What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs?

Since: Mar 12

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#329 Mar 17, 2012
who wants to read all of your shity posts?? not me
F M Jerry

Athens, GA

#330 Mar 20, 2012
kaskade1 wrote:
who wants to read all of your shity posts?? not me
I guess you own one of those gas stations I'm referring to, nobody asking you or forcing you to read anything. I guess, I touched on some of your nerve tissue, Hum, Kaskada!!How much you ripping off Coral Springs residens with watered down gas. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
F M Jerry

Athens, GA

#331 Mar 20, 2012
While I'm at it, I wrote a letter to Senator Mel Matinez when he was a Florida Senator asking him the reason in the State of Florida, the more you can afford Auto Insurance the lower your premium and the less you can afford it, the higher your premium.

This was ample proof that the poor especially by Insurance Companies are being exploited in the State of Florida. He never responded only resigned.

To those who like to rip Food Stamps recepients, I say buzz off. Those Expense report reimbursements are nothing more then food stamps.Not so?

April 15th is quickly approaching, make sure everyone like Rush Limbaugh all pick up your entire income and don't pad those expense reports, I don't want to accuse him of accepting food stamps, make sure you pick up all your tip income.

Newt and Romney, How many perks do they receive annually and not pick up them up as income?

Romney wants to be President of the U.S., yet refuses to pay his fair share of taxes. Maybe he should be running for President of the Cayman Islands. How does government run itself?, Romney says the US government runs on thin air.

One has to be out of his mind to vote for Romeny!!

Since: Mar 12

Miami, FL

#332 Mar 20, 2012
F M Jerry wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess you own one of those gas stations I'm referring to, nobody asking you or forcing you to read anything. I guess, I touched on some of your nerve tissue, Hum, Kaskada!!How much you ripping off Coral Springs residens with watered down gas. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
lol.. my bad im just being a dick head cause i have nothing else better to do. and no i dont own a gas station :/
F M Jerry

Athens, GA

#333 Mar 21, 2012
Some one Ask Rep. Ryan,

How much of the Manning/Elway dinner was picked up by Uncle Sam and if it's not the equivalent of F.S.?

Republicans should buzz off on F.S. and concentrate on Medicare fraud only or as an Independent will not vote for any Republican candidate.

It's not F.S. bankrupting government, that for sure.

If Romney becomes the Republican candidate, President Obama doesn't even have to campaign.It will be the largest landslide in U.S. History and like so so many Republicans they know all the tax loopholes which need to be removed not a rduction in F.S.

I don't buy into Social Security being a Ponzi scheme either. Each generation is reponsible for the one before. That's just the way it is but today youth feel they owe nothing to those who have done so much for them.
I know first hand, I have very ungrateful and unappreciative sons who simply fail to recognize the sacrifices that were made for them.

Shame on all of them.
F M Jerry

Athens, GA

#335 Apr 3, 2012
Most right wing Republican Conservatives see the Traylon Martin episode as being greatly exagerated by Black Americans. I say wait a minute.

Ask Brian Walsh of Wings Plus on Sample road, a former Nassau County Long Island Cop and Racist,

How many black youths did he beat up unmercifullyly in his day?

How many did he kill? God forbid.

How many days was he drunk on the job? No longer acceptable practice in N.Y.T.G. I was mugged by a steroid Irish Nassau County Cop for no reason.

Ask Brian Walsh if he is not a member of the Racist Group of Irish Blue Knights? The motorcycle gang from Long Island. Somehow this is aceptable but the black panthers aren't?

From my perspective and approximately the same age as Brian Walsh, it was Officers like himself who gave rise to the group referred to as the "black panthers" who are doing nothing else but protecting themselves from the tyranny of Irish racist Law Enforcers. I know this for a fact. My ex father in law was an Irish Police Officer.

They have only themselves to blame for the actions and omissions of the black panthers. Even today these idiots are still trying to surpress an open for mof government.

I beg you good folks of Coral Springs, Avoid Wings on Sample road for your own safety and health.
F M Jerry

Athens, GA

#336 Apr 5, 2012
Estatic to learn that Law Enforcement is currently under a lot of heat for their illegal "tracking" activites? What about Bounty hunting?

CSPD for Political favor illegally tracked me while I exited the State of Florida and I am still expecting restitution from those Sob's. All at the hands of Brian Walsh of Wings Plus on Sample Road. Code Blue is illegal a real live Blue Knight.

I guarantee you one fine day, Brian Walsh and his cronies will deal with me again.

Lord Have Mercy on his pathethic soul for he's headed directly to hell.

Who made Sgt. Galleghar a Police Seargeant?, Was Galleghar one of those Arrigo's cronies? He absolutely positively has no brains and he's a Sgt. I can't beleive it, he should throw his badge in the toilet.
He spent more time keeping track of me and the main reason these idiots had no knowledge of Mohammed Attah who was right under his nose.
F M Jerry

Athens, GA

#337 Apr 10, 2012
Cnn on Friday indicated that chickens are being feed a nasty combination of arsenic, tylenol and caffeine. This has a tendency to relax their muscles which allows the chicken to be more tender when eaten.

As I have written quite often previously, "Chicken Wings" are hazardous to your health and WINGS PLUS on Sample road should be avoided. This place is hazardous to your health for alot more other reason as well.

Brian Walsh is simply too drunk too often to realize all of this. He has simply destroyed his brain from so much booze consumption.

WINGS PLUS on Sample Road should rightfully be condemned, it has that taste of "Hell". If you have eaten there, then you have a inkling of what hell is truly all about.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#339 May 3, 2012
Just look what a (1) percenter did to MLB and Mitt Romney will do the same to the USA. Kansas City Royal fans should boycott the Allstar game.

It's only May 3rd and the Royals have zero chance of winning, all because of (1) percenters.

David Stern and Bud Selig should be put on the cover of Madden for many many reasons, if you catch my drift.(1)percenters want things all lopsided in their favor.Sorry Cal
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#340 May 4, 2012
Officer Crawford and Officer Galleghar ;

Are you guys paying close attention to the news lately? Junior Seau commits sucide as well as many NFL ex players along with many pro wrestlers.

It seems though not reported, it's very much linked to steroid use. Since you guys are users and beefed up on roids and had roid fits, better be careful with your gun and watch that prostate gland of yours. Steroids are linked to prostate cancer.

The Lord always has my back, Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Company selling for less then a penny a share now. They also wronged me, more examples upon request, it pays to pray, no need for revenge, the Lord takes care of business in his time.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#341 May 8, 2012
Wall Street Journal May 07th 2012

I have often attributed the lack of progress in the treatment and cure of cancer and other serious diseases to a greedy conspiracy among doctors, medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies. Now I suppose it is a relief to discover that stupidity and arrogance may be paramount.
Susan Stine M.D. San Diego - Scientific Research Dept.
Funny, I've been saying the same thing and I'm only a patient.Dr. Daniel E. Chervony of the University Pavilion and Medical Center fits the discription of the above. He's also a Medicare fraud expert and on this issue fully agree with Republicans.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#342 May 8, 2012
Pfizer Inc.(PFE)’s experimental pill to treat rheumatoid arthritis, one of the company’s leading drug candidates, raised “serious safety concerns” in trials, U.S. regulators said today.

The pill, tofacitinib, carried increased risks of serious infections and malignancies, in particular a higher chance of lymphoma, Food and Drug Administration staff wrote. The agency released the report ahead of a May 9 meeting of FDA medical advisers who will review tofacitinib’s benefits and risks."

Please also note that Dr. Daniel E. Chervony is tied to Pfizer and his medications that he gives out free in order to secure patients is as deadly.
Drs. need to disperse from there relationships with drug companies for our good and welfare. Fat chance of that happening, today's medicine as previously mentioned is all about the money.

and this doctor is trying to convince everyone I'm delusional when all I have been stating has proven to be truthful.T.G.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#343 May 8, 2012
Hope all the Officers in the Kelly Thomas beating trial get the death penalty. But for the Grace of God go I,These Officers deserve the death penalty.

The same fate could of been mine except the Good Lord intervened and has more in store for me.I also pray for the Lords protection from evil through St. Joseph and the Holy Mother of God.

Officer Crawford, Galleghar and Sgt. Allen, please throw your badges in the toilet where they belong.

Code Blue is evil and happy I took it on and it's been Adios Arrigo, Haupt and Haydu thus far. Christ instructs us not to take on evil with evil, I fought evil by writing my head off.

These Officers deserve the same fate as Troy Davis.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#344 May 8, 2012
I must also inform you, the good people of Coral Springs, my first friend when I moved to Dix Hills L.I. N.Y. was a gentlemen named Thomas Kelly and he asked me to become a memember of the spiritual group known as The Knights of Columbus!!

I find this truly amazing, rather an indication or an example of "amazing grace".

To the fellow who still thinks I think I'm "God", Sir, I not claiming to be God but can prove he's in touch with me with example after example.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#345 May 12, 2012
FM Jerry is abusing this site with all of his posts.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#346 May 13, 2012
Bill wrote:
FM Jerry is abusing this site with all of his posts.
Too bad Bill, No one is stopping you or anyone else for that matter from posting what you want. I guess once again, I'm hitting on nerve tissue. Are you a Police Officer?Who ever heard of limiting postings?

I also want to remind all of you that steroid use can cause a pshycotic episode even in Police Officers.

I learn first hand with my experience with Police Officer Ed Carlson of East Meadow L.I. N.Y. He simply went ballistic because I was occupying a Shopping center. I realize now he was having psyhcotic episode and having a roid rage similiar to Gallaghar and Crawford of C.S.P.D. Keeps roids out of the hands of Police.

They don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#347 May 13, 2012
Bill wrote:
FM Jerry is abusing this site with all of his posts.
Keep in mind Bill, Police abused me physically for no other reason then "Code Blue" which is an evil force. The buddy boy system. A favor to Brian Walsh who has refused to make a peace offering. Is that acceptable behavior for you Bill? I lost my world possesions because of these idiots and no atrempt at contrition has been made.

As a follower of Christ, I'm not allowed to take on evil with evil, so I write for Justice which Bill you seem to not want. You want pencils in peoples ear or killed with a finger in the thorax.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#348 May 13, 2012
Bill wrote:
FM Jerry is abusing this site with all of his posts.
Bill, I guess your not a big advocate on the Principle of the Freedom of Speech, it is after all part of our Bill of Rights.

Or are you one of the Two Sheriffs who came to my home to shut me up also at the Instructions of Judge Lisa Carol Phillips of the Ft. Lauderdale Courthouse. This was Justice well served?

It seems my writings disturbed her also. I also wonder the reason she has to disguise her real last name which is Naugle, the former Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale also connected to the Police. Naugle was big on teaching everyone morality yet was highly immoral himself.

Here's a Judge who should for many reasons step down from the bench because there is no other way of getting her to vacate her seat.She is so so under serving.

Ask Judge Phillips if Harold C Foreman Clerk of the Court should shave his beard? then maybe he can look himself in the mirror for a change.

Someone once said, the Power of the Press is greater then the Power of the Sword, it was obviously very accurate Bill.

Write more Bill, it helps eliminate much stress and anxiety in your life.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#349 May 13, 2012
Bill wrote:
FM Jerry is abusing this site with all of his posts.
Bill, I should find your complaint flattering after all there almost 600,000 thousand post for "Barack our President" and somehow my only 300 seems to bother you.I'm abusinf the web site?

Yeah, I know you'd like for me to come and protest so you can stick your finger in my thorax or stun gun me in the fetal position, that's more your speed and exactly L.E.O's abuse people. Pepper spray people in the face from point blank rage or stick a pencil all the way through someones ear.

But to defend yourself in writing, you simply can't or are unable too. Bill,your uneducated people to say the very least.

Please read the Bill of Rights and learn how to write other than speeding tickets.

If you at all interested in my back ground, visit my facebook page, Frank Sonny Jerry. Please also inform Judge Phillips, I do all my own writngs, she also flattered me by trying to determine what Attorney was assisting me. I do all my own writing.
F M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#350 May 15, 2012
Bill wrote:
FM Jerry is abusing this site with all of his posts.
I guess Bill all my previous post as to just how unscupulous bank policies and procedures are as abusive also. Take a good hard look at J P Morgans current activities in which thye just lost 2 Billion dollars. The guy responsible just walks home and grabs a cold one. We Americans are left holding the bag. Bill, I think their more abusive then me and it would better serve if you if you started to complain about Banks as opposed to me.

It was Walk all Over ya, Wachovia and Bank Ameerica, my foot, sounds like Bank Russia to me.
Whom do you think is going to eventually pay for those losses? You'll find that loss in some ridiculous Bank fee, like don't pass go or even go home.

All the trouble banks are having collecting debt, they deserve, they brought it on themselves.

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