Collegeville Man Arrested In Gold Coi...

Collegeville Man Arrested In Gold Coins Theft: Brent Frick conf...

There are 31 comments on the The Morning Call story from Jul 20, 2009, titled Collegeville Man Arrested In Gold Coins Theft: Brent Frick conf.... In it, The Morning Call reports that:

A 26-year-old man was arrested hours after he allegedly broke into a Berks County home last week and later led investigators to a buried treasure: $69,000 in gold coins.

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Since: Feb 07

Middle Village, NY

#1 Jul 20, 2009
The scurvy cur should walk the plank!
Average Joe

Northampton, PA

#5 Jul 20, 2009
That is a lot of gold to keep in your house.... wow. Either the owner is foolish or preparing for Armageddon.
My Opinion

Emmaus, PA

#6 Jul 21, 2009
No doubt responsbile for many burglaries in the area...
some girl

Center Valley, PA

#7 Jul 21, 2009
well no one thinks someone is going to brake into your home and steal your LIFE saving. i hope he rots in jail for what he has done, i know the man brent stole those coins from and he worked too hard to have some drug addict take it all away. and to steal from a dead woman, wow you dont get any lower than that, and i personally think his nasty g.f. should be sitting in jail too. She had to have known, she lived with him, and to not speak up makes her just as guilty as if she was there doing it with him. Im glad he was caught.

Grand Rapids, MI

#8 Jul 22, 2009
Saddest of all is Frick has a kid. Nice role model he's become.

Now we have to pay to keep his sorry butt in prison. That's another crime altogether.
Just concerned

Hammonton, NJ

#9 Jul 22, 2009
Where are they burried? I will have some too!
Ive known Brent

Upper Marlboro, MD

#10 Jul 27, 2009
I've known Brent all of his life. He was raised by a loving single mother, but one who struggled greatly to make ends meet and provide him with the best life possible.
Brent had a wonderful relationship with his mother growing up. They were really close. Brent had the opportunity to attend Milton Hershey school and seemed to be heading down a promising path. Several years later he graduated from Penn State. Shortly thereafter he had a son of his own and settled down with his son's mother.
Brent suffered from some medical problems several years ago, although I'm still not aware of what ailed him and to what extent. He had distanced himself from his family, even his mother, who loved him more than anything in the world and would do anything for him. He didn't even allow his mother to see her one and only grandson, Nathan. As a friend to his mother, it broke my heart. I always wondered how he could have drifted away from the mother who he loved so much. Now it makes perfect sense to me--he was hiding his addiction to Oxycontin and the criminal activity it required to maintain his addiction.
It's sad to see someone you've known all of your life ruin theirs and that of their family over drug addiction. That being said, Brent is where he belongs. He stole from innocent people and for that he should pay the consequences. He violated their trust and has taken away their sense of security. Had he not been caught, his drug addiction would have worsened and his criminal activity would most likely have escalated, perhaps even becoming physically violent. He needs to pay for his crime. I feel terribly for his victims, his family and his innocent son. I also feel sorry for Brent. I'm usually tough-minded when it comes to criminals. Losers--lock them up and throw away the key. However, it's not addressing the underlying issue--the vicious cycle of drug addiction.
Brent will pay for his crime. His victims have paid, his family will pay, his son will pay. What I want to know is why doesn't big pharma pay? Oh--that's right, they do. They pay their sales reps big bucks to push their highly addictive "medicine" to physicians who are rewarded with luxury vacations for prescribing it. They make millions on destroying lives under the guise of helping improve lives. This garbage has got to stop! If it doesn't, there will just be more Brents, victimizing more innocent people in order to get their next high.

Since: Feb 07

Middle Village, NY

#11 Jul 28, 2009
Ive known Brent wrote:
I've known Brent all of his life...
Sometimes the worst of things can be a blessing in disguise. I hope that he is able to turn his life around. Sounds like he has a good support system; I hope he overcomes it (his addiction) and comes out a stronger and wiser person.
Arrest Obama

Slatington, PA

#12 Jul 28, 2009
Kelly7 wrote:
<quoted text>
Sometimes the worst of things can be a blessing in disguise. I hope that he is able to turn his life around. Sounds like he has a good support system; I hope he overcomes it (his addiction) and comes out a stronger and wiser person.
YEA YEA Mother Thresa, turn a crooks life around by getting caught, send him a bible then while he sits in jail and go see him as well and whoop a blessing or 2 on him.

Since: Feb 07

Middle Village, NY

#13 Jul 28, 2009
Arrest Obama wrote:
<quoted text>YEA YEA Mother Thresa, turn a crooks life around by getting caught, send him a bible then while he sits in jail and go see him as well and whoop a blessing or 2 on him.
Rarely is a person 100% good or 100% bad. I tend to do my look at people as a whole. I'm certain you have your less then spectacular moments that you'd rather not delve into. Pretty much everybody does. Some have been unfaithful to their spouses, some have done something illegal, some have turned their backs on innocent friends.... ya never know. To me, people are not disposable, even if their actions at one point have been reprehensible.

Since: Feb 07

Middle Village, NY

#14 Jul 28, 2009
correction to above:
I tend to do my best to look at people as a whole.
i know brent

Philadelphia, PA

#15 Jul 29, 2009
ive been freinds with him for years.. and turn his life around? you do realize he admited to robbing several other homes and is goin away for a very long time.. two other people where involved in the robbings and they r out on bail right now and just got caught stealing again

Since: Feb 07

Lehighton, PA

#17 Jul 29, 2009
Father Flanagan boystown wrote:
<quoted text>I shall pray you become a nun, have you turned your back on the man? Have you sinned in the last hour?? After you become a nun I shall have the Bishop of Hooterville send you to each prison to reform the druggies, rapists, crooks, thieves and the ones that have turned their back on the man! God Bless you my child and remember when you visit the prisons no doobies rolled up under your skirt and in your bra!
You know, I've chatted with you under many different names. I've kept mine the same. Perhaps we should agree not to let each other alone and go our separate ways - not that we ever really walked the same path.

Since: Feb 07

Lehighton, PA

#18 Jul 29, 2009
I meant that we should let each other alone and go our separate ways. It's late for me, I'm not typing well.

Grand Rapids, MI

#19 Jul 30, 2009
You've known Brent Frick all of his life??? Gimmie a friggin break!!! I've known him all his life and he did not have a loving relationship with his mother. In fact just the opposite!!! What do you know? Get your facts straight. He had many problems growing up!!! Especially with his mother! He has had a drug addiction problem for a couple of years now and it has just worsened and worsened! The amount of Oxycontin he was taking a day was absolutely rediculous! He stole from MANY people including some I know. He and the other 2 idiots involved should be jailed for a long time! Oh and hes sorry for what he did? He's just sorry he got caught! Yes he did attend Milton Hershey School but not on his own did he get there. Yes he had a Scholarship to Penn State but of course got it taken away from him. He in fact DID NOT graduate! I believe Brent is in the right place now b/c he is sober now! Hopefully he will straighten up and do the right thing now. He has a son at home that he needs to worry about! Oh god, I could go on for hours but I wont!!
Are you kidding me----

Quakertown, PA

#20 Jul 30, 2009
I don't know what planet your from but if you knew Brent all his life-then you know what you have written is total opposite of reality. You need to wake up!
I don't know where you got this baloney from. Brent's home life was horrible and that's why he ended up at Milton Hershey School. I will agree with you that it looked like he had a promising future but that ended quickly.
Graduated from Penn State? Are you fricking kidding me? Settle down with the mother of his child? Once again, are you kidding me? Where are you getting this information.
Do you realize he also stole from his family?
His girlfriend should be in jail with him---the girlfriend his wife doesn't know about. Now that's a good person?!
I feel sorry for his son---that's the only person I feel sorry for. I never thought that Brent would do that to his own son, knowing what it's like to grow up without a father in your life.
Ive known Brent

Upper Marlboro, MD

#21 Jul 31, 2009
Wow--I guess I THOUGHT I knew Brent, but having read the two posts above, I take that back. I met them (he and his mom) at church many years ago when Brent was about 4 or 5. I didn't realize his life was that bad. I'm more friends with his mother than him. I stand corrected. Thanks for setting the facts straight. I can't believe on top of everything else that he had a girlfriend on the side. Didn't he just get married a few months ago?
Ive known Brent

Upper Marlboro, MD

#22 Jul 31, 2009
Oh---and in regards to not believing Brent would do that to his son, especially after not having a father in his own life. Well, history has a way of repeating itself. Sad but true. I've seen it time and time again.

Grand Rapids, MI

#23 Jul 31, 2009
He got married a year ago....but was already struggling with the drug issues then. SOME people weren't aware of it then but I was!

Pipersville, PA

#24 Sep 2, 2009
I was about to say hell know to the comment of how good of a life he had but then i red down farther and the other two posts had already told the truth for me. And as for the medical problems he claimed he had fibro mialga, a suto tumor in his brain, and several herniated discs in his back. When i first met him i believed him, then the more i saw the true brent the more i realized he just wanted to get high. yea he may have had some pain, no one knows your pain but yourself, but he abused the medicine, snorting it and doing enough in a day to kill a horse. If he had pain thats fine but dont abuse it like that. Thats what i hate because when people like him abuse it, it makes it extremely difficult for people who truely need the medicine to get it. Dr.s are very hesitant to give it because of people abusing it. Im tired of everyone thinking im drug seeking. I dont want to be on pills the rest of my life. i dont want a life like that, but i would like some sort of pain relief until we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed. Its so hard to get help when your in pain, especially when your young. Its horrible that we live in a world like this. I wish there were a painkiller that couldn't get you "high" so they wouldn't be so hesitant to prescribe it, and those who need help could get it

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