Orefield man dies in crash

Orefield man dies in crash

There are 73 comments on the The Morning Call story from Jan 4, 2009, titled Orefield man dies in crash. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

An Orefield man was killed and his three passengers injured in an early-morning one-vehicle accident Saturday in Lowhill Township, state police said.

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parkland grad 05

Cape May, NJ

#71 Jan 27, 2009
Honkey Lips, You need to stop checking this and stop posting on here. You now have nothing to say about Corbin, so now your going to criticize me? Do not tell me I need help, please do not think you have the right to judge me or any of us who knew Corbin was. Like I said, feel free to talk to me, instead of hiding behind your computer and behind your name Honkey Lips. I want to talk to you so you understand that I am upset, why I am upset and why your making all of us who actually knew Corbin more upset. If your too immature to talk outside of a blog, I understand and I could already kind of sense that. Stereotyping comes from ignorance and lack of education. Judging others must distract you from your own weaknesses, I am sorry if you feel insecure. You called me classy, you told me I need help, someone else or maybe it was even you told me go have a few drinks and drive. You joked about someone's name who was Brie who posted on this blog. I am sorry your right, I can not move on, because I still can not believe this has happened. It is very tragic, and my graduating class has already lost a classmate a few years ago. So yes, I am sorry that this is a tragic situation. It takes time to heal wounds and you posting hateful, compassionless things on here does not make our wounds heal any faster. Everyone grieves in their own way, and yes forgive me if I am still in the grieving process. I will again apologize for Honkey Lip's posts to the other friends, classmates and family members of Corbin. Rest in Peace Corbin. Forever loved, always missed and never forgotten.

Bloomsburg, PA

#72 Jan 30, 2009
Thank you Parkland grad. I'm glad to see someone out there actually cares. I guess some people just don't really care about anyone but themselves. My heart goes out to you as well during this hard time. Corbin was a great cousin to me and I'm sure he was an awesome friend. I was just up at the crash site yesterday paying some respects. Corbin is one person that will never be forgotten.

Allentown, PA

#73 Jan 30, 2009
Honky Lips wrote:
<quoted text>
You mind is clouded. Go back and read all the posts again.
You need help to get over this.
You need to stop looking at this that bother you.
It's sad that you can't move on.
I wouldn't mind talking to you but I don't see that ever happening.
Get the help you need.
Don't you get it. MOST people don't care what you think. I know the parents well and believe me they are not into drugs. Just shows you, you no nothing about the people involved,
so keep your comments for people you know and God help their souls.
Honky Lips

Allentown, PA

#74 Feb 2, 2009
You do illegal drugs while drinking and speeding along a dangerous road, you then push up daisies and get no sympathy.

You sound like you're following in his foot steps.

Stop the drugs, quit drinking and you just may live to see 30. Your choice.
Honky Lips

Allentown, PA

#75 Feb 2, 2009
Sarah wrote:
Thank you Parkland grad. I'm glad to see someone out there actually cares. I guess some people just don't really care about anyone but themselves. My heart goes out to you as well during this hard time. Corbin was a great cousin to me and I'm sure he was an awesome friend. I was just up at the crash site yesterday paying some respects. Corbin is one person that will never be forgotten.
While you're there at the crash site, you better hope someone like Corbin isn't driving up there.
They'll run you down.
Honky Lips

Allentown, PA

#77 Feb 2, 2009
What bothers me most (at this point) you say you don't listen to a word your parents say.
Better listen to your parents they want you to live a long and healthy life.
If people read and learn from this then it's worth it.
I remember being 17 and I listened to everything my parents said. I weighed everything they said, judged it then used my own common sense to survive.
Be careful who your "friends" are and if you want to go someplace drive yourself (alone)or with Mom or Dad. You can't trust ANYBODY else.
Don't be taking idiots with you just a cell phone and stay buckled-up. While you're driving , leave the phone turned off unless you need to call for help.
There's nothing funny about this in fact I'm worried about you and that you aren't getting the help you need.
MY point all along was that a normal, un-impaired mind wouldn't have been driving like him that night.
I'm happy that you weren't with your "friend" that night. You're still here, that's all that matters.

Bloomsburg, PA

#78 Feb 3, 2009
You know, I'm not the one that needs help here. I've just been on here sticking up for someone that I loved and grew up with. Like I said, who told you that Corbin was drunk driving? You don't need to post stuff like that for people to see. You can speed without being impaired. I'm not gonna drive alone for the rest of my life because I feel better when I have someone in my car with me because since Corbin's accident it's been hard for me to be by myself in my car because then anxiety takes a role. All of Corbin's friends and family are trying to handle this tragedy in the best way possible. You on the other hand are just making it harder to cope with the accident by making Corbin look bad. It's hard enough just trying to accept that he's never coming home. I stood at his crash site and cried and then you tell me that someone like Corbin might hit me. Do you know how that makes ME feel? I understand if you want to prove a point by saying speeding is a bad idea but do you have to disrespect a life and the family and friends of that life? Why would you say some of the hurtful things you did during such a hard time? It's just making it harder for everyone to deal with. No matter what, Corbin is always going to be family. He had a sister that loved him so much, and I could only imagine what she would think if she read these things. Corbin was her best friend. Don't you feel any remorse for the things you've said. Imagine, his parents are getting ready for his funeral and then they have to read some of the things you and some others have said. It's really not cool that you feel to need to hurt people when they're already hurting. If you think I need help then go back and read all of the posts you left and maybe you'll understand why I'm so pissed off. I lost a loved one, isn't that enough torment to go through? Just put yourself in our shoes for a minute and you'll understand why everyone was telling you to shut up.
Honky Lips

Allentown, PA

#79 Feb 3, 2009
I don't care what anyone thinks about me and I sure don't care what they say - never did.

When I was your age there were groups of kids who went this way and some went that way.

I went my own way. I was called 'square''queer' and chicken.
Many of those name callers are dead now.
One was a one car speeding accident.
Three are now dead due to drug overdose.
One got high, needed more money for junk, robbed a bank and was shot to death trying to get away.
One hung herself while 'high' 22 yrs old.

They all were sure they could handle whatever their 'thing' was. They were all wrong.

They went THEIR way, I went my way - alone.
The 'chicken-square' whatever is still here.
They.......are gone.

I still don't care what people say or think.
I'm still square-chicken or whatever.

I went to some of their funerals.
After that , I couldn't handle it anymore and stopped going.

If, in the twilight of your life, you can count the number of your "friends" on one hand, you will have been very fortunate.
All the others who CLAIM to be your friend only want to use you for whatever reason they harbor.

The only friends who are REAL are your MOM, Dad, your sister and brothers. You may have one other someplace in your life but at 17 that's not likely.

You won't be driving alone all your life.
One day you'll be married and your husband will look out for you. Later, you'll have a son or daughter riding with you and THEY will honestly love you and care about you and watch out for you.

Those times in your life are not far off, Sarah.
I know it seems worlds away but in reality are very near.

Until that time arrives, remember,until then who your friends are. Acquaintances are not-" friends."

I don't believe in "fate" ,
you write your own ticket.

Trust yourself Sarah.

Bloomsburg, PA

#80 Feb 3, 2009
Look, I can count my friends on one hand, I don't trust many. Corbin wasn't my friend, he was my cousin. FAMILY. I trust family. I love my family. Corbin wasn't an acquaintance. His parents are my aunt and uncle and his sister is pretty much like a sister to me. This isn't a game to me. I lost someone from my family, and even if it was one of my friends, and Corbin was a friend of many and a lot of people cares. If you saw the funeral than you would know. I stood next to his family while they mourned for their son and brother as well as so many other people that gave them their support. I'm sorry you lost your friends and if it was hard for you to lose them, then you understand how everyone that lost Corbin feels. You don't know him, so just let it go. It's too much stress for me to come on here all the time. So I think I'm done, so just drop it already.
Honky Lips

Allentown, PA

#81 Feb 3, 2009
You have no choice but to accept the things in life you cannot change.

For a while I thought I could help you get past this.
I no longer think so.

You need spiritual guidance. I see no trace of that within you.

You have a lot of dragons to slay Sarah.
I know you're all alone , I can hear it in your posts.

I hope you find the strength to handle the next 60 or 70 years of life, you have a long fight ahead. Life is full of disappointments and pain but that's what makes the sweet things so pleasant.

You're Sarah, you can do anything.

If you want me , I'll come back
if not.....then goodbye.

See ya.

Bloomsburg, PA

#82 Feb 4, 2009
I already know what it's like to be dissapointed. I will get through this. I know how to handle myself.
I have my support and I'll give my support. Thanks but no thanks, I'll get through this on my own.
Proud nonParkland Grad

Allentown, PA

#83 Mar 7, 2009
Just Wondering wrote:
A car is a piece of machinery, so why can't people (young and old) think before they get into it.
Would you not wear protective glasses when you do welding? I don't understand these kids today that think they have to show off and drive like a fool, and I hope this was not the case. This young kids life is now over and the three remaining will only go out and still make poor choices if they don't learn from this accident.
Please everyone you really need to slow down. And to the lady that gave me the finger at the Weiss intersection on 7th street, because I was waiting to clear traffic to make a left hand turn, if I were a big bruiser of 300 pounds I would have followed you and beat the crap out of you. But then I would have gone to jail for road rage.
Stop and think you are not the only people on the road, have some common sense if you can find yours. People today think they need to hurry hurry hurry and where the hello does that get you.
My thought and prayers are with all of these kids and mostly to the family that has to stare at this youngmans bedroom for the rest of their lives. SENSELESS acts cause pain to the ones that are left behind.
I never had a cop knock on my door at 3 a.m. for I taught my kids ( and I hope it sinks in to others) that speed KILLS, drinking and driving KILLS, and so does stupidy KILLS.
Wake up america it's time for CHANGE!!!!
So is it safe to drive on that road?
Is this guy really dead or just faking it for the insurance money to buy more booze and drugs?

It's safe to drive now?
Honky Lips

Allentown, PA

#84 Aug 10, 2009
SpunkyOne wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you ever hear of the Golden Rule - Treat others as you would like to be treated. You may want to try to incorporate this rule into your daily dealings with others.
Once I'm dead I don't care what you do.

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