About Us

Mycountypost.com is a free, online classified service devoted to keeping business local. Mycountypost.com gives users the ability to buy, sell, and trade at a local level first. In addition, Mycountypost.com allows users to share information at a local level that is needed for a closer community. Mycountpost.com encourages schools, county government, churches, and county citizens to post information to keep your county community abreast on a real time up to date basis.

How are we different?

My county post offers a clean easy to navigate user-friendly site free of pop ups and other distractions. We give users the ability to buy and sell locally or with surrounding counties. In addition we have placed a search engine that will give users the ability to do statewide searches as well. Mycountypost.com is proud to say we focus on keeping state money within the state.