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#41 Nov 10, 2012
(1) Contamination pre-existed Ametek's ownership of US Gauge.
(2) US Gauge moved operations to another Ametek plant in Feasterville, PA due to labor issues, not due to contamination.
(3) US Gauge is still operating and producing gauges and measurement devices here in Pennsylvania.
(4) The buildings at Ametek's Sellersville location were leveled because it cost less than maintaining them, even empty.

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#42 Nov 12, 2012
1) Yes, and it continued steadily.
2) Who said they moved because of the contamination? They stuck around for a century sitting right on top of it. Why would they move now because of it?
3) Good to hear.
4) Insightful.

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#43 Nov 13, 2012
I think it's great that people feel the need to continue to try to justify the actions of these corporate entities and local governing bodies who have literally taken human lives, knowingly--and unapologetically--and continued to do so. Just CYAs, fellas. Make sure you get your side published for those shareholders to see. Cost efficiency, huh? They can spend millions on mergers and acquisitions, yet they couldn't afford to even implement the proper protocol for toxic dust containment when they leveled Plant #2? One parting kick in the nuts, right? Residents were sick for months after. They are a goddamn disgrace. Period.

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#44 Nov 13, 2012
Unreal wrote:
I think it's great that people feel the need to continue to try to justify the actions of these corporate entities and local governing bodies who have literally taken human lives, knowingly--and unapologetically--and continued to do so. Just CYAs, fellas. Make sure you get your side published for those shareholders to see. Cost efficiency, huh? They can spend millions on mergers and acquisitions, yet they couldn't afford to even implement the proper protocol for toxic dust containment when they leveled Plant #2? One parting kick in the nuts, right? Residents were sick for months after. They are a goddamn disgrace. Period.
Theyre not entirely to blame.
Your elected officials provided them the permits to build.
The fines they pay, nothing compared to the savings of having to do "it the right way".
Thats why I view gov regulations as restrictive to the little guy, keeps competition out while the big bully corps. continue to harm the environment!

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#45 Nov 13, 2012
Agreed, but no one forces any organization to take the cheaper way out, especially when human life is a factor in the cost/benefit analysis. There needs to be accountability at all levels.
HyperlinkRepost4 3

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#46 Nov 13, 2012
Funny how these links always become invalid soon after posting. Hyperlink from #43, which is public record, is reposted below:

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#47 Nov 25, 2012
NPWA has been digging up areas in the Sellersville portion of the Wyckford Commons single homes and condos (the residential subdivisions referenced in the above posts) the past couple weeks, claiming to be doing so for the "flushing" of the lines. They then sent notice to homeowners advising that line flushing would be occurring the first week in December. This is all occurring after private testing of this development's water failed for contaminants that NPWA's source supply does not contain. Builder subdivision plans show no connection to any Sellersville public water supply sources. The residents of that area need to begin to wake the hell up and pay attention to what is occurring around them.

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#48 Nov 28, 2012
True location of Sellersville radium facility:

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#49 Nov 30, 2012
Article from British publication c. 1916.

Shipment of uranium received by company in Pennsylvania from mines in the western United States for the production of radium:

I'm guessing there wasn't enough room on the roof for "Radium Company of America" too?

Any "insiders" want to chime in now? After all, Ametek Inc. has a vested interest here. With all the land annexation and municipal "reconfigurations" of years past, the corporate giant seems to have ownership interest in quite a few residences sitting on top of the mess that the company they "acquired" left behind, as shown in chain of title and in the original plans for those homes. The question here is, why would a corporation develop toxic land that they continue to own and turn it into a residential subdivision?

Gives a whole new meaning to the USEPA's statement that "contamination does not extend beyond Ametek's property line," eh?

But I'm glad the borough finally addressed their definition of "condominium" in 2012, because apparently no one on the planning commission seemed to understand what that word meant in 1989. Although they did seem to understand the additional tax revenue that would be generated by converting the plans from apartment complex to a "condominium" development at the last minute. Regardless, those "homeowners" own nothing, and yes that is possible.

The borough missed the memo on safe drinking water parameters, too. Bigtime.

I guess the whole radium mill/landfill/pond scenario explains why subdivision plans for the Wyckford Mews development have notations made for drainage work within property boundaries to conform to RCRA (Superfund) specs, and why the ground is literally breaking apart today:

This also could provide explanation to support the "contamination stopping at the property line" logic per the USEPA...due only to the undisclosed "interceptors" that were built when the land was condemned to attempt to keep radioactive landfill leachate from spreading from beyond the landfill (now housing development) boundary. The developers and the borough were well aware of this too. Note that there are additional interceptor boundaries on the NW side of the facility. This is because the buried waste is not limited to just the Mews property:

Although, contrary to the USEPA's continued false assertions, industrial contamination did in fact reach the homes in question, interceptors or not:

This is especially true per the sewers that were constructed to channel Ametek's industrial wastewater directly underneath these homes and discharge to the DRBC-approved "dry swale" at the end of the property. I'm curious if the DRBC is aware of the USEPA permit approvals for Ametek under other corporate names.

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#50 Nov 30, 2012
And residents should not be surprised that their drinking water source came from Ametek's industrial supply wells. After all, Sellersville isn't known for their truthful disclosure practices:

All that "naturally occurring" arsenic cost millions in (failed) remediation efforts. Funny, though, how Pennsylvania is ranked among the lowest in the country for "naturally occurring" arsenic in groundwater:

But that's what they had to say, right? They couldn't possibly say that the arsenic problem in Upper Bucks County was due to the underground radium/uranium/fly ash/industrial waste buried for nearly one hundred years throughout the area by U.S. Gauge. Apparently the USEPA couldn't say that either. But why? Even the state appeared to be confused as pertaining to what gave this entity a century-long get-out-of-jail-free card:

I guess telling people the truth would mean that every involved Ametek U.S. Gauge executive, federal regulatory agency, county employee, local governing official, builder, developer, etc. would be exposed for taking the lives of hundreds of Sellersville residents. And that is EXACTLY what they have done here.

But, according to popular opinion, "Something like this could never occur to begin with...the USEPA protects the environment and the people...they would never allow for this to happen...I called the borough office and they said everything is fine...this isn't legally uncle worked at 'the Gauge' and they wouldn't do this...the EPA said the contamination didn't spread...the borough said the water is safe to drink...we are protected as citizens...anyone who thinks this is possible--or even worse, takes the time to investigate--is one of those conspiracy people...I feel sorry for them..."

Okay then.

Although I hear the TKs are quite a powerful force:

Another "Lost Tohickon Valley" on the horizon?

Very, very sad situation.

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#51 Dec 2, 2012
An insurance company filed suit against the builder/developer of these residences and the owner of the "condominium" complex, the Ridge Group Inc., in 1998 to reclaim money it had to pay out for defective roofing issues. Per the attached document, it appears they knew was more wrong than just the roof.

Incidentally, the county, whose database searches exact spelling only, filed this lawsuit under a misspelled version of Wyckford (i.e. "WycHford"). With this, and coupled with the fact that those "homeowners" have no knowledge of the "Ridge Group Inc." or their ownership of the property, this lawsuit was basically invisible to them in county records.

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#52 Dec 15, 2012

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#53 Dec 15, 2012
1938 - Out of sight, out of mind:

Branch Road, South Main, Branch Road, South Main...

Preliminary plans for "Selsie Village" appear to encompass more than just the renamed "Wyckford Commons" subdivision:

"Residential Units" - Ametek U.S. Gauge Division:

Quakertown, PA

#54 Dec 16, 2012
Wow. I think I'm beginning to understand why my family members have health problems.
In the mid- 1980's, we lived in a ground floor BCHA apartment located right in that area. Water was infiltrating our living area (bedroom floors!) and we had to be moved to a second-story apartment on the other side of the complex. Wyckford Commons was just being built back then.
How many of our disorders and illnesses are being caused by corporate chemical contamination?
I'm afraid, as long as CEO's, company owners, stockholders, and politicians value the almighty dollar more than the health and welfare of their fellow-citizens, the poisoning will go on...

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#55 Dec 16, 2012
RnJ, thank you for the information, and agreed.

Anyone who lives/has lived in the Sellersville/Perkasie areas described in this thread is encouraged to email [email protected] with the following information:

-Email address for correspondence
-Sellersville/Perkasie property address
-Names of all household members
-Length of time at that address for all household members
-Current/past medical issues for all household members
-Any additional information related to the issues in this thread that could be helpful for the affected residents

Please note that the above information is not restricted to the specific areas discussed and is welcome from all current/past residents within the 18960/18944 footprint.

Also, to ensure no email messages are "lost" in transit, please post a message on this board after any correspondence is sent to the above address.

Thank you.

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#56 Dec 16, 2012
Regarding the above post:

If anyone is not comfortable emailing all details requested (i.e. specific names, specific health issues, etc.), that is okay. Partial information is better than nothing, so provide whatever you feel comfortable providing.


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#57 Dec 20, 2012
"Planned for 140 apartment units..."

...yet somehow those units are not included anywhere on these plans.

However, the outlined areas on this document--where these "apartments" (accurate description) stand today--tell the story.

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#58 Dec 20, 2012
Groundwater contour change reflected in the Wyckford Commons tract (center of each image) between the 1930s (before condemnation, filled landfills, and interceptor construction) and 1940s (after condemnation, filled landfills, and interceptor construction).

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#59 Dec 26, 2012
Aerial shot circa 2005 of Plant #2 and the Sellersville portion of Wyckford Commons shows underlain red macadam paving that is used to cap severe underground contamination. Red streets are common in the 18960/18944 area, although many have since been covered by a surface layer of blacktop.

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#60 Dec 28, 2012
It's a felony to sell co-op apartment units as deeded "condominiums" on healthy ground. I'm curious as to what it is considered when this criminal activity occurs for properties built on radioactive landfills and industrial contamination.

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