Former West counselor to face judge i...

Former West counselor to face judge in U.P.

There are 67 comments on the Grand Blanc News story from Sep 5, 2007, titled Former West counselor to face judge in U.P.. In it, Grand Blanc News reports that:

Former Grand Blanc West Middle School counselor Arthur McGuff, 47, is scheduled to be arraigned in Keweenaw County's 12th Circuit Court on Tuesday on charges stemming from a June 29 arrest in Copper Harbor in ... via Grand Blanc News

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Jack Mehoff

Monroe, LA

#1 Sep 11, 2007
This guy was an idiot to begin with. my son went to him for help and got none. Ths man held his son back twice for sports related reasons.
Lindsay Vander Kolk

Rochester, MI

#2 Sep 22, 2007
Well, Mr. Mehoff. You can't give any specific situation or details to substantiate your opinion of calling him an idiot. Who's calling who an idiot. You don't even have the courage to give your real name. Mr. McGuff's first wife died of cancer and his son missed a whole year when she died. Get your facts straight. His son was kept back one year. He always got back to me when I called and helped me out tremendously with my son. Typical of Grand Blanc to point the finger at others. Obviously he made a huge mistake, but I am sure you have never made a mistake in your life?
Jack Mehoff wrote:
This guy was an idiot to begin with. my son went to him for help and got none. Ths man held his son back twice for sports related reasons.
Don Currie

United States

#3 Dec 4, 2007
No Jack Mehoff is right I've known him for years ,he more than likely trying to cop a deal by turning in the guy he got the drugs from.
Pamela McGuff Goodman

Midland, MI

#4 Dec 20, 2007
Don Currie wrote:
No Jack Mehoff is right I've known him for years ,he more than likely trying to cop a deal by turning in the guy he got the drugs from.
Don Currie, look who is calling the kettle black!
Don Currie

Hemphill, TX

#5 Dec 27, 2007
Pamela McGuff Goodman wrote:
<quoted text>
Don Currie, look who is calling the kettle black!
Inever ratted out anyone,I always took what was coming too me unlike Art

Grand Rapids, MI

#6 Dec 31, 2007
Mr. Currie-
When was the last time you talked to Mr. McGuff? I have not heard many upstanding things about you and your past. He is no innocent man, but you are throwing stones in a world that has no morals. You have no right to judge or moralize. I know for a fact who he got the drugs from and he did not tell on that person. Frankly, you can go stuff it and take a look in the mirror. I don't excuse what Art did, but am so tired of the high and mighty "moral police". Who made you god?

Grand Rapids, MI

#7 Dec 31, 2007
Good for you, Pam. Standing up for your brother takes a lot of guts. This must be hard for you.

Marquette, MI

#8 Jan 8, 2008
Has Mr. McGuff pleaded guilty/not guilty? Has he been sentenced?

Just wondering here in the UP. Followed the story from this summer.
someone who knows

United States

#9 Feb 16, 2008
This man is a menace. I feel horribly sorry for his teenage children who have been left without a responsible parent to care for them. Their stepmother bailed out on them and left them in the care of neighborhood friends. These are good kids who deserve better. The problems on McGuff's shoulders are his to bear, as he brought them on himself. He is NOT an upstanding citizen, he is NOT a nice person, and he DOES NOT deserve leniency.

Marquette, MI

#10 Feb 23, 2008
still does anyone know if Mr. McGuff was sentenced. Thank you!!
skeletons in our closets

Troy, MI

#11 Feb 28, 2008
Redemption is something all deserve in life....everyone is these blogs are so quick to judge. Have known this man for his whole life, know his past and his present and pray for his future. So much of his life he has given to kids and families out of his pocket, his time and his energy. God has a debit account for him in my opinion and that my friends is all that matters.

He did the time, he sold no one out, he took care of his kids from a cell and he has never held a grudge for all your comments. I wrote to him and he read your comments, he never said a bad word about you all, even you cowards who cannot speak and state your names.....

We all make mistakes, we all deserve a chance to grow and sometimes grow up. I believe Art has done that, it may have taken him forty years, but none of you know this man you all claim to be experts about and judge.

God will have the final say and you all will have to speak about your abilities to judge. Sometimes we need to look in the mirror and determine if this is us speaking about ourselves or the person we write about....

Look him up and call him, speak to him, see if this is that man you use to know or is he a changed man? Then again you probably would rather just judge from a distance right?

Walled Lake, MI

#12 Feb 28, 2008
I've gotten to know Art during the past 7 months and can say that he is currently not the person some here are trying to make him out to be. The Art I've come to know cares about the development and well-being of children immensely. He is a very generous person with his time, effort and even money. His genuine concern is for the well-being and betterment of everyone he encounters.
Yes, the stress of this ongoing, not yet resolved, predicament is taking a toll on his life on many different levels all at once. In the face of that, he has taken full personal responsibility for his actions and also desires that this painful lesson might serve as an instruction for others of why not to travel down a similar path.
His Wife did not "bail on the kids". She felt the need to make a temporary adjustment to a life without the love of her life being present and I'm positive that has had a disconcerting effect on her emotions and psyche. In spite of that, she is managing to hang on to some hope that the shattered remnants of their once stable homelife might yet be re-established.
I've seen how he interacts with kids and people and believe he is very sincere in his desire to be a positive, contributing force and influence on the lives of people he encounters.
I've talked with Art about this obstacle he put into his life and have become convinced that he's blaming noone but himself for this harsh life-lesson.
As for the interested, appearantly impartial, observer's questions -- no, he has not yet been sentenced as there hasn't yet been a trial. Eventhough, that being the case, still He willfully surrendered to the authorities and already served the time for which all the stakeholding parties were saying he could expect to do. Even if he ends up not being sentenced to do any time, he decided that he wanted to show his children that if you mess up -- stand up, take responsibility and clean it up, then put it behind you and move on.
A lesson I think we might all be better off for having it put into our own lives.

Walled Lake, MI

#13 Feb 28, 2008
I wonder what it is you know -- "someone who knows", because you must not know Art, his family or their current situation. I have not seen any evidence that he is not an upstanding citizen. I have found him to be a nice person. I've come to find that those who would make a statement like "DOES NOT deserve leniency" are making their own bed in which to lie. I get the impression you have some other agenda making posts like that. What is your definition of the word "menace"?

To the contrary, Art was often the last option for a number of children to have a staunch advocate for them and he responded by taking the time to make sure they had every oppportunity to turn their lives around. May he find the same kind of opportunity for his own life.
someone who knows wrote:
This man is a menace. I feel horribly sorry for his teenage children who have been left without a responsible parent to care for them. Their stepmother bailed out on them and left them in the care of neighborhood friends. These are good kids who deserve better. The problems on McGuff's shoulders are his to bear, as he brought them on himself. He is NOT an upstanding citizen, he is NOT a nice person, and he DOES NOT deserve leniency.

Walled Lake, MI

#14 Feb 29, 2008
What exactly is the purpose of these negative posts about someone while they are going through trials and tribulations?

What kind of glee do people get by kicking someone while they are down?

How is it that a person can be so callous towards another that they would wish to destroy not only that person's life but also negatively impact those of their children and loved ones?

What kind of satisfaction do they get by contributing to the hardship and misery of another human being?
Art McGuff

Troy, MI

#15 Feb 29, 2008
Yes, I feel it is time to speak. I had never knew what a blog was even though after 22 years of counseling kids and families I have heard them speak of them repeatedly?

I am not here to address all the naysayers, I pray for them actually. I thank my sister and all the others that I have no clue who you are for the kind words of encouragement. I hope that your abilities to see the good in things will wear off on the naysayers some day. I am here to say that I made a grave error in June 2007. I have taken full responsibility for my actions and am still trying to put my shattered life back together one day at a time.

Why? I am not totally sure, but I know this, I walked away from a fellowship a few years ago thinking I had a handle on addiction and discovered that I too am an addict, no better - no worse, and now one back in full recovery. I attend meetings daily and often twice a day for now. I am speaking at facilities throughout Michigan and telling the real story to those who listen and care. One addict, helping another.

I know that my lovely neighbors started all this a few 24 hours ago and I gave them the ultimate ammo they needed. I also know that God has a plan for me and that more will be revealed as long as I stay on the course he has for me. I also know that the administration at Grand Blanc Schools has abandoned me and many other NON-tenured teachers in the district in the past few years.

I do not hold contempt for any of the naysayers on these blogs or my neighbors or Grand Blanc Administration, I pray for their salvation and the possibility that someday they may bear the fruits of the spirit. I have learned a lot in the past 200 days in a place that I do not wish for anyone. I have had my eyes opened and acquired a new skills in my therapeutic endeavors that you cannot get without personally experiencing what I have. I pray that God will allow me to work with people again and share my hope and fears with them so that they may not have to go through what I have and that they will not have to have written what has been written about me here on these blogs.

For those who throw rocks, I pray that when God judges you, my pilgrims, that He is the righteous and ever forgiving God that I praise daily for this experience. I know most of you will never grasp this, but I praise God for putting me through this experience. He is showing me my purpose in life and I am truly blessed and in the light once again.

I am grateful, recovering and in the light today.

I live by this credo today,

I may have done what they said I did, but I am NOT the person they say I am, most would get bitter, but I will get better.

What is impossible in men, is possible in God. I will continue to pray for you all, my family, the sick and suffering still out there in the world. If you would like to talk to me personally, I am in the phone book listings and still in GB.

May the love and peace of God be in your souls.
someone who knows

United States

#16 Mar 1, 2008
What do I mean by "menace"? I mean that his children are verbally abused by Art on a daily basis. Expletives fly from that household to be heard throughout an entire block. Neighbors and their children hear this colorful language. He has been heard telling his son to go in the house so he could beat his f***ing a**. I believe this to be over a water hose left trickling. Heresay - but I understand it to be true. The children that Art says he loves to work with and mold - that is a load of crap. When is it ever positive reinforcement to scream at team players, throw them to the ground, make teammates attack one another over a botched play, etc?

If it is true that you are in recovery, Art - then more power to you. I myself believe in the power of a recovery program and I also believe in 2nd chances. Trust me, I never hoped for you to fail when you got out of jail. But, recently activity would prove that you have learned nothing from time spent. I know that you continue to intimidate those who you feel crossed you.

Be a man and stop pointing fingers at neighbors, Grand Blanc administration or anyone else who is not in line with your thinking. When you are pointing one finger at another person - remember that there are 4 fingers pointing right back at you.

Maybe you all know a different Art than I do. And to be truly honest, I've never spoken one word to this man. I wouldn't dare. I have found him to be vile, profane, vicious, cruel, vindictive and hateful. I don't associate with people like that. Don't blame anyone else for your poor choices, Art.

If you truly believe that you are on a path to enlightenment and forgiveness, you would also know that no-one is to blame but YOU.

I get no glee from watching your family go through these trials. I feel absolutely horrible for your children. I know that the teens are great kids who deserve better than what they've been given.

Personally, none of this is my business, but it really irritates me to see championing of a person who has made it a priority to intimidate those he dislikes and blames. The people that Art refers to as his "lovely neighbors" are just that - lovely people. They provide a loving, stable home life for their children. Art, I don't believe anyone who pays taxes in that neighborhood deserves to hear your loud mouth screaming at your children every single day.

And as far as providing my true name - no way! Then I would be the target of nails in my tires, eggs on my house, roofing nails in my driveway, profane banners facing my house, etc. The list is quite long and colorful, isn't it, Art?
Second Chances

Troy, MI

#17 Mar 2, 2008
I am trying to write to the "someone who knows"

You say he is menace and then base it on heresay?

You probably believe that OJ is innocent too?

the incidents.....I was in the car with art at the game and he did not try to hit a kid, he stopped to avoid hitting two kids who ran into traffic....the kid said something to him first...he asked the boy to stop by his house, he never said an evil thing to this kid....the school said the story seemed to fit the film better than the boys story....go figure

I also have been here every day with art since he got out of jail....he did not egg the house next door either as they reported to the UP prosecutor, so art's attorney says? And what does eggs in the lower penisula have to do with a court case in the UP - ask Linnae Sauvloa, the vindictive b who has been driving this destroy art train since may 2006....

she has made so many claims, about 23 to date that have been unfounded and she is probably your source of information.....the police, the borad of education, the athletic department, the code enforcement, the family independence agancy, all found the claims to be FALSE....

Are all these places of business in a conspiracy to hide the truth or is Linnae Sauovla a crack pot??

Is she the "lovely neighbor" you speak of?

The signs in the window, it says "please stop filming my 3 & 4 year old daughters bedroom" Bob Sauvola set up a camera to film two little girls bedroom - do you get the picture.....are they egging his house too?

Ask Nathan Sauovla and Ryan Morley about egging people stuff.....the boys I spoke to and got statements from say they are experts.....then toilet paper too and Ryan's girl Lindsay, shes the toilet paper queen of this neighborhood according to some kids Art let me speak with.

Art and Jen are sick of the neighbors....they invited them in, counseled their kids and all they said to help was used against them in their jobs.....oh yeah Linnae called their jobs repeatedly and Art told me she works for the Genesseee County Intermediate School District Personnal Department.....and we are talking ethics here....

Pointing fingers, you seem like an expert on the subject, none of my business, then why are you running on at the mouth.....

vile, vicious, is this you

judgment....God will be waiting for you dear

are you ready to tell God why you are so quick to judge the world

what does the fruit you bear look like, rotten, spoiled or is it sweet?

we all have our skeletons as one person wrote...I am sure you are not fearful of have some dirt that maybe Art would know and you are too scared to say your name cause you may be called out as will the Saulva's soon.....

get a heresay
someone who knows

United States

#18 Mar 2, 2008
I know what I know....and I'm comfortable with that. It's good enough for me.
Just stop

Detroit, MI

#19 Mar 3, 2008
Stop making posts on here trying to make yourself look good. Anyone who has been around you knows what you are like and how you treat your children AND how you were as a coach!
for the person who wrote "I also have been here every day with art since he got out of jail"
I feel sorry for you!
And I feel sorry for his children. Please don't tell me he has changed in two months but I do hope for the childrens sake he does become a better person some day.
1st amendment

United States

#20 Mar 5, 2008
I have have listened to it all. I am so angry for Jen and she won't get on here and tell you all the REAL truth because she actually lives her life without pointing at anyone. She moves on and doesn't focus on you negative losers.
What a sad life you all "must knowers" must lead.Julie Morley, Bob & Linnae Sauvolas, Rodriquezs and Shues are extremely transparent. But, before I go on one thing must be said. YOU ALL NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!! If Art and Jennifer (and whoever else you pool them with) are such a menace, then why are you wasting time on them????????!! All your lives must be miserable. Let's take inventory y'all.
Art McGuff's son went to stay at Julie Morley's house a couple summers ago and several other boys were there. Just to let you know, Nathan Sauvola went that night. Yes, the "moral police" Sauvolas sent their son to Julie's house. Linnae had several negative things about Julie, but sent her son there anyway.
Linnae Sauvola is so concerned about her children and other children that she sends her beautiful, "BIG MAC" son down to awoman who she said "has no control over her son, Ryan....Ryan is such a mean, bad kid...Julie Morley doesn't watch her son or any of the boys who stay overnight". Art brought Mason and went down to Julie Morley's house and told her that a neighborhood man came by with Mason's cut up bike and said some boys were constantly ringing doorbells. The man was a former cop and pulled out his gun. Mason McGuff was the only kid that stayed when the man came after the boys.
Art McGuff told Julie about the doorbell ringing and assumed the rest of the boys were together in this "ding-dong ditching". Julie wouldn't hear any of it; especially when it had anything negative to do with precious Ryan. Art walked back home with his son.

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