Blaming Israel for carnage

Most media outlets aren't providing news of Israel's barbaric air raids on Lebanon with fairness and integrity. Full Story

Prague, Czech Republic

#107975 Jul 25, 2013
nutjobs here wrote:
<quoted text>

The majority of the US leadership Obama, Brenna, Kerry, Power, and so on have all made major statements against Israel and they have also acted on them.

where did you dream that up ?

nutjob you are for sure.

East Setauket, NY

#107980 Jul 26, 2013
-_Yernogood- wrote:
<quoted text>You're dirt. you're violent, you're a terrorist.
Everyone knows that!!!
F you

Cape Town, South Africa

#107982 Jul 26, 2013
nutjobs here wrote:
i wonder how many of these haters of Jews if you looked into their family history would find Jewish ancestry. Would be funny to see their faces.
You are right! I plead guily on both sides dating back to Roman times. Maybe that is why I understand their sense of morality. To have pirate in the closet does not make one a pirate. Nothing personal. Just business. LOL

Cape Town, South Africa

#107983 Jul 26, 2013
nutjobs here wrote:
<quoted text>
Again the arrogance. So you are actually telling me what i meant when i wrote my post??
According to Jewish law if your mother is Jewish than you are.
My family have been Jewish continuously so it does have to do with religion.
I have family members who wrote famous Jewish texts over the centuries and so on.
you choose to interpret it to suit your agenda.
A new one came into the world the other day and few people know it...
His name is George and is the ultimate heir to the throne of England.
The Queen Mother maiden name was Lyon from the tea and coffee merchants family Lyon, which make the present Queen Jewish. Prince Charlie is therefore also Jewish since his mother and grandmother is Jewish. Unless the Spencers are also secret Jews, Harry and William are not Jewish, but William married Kate Middleton and both parents are Jewish, therefore little Georgy Podgy is Jewish as well. But it goes even further...
All male heir of the Royal family are circumcised by the Grand Rabbi of London, not the court phyician. As another rabbi pointed out, the Grand Rabbi would not do the ceremony if they were not Jewish. On top of this all the Royals are members of the Committee of 300 which controls the world, QE being the titular head under the Rothchild's hegemony.
And the bloody fools Goyim (human cattle) cheer on...
Brit Expat

Montpellier, France

#107984 Jul 26, 2013
Blaming Israel for carnage.

WHO ELSE??????????

Cape Town, South Africa

#107985 Jul 26, 2013
-_Yernogood- wrote:
<quoted text>Bwahahhahahaha….you‘ve been trying to claim the jew is a race forever but the jew isn’t a race of people at all. You want it so badly to be a race and you try as hard as you can to tell the world you’re a race but you live in a fairy tale world where only crazy people believe this. Hahhahhaha…the jew is filth. The jew is a thief of land, the jew is a taker, a murderer and a terrorist. THIS is what you are.
Everyone knows that!!!
INdeed! Dr. Eran Elhaik, genetist researcher at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, found that today's "Jews" originated from Khazaria and not Israel. They are not the seed of Abraham.
The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik, a "Jew" and associates at the Mckusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, JH Sch.Med, In research accepted Dec.5, 2012 and published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the "Khazarian hypothesis" is scientifically correct.
What is exactly the "Khazarian hypothesis"? Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.
Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.
The "Jews" of America, Europe , and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham, but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic (Turko-Finn-Mongols) who once lived in the Caucasus in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts , they called themselves "jews", but none of their blood came from Israel.
There are no blood or family connections among the Jews", said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel's daily newspaper. The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazars."
There goes Nutjobs 50% Sephardi...(North African Berbers converted in the 4th Century) and since "Jews" do not exist, they could not have been killed by the Nutzis in WWII.(so say the article)

Collingwood, Canada

#107987 Jul 26, 2013
I want to convert to Islam.....i had enough of Israelis who keep asking for handouts form USA !!!!!!
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107989 Jul 27, 2013

Israelis cowardly jews' strike on Syrians on July fourth, is the last straw.

Israel is an illegitimate Rogue Regime, that Americans will be complicit in/with their War Crimes Hellish Atrocities, unless we stop these Devil's called israeli jews...

We say lets dismantle this animal barbaric savage Cult on Palestine stolen land and throw their remains into a sulfury lake of fire.
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107990 Jul 27, 2013


The jew Israeli military attack was a direct Supreme War Crime and was/ is a direct violation and breach of all International Law.

Now anyone who tries to justify israeli jews' Supreme War Crime on human beings, is part and parcel to an enemy combatant evilness and jes' wickedness.

ISRAEL's submarine launched cruise missile strike on the Syrian city of Latakia, killing innocent Syrians. Jews life is not worth anymore than a Palestinian or Syrian lives

Cape Town, South Africa

#107991 Jul 27, 2013
Bill wrote:
"Most media outlets aren't providing news of Israel's barbaric air raids on Lebanon with fairness and integrity."
Hezbollah killed 250 US Marines in beirut. Implicated in the attack on Khobar Towers, the USS Cole etc
Hezbollah is the problem, NOT Israel.
Israel's raids are hardly barbaric, but I'm certain they could ramp it up to please the Arab apologists and the "military" wing of the democratic party along with the rest of the terrorist loving Nazi left.
There is another version of the story whereas the attack on the Marines is a Mossad false flag operation, same as the USS Liberty...

Since: Nov 12

Sydney, Australia

#107992 Jul 27, 2013
Bobby Sandman 88 wrote:
The jew Israeli military attack was a direct Supreme War Crime and was/ is a direct violation and breach of all International Law.
Now anyone who tries to justify israeli jews' Supreme War Crime on human beings, is part and parcel to an enemy combatant evilness and jes' wickedness.
ISRAEL's submarine launched cruise missile strike on the Syrian city of Latakia, killing innocent Syrians. Jews life is not worth anymore than a Palestinian or Syrian lives

Your right but Rome wasn't built in a day .
Israels best bet is to encourage idiots to be their adversary, giving focus to their justifications for calling themselves the victim.

And I agree , you must be a victim if you are assaulted by the Brotherhoof.

Couldn't be anything else .

To follow the Brotherhoof into battle physical or intellectual is the sign of a Demonic Craven Cowardly Cult of Evil Bastards.

Their enemy has to look good no matter who it is.

Cleanse Islam of the Brotherhoof , then attack Israel properly.
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107993 Jul 28, 2013


How can anyone say that Palestinian farmers are not human beings,.... well that's exactly what the Jewish Talmudic Zionism's Terrorist in/on stolen land in Paletine would have you believe.

Now, if you believe these jewish liars and their obvious deceptions for the brain deads, you are no better than those nasty sinfilled hellish jews fate is, and your judgement is carved out in their devilish jews' lies, that you wanted to beleive as Truths.
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107994 Jul 28, 2013


How jews systematically and methodically used America's Might and American's taxes to rule a good part of the World!

Lets see how our Demon-racy is an open door to/for letting j zion rats in the back holes, while jews are using "OPM"/ that belongs to Americans..
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107995 Jul 28, 2013
Lets look at Canada briefly and how Zion jews comquered the Canucks,, which we had loved!

And i quote:

IT ALL BEGAN with Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who ruled as Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1984.

The year “1984&#8243; which saw the summation of Trudeau’s policies—namely the Jewification of Canada—is an apt metaphor for the police-state grip that Jewry now wields on the once sovereign and Christian nation of Canada, currently a vassal of the global Zionist beast.

Although some argue that Trudeau showed himself as an anti-Semite and pro-Palestinian, in reality, he bowed to Zionist pressure both from American and Canadian Jewry.

With the rise of the Jewish Lobby in Canada after Israel’s Six Day War, it was the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canadian Zionist Organization, and B’nai B’rith, that established the Canada-Israel Committee (CIC) to act on behalf of Jewish interests in all of Canada’s domestic and foreign affairs.

Today under the Harper administration, the Jewish Lobby has expanded its influence which enjoys total control over their Gentile pawn, Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who, as the expression goes,“is more Jewish than the rabbi.”

“We are morally obliged to stand up to threats against Israel,” Harper recently vowed to a Jewish audience at a standing-room-only rented hall in downtown Toronto.

Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107996 Jul 28, 2013
Harper’s “moral” fixation on Israel and disregard of Israel’s “immoral” genocide of the Palestinians notwithstanding, one is inclined to believe that Jewish money and votes is the “obliging” motive behind Harper’s avowals to his most favored constituency.

And with such groups as the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee; the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (Canada’s counterpart to America’s AIPAC); the Jewish Federations of North America; and the Jewish Defense League, the strangle hold of Jewry on Canada’s national policies is secure. View Entire Story Here, Here, Here & Here.


BOWING TO THE THREAT to cut off funding to Trudeau’s Liberal Party by Canadian Jewry, the former Prime Minister found himself in a position of humiliation and political compromise.

Due to his sympathies for the plight of the Palestinians after the Six Day War, the Jewish Lobby reacted by pressing Trudeau into departing from the policies of his predecessor, Lester Pearson, who was averse to granting a prominent role of Jews in the government.

Trudeau now entered into a new realm of Canadian politics, namely, catering to Jewish interests over popular sentiment.

During this period, Trudeau appointed the first Jewish Cabinet minister (Herbert Gray), the first Jewish Supreme Court Judge (Bora Laskin), the first Jewish Secretary to the Prime Minister (Jack Austin), the first Jewish Envoy to the Hague Court of Justice (Maxwell Cohen), and the first Jewish Under Secretary of External Affairs from 1977 to 1981 – Alan Gotlieb - who then became Canada’s first Jewish Ambassador to Washington.

A swarm of Jews, whose hatred of Christ taints everything they touch, soon infested Trudeau’s personal staff with high profile names such as H. Carl Goldenberg, Simon Reisman, Bernard and Sylvia Ostrey, Jerry Grafstein, and Mickey Cohen.

And ever since, Canada has been under the tyranny of Jewish rule
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107997 Jul 28, 2013

JEWRY SOUNDED THE DEATH KNELL of free speech in Canada in 1975.

When Trudeau’s invitation for a UN conference on international crime with PLO participation (holding observer status at the UN) to be held in Toronto was opposed by the Canadian Jewish Lobby, Trudeau caved in to the intense pressure.

This was against the advice of his then Secretary of External Affairs, Allan McEachen, who wished to separate Canadian interests from Israel’s.

The Toronto Star, then under the auspices of the Joseph Atkinson Foundation, a Gentile entity, decried the cancellation as a “humiliation” to Canada in “abandoning” principle and “giving into” threats.

The Zionist issue came to a boil when Israel’s Prime Minister, Menachim Begin, was invited by the Canada-Israel Committee to speak at Toronto’s Beth Zedek Synagogue.

In a provocative speech, Begin called on Canadian Jews to press Trudeau to move the Canadian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. If Trudeau refused, Begin urged his fellow Jews that they were to deny Trudeau’s Liberal Party their votes and support the Conservative Party instead.

Trudeau did refuse, noting that Jerusalem was “defined by the United Nations as one of the occupied territories.”

As far as Trudeau was concerned, Begin’s visit amounted to an interference in Canada’s domestic affairs, resulting,(in what one minister observed), Trudeau harboring a “passionate hatred” for Begin and undergoing a “thorough exasperation” with “Zionist pressure groups.”

But Jewry’s interference with Canada’s policies and its threat to free speech was not to be stopped.

With Canada’s Press and its most popular Television Network, Global, owned and controlled by the Jewish “Izzy” Asper family,(fierce Zionists, whose media empire began in 1975), any exposure of views critical of Jewish interests at the expense of Canada’s, was not permitted.

Since 2003, Izzy’s son, Leonard Asper, has been running the show,(literally), in Canada’s propaganda dissemination, in which all budding journalists’ attempts to present a balanced view of Israel’s activities and policies were censured.
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107998 Jul 28, 2013


FREE SPEECH IN CANADA received its final blow in 1977, when, via fervent lobbying by the Canadian Jewish Congress and efforts by Toronto Jewish lawyer, Mark Freiman, the Canadian Human Rights Act was enacted into law.

The Canadian Human Rights Act made it a criminal offense to communicate by phone or Internet any material that “exposes a person or persons to hatred or contempt.”

As Edgar J Steele,(now in prison for his own defense of truth), once put it,“hate speech is anything Jews hate to hear.”

The Canadian Jewish thought police, led by Harry Abrams of Bnai Brith, have enforced this law through various harassments, prosecutions, imprisonments, and lately, assaults on academic freedom and YouTube videos.

Typical of such Jewish tyranny in silencing academic discourse was the cancellation of a debate to be held at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Black Studies professor, David Divine, was slated to go toe-to-toe with White Identity publicist, Jared Taylor, in a forum entitled,“Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada?”

But the Jewish Media Network, CanWest, run by Leonard Asper, condemned the debate as a meeting between a ‘naive black professor’ and a ‘pre-meditating racist.’ Caving into Jewry’s media pressure, the University cancelled the debate.

JEWISH POLICING of YouTube videos saw a recent offering by David Duke removed from a Canadian Website in April of 2011.

Again, the Canadian Jewish Congress, those despisers of Canada’s freedoms, pressed charges of “hate crimes” against the Canadian Shia Muslim Organization, which was forced to remove Duke’s Video, entitled,“Zionist Running Dogs.”

In 2008, the Simon Wiesenthal Center forced Rack Force Web Hosting to ban this site, Real Jew News, from its North American servers.

Without dispute,(you better not), in Canada — the keyboards, tongues, and pens of those yearning to tell the truth — are under the censuring eye of Big Brother Jew.

Now the Canadians are ruled by a Cult of Tribal Untermenschen jews' and the poor ignorant Canucks dont even know it.

Along with the Canucks naiveness are the stupid Americans, Britians, French, and the poor Germans, who had no choice in jews conquest, and most Countries are unaware of jewry's Conquering of their Demon-racy and deleting their freedoms and liberties forever/.
Bobby Sandman 88

Port Jefferson, NY

#107999 Jul 28, 2013


If every Country was to follow our system of ruling by Democracy, Tribal Jewry would have a field day in demonizing the WORLD.

The cunning evilized israeli and Talmudic jews have designed an OPM (other People's Money) means to rule by lying deceptions, through which jews conquer our flawed system, making them more connivingly able to deviate from the eyes of Justice and spread their untruthfulness by undermining and using our mighty power for their evil ends.
Bobbalina of Sinai 55

Port Jefferson, NY

#108000 Jul 28, 2013


This International Historical Site of "Blaming israel for the Carnage" is one of the last free frontiers of/in the International Commmunities, that one can view us Truth seekers at work posting endlessly the real Godly Truths of Tribal Jewries Evilness and wickedness in both Israel and in their Bolshevik Jew Revolution in 1917 to 1945.

That's where and when jews marxist commies murdered and exterminated over 100 million Christians and non-jews, becaause jews had the upper hand.

The statehood of israel was founded by illegal jewish thieving aliens, who were/still are Terrorists, in/on jews blood soaked foundation, that stills belongs to Palestinian farmers.

Illegal alien jews attained and procured this land in Palestine by endless Crimes against Humanity, which was/is a Supreme War Crime and a Supreme Holocaust, by a Cult of Jews, whose sacred Talmudic books teaches them that jews are the Master Race. Jews are not a Race of people but a bunch of Mutated Converts and their Religion teaches these muttfaces and hybrids to hate non-jews, Christians and Jesus Christ.
Bobbalina of Sinai 55

Port Jefferson, NY

#108003 Jul 28, 2013


It's so comforting to see people like you Petesake, standing tall and proud against israeli jews' tyranny and against israeli jews War Crime Atrocities.

Jews' who are occupying stolen land in Palestine and calling this thief of land their own, have no rights whatsoever to live in Peace or live free.

They should be on trial for their evil lives.

And already, Jews' War Crimes have been documented and jews in israel have been convicted of War Crimes in absentia, making jews' convicted fugitives from Justice.

Our western Media would never tell or post the Truth about Jews Tyranny and jews' War Crime Atrocities the way we do here on this Site..

This site is great to post jews' evil activities on and is a Truth seekers Paradise.

We hope you're feeling better after being attacked by Tribal Jewies Cult of Evil Doers.

Peace and love from the Mt. Sinai and the Northern Truth seekers, unit 5~

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