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Portage, MI

#104 May 18, 2012
Then what is it that has this scumbag tryin to ruffle feathers of the existing eldership?? Is it hatered or what??? Makes no sense at all whatsoever
church goer

Cookeville, TN

#106 May 20, 2012
I am so ashamed of the people on here that post horrid things! I've bee going to church's for years, from catholic to charismatic.
There is no perfect church because there is no perfect person! You see Bobby Davis out front, so you feel you can attack him.
I know God judges his heart, just as God judges mine, and yours! I'm proud to be of the Bobby Davis family church. I just want to warn you of judging, "in how you judge others you WILL be judged".
There will come a time and is quickly approaching that you will want someone like Bobby Davis on your side. Someone that knows the heart of God and can pray effectively for you and over you.
Really why does it matter how much a church takes in? Because your jealous? So there's an armed officer in the foyer, big ripping deal. I attended a church where there was 14 at any given time. Why? Because of verifiable threats to the pastor and congregation.
We live in a time when terrorist come in many sizes, shapes and colors.
Some of the words I've heard on here are full of hate, that's how terrorism begins! Hatred, jealousy! So instead of posting on here, maybe you should just fall on your knees and thank God that people like Bobby Davis are doing the job God wants them to do. And maybe ask yourself is what your doing worthy of the love that God sent down in the form of His son on the cross? Because that's what it really is all about!

Elon, NC

#107 May 20, 2012
Your silly little game of topix posting is having no effect. We all know you are someone full of guilt,hatred and jealousy. Get Jesus, get a life!

Elon, NC

#108 May 20, 2012
Roundabout wrote:
NO ONE IS Jealous of bobby Davis...Just the opposite..dude ur hurting ur own cause,,the best thing u can do for bobby davis is to stop talking..ur not helping his case at all..its making it worse
Ok a few points to make. "ur" is your. "ur" is also you're. "stop talking" how about stop typing?
"u" you. Talk about hurting your cause. LOL!! Three letters for you.. GED!!

Elon, NC

#109 May 20, 2012
bobby iz sexy wrote:
This is the rumors that I heard. Pastor Bobby was supposedly humping some women that went there. Someones husband found out and now he is scared so he has the armed guard there. Heard from someone that he was dipping his hands in honey. Dont know if its true but this makes sense why an armed guard is at a church service. I stopped going there.
You can actually feel the desperateness in this post. You're not very good at making stuff up. Please go take your jealous pill. Take three of them. Get jesus, get a life!

Cookeville, TN

#110 May 20, 2012
Concerned wrote:
I go to a bigger church in Livingston...we love our Pastor,,he has been at our church for years..that being said..our deacon board would have serious reservations about our pastor wanting to take a lengthy sabbatical..i dont even know what that word means..but i think it means paid time off...we are hardworking folks..i tithe every giving it to the supports our work..not to give our pastor play money..and i can say with total assurance..our pastor would not want to be away that long..hes always shown not by sermons but actions how he love us..we pay him a good salary and he works for it..3 sermons a week ..visitations ..boards church events deaths..we have over a 1000 he has other pastors...helping and our sorry..this church sounds like its experiencing growth pains..with a wayward pastor..bad bad combination
God took rest... Jesus took rest... I am sure you get FMLA at your current job. Don't judge someone else. You have no clue to what is going on in his life and neither do I. But I do go to church at Life so I give tithe every week. So if it doesn't concern the church member I don't see why it should bother someone who doesn't attend there.

Sparta, TN

#111 May 20, 2012
who really cares!!!!!!!!!!
the rat

Sparta, TN

#112 May 20, 2012
Why is everyone so concerned about bobby davis?????
not hating

Gainesboro, TN

#113 May 20, 2012
I do not attend church regularly, because I have church everyday at home. The reason I do is because of Life Church. I attended 9 other churches in town and heard pastors judging gays, addicts and sinners in general. I heard people in the congregations gossiping about each other and pointing every finger, EVERYWHERE. I'm not saying it doesn't happen at Life Church. I'm saying that I haven't heard it. Bobby is a great pastor. Some of the other pastors in town should go watch how it is done. I haven't been in over a year, but I will go this week. It must be just as great if everyone is hating.

Since: Apr 12

Crossville, TN

#114 May 20, 2012
First the no-life troublemakers accuse Trinity Assembly in Algood of being a cult, now they are slamming Life Church. What a shame!

To the Pharisee who is quoting all the scripture talking about elders, GET A LIFE...I know what 'brand' you're trying to spout.

Secondly, to the people who question why an officer ought to be there, could it be he actually attends church there? What is the big deal about it?

Thirdly, if you can't speak the facts and want to spread rumors, either sign-up as a real poster on this site or go away.

Thank you Life Church for what you do. You guys/gals help more people each week than many organizations being given government money for such a purpose!

I hope Pastor Bobby comes back refreshed and ready to do battle with the enemy known as Satan and the agents Satan uses to deceive the believer!

Since: May 12

Knoxville, TN

#120 May 21, 2012
How did all this garbage get on here? Let's keep the focus on saving souls.

Redford, MI

#121 May 21, 2012
Maybe the pastor is saving souls one vi jay jay at a time, know what I mean?

Cookeville, TN

#122 May 22, 2012
I love Life Church & Pastor Bobby Davis

United States

#124 May 22, 2012
Me too!!

Columbia, SC

#125 May 22, 2012
Bible wrote:
no one should knock any church
Yes you do have the right to say something about a church that's what is wrong with today's church people they stood around and did nothing now prayers out of school ten commandments out of state if that church ain't preaching the gospel you have all rights

Columbia, SC

#127 May 23, 2012
Sure wrote:
<quoted text> I really don't think they asked the guy to come in uniform. He just kind of shows up in it I believe. He sets with his familly during church . Seems like a good guy to me. Life church is great and has helped me get on track with the path God has layed out for me. Yes I still have a ways to go but I am giving it my best. I used to be at bars during church service. I have not had a drop in over a year now. No AAA for me, just give it to God. I used to be bad to the bone but now I am good to the Throne. God bless you all!
The way I look at the cop bein there the preacher has no faith or he sure feels threatened Paul never had cops guarding him and he took his beatings for the lord now that's faith
sign of the time folks

Cookeville, TN

#129 May 24, 2012
You guys need to get out more.....lots of churches have armed officers in their congergation, you just dont see them....this day and time I am happy to have someone packing sitting in a pew that is legally quality to do so. Sign of the time folks. Bobby Davis is one of the most compassnate pastors you will ever meet, he has helps so many people get their live back. He is always reaching out to the hurting and never thinks twice about going out of his way to help someone.

United States

#130 May 25, 2012
I'm just wondering if life church will join church on the hill and trinity by putting on another big CHURCH concert in algood if that's what you call it I bet Jesus is real proud of you people

Knoxville, TN

#132 May 25, 2012
fake wrote:
<quoted text>If you his sister you know that he's a fake,in it for the money.
What we know is that you serve one of two masters. The devil! You need to change your ways because they will take you to the abyss! Not a fun place my friend, not at all.
what do you know

Manchester, TN

#133 May 26, 2012
Ummm wrote:
<quoted text> What we know is that you serve one of two masters. The devil! You need to change your ways because they will take you to the abyss! Not a fun place my friend, not at all.
the devil is you,you set your own judgment. I bet you don't even know what fun is,no sex in heaven hell full of it.

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