
Mississippi Mass Choir, gospel choir,(Jackson)
Mississippi Slim (born 1923), country singer and guitarist,(Smithville)
Monkey Joe, blues musician,(Jackson)
Dorothy Moore (born 1947), pop/R&B/gospel singer,(Jackson)
Johnny B. Moore (born 1950), blues singer and guitarist,(Clarksdale)
Jasmine Murray (born 1992), beauty queen, finalist American Idol (Columbus/Starkville)
Charlie Musselwhite (born 1944), blues-harp player and bandleader,(Kosciusko)
Bill Myrick (born 1926), country singer/musician/writer/produce r/disc jockey,(Simpson County)
North Mississippi Allstars, blues-rock/jam band,(Hernando)
Brandy Norwood (born 1979), R&B singer-songwriter/record producer,(McComb)
Willie Norwood (born 1955), gospel singer,(McComb)
Alexander O'Neal (born 1953), soul singer,(Natchez)
Paul Overstreet (born 1955), country music singer-songwriter,(Vancleave)
Ginny Owens, blind contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter,(Jackson)
Junior Parker (1932–1971), Memphis blues singer and musician,(Clarksdale)
Michael Passons (born 1965), founding member of the Christian band Avalon,(Yazoo City)
Charlie Patton (1891–1934), Delta-/Country-/Gospel blues musician,(Edwards)
Dion Payton (born 1950), blues guitarist and singer,(Greenwood)
Leon Pinson (1919–1998), guitarist and singer,(Union County)[24]
Elvis Presley (1935–1977), multi-genre musician,(Tupelo)

Cathedral City, CA

#10 Oct 1, 2013
Leontyne Price (born 1927), opera singer,(Laurel)
Charley Pride (born 1938), country music singer,(Sledge)
John Primer (born 1945), blues singer and guitarist,(Camden)
Stephen Purdy (born 1970), conductor/pianist and vocal coach for broadway musicals and broadway actors,(Hattiesburg)
Ray J (born 1981), contemporary R&B and hip hop singer/record producer,(McComb)
Jimmy Reed (1925–1976), blues singer and musician,(Dunleith)
Del Rendon (1965–2005), country musician,(Starkville)
Mack Rice (born 1933), songwriter,(Clarksdale)
LeAnn Rimes (born 1982), country and pop singer,(Pearl)
Fenton Robinson (born 1935), blues musician,(Greenwood)
Jimmie Rodgers (1897–1933), country singer,(Meridian)
Jimmy Rogers (1924–1997), blues signer and guitarist,(Ruleville)
David Ruffin (1941–1991), former lead singer of The Temptations,(Whynot)
Jimmy Ruffin (born 1939), soul and R&B singer,(Collinsville)
Bobby Rush (born 1940), blues and R&B musician/composer/singer,(Jack son)
Otis Rush (born 1935), blues musician,(Philadelphia)
Oliver Sain (1932–2003), saxophonist/drummer/songwriter /record producer,(Dundee)
Magic Sam (1937–1969), Chicago blues and soul blues musician,(Grenada)
Scott Savage, drummer for Christian rock band Jars of Clay,(Clinton)
Saving Abel, rock band,(Corinth)
Johnny Sea (born 1940), country singer,(Gulfport)
Toni Seawright (born 1964), singer-songwriter,(Pascagoula)
Jumpin' Gene Simmons (1933–2006), rockabilly singer,(Tupelo)
Byther Smith (born 1933), blues musician,(Monticello)
Soulja Boy (born 1990), rapper/record producer,(Batesville)
Otis Spann (1930–1970), blues musician,(Jackson)
Britney Spears (born 1981), pop singer,(McComb)
Judson Spence (born 1965), songwriter and multi-instrumentalist,(Pascago ula)
Roebuck "Pop" Staples (1914–2000), founder of The Staple Singers,(Winona)
Rogers Stevens (born 1970), guitarist for the band Blind Melon,(West Point)
Lisa Stewart (born 1968), country musician,(Louisville)
William Grant Still (1895–1978), classical composer,(Woodville)
Barrett Strong (born 1941), singer and songwriter,(West Point)
Marty Stuart (born 1958), country music singer,(Philadelphia)
Hubert Sumlin (born 1931), blues musician,(Greenwood)
Deanna Summers, songwriter
Ty Tabor (born 1961), guitarist/songwriter/vocalist for rock band King's X,(Pearl)
Eddie Taylor (1923–1985), blues guitarist and singer,(Benoit)
Hound Dog Taylor (1915–1975), blues guitarist and singer,(Natchez)
Melvin Taylor (born 1959), blues musician,(Jackson)
Ernie Terrell (born 1939), singer and record producer,(Belzoni)
Jean Terrell (born 1944), R&B and jazz singer,(Belzoni)
James "Son" Thomas (1926–1993), blues musician,(Leland)
Rufus Thomas (1917–2001), R&B/funk/soul singer,(Cayce)
Ashley Thompson (born 1980), singer,(Booneville)
Ike Turner (1931–2007), multi-genre musician/record producer,(Clarksdale)
Conway Twitty (1933–1993), country singer-songwriter,(Friars Point)
Freddie Waits (1943–1989), hard bop and post-bop drummer,(Jackson)
Travis Wammack (born 1944), rock and roll guitarist,(Walnut)
Walter Ward (born 1940), R&B singer and lead vocalist of The Olympics,(Jackson)
Muddy Waters (1913–1983), Electric blues and Chicago blues musician,(Rolling Fork)
Jim Weatherly (born 1943), country and pop singer-songwriter,(Pontotoc)
Carl Weathersby (born 1953), blues vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, (Jackson)
Boogie Bill Webb (1924–1990), blues guitarist and singer,(Jackson)
Bukka White (1909–1977), Delta blues guitarist and singer,(Houston)
Carson Whitsett (1945–2007), keyboardist and songwriter,(Jackson)
Tim Whitsett (born 1943), band leader/songwriter/producer,(Ja ckson)
Webb Wilder (born 1954), country/surf music/rock & roll musician,(Hattiesburg)
Big Joe Williams (1903–1982), Delta blues musician and songwriter,(Crawford)
Hayley Williams (born 1988), pop punk and alternative rock singer-songwriter,(Meridian)
Sonny Boy Williamson II (died 1965), blues harmonica player and singer-songwriter,(Glendora)

Cathedral City, CA

#11 Oct 1, 2013
Eddie Willis (born 1936), electric guitarist,(Grenada)
Al Wilson (1939–2008), singer and drummer,(Meridian)
Cassandra Wilson (born 1955), jazz singer-songwriter,(Jackson)
Mary Wilson (born 1944), singer and founding member of The Supremes,(Greenville)
Elder Roma Wilson (born 1910), harmonica player,(Blue Springs)[25]
Charlie Worsham (born 1985), country singer-songwriter (Grenada)[26]
Tammy Wynette (1942–1998), country music singer-songwriter,(Tremont)
Lester Young (1909–1959), jazz tenor saxophonist and clarinetist,(Woodville)
Zora Young (born 1948), blues singer,(West Point)

Blair E. Batson, first chairman of pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and namesake of the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children,(Jackson)
Henry Cloud (born 1956), clinical psychologist,(Vicksburg)
Arthur Guyton (1919–2003), wrote the Textbook of Medical Physiology,(Oxford)
John Hall, continues to work on Textbook of Medical Physiology[27]
James Hardy (1918–2003), surgeon who performed the first successful cadaveric lung transplant,(Jackson)[28]
T. R. M. Howard (1908–1976), surgeon and activist,(Mound Bayou)
Edgar Hull (1904–1984), co-founding physician of the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans (1931) and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport (1969); born and died in (Pascagoula)
Thomas Naum James (born 1925), cardiologist,(Amory)

Cathedral City, CA

#12 Oct 1, 2013

See also: List of Governors of Mississippi, List of United States Senators from Mississippi, List of United States Representatives from Mississippi, List of mayors of Jackson, Mississippi, and List of mayors of Meridian, Mississippi
Thomas Abernethy (1903–1998), U.S. representative,(Eupora)
Robert H. Adams (1792–1830), U.S. senator,(Natchez)
James L. Alcorn (1816–1894), governor and U.S. senator,(Friars Point)
William Allain (born 1928), governor,(Washington)
John Mills Allen (1846–1917), U.S. representative,(Tishomingo County)
Apuckshunubbee (c.1740–1824), Choctaw chief
Haley Barbour (born 1947), governor,(Yazoo City)
Ethelbert Barksdale (1824–1893), U.S. representative and member of the Confederate States Congress,(Jackson)
William Barksdale (1821–1863), U.S. congressman,(Jackson)
Ross Barnett (1898–1987), governor,(Standing Pine)
Cheri Barry (born c.1955), mayor,(Meridian)
Marion Barry (born 1936), Washington, D.C. mayor,(Itta Bena)
Theodore G. Bilbo (1877–1947), governor and U.S. senator,(Poplarville)
Marsha Blackburn (born 1952), U.S. representative from Tennessee,(Laurel)
Hale Boggs (1914–1972), U.S. representative from Louisiana, House majority leader,(Long Beach)
David R. Bowen (born 1932), U.S. representative,(Houston)
Walker Brooke (1813–1869), U.S. senator,(Vicksburg)
Blanche Bruce (1841–1898), U.S. senator
Ezekiel S. Candler, Jr.(1862–1944), U.S. representative,(Corinth)
Joseph W. Chalmers (1806–1853), U.S. senator,(Holly Springs)
Travis W. Childers (born 1958), U.S. representative,(Booneville)
John Claiborne (1809–1884), U.S. representative,(Natchez)
Robert G. Clark, Jr.(born 1928), first African American state representative since Reconstruction
Thad Cochran (born 1937), U.S. senator,(Pontotoc)
James P. Coleman (1914–1991), governor,(Ackerman)
Jacqueline Y. Collins (born 1949), Illinois state senator,(McComb)
Ross A. Collins (1880–1968), U.S. representative,(Collinsville)
William M. Colmer (1890–1980), U.S. representative,(Moss Point)
Greg Davis (born 1966), mayor,(Southaven)
Jefferson Davis (1808–1889), U.S. senator and president of the Confederate States of America,(Warren County)
Wayne Dowdy (born 1943), chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party,(Magnolia)
Brad Dye (born 1933), lieutenant governor,(Charleston)
James Eastland (1904–1986), U.S. senator,(Sunflower)
Mike Espy (born 1953), U.S. secretary of agriculture,(Yazoo City)
Robert C. Farrell (born 1936), Los Angeles city councilman,(Natchez)
Erik R. Fleming (born 1965), state representative,(Clinton)
Mary E. Flowers (born 1951), Illinois state representative (Inverness)
Kirk Fordice (1934–2004), governor,(Vicksburg)
Webb Franklin (born 1941), U.S. representative,(Greenwood)
Evelyn Gandy (1920–2007), lieutenant governor,(Hattiesburg)
James Z. George (1826–1897), U.S. senator,(Carrollton)
Charles H. Griffin (1926–1989), U.S. representative,(Utica)
Gregg Harper (born 1956), U.S. representative,(Jackson)
Pat Harrison (1881–1941), U.S. representative,(Crystal Springs)
Patrick Henry (1843–1930), U.S. representative,(Brandon)
Thomas C. Hindman (1828–1868), U.S. representative from Arkansas,(Ripley)
Jon Hinson (1942–1995), U.S. representative,(Tylertown)
David Holmes (1769–1832), first Governor of Mississippi
Jim Hood, Attorney General of Mississippi,(New Houlka)

Cathedral City, CA

#13 Oct 1, 2013
Delbert Hosemann (born 1947), Mississippi secretary of state,(Vicksburg)
Benjamin G. Humphreys (1808–1882), governor,(Claiborne County)
Benjamin G. Humphreys II (1865–1923), U.S. representative,(Claiborne County)
William Y. Humphreys (1890–1933), U.S. representative,(Greenville)
Paul B. Johnson, Sr.(1880–1943), judge/governor,(Hattiesburg)
Paul B. Johnson, Jr.(1916–1985), governor,(Hattiesburg)
Pete Johnson (born 1948), state auditor, co-chair of Delta Regional Authority,(Clarksdale)
Daryl Jones (born 1955), Florida legislator, attorney (Jackson)
Penne Percy Korth (born 1942), diplomat,(Hattiesburg)
L.Q.C. Lamar (1825–1893), U.S. senator and supreme court justice,(Oxford)
Greenwood LeFlore (1800–1865), Choctaw chief, state senator
Elmer Litchfield (1927–2008), sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana (Meridian)
Mamie Locke (born 1954), Virginia state senator (Brandon)
Trent Lott (born 1941), U.S. senator (Grenada)
John R. Lynch (1847–1939), first African-American speaker of the Mississippi House, U.S. representative (Natchez)
Ray Mabus (born 1948), governor and Secretary of the Navy (Starkville)
Harlan Majure (born 1929), mayor of Philadelphia (Meridian)
Glenn McCullough (born 1954), mayor of Tupelo (Tupelo)
Chris McDaniel (born 1971), state senator (Laurel)
Hernando Money (1839–1912), U.S. senator (Carrollton)
"Sonny" Montgomery (1920–2006), U.S. representative (Meridian)
Mike Moore (born 1952), Mississippi attorney general (Pascagoula)
Ronnie Musgrove (born 1956), governor (Tocowa)
Spencer Myrick (1918–1991), Louisiana legislator (Simpson County)
Alan Nunnelee (born 1958), state senator (Tupelo)
Rod Paige (born 1933), U.S. secretary of education (Monticello)
Rubel Phillips (1925–2011), gubernatorial candidate Corinth[29]
Chip Pickering (born 1963), U.S. representative (Laurel)
Stacey Pickering (born 1968), state auditor (Laurel)
John E. Rankin (1882–1960), U.S. representative (Itawamba County)
Red Shoes (died 1747), assassinated Choctaw leader
Bill Renick (born 1954), mayor, governor's chief of staff (Ashland)
Hiram Rhodes Revels (1827–1901), first African-American U.S. senator (Claiborne County)
Carol Schwartz (born 1944), District of Columbia politician (Greenville)
Abram M. Scott (1785–1833), governor (Wilkinson County)
Ronnie Shows (born 1947), U.S. representative (Moselle)
Jim Singleton (born 1931), New Orleans councilman (Hazlehurst)
Larkin I. Smith (1944–1989), U.S. representative (Poplarville)
Larry Speakes (born 1939), presidential spokesman (Cleveland)
John C. Stennis (1901–1995), U.S. senator (De Kalb)
Bill Stone (born 1965), state senator (Ashland)
William V. Sullivan (1857–1918), U.S. representative and senator (Winona)
Gene Taylor (born 1953), U.S. representative (Bay St. Louis)
Bennie Thompson (born 1948), U.S. representative (Bolton)
Jacob Thompson (1810–1885), U.S. representative, secretary of the interior (Oxford)
Amy Tuck (born 1963), lieutenant governor (Maben)
James K. Vardaman (1861–1930), governor, U.S. senator (Yalobusha County)
Jamie L. Whitten (1910–1995), U.S. representative (Cascilla)
Roger Wicker (born 1951), U.S. senator (Pontotoc)
Thomas Hickman Williams (1801–1851), U.S. senator (Pontotoc County)
Norris C. Williamson (1874-1949), Louisiana state senator (Benton County)[30]
William Arthur Winstead (1904–1995), U.S. representative (Philadelphia)
William Winter (born 1923), governor (Grenada)
Fielding L. Wright (1895–1956), governor (Rolling Fork

Cathedral City, CA

#14 Oct 1, 2013
Scientists and inventors[edit]
Earl W. Bascom (1906–1995), inventor of rodeo equipment,(Columbia)
Gail Borden (1801–1874), inventor of condensed milk,(Amite county)
Harry A. Cole, inventor of Pine-Sol,(Jackson)
James A. Ford (1911–1968), archaeologist,(Water Valley)
Fred Haise (born 1933), engineer, astronaut,(Biloxi)
Elizabeth Lee Hazen (1885–1975), microbiologist, developer of nystatin,(Rich)
Joseph Newman, inventor of the Newman motor,(Lucedale)
Henry Sampson (born 1934), inventor,(Jackson)
Roy A. Tucker (born 1951), astronomer,(Jackson)

Susie Gibson (1890–2006), lived 115 years and 108 days,(Corinth)
Moses Hardy (1893/1894–2006), lived 112 to 113 years,(Aberdeen)
Bettie Wilson (1890–2006), lived 115 years and 153 days

Ace Atkins (born 1970)(Oxford)
William Allegrezza (born 1974)(Jackson)
Howard Bahr (born 1946)(Jackson)
Frederick Barthelme (born 1943), novelist and professor (Hattiesburg)
Earl W. Bascom (1906–1995)(Columbia)
Lerone Bennett, Jr.(born 1928), editor of Ebony magazine (Clarksdale)
Douglas A. Blackmon (born 1964), journalist and historian (Leland)
Maxwell Bodenheim (1892–1954), poet and novelist (Hermanville)
Bruce Brady (1934?–2000), writer, editor of Outdoor Life (Brookhaven)[31]
Charlie Braxton, poet and author (McComb)[32]
Larry Brown (1951–2004)(Oxford)
Jill Conner Browne, author, Sweet Potato Queens (Tupelo)
Jack Butler (born 1944)(Alligator)
Mary Cain (1904–1984), journalist (Pike County)
Hodding Carter II (1907–1972), journalist (Greenville)
Hodding Carter III (born 1935), journalist (Greenville)
Craig Claiborne (1920–2000), food writer (Sunflower)
Mart Crowley (born 1935), playwright (Vicksburg)
Borden Deal (1922–1985), novelist and short story writer (Pontotoc)
Ben Domenech (born 1981), conservative writer and blogger (Jackson)
David Herbert Donald (1920–2009), historian (Goodman)
Ellen Douglas (Josephine Haxton)(1921-2012), novelist (Greenville)[33]

Cathedral City, CA

#15 Oct 1, 2013
John T. Edge, food writer (Oxford)
Woody Evans (born 1971?), technology journalist and short story writer (Hattiesburg)
William Clark Falkner (1825–1889), businessman, author (Ripley)
John Faulkner (1901–1963), plain-style writer (Ripley)
William Faulkner (1897–1962), Nobel laureate (New Albany)
Bill Fitzhugh (born 1957)(Jackson)[34][35]
Vic Fleming (born 1951)(Jackson)
Shelby Foote (1916–2005) historian and novelist (Greenville)
Charles Henri Ford (1913–2002), poet, novelist, editor (Brookhaven)
Richard Ford (born 1944) Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and short story writer,(Jackson)
Lynn Franklin (born 1922), author, police detective
Tom Franklin (born 1963), author (Oxford)[36]
Ellen Gilchrist (born 1935), novelist/poet/short story writer (Vicksburg)
John Grisham (born 1955), legal thrillers novelist (Southaven)
Barry Hannah (born 1942), novelist and short story writer (Clinton)
Charlaine Harris (born 1951), mystery author (Tunica)
Thomas Harris (born 1940), author, screenwriter (Rich)
Beth Henley (born 1952), playwright and screenwriter (Jackson)
M. Carl Holman (1919–1988), author/poet/playwright (Minter City)
Greg Iles (born 1960), novelist (Natchez)
Greg Keyes (born 1963), science fiction and fantasy writer (Meridian)
Muna Lee (1895–1965), author and poet (Raymond)
Clinton LeSueur (born 1969), journalist, congressional candidate (Holly Springs)
Sam Chu Lin (1939–2006), journalist (Greenville)
Anne Moody (born 1940), author, activist (Centreville)
Willie Morris (1934–1999), author, editor (Jackson)
Jess Mowry (born 1960), writer of books and stories for children and young adults (Starkville)
Ellis Nassour (born 1941), journalist, playwright, non-fiction author (Vicksburg)[37]
Thomas Naylor (born 1936), author and economist (Jackson)

Cathedral City, CA

#16 Oct 1, 2013
Lewis Nordan (1939–2012), fiction author (Itta Bena)
Steven Ozment (born 1939), historian (McComb)
Walker Percy (1916–1990), author (Greenville)
William Alexander Percy (1885–1942), author (Greenville)
Thomas Hal Phillips (1922–2007), author, film actor (Corinth)
William Raspberry (born 1935), public affairs columnist (Okolona)
Kevin Sessums (born 1956), magazine editor (Forest)
Patrick D. Smith (born 1927), novelist (Mendenhall)
Robert Bruce Smith, IV (born 1947), author, local historian (Tupelo)[38][39]
Elizabeth Spencer (born 1921), novelist (Carrollton)
Kathryn Stockett, novelist (Jackson)
William N. Still, Jr.(born 1932), maritime historian (Columbus)
Donna Tartt (born 1963), novelist (Greenwood)
Clifton Taulbert (born 1945), author and speaker (Glen Allan)
Mildred Taylor (born 1943), author (Jackson)
Wright Thompson (born 1976), sports writer
Natasha Trethewey (born 1966), 2007 Pulitzer Prize poet (Gulfport)
Jamie Langston Turner (born 1949), Christian novelist
Irving Vendig, television writer (Holly Springs
Brenda Venus (born 1947), author (Biloxi)
Howard Waldrop (born 1946), science fiction author (Houston)
Kevin Walker (born 1983), poet & author (Mendenhall)[40]
Jesmyn Ward (born 1977), novelist (DeLisle)
Peggy Webb (born 1942), romance novel author (Mooreville)
Eudora Welty (1909–2001), novelist, short story writer (Jackson)
Neil White III (born 1960), playwright, publisher (Gulfport)[41]
Tennessee Williams (1911–1983), playwright (Columbus)
Richard Nathaniel Wright (1908–1960)(Roxie)
Al Young (born 1939), poet/novelist/essayist/screenw riter (Ocean Springs)
Stark Young (1881–1963), playwright/novelist/literary critic/essayist (Como)
Roger W. Cole (born 1952), writer (Brookhaven)

Cathedral City, CA

#17 Oct 1, 2013
Roger W. Cole (born 1952), writer (Brookhaven)

Other people[edit]
Arthur Blessitt (born 1940), preacher, most famous for carrying a cross through every nation of the world,(Greenville)
Miriam Chamani (born 1943), Mambo priestess, co-founder of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple,(Jackson)
James Copeland (1823–1857), outlaw and co-leader of the Wages and Copeland Clan,(Jackson County)
Cat Cora (born 1967), only female Iron Chef America in franchise history,(Jackson)
Jeff Fort (born 1947), leader of the Black P. Stones Nation,(Aberdeen)
Larry Hoover (born 1950), leader of the Gangster Disciple Nation,(Jackson)
Leslie Hubricht (1908–2005), biologist and malacologist,(Meridian)
Mary Comfort Leonard (1856–1940), founder of the Delta Gamma Fraternity,(Kosciusko)
L.H. Musgrove (died 1868), outlaw hanged by a vigilante committee in Denver, Colorado,(Panola County)
Haller Nutt (1816–1864), planter, builder of Longwood,(Jefferson County)
The Scott Sisters, convicted in a controversial case that has drawn national attention
Lenny Skutnik (born 1953), celebrity rescuer of 1982 disaster victim
Richard Ragan (born 1964), White House official, UN diplomat, one of the few Americans to be officially allowed to live in North Korea (Cleveland)[42]


Cathedral City, CA

#18 Oct 1, 2013
FYI: Grayson Smith former Daily Corinthian Resident "awol" Now share with Topix readers: "HOW DUMD & STUPID...INBRED Mississippi IDIOTS WITH NO EDUCATION...ETC,ETC...IN YOUR WORDS. Don't read your name on this list! Now tell the world how ignorant the Southern people are with no education and lack of real life experiences. Seems to me, these folks on list have made it!!! Yes, they are from the South ( MISSISSIPPI!) STATE YOU HATE! Hate other people's successes!

Cathedral City, CA

#19 Oct 2, 2013
Grayson since you Hate the South and Mississippi sop much...wanted to share how many fabulous and talented people have come out of Mississippi. Don't see your name on this list! Haters going to Hate!
True Christian

Missoula, MT

#20 Oct 2, 2013
Really wrote:
Grayson since you Hate the South and Mississippi sop much...wanted to share how many fabulous and talented people have come out of Mississippi. Don't see your name on this list! Haters going to Hate!
don't see your name on the list either, pal.

if you want to pretend that the people of corinth are normal americans with average IQ's and that a culture of ignorance doesn't exist there, that's fine. it's going to take a little bit more than a wikipedia list to convince me of that, though.

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