Bossdrop, a.k.a Blackbwoy, posting seven "questions" about evolution:
Blackbwoy wrote:

1. I want the truth about the entire fossil record, which shows a very non-Darwinian progression, noticeably lacking the vast number of transitional species we ought to see.
2.the truth about the Cambrian explosion, in which virtually all the animal phyla suddenly appeared, with no Darwinian ancestors.
3.The truth about the Galapagos finch population changing not one bit since Darwin first observed the finches more than 170yrs ago.
4.The truth about the peppered moth experiment.
5.The truth about the Haeckel's embryos being a fraud perpetrated by a leading German eugenicist.
6.the truth about the miller-urey experiment being based on premises that are no longer accepted.
7. the truth about the non-existence of computer simulations of the evolution of the eye.


The list comes from page 244 of Ann Coulter's book, "Godless". Coulter's list is loosely based on Jonathan Wells' "Ten Questions to Ask your Biology Teacher about Evolution". Coulter's list is here and is identical to Blackbwoy's list, save for his introductory words "I want" and his use of numbers rather than bullets:

After he posted this list without attribution, couple posters immediately accused him of plagiarizing, with one pointed out he didn't have the education to even formulate the questions.

In response, Blackbwoy denied swiping the whole list and claimed, instead, "I got my questions from scientists and even some darwinists (sic) that studies (sic) natural selection. And of course they are not my questions, i'm (sic) not a scientist."

But when the issue came up again a few months later, he apparently forgot his claimed compilation of various scientist's questions and started insisting the questions were actually his:

"I wrote the questions. And you can't prove i did not."

"I did the research. I saw the holes in the theory. I designed the questions."

"I am the author of those questions. Me."

The list is neither Blackbwoy's compliation of questions from various scientists or his own questions. They clearly are copied verbatim from Coulter's 2006 book.

Folks, meet Bossdrop, a.k.a Blackbwoy. He's got more frequent liar miles than you can shake a polygraph at.