Harley Smith, The biggest theif in th...

Harley Smith, The biggest theif in the corbin area

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Waiting for justice

Corbin, KY

#1 Dec 19, 2008
So i had to go out of town the other night and i come home the next evening to find that my house was broken into and that some of my stuff was missing. Funny thing was that the person that stole the stuff was trying to blame 2 little kids for it and they squealed on him, plus he had to have daddy come to hide his sorry @ss cause he is to big of a chicken to stand up to the people that caught him. He's such a chicken sh!t that he would be willing to let two little boys take the fall for what he did instead of returning the stuff that he stole. We gave the guy the opportunity to return the stuff before we ever called the law but he would not. Come to find out that he had also stolen his wife's nintendo ds, and the piggy bank that she had been saving for his son, his own son, the only reason that I say that he stole that also is that the stuff was hidden in the house where only he and his wife knew where it was, and i was there when she asked him what he had done with the stuff that they were missing. Now there was also two other homes that were broken into in the same neighborhood and he told the people in one of the other residences that he broke into their house, how dumb can you get. End of Rant, you could guess the person's name from the subject of this.

Mayfield, KY

#2 Jan 6, 2009
I heard that his mother-in-laws things also gotten stolen from his house. She had alot of stuff there storing it and about all of it got stolen. She filed a Police Report but I haven't heard anything about the outcome.
none ya

Bennettsville, SC

#3 Jul 14, 2009
you know that is my brother u are talking about and my dad and i know who is taliking about him and u aint' nothing but chicken shit also and as for him and his wife are back together so hahahahaha suck on that for a change

United States

#4 Sep 8, 2009
I agree this little [email protected]@ and yes he is a thief!

Corbin, KY

#5 Jan 14, 2011
you all can lick my @ss because he ant done a damn think
f you

Corbin, KY

#6 Jun 19, 2011
waiting for justice is angie and william just too poor a** alcohalic deadbeats who ant got any thing worth stilling.

Mayfield, KY

#7 Jun 19, 2011
you taking rent money and not giving it to dad
f you

Corbin, KY

#8 Jun 19, 2011
who is this some low life basterd

United States

#9 Jun 19, 2011
Thank you for the multiple submissions. AWESOME!

Mayfield, KY

#10 Jun 19, 2011
truth hurt and honest days work would kill ya

Richmond, KY

#11 Sep 21, 2011
To ALL you Dumb SH*TS talking your SH*T on here about me...my name is ANGELA NOT ANGIE and if you know so much about me then you would know that wouldnt you??? I dont drank or do drugs and everyone that knows me knows that and i dont care whose who on here (BROTHER NOT BROUTHER lol go back to school and learn how to spell EVERYONE OF YOU ALL) Or just lay off the drugs that might help your spelling...you all dont CARE about anything or anyone around you...as long as you all can get your drugs...This crap is over and done with...Ive moved on and left it alone and so should you all...WE ALL KNOW HOW YOU SMITHS ARE!!!! And it will come back to bite you in the A** one day because KARMA IS A B*T*CH!!!! Now KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!!! OR ATLEAST HAVE THE BALLS TO PUT YOUR NAME ON HERE...TALK ABOUT CHICKEN SH*T now that is...And as for my rent it was ALWAYS paid and paid days before it was even due...my paycheck actually goes on my bills and NOT up my nose...Thank you very much and again YOU know NOTHING about me....TRUTH DOES HURT DONT IT??? AND YOU BETTER GO TRY THAT HONEST DAYS WORK YOU MIGHT LIKE IT BETTER THEN THE LITTLE JAIL CELL YOUR GOING TO END UP IN ONE DAY FOR MESSING WITH THE WRONG PERSON.....LEARN TO LET SH*T GO!!!! And NOT TO TALK ABOUT PEOPLE THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!

United States

#12 Sep 23, 2011
ok i know angela who u r and i'm not saying nothin bad about u but i know u ain't perfect so why get on here and start up about harley u got ur own life to worry about instead of worring what he or anyone else is doing and don't start dragging all the smith down i once was a smith i am his sister and i ain't done anything wrong as long as u know what u are doing i wouldn't worry bout what others says and that goes for the other people that is startin to worry about urself instead of worring about what harley does in the end u will see that u didn't lose half a life tryin to figure harley out lol love ya bub

Dexter, MO

#13 Sep 23, 2011
nothing like sister love

Richmond, KY

#14 Sep 25, 2011
Im not starting up about Harley i didnt say any names....And i could careless what him or any of the smiths do I have moved on a long time ago...but apparently some cant and have to get on here talking shit that they know nothing about and one more thing no you dont know me either...And I never said I was perfect NO ONE is but at least I dont drank and snort pills up my nose or any other kind of drug as far as that goes...I work and take care of my kids like Im suppose to do...my kids are the most important people in my life I could care less about what anyone else does...so lets just drop the subject because like I said its over and done with...None of you know me so why get on here and try to start your shitty pathetic rumors...people just like to try to give others a bad name so they wont be alone in the world...but it aint happening because anyone who knows me that matters knows how I am and what I do...so MOVE ON PEOPLE....

United States

#15 Sep 28, 2011
Angela did i say anything bad about you no i am just sayin that if you let them talk about you then you are gonna stay mad all the time and on here cussing and going on crap all this stuff is nothin but drama and i ain't into drama i laugh at it and i won't be on here cussing and going on like bout all the postes u do take care of your kids and that a great thing there ain't many that does i know u moved on heck even i moved on but i just don't see where people get's on here and talks about others when they can't even say it face to face what Harley does is his buisness and nobody elses nobody can change him but himself God is waitin on him to want to change before he will help I think you should just focus on your family like your doin and everything will be ok heck we can even chat sometime if ya want just let me know and i will tell ya where to find me on facebook i think we can become real good friends we will talk about our family and things...

Richmond, KY

#16 Sep 28, 2011
I never said that you did say anything bad about me sorry if you took it that way I was just stating the facts...And thats what gets me is that people get on here to hide behind fake names and run there mouths if they have something to say to me then they need to grow some balls and tell me to my face or at least use their real name...I never get on here because of this crap that goes on but I was bored one night and thought Id check it out and came across this post...Kinda wish I hadnt now but oh well lol I guess if they are talking crap about me then it gives someone else a break lol...And I really do hope Harley gets the help he needs because he has two beautiful kids that need their daddy in their lives...

United States

#17 Sep 29, 2011
i totally agree angela i do to
knows him

Madisonville, KY

#18 Sep 29, 2011
no body compares to MICHAEL FELTS!

Corbin, KY

#19 Nov 22, 2011
harley had to quit doing the things he was doing cause of the cops and he stop because he was looking out for his dad and brother.

Cynthiana, KY

#20 Nov 23, 2011
Roosevelt Adams Hancock Avenue

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