Delta County Sheriff resigns, pleads ...

Delta County Sheriff resigns, pleads guilty to federal charges

There are 192 comments on the North Texas e-News story from Oct 18, 2006, titled Delta County Sheriff resigns, pleads guilty to federal charges. In it, North Texas e-News reports that:

United States Attorney Matthew D. Orwig announced that the Delta County Sheriff has pleaded guilty to federal charges committed while he served in that capacity.

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resident of Delta County

Irving, TX

#1 Oct 19, 2006
They need to realize what they have done to our county. Mark Bassham is one of the best persons I have ever met. He has done more for Delta County than other Sheriff to date. I've seen first hand what he does for people in our community and we have lost one of the true Christians that are so few these days. True he made a mistake, but we all have seen people that have done much worse, get less punishment. If any of you knew the real Mark Bassham, you would realize that having him resign from the office of Sheriff is the worst punishment he could recieve. This county is always cutting it's own throat and until we change our way of voting this kind of back stabbing will continue. Max Moody needs to go! Bud Skinner needs keep selling bait and stay away from the JP office. He knows nothing about Law Enforcement. And if any of you still think that if Bud Skinner is elected JP and that he will throw out all DPS tickets written to citizens, then you do not know he law! It can't be done, but yet he continues to say this to potential voters. Wake up Delta County! Your killing this counties future.
Concerned Citizen

Fort Worth, TX

#2 Oct 20, 2006
I couldn't agree more with the comments above. In rural areas there will always be small-town politics to deal with. However, I have never seen as much gossip, back-stabbing, and cut-throat mentality as I've seen in Delta County. Sheriff Bassham's situation is a prime example of a good person "going down" for the sake of another's vengence. It truly is juvenile. It takes quite a pessimistic approach for one to want to put others down in order to raise themselves up. I agree that Sheriff Bassham made a mistake. We all make mistakes. The law is the law and I don't necessarily think that his mistake should be completely ignored. However, when we have a government (at all levels) that will chase a crime such as this over murderers, rapists, drug trafficing, embezzling, and many other sorts of "media-attention-drawing " crimes commited by law enforcement personnel, it really raises a red flag! Our justice system doesn't always account for a person's character. I believe that selfish, evil people in Delta County have abused our justice system to hurt Mark Bassham. It's shameful to me that the local government is allowed to function in this manner. To counter this on-going problem, each citizen of Delta County needs to wake up and vote on the officials that will make a POSITIVE impact in the county. If enough RIGHT decisions are made, it will eventually weed out the negative, backwards-thinking mentality that is currently in office.
Pissed off resident

United States

#3 Nov 8, 2006
If either one of the residents above knew Mark Bassham they would not be talking so good about him. Why did he leave the Texas Rangers? Why did he leave the sheriff's office in Sulphur Springs. He is always looking for somewhere to hide. His penalty was not strong enough for the crimes he committed as peace officer. Now the citizens need to vote in a true peace officer and let him run the town.

Athens, TX

#4 Nov 22, 2006
Pissed off resident wrote:
If either one of the residents above knew Mark Bassham they would not be talking so good about him. Why did he leave the Texas Rangers? Why did he leave the sheriff's office in Sulphur Springs. He is always looking for somewhere to hide. His penalty was not strong enough for the crimes he committed as peace officer. Now the citizens need to vote in a true peace officer and let him run the town.

United States

#5 Dec 3, 2006
Mark Bassham has never hid from anything! He has turned Delta County around to make it a better place to live and now some people have turned on him. Mark Bassham loved being a law man and set the standard for how most men should live. Hidding? How hard would it be to find the Sheriff? How hard would it be to find a Ranger? It wouldn't be hard at all if he was doing something wrong. The only bad thing I ever heard about Mark Bassham came from the mouth of a low life criminal and people who have no morals!
Concerned Citizen

Fort Worth, TX

#6 Dec 7, 2006
Thanks to "resident of Delta County", "I KNOW WHY", and "Exactly" for their supportive comments! "Pissed off resident" is implying that when one changes jobs they are hiding. I have changed jobs several times, but never because I was hiding. It's always been for the purpose of a career advancement. I agree with "Exactly" in that "Pissed off resident" is probably pissed off for a REASON. Could that reason be that Mark Bassham was doing his job? I still stand in full support of Mark Bassham.

Plano, TX

#7 Dec 13, 2006
Law enforcement itself is an honorable profession, however the people that sometimes hold these honorable positions do not always do the honorable thing such as what Mr. Bassham did. Even though his intentions may have seemed harmless to those out of law enforcement what he did was make the whole profession look as though money can make us do anything and betray the public's (yes all of the citizen's of the State of Texas not only Delta County residents) by using the confidential information to make a few dollars. Although I have met Mr. Bassham twice and cannot honestly say that I have had a good enough conversation to say that I know what he stood for but after this has happened it makes me think if what I thought he stood for as Sheriff and as a law man was even close to the image that was portrayed. But before you take up for someone because you believe that it was for political gain you have to ask yourself if you had caught onto what was going on would you, an unbiased citizen, think it was wrong? I have no real ties to Delta County or the S.O. there except a few friends that live there but no matter what he made a bad decision that he should be punished for. Mr. Bassham betrayed our trust that he would do what is right even when no one is looking.
resident of Delta County

Irving, TX

#8 Dec 15, 2006
Yes your right about the Honorable Profession, however the confidential information that is refered to is not so confidential. Anyone can find out about a person through public records and the information is sometimes more detailed than what is available to law enforcement if you know where to look. Also, if you know the details about the case you would come to realize that the money in this case is not that much. That still doesn't make it right, regardless of the amount of money in question wrong is wrong and a mistake is a mistake. So what are we looking at? The person involved is a good man, I know this and will stand by it for the rest of my life! The punishment is the real kicker and I think in this case with Mark Bassham's contributions and dedication to people as a Law Man and as a Christian far out weigh the amount of punishment that is suggested. Law enforcement has seen it's share of blackeyes, but I think in a case by case situation this should be looked on quite differently. Who got killed? who got injuried? Who suffered a property loss? All things considered I think Delta County suffered a loss as well as Law Enforcement for Mark Bassham having to resign. Regardless of what happens, God will watch over this situation and make the best of it as he always does.

Laredo, TX

#9 Dec 19, 2006
These are all very good remarks. True the punishment may be excessive. However, this is not a case of some random citizen misusing information for personal gain. I know Mark and know he is a great guy, but we CAN NOT tolerate people in a public office betraying our trust. The extent to which it was betrayed is irrelevant! Citizens should quit complaining about losing a fine sheriff and start looking for someone that is going to break the Fisher mold of corruption! I, for one, plan on making a life there someday and don't want meth-heads paying off public officials. Maybe Cooper will someday be a town worth living in..........
Another Citizen

United States

#10 Dec 24, 2006
I hope that you are not suggesting that Mark Bassham was paid off by Meth Heads! Mark Bassham is a good man and doesn't deserve to go to Jail....Enough said!
resident of Delta County

Irving, TX

#11 Dec 26, 2006
Amen Brother!
Friend of Delta County

Orange Park, FL

#12 Mar 29, 2007
uhhh.... I think he meant Bennie took money from the meth labs.
friend of Delta County

Irving, TX

#13 Apr 2, 2007
Friend of Delta County wrote:
uhhh.... I think he meant Bennie took money from the meth labs.
Yea, your right, He is talking about Bennie. Mark put the methheads in jail that were paying Bennie. Don't everybody stop and thank him at once!
pictures and documents

Odessa, TX

#14 Jun 4, 2007
Bassham plead to lesser charges than he faced!
He used county vehicles to make his gambling trips.(Pictures)
The FBI Agent in charge of the case acknowledged that they know of 12,000 dollars (county dept. monies) that Bassham missed used, but "that their hands were tied because he agreed to the plea".
Since he has left office, there has been $6,000 of cash bond monies found to be missing. The bonded persons settled their cases and went to get their money back (with reciepts) and low and behold there was no money that had been turned in as it was supposed to be. The now sheriff had to use money from the food funds and the county made up the short fall.
Those of you who think he is a great person either don't know what your talking about or your Marks family trying to clean up his image.
I hope he serves alot of time, and if I can help get it for him I will.
Oh! By the way !
He had been allowed to quit the cattle rasiers asso. or be removed.
He was unemployed when he was given the sheriff's job here in Delta Co.
Check the gambling sites and check out Bassham.

Irving, TX

#15 Jun 5, 2007
Dear Pics and Documents. You poor soal. Woop-de-doo, he gambles. It's not against the law and I'm not family trying to clean up his image. I'm just telling the truth while idiots like you, Mr. Skinner, Mr. Moody, are spreading rumors. As Sheriff, your on duty 24/7, so if he took his county vehicle somewhere, it's because he can respond when needed. And about the bond money, that was found and no loss to the Delta County occured. And by the way, Mr. Skinner, you should be glad the statute of limitaion have run out for your Aggivated Sexual Assault of a Child. I should would like to see your fry for what you did to your step-daughter. Not to mention your mis-use of office that his occuring on an everyday basis. Your time is coming! And as far as Mr. Moody is concerned, we know what you've been up too and when it's all said and done you will go down!
pictures and documents

Midland, TX

#16 Jun 13, 2007
Two things are for sure.
One you don't have any idea who you are responding too!
Two you are a lair, as I have been involved in the cases investigations and have my facts right!
There has been no return of money even though he did tried to borrow the money from 2 local residents while admitting to both why he needed the money,and there are laws fobbidding the use of County equipment for personal use.
So now you can call all the names you want and you can set back and see that he has only accepted a plea in federal courts and that does not hinder state prosecutions with a
7 year statue of limitations.
Your turn Mrs.Bassham!

Lone Oak, TX

#17 Jun 14, 2007
Mark was a good sheriff. Sure he played poker and bet on chances. But he also took a chance on me one time. He comes to see us real often and is a good friend. I don't know anything about any money and I don't care. He is always friendly and dresses like a sheriff. I never knew how he paid his laundry bill though. LOL.
Just Here To Help

Garland, TX

#18 Jun 14, 2007
Hi, Pictures and Documents.

Were you aware that your post has several glaring spelling and grammar mistakes?

Oh, Resident, you do, too.

Hope this helps.
pictures and documents

Midland, TX

#19 Jun 14, 2007
The issue is not that Mark wasn't a nice man and as far as the gambling if it were not that he illeaglly used county cars/pickups for personal use.(Took vehicles out of the county and out of the "STATE")
He betrayed the badge he pinned on his pressed shirt.
I'm sure I won't convince you and the fact is I'm not really trying too, but those of us who are close to the case and that can put aside the fact of how friendly he is, know that he was a dirty cop and should serve time.
You don't swear an oath to protect and serve and then seize the chance to steal, mis-use, or abuse the trust placed on you!
Nice guy! Ok!
Dirty Cop! Yes!
pictures and documents

Midland, TX

#20 Jun 14, 2007
I didn't know I was in Grammar class!
I don't as a practice worry about proper english when I'm talking on a blog!
But you can attack me if you want!
When I type a report you can be asured that it gets the job done.

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