Fire at the Corfu Meadows

Fire at the Corfu Meadows

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Rushville, NY

#1 Jul 5, 2010
A relative resides at the Corfu Meadows for Srs and Disabled adults. Seems that there is one called Elizabeth, who, had a fire in her apartment last week...then LIES to the Firemen, and says"I don't know nothing" and then the Fire Investigators show up, to talk to Elizabeth...and in her dimminished capacity( VERY SLOW) she claims again she didn't do anything! Yeah right. The woman should be in a group home....not only does she let her mac and cheese burn, but the woman roam the halls all night, knocking on doors...Her sister and brother-in law reside in Corfu, just North of town...PLEASE! PLEASE put her in a group home....there are women and elderly men at the corfu meadows apartment 70+ years of age, many with walkers, and wheelchairs, and we have this other resident that is a danger to herself and others.
At one time a tennant also disabled, was taking her out at times when she went too the store, and after two blow-ups in the store, she said- that's it, no more and has disaccociated herself from Elizabeth. Elizabeth has also hit another tennant in the face, breaking her glasses. Elizabeth G. Needs to be in a Adult Living
Center for Mentally challanged adults...not out on the street, and stealing small items from IGA also.
The TRUTH Police

Baldwinville, MA

#2 Aug 2, 2010
#1 The Corfu Fire Dept. will confirm there was no fire at Corfu Meadows at any time.
#2 Corfu Meadows management will confirm that the alarm malfunction was set off in zone 1 which is on the ground floor.
#3 Barbara C. and Elizabeth T. fabricated this story because they could not manipulate Elizabeth G. into lying for them to corroborate false reports made by them to management and local law enforcement. All stories about Elizabeth G. are blatent lies and are subject to a libel and slander lawsuit.
#4 Bob B. and his son don't know the difference between a news story and a fabricated post. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling Elizabeth G. a liar.
#5 Elizabeth G. has lived at Corfu Meadows for years unlike these two women who have only resided at the complex for a few months and have done nothing but cause trouble.
#6 Everyone (including the police) know who you are, what you are, and where you came from. All your lies are unraveling. Caught you this time. That's right, everything here has been verified. The next time you call someone a liar, look in the mirror. You belong locked in cages away from kind, decent people.
#7 Anyone who has a mentally challenged family member should be outraged at the cruelty used to victimize this women.
Disgusted with liars

Matthews, NC

#3 Aug 4, 2010
The claim made by "InCorfuNY" is a baldface lie and the truth of this situation needs to be brought to light. Each one of the false accusations is subject to slander and defamation of character. In a court of law, all that is needed to sue and have a successful defamation of character claim are the following: 1. You must show that there was a false statement of fact (the so called fire never happened and the local fire department can corroborate this story. Claims of theft are also false and an attempt to defame the victim's name.) 2. This statement was conveyed to a third party (plain as day, here it is, public false information on the internet. Someone who makes such a claim should think twice over public posts that can be used against you in a court of law). 3. The statement is understood to be about a particular person and intending to harm that person's reputation.(Again, you listed the person's name clear as day and it is evident you did so to harm their reputation.)
Your identity is well-known, is no disguise to hide behind a pseudonym on a public forum. My very strong legal advice to you would be to stop and rescind such false accusations immediately before you are faced with a serious libel suit that will no doubt not end in your favor.

North Chili, NY

#4 Aug 5, 2010
I do believe I am the only "Barbara C." is this building and *I* had NOTHING to do with the original post, the original fabrication, the fire alarms going off, or anything to do with this incident besides stepping outside when the fire alarms went off. Oh and I did walk over to a Fireman and speak with him while Elizabeth T. stood there screaming at me (as if I were a child) "Barbara STOP!" (or words to that effect) If however one of the other two Barbara's also has a last initial of "C" then I am not speaking for either of them!
Furthermore since residing here I have made NO reports to police, fire dept., etc., as the posting appears to claim by lumping me in with Elizabeth T. Elizabeth T. 100% of the time acts ON HER OWN BEHALF, BY HER OWN INTERESTS. From what I gather THE VERY SAME stories she has been telling about Elizabeth G., she HAS TOLD ABOUT ME. So it would appear that I, too, have been slandered by Elizabeth T. As I said she acts ON HER OWN BEHALF 100% of the time.
However since finding this story thread online I will certainly VOLUNTEER that Elizabeth T. has apparently been lying to other residents in the building about ME, to the tune where I no longer believe anything she says, in my humble opinion. The other day she contradicted her previous stories 4 times in 5 minutes (2 witnesses.) Simply put she is a good story-teller with the keyword being "story" as in MADE UP STORY TELLER.
And I do appreciate the 2nd and third posts for doing what they did to "clear the (non-smoke-filled) air" on the topic. From what Elizabeth T. says she is moving out shortly. Time will tell I guess!
Like I advised another resident a few months ago, each computer leaves it's own (different) signature on the Internet and frankly should anyone ever want to track who did what online I am very confident that NYS Police have the ability to track postings to actual specific computers. Oh and Elizabeth T. I would appreciate it if you NOT sign my computer up to receive any more junk mail, "free offers", "newsletters", etc. Thank you. I have enough to do without labeling half my mail as spam. And stop lying about me behind my back.
a Barbara C.
Below is comment I am specifically writing about:

#3 Barbara C. and Elizabeth T. fabricated this story because they could not manipulate Elizabeth G. into lying for them to corroborate false reports made by them to management and local law enforcement. All stories about Elizabeth G. are blatent lies and are subject to a libel and slander lawsuit.
Intresting IN BATAVIA

Victor, NY

#5 Aug 9, 2010
Seems like there is nothing but problems in Corfu Meadows. Always has been a hot spot. That's why the police sit on that complex like hawks..
Nothing but talk about that place in Town.. too bad. When it was just for the elderly, it was a great spot, since they moved everything but Elderly,in, well its a diffrent story.
Shelby NY

Victor, NY

#6 Aug 23, 2010
First off I would like to stipulate, that the "Trouble maker" at the Corfu Complex, is none other than Ms. Barb C. That is per the management of V&V Developement. She has driven clients out of the building, verbally attacked people, slandered persons, and then , after claiming a 71 year old man was stalking her,she needs an attitude adjustment badly. The gentleman, from what notes were taken, doesn't want anything too do with Barb C. He is seeing someone else in the complex, and they are both moving out... There was a Tennant that moved out on Aug 22nd, after being slandered by Barb C, and post-it notes stuck too her door, hate notes also, placed at her door, are all now in the hands of Law Enforcement. It is also known thru fingerprints, that she enlisted the help of her youngest daughter, to dig up what she would consider dirt on all residents of the complex..Oh! she claims to be a Realtor with Magic Garden Realty! Where? In Never-never land!!!!
She made refrence to certain persons in the building about her personnal life, and that was all checked out, and is totally false.
It is intresting as my client has been taking notes, and has found that Barb C. really needs to go back to the otherside of the state, and hence get help for her delussions.
Barb C, has been working on, ways in which to screw over V and V developement, for things that she claim are inappropriate, and the lack of the elevator in the building. She believes that HUD, is not aware of the problem, when THEY HAVE BEEN PUT ON NOTICE, in Prior YEARS....and for the record Barb C....what ever else you "Dream Up " about people you will be sued for.
People have driven you everywhere,to DSS, to go get scripts, to Batavia, to do your dirty work, taken You to lunch, after you drove them to Doctor appointments, ect...and the strange thing about you, is that you proclaim that you have this head injury, and that your tounge is like a steel rod in your mouth, and makes it painful for you too talk, yet there you were on Friday, yapping away at the 71 year old gentleman who you claim had stalked you....and this 71 year old has told my client...that "He can't wait too move, too get away from you, You never shut up, ranting on, and on about the problems- structure , at Corfu Meadows, and the "Missing" elevator, the stairs, the windows, and how your x- hubby did you wrong...enough is enough! Leave him alone, he'd rather not talk too you, and his lady friend, that you are trying to break them up- isn't working. So your trying to get into everyones good graces again isn't working. They see you for what you are worth and that's a big FAT ZERO.

United States

#8 Aug 23, 2010
Maybe you all should get jobs and lay off the meds..............

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