I got CHEATED at the Copperas Cove HEB

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Copperas Cove, TX

#1 Nov 9, 2009
i stopped at the Copperas Cove HEB late Saturday night, 7 November to get me some fuji apples. i picked up the sales flyer and saw where you could get a free bottle of catsup if you bought fish, but i coldn't find the bottle of katsup. also saw where you could get a free bottle of mayo if you bought a packet of ham. well i didn't see the coupon for the ham and by the time i got to the cash register i had forgotten about it and placed the mayo on top of the packet of ham with the coupon in the middle. as the clerk was scanning i thought i saw the fuji apples rung up as $1.59 a pound and i was almost sure there were marked $1.49 a pound. so i paid and parked my buggy and went back and verified the fuji apples were in fact $1.49. i also noticed that i was charged for the mayo which was supposed to be free.

i talked with the cashier and she told me i had given her the wrong coupon. there was no one in line behind me or when i came back. so i told her that i didn't want the ham and mayo and also didn't want the apples since i was overcharged. so she took them off my bill and had to call a manager to get the override.

then i looked at my receipt and was surprised to see that the apples i was charged $1.59 a pound for were returned at $1.49 a pound. i asked the cashier to call the manager back over. i showed him my register receipts and he was puzzled and didn't know what had happened, but told me he couldn't do anything about it and i would have to come in tomorrow to see the store manager. i told him i would not be making a trip back for this. i mean we are talking about a total of 28 cents. he talked to the cashier about trying to do something on the cash register and i told him it is midnight and i have already messed around with this enough. another employee had stopped by and she asked me if i wanted them to ring the apples up and i told her no, i was going to wal-mart to get my apples. she replied okay.

so off to wal-mart i went to get my fuji apples. i was surprised to see they were .97 cents a pound.

cash register items:
11-07-09 11:39 pm
fuji apples $1.59 a pound

11-07-09 11:48 pm
fuji apples refund $1.49 a pound

11-08-09 :03 A.M.

fuji apples $.97 a pound

this all sounds petty, but if HEB does this all day long it adds up. usually i more than 11 items and wouldn't catch HEB cheating me, but since i went in there specifically to buy fuji apples i noticed the price.

so HEB tries to cheat me on the sale price. when that is not successful they tried to cheat me on the return price. this was dumb.

and last of all, no one was in line, so why didn't the clerk ask me about not having the right coupon?

Kempner, TX

#2 Nov 9, 2009
Chawk it up to a late night clerk problem. If you don't like HEB then go to walmart. Your choice.

Belton, TX

#3 Nov 9, 2009
If you don't like HEB, shop at WalMart. One less person for me to deal with.
sunny daze

Sunnyvale, CA

#4 Nov 9, 2009
I wish I had that much time on hand to buy apples. When i would have been the store manager I would have reached in my pocket and give you the 28 cents to solve that ` problem` fast and efficient.

Waco, TX

#5 Nov 9, 2009
sunny daze wrote:
I wish I had that much time on hand to buy apples. When i would have been the store manager I would have reached in my pocket and give you the 28 cents to solve that ` problem` fast and efficient.
You are actually criticizing someone for buying apples and then being upset that they didnt ring up correctly???? really??? You are the perfect example of an HEB sheeple! LOL Bet you just love when they act like you really matter to them and i bet you buy every toothbrush, deodorant, candy bar, etc that they ask you to buy when you checkout! Come on its only 99cents with coupon! lmao Im sure when those managers get their bonus checks they know exactly who to thank! If you only knew the truth!
sunny daze

Sunnyvale, CA

#6 Nov 9, 2009
HEBubba wrote:
<quoted text> You are actually criticizing someone for buying apples and then being upset that they didnt ring up correctly???? really??? You are the perfect example of an HEB sheeple! LOL Bet you just love when they act like you really matter to them and i bet you buy every toothbrush, deodorant, candy bar, etc that they ask you to buy when you checkout! Come on its only 99cents with coupon! lmao Im sure when those managers get their bonus checks they know exactly who to thank! If you only knew the truth!
yes and i am able to afford it because i don`t waste my time and gas by driving around in circles for 28 cents. This is called common sense and chosing your battles. It was most likely a simple cashier error ringing up a wrong code and when they tried to fix it they used the right code. And not a conspiracy from corporate to scam a customer out of 28 cents for apples. And if im not mistaken the original poster mentioned shopping with coupons to get free merchandise not me.

Woodway, TX

#7 Nov 10, 2009
HEB donates alot of money to the community and gives customers the opportunity to donate money with those coupons at the checkout. I just read on the AUSA website that $50,000 was donated from HEB for the Fort Hood tragedy.
Evil HEB Clerk

Belton, TX

#8 Nov 11, 2009
It was me. I cheated the old lady out of the 28 cents, because you see, I am MAD, MAD I say! I will do it again and again.(Evil laugh goes here).

Everyone please get a life and clean up your yards. Copperas Cove is a disgrace in way too many neighborhoods. You Copperas Cove losers!!!!!!!!
the voice of experience

Kyle, TX

#10 Nov 18, 2009
the apples were returned at the wrong price most likely because when they returned them, they used the correct code. There are only about 13 types of different apples. That is why there are scales and stickers in the produce dept so that you can weigh and label your own items, to ensure corporate doesn't steal your 28 cents that I am sure they don't need. The manager not being able to fix it is bull. He could have just done a vendor coupon for 28 cents, i personally would have reached in my pocket and handed it to you to save the headache for everyone. You should be pissed at the manager for that.

As for the coupon, sometimes the cashiers don't memorize evey coupon in the store. After all, have you noticed how many coupons HEB offers? What she could have done had she known before your order was complete, is manually enter the coupon, but since she didn't know till after, it is in the hands of a manager because she doesn't have the ability to refund you.

I am glad to hear you got your fuji apples for a lower price, but you wasted gas driving there instead. That, and I know Walmart doesn't give anything for free no matter what you purchase, they don't bag your items well, they don't smile, they don't move with speed, and please ask them for a carryout and then see how long you wait to get one. Just sayin

After all, we are talking about 28 cents right? Work in customer service,sir\ma'am, just once in your life, and make sure it is at a grocery store, then and only then, tell me if you are so quick to judge.
The voice of more exp

Waco, TX

#11 Nov 18, 2009
First of all there is NO excuse for apples to be rung up with a wrong code! Period!!! I would say that over 90% of all in apples that store on any given day have a sticker on it with the code! You would have to go to extreme measures to find all the apples without stickers on them! Your excuse is a bunch of bovine fecal matter!!!!
Secondly i dont think is is just about the 28 cents! Its obvious that both the cashier and the "manager"(more than likely just a wannabe thats been given an override #) both need a little more training! This situation was handled badly! If your solution would be to use a non-existent coupon to give the customer their 28 cents, your actions would raise a lot of red flags in the loss prevention area!
Thirdly as far as the coupon situation goes, they could have handled that better as well! The whole goal of the combo locos and meal deals is to increase sales overall but also to increase the average sale per customer just like that basket item they try to shove down your throats when you checkout!
The free coupons themselves are another issue altogether! If you only buy the combo locos and meal deals then yes you are getting free items! However if you do all your shopping there, free may not be what it seems! Watch the prices on the items you buy! I remember awhile back there was a $1.00 of coupon on a product! The price on it went up 50 cents so you were only actually saving 50 cents! Its the same with products all throughout the store! Watch what you buy and see how the prices fluctuate especially when tied to combo locos, meal deals and coupons! Also watch for the tags that say the item is on sale when you know the item was cheaper last week!!! Ultimately heb is just as tricky as walmart if not more so!
Heb is always patting itself on the back for being such a great company! However it looks like their store employees didnt get the memo!

Waco, TX

#12 Nov 18, 2009
LOL. sounds like you may have worked for HEB at one time. You know all the insides. Couldn't be that you got canned ? Your feel for managers as a whole is pretty bad.
Simply the Point

Kyle, TX

#13 Nov 18, 2009
Oyes, i think you hit the nail on the head! LOL the voice of MORE experience, bitter much? Actually if you paid attention to what I said, you would see that i concur it was handled horrible, yes, and the remark about a 28 cent coupon, point is it could be handled very easily instead of him coming back the next day. Oh, WOW items you mean, the ones in the basket? I don't call, "would you like any candy today" shoved down your throat. Its a simple suggestion, you want it or not, you should know that it is a requirement for them to ask, or you get it free? blah blah. We don't know how this person actually acted in the store either. They seem pretty pissed on here about 28 cents so he/she may have gotten out of hand in store causing the brush off. Just sayin, there is always 2 sides to a story. And by the way, I was the voice of experience, but since you couldn't be orignal, I changed my name.

Waco, TX

#14 Nov 19, 2009
Give LOL and the voice of More experience some time and they will find something wrong with another business. I have waited on people like them and I can say it is not pleasant and you Aren't gonna win. The same goes for people that are unhappy with food service, etc. Takes all kinds to make the world go around. The great thing is that there aren't a great many of them but enough to make it miserable for the clerks in the businesses.
sunny daze

Sunnyvale, CA

#15 Nov 19, 2009
And here is the perfect example , since biblical times, how the apple is bringing dischord amongst humankind.....again.

Waco, TX

#16 Nov 19, 2009
OMG this is too funny! People getting worked up over a place that sells canned beans, condoms and depends! Every store has its problems and in America we can still choose where we spend our money(if we still have any that is)! We are also entitled to our opinions which some of you may or may not like! Ive never really bought into the heb religion but still shop there often! If you have a problem with them call san antonio-- Toll-free number 1-800 432-3113 Customer Relations office hours: Mon.- Fri., 8am - 5pm or do the online customer survey! You'd be surprised at what they will do to make you happy! Who knows you might just give them the ammo to actually get rid of their dead weight! Still though thanks for the laughs!
Rated R Trollstar

Temple, TX

#17 Nov 21, 2009
It's called a monopoly. Monopolies like HEB get away with it all the time. You can thank the local idiots as to why this area never has nice things.

Waco, TX

#18 Nov 21, 2009
Who are the local idiots and what are you blaming then for ? Walmart is big competition to HEB. What are you talking about ? They don't have a monoply/

Waco, TX

#19 Nov 21, 2009
Oyes, I think some people just post to be heard. Their comments make no sense.
Evil HEB Clerk

Waco, TX

#20 Nov 21, 2009
Hey, I really don't work at HEB. I was/am just stirring the pot. See how easy it was and I was trying to let you all know that by being sarcastic. So, you see Copperas Cove, you really are a bunch of LOSERS! HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE APPLES!
Simply the Point

Kyle, TX

#21 Nov 22, 2009
this thread is really still going? And thank u Oyes, where Rated R Trollstar got monopoly i will never know. Monopoly is win one business dominates the entire area with NO competition. HEB has competition, Walmart, Randalls tries, and what is left of Albertsons, and Target. All of this over a mistaken refund. I would gladly mail per 28 cents, but the funny thing is, they never commented again on this thread, so that tells you something does it not? Oh, and Evil HEB Clerk, if you pay attention to detail, not all of us are from Copperas Cover, however, you are, so that makes you the same loser you are calling everyone else. Hmmmmmmm just sayin

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