OBAMA Executive Order #13603

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#125 Sep 23, 2012
Oook wrote:
<quoted text>That link to what you think is the truth (SNOPES) is a site that belongs to a group of democrats that view Obama as their savior like you do. Like you there is no truth to it. Grow up and get over it. The facts are the facts.
I know it must hurt your ego that more people don’t follow your dumb way of thinking but that’s life and people are seeing the truth
The Real Tolerant-- try the truth-- teddy bonkers-- gthiest-- ect ?? You have almost as many lies as you do names.
Go pick another bogus site now oh and come up with some new names. You better do all this soon because it wont be long until there wont be any more welfare and government handouts you might have to go get a job and work to eat not that it would hurt you to loose a few pounds
Snopes is owned by a husband and wife who are Canadian citizens. You can check a site Politifact unless you want to say that someone who disagrees with you also owns and operates that site.

Cookeville, TN

#126 Sep 23, 2012
What don’t you grow up with your BS lies again who cares what you and the other names you go by; truth, teddy bonkers, howdy the real one, and gthiest think

People are not dumb all you are doing is making a fool of your self hoping you can swing votes for you political party It’s not working everyone knows that site supports democrat party and Obama

They are other sites just like it and they gat paid by the democratic party. go to our on governments web page and research what is actually written Moron, The ACLU is already fighting this crap some of this stuff is even in court. Have you been living under a rock man you are too much
Everyone knows this information already. you are a joke and people are making fun of you every time you post . I know you cant fix stupid, you sure have proved that.
Now go away TROLL

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#127 Sep 23, 2012
I go by this handle only and just thought I would post about the websites. Since you are a very angry person who evidently cannot calm yourself to have a rational conversation about this subject, it's quite pointless to even ask for you to be tolerant and investigate what others may be saying. Name-calling is quite uncalled for so why do it. You are so emotional you cannot make a sentence without calling others moron, stupid, etc. Is that how you want to get me and others to see your side? If you want a debate, let's do it a little politeness shall we?

Cookeville, TN

#128 Sep 23, 2012
Obamacare Digital Pill, Tax Levies, and Jail Time for not Having Healthcare Insurance (Death Care)

Watch this entire video it’s alarming

&fe ature=colike

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#129 Sep 23, 2012
Obamacare wrote:
Obamacare Digital Pill, Tax Levies, and Jail Time for not Having Healthcare Insurance (Death Care)
Watch this entire video it’s alarming
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =drzHSmc1RuIXX&feature=col ike
. It shows my fav movie, They with Rowdy Rod Piper! You know the ones with the aliens! I love this!

Cookeville, TN

#130 Sep 23, 2012
URAFool wrote:
What don’t you grow up with your BS lies again who cares what you and the other names you go by; truth, teddy bonkers, howdy the real one, and gthiest think
People are not dumb all you are doing is making a fool of your self hoping you can swing votes for you political party It’s not working everyone knows that site supports democrat party and Obama
They are other sites just like it and they gat paid by the democratic party. go to our on governments web page and research what is actually written Moron, The ACLU is already fighting this crap some of this stuff is even in court. Have you been living under a rock man you are too much
Everyone knows this information already. you are a joke and people are making fun of you every time you post . I know you cant fix stupid, you sure have proved that.
Now go away TROLL
I agree a lot of this information can be found on sites that distort the truth to these executive orders.
I’m sure some people solely in this inaccurate information, while others don’t understand the terminology is these executive orders. I agree people should be looking at the executive orders and form their on opinions.
I have a busy week this week but may try and post them, however there are so many pages it’s difficult to post them on here, but attempt it.

These executive orders Obama has signed pose a great threat to our constitution and our freedoms as Americans, also you have to remember this is topix in Cookeville. Some of the users of this site may not respond to reality as those who are on the more informed side of society, as you can see that with some of the trash response I have received.

My goal was to provide information to help those who don’t see where our nation is headed, most people will ignore the truth and want to start an argument. I wish I was wrong about many things , people are in for the worst time of their life ..very soon, and my point is to try and make them aware while there is a little time left.
I hope they wake up now and see these days coming ahead and prepare now, instead of waking up un prepared finding it’s too late.
Wont me to prove my points ? Farther time will do that within these next four months.

As Thomas Jefferson said,“ All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for the people of good conscience to remain silent”
The Real Tolerant

Cookeville, TN

#131 Sep 23, 2012
ugg wrote:
<quoted text>. It shows my fav movie, They with Rowdy Rod Piper! You know the ones with the aliens! I love this!
There you go again, stealing handles

Cookeville, TN

#132 Sep 23, 2012

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#133 Sep 23, 2012
The Real Tolerant wrote:
<quoted text>There you go again, stealing handles
There you go being paranoid again. Chillax before you have a stroke grandpa.

Cookeville, TN

#134 Sep 23, 2012
The Real Tolerant wrote:
<quoted text>There you go again, stealing handles
There you go again, stealing handles

Cookeville, TN

#135 Sep 23, 2012
IRAN preemptive strike on ISRAEL doctrine
&fe ature=colike

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#136 Sep 23, 2012
ugg wrote:
<quoted text>There you go again, stealing handles
Careful, don't get the old blood pressure going gramps.
Just me

Cookeville, TN

#137 Sep 23, 2012
Time to Put Obama's Dismal Record Under the Microscope Time TO VOTE HIM OUT

For starters, remember Obama’s stimulus package? Passed in 2009 under the name “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” Obama promised us that without its passage unemployment would rise dramatically and the deficit would expand. Well, here we are in 2012 and unemployment since the passage of the stimulus package has been as high as 10%-plus and at it's lowest has been a staggering 8.2%, which is where it sits right now. The package itself cost tax-payers $800 billion, and even The New Yorker notes that most Americans recognize that it either “did nothing to help…the economy” or may have “actively hurt the economy.”(One thing it did for sure was to put us $800 billion further in the hole.)
Then there’s the Affordable Care Act (aka, Obamacare): the bill which Obama sycophant Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) helped push through the House with the promise that House members would find out what was in it once it passed. What we know now is that Obama’s promises about the cost for Obamacare were as far off base as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity repeatedly said they were. In fact, a newly released study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University finds that Obamacare “both increases a federal commitment to health care spending that was already unsustainable under prior law and [exacerbates] projected federal deficits relative to prior law.”
The study continues:“As currently written,[Obamacare] should be expected to increase federal spending obligations by more than $1.15 trillion over the upcoming decade and to worsen cumulative federal deficits by somewhere between $340 and $530 billion over the same period.”(In other words, if you think our current deficit of $15 trillion-plus is bad, just wait till you see how bad things get if Obamacare takes effect.)
Lastly, how about those Obama gas prices? Think of it—the same president who brought us an $800 billion stimulus package that didn’t stimulate, and who’s trying to enact a government takeover of our healthcare system that will spiral our national debt even further out of control, has also overseen a 100% increase in per-gallon gasoline prices during the last three years.
As I’ve written in other posts, these are Obama’s gas prices. They are the result of decisions he’s made, like the one he made in January when he nixed the Keystone Pipeline. Because of this, USNews has pointed out that “Obama has seen an even higher gas price increase than Carter dealt with under his administration.”
Folks, there is no reason to be afraid of Barack Obama. The rest of his record is as bad as the three aspects highlighted above. It's not 2008 anymore. It's 2012, and Obama only has failure to show for it.

Cookeville, TN

#139 Sep 23, 2012
UN Secretary General Say Freedom of Expression Cannot Be Protected

I was furious with the outright "in your face" Obama flag ... is he not declaring himself dictator or what???!!!!

But, when I watched the following news clip, what I head the UN Secretary General state was even more disturbing.
Please listen carefully to the "Freedom of Expression" news clip that follows the flag news item. The UN Secretary General made some very disturbing remarks."When some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others' values and beliefs, then this cannot be protected."
http://video.foxnews.com/v/1852139097001/grap... ...

ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS IN A LONG LIST OF CRAP THAT WE MUST THROW OUT OF THIS COUNTRY? IS THE U.N. OF ISLAM!!!! They favor the Muslim Brotherhood!! They are favoring TOO MUCH!! This is the last country that still rings FREEDOM for ALL!!! KICK OUT THE U.N.!!! Redo it or something

Cookeville, TN

#140 Sep 23, 2012
Economic Collapse 2012
&fe ature=colike

Have you heard the term Taxmageddon? If you haven't, you should be hearing about it come Sunday September 23 because that is when the 100 day countdown begins for the largest tax hikes in American history.

If they actually happen on January 1, 2013 this will surely drive us ever closer to economic collapse if that doesn't happen before the end of 2012. The reason this date is called Taxmageddon is because there are a whole host of taxes that are set to go into effect and tax cuts that are set to expire that will take billions from the economy and from the hands of the middle class and the wealthy and give it to a wasteful and unproductive government.

Many of these are taxes that were enacted by the GOP Congress in 2001 and 2003 and include the Bush tax cuts that liberals like to say were for the wealthy and cost the government dearly although they were for everyone across the board. But not only are the so-called Bush tax cuts set to expire, many other taxes are going into effect along with many from the Obamacare Healthcare legislation.

Here are some of the taxes slated to take effect on January 1, 2013:

Every income tax bracket will increase taxes from 3% to 5%.

The Child Tax Credit will be reduced from $1,000 to $500 per child.

The Death Tax or inheritance tax that is at 35% and has a $5 million exception will jump 20% to 55% and have the highest rate imposed on $1 million or more of inheritance.(This is the absolute worst tax in our country and is outright theft. When people want to pass on wealth to a family member and have paid taxes all their lives on this money, when they die, the government then gets half of it. All for doing absolutely nothing. This is criminal)

Capital Gains tax goes from 15% to 23.8% in 2013.

Several Obamcare taxes go into effect from the 20 or more taxes in his signature legislation. And yes, most of this taxes will hit the middle class hard.(Remember folks, this is what you asked for.)

There are a few more that will go into effect on January 1, 2013 and this will have a horrendous effect on the economy because it will be the biggest redistribution of money from the private sector, where actual spending and economic activity take place, to the government where resources are misallocated, wasted, spent on bureaucrats and benefits for Congress, the President and others.

We are talking about a $494 billion dollar chunk of money, every year, being taken out of the hands of the spending public and given to government to shuffle around taking a huge percentage of it in the process. That is exactly what's happening and it will cost the average American family $4,100 every year. Will Congress and President Obama act and do something about this? Your guess is as good as mine.

Do you think we are heading for economic collapse any time soon

Cookeville, TN

#141 Sep 24, 2012
Tolerant wrote:
<quoted text>
You're a hopeless redneck! This EO was issued in 1939. READ the damn thing if you have the intelligence to do so! You get on here and talk about things you know absolutely nothing about.
Echoing a familiar theme, the Obama administration has dramatically increased welfare spending without actually reducing poverty. Under President Obama, welfare funding has increased by 41%, which adds up to $193 billion per year. CNS News, reporting on a Cato Institute study, had this to say :

“Federal welfare spending this year now totals $668 billion, spread out over 126 programs, while the poverty rate that remains stubbornly high at nearly 15 percent – roughly where it was in 1965, when President Johnson declared a federal War on Poverty.

While the study concedes that some of the increased spending under Obama is a result of the recession and the counter-cyclical nature of anti-poverty programs, it also finds that some of the increase is deliberate, with the government having expanded eligibility for welfare programs.

“But the dramat­ically larger increase also suggests that part of the program’s growth is due to conscious policy choices by this administration to ease eligibility rules and expand caseloads,” the Cato report says.“For example, income limits for eligibility have risen twice as fast as inflation since 2007 and are now roughly 10 percent higher than they were when Obama took office.”

In fact, the study points out that according to the administration’s own projections, federal welfare spending is unlikely to decline even after the economy recovers – further evidence that not all of the increase in spending is recession-related."

The $668 billon of funding and 126 programs aimed at reducing poverty have instead created dependence on government. These programs fail, in part, because they are structurally flawed :

“The vast majority of current programs are focused on making poverty more comfortable – giv­ing poor people more food, better shelter, health care, and so forth – rather than giving people the tools that will help them escape poverty.”

“It would make sense therefore to shift our anti-poverty efforts from government programs that simply provide money or goods and services to those who are living in poverty to efforts to create the condi­tions and incentives that will make it eas­ier for people to escape poverty.”

President Obama should be focused on reforming welfare programs so that recipients are given the tools to climb out of poverty and join the workforce. Otherwise, he will continue to do a disservice to both those in poverty and the taxpayers funding these ineffectual programs. But nothing says “I care” in Washington like pouring more money into failing programs.

Cookeville, TN

#142 Sep 24, 2012
The Real Tolerant wrote:
<quoted text>
Then cite the EO's and the dates they were signed, dumb a**. All you have to do is go to Snopes.com and you will find the description of the email fraud that you guys cited as fact to start this whole thread. You can't be this stupid and gullible to continue to defend yourself when anyone can go on the internet and see the content, date, and signature for each of these EO's.

Just forwarding. I checked out the site that is recommended ( http://truthandfiction.com/ ) in place of Snopes, and it said it was under construction. That's all I know.

"Check Snopes -out. Now you know"I have recently discovered that Snopes.com is owned by a flaming liberal and this man is in the tank for Obama. There are many things they have listed on their site as a hoax and yet you can go to Youtube yourself and find the video of Obama actually saying these things. So you see, you cannot and should not trust Snopes.com ....ever for anything that remotely resembles truth! I don't even trust them to tell me if email chains are hoaxes anymore.

"A few conservative speakers on Myspace told me about snopes.com a few months ago and I took it upon myself to do a little research to find out if it was true. Well, I found out for myself that it is true. This website is backing Obama and is covering up for him. They will say anything that makes him look bad is a hoax and they also tell lies on the other side about McCain and Palin.

"Anyway just FYI please don't use Snopes.com anymore for fact checking and make your friends aware of their political leanings as well. Many people still think Snopes.com is neutral and they can be trusted as factual. We need to make sure everyone is aware that that is a hoax in itself."This is just a forward!

Cookeville, TN

#143 Sep 24, 2012
Obama’s list of untruthfulness : We must Vote him out of office.

I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.
USA producing more oil than ever before
Petroleum Insights
Fence between US and Mexico is “Practically Complete”
Department of Homeland Security says 5%
Rich doesn’t pay their fair share.
National Taxpayers Union

No signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law
Obama Lies to Keep Czars
No “boots” on the ground Libya
Anyone that has worked with the AC-130 gunship can tell you, you need spotters to let aircraft know where the targets are. Usually it is Special Forces, Rangers etc trained for this mission. It’s CIA Agents in Libya on the ground
Reform will also rein in the abuse and excess that nearly brought down our financial system. It will finally bring transparency to the kinds of complex, risky transactions that helped trigger the financial crisis.
Obama Lies About Financial Reform Bill
All Americans WILL BE were,“surprised, disappointed and angry” about lockerbie bomber
Obama Memo
I will not rest until the BP Oil Spill stops
Obama’s Schedule
The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.
Campaign and Presidency
If you like the health care plan you have you can keep it
“Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”
U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., September 9, 2009.
ObamaCare Fee is not a new tax
Obama denies healthcare is a new tax on all Americans
We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.
Obama’s oval office speech in June 2010
Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that’s something that could potentially happen.
Arizona Immigration Law
Doctors choose amputation because they get better compensation. Greedy Doctors taking out tonsils for more money.
Claims never documented
The Health Care Package will pay for itself

Cookeville, TN

#144 Sep 24, 2012
Republicans don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one.
Hmm Immigration?
We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care
Democratic Debate Lies
I am immediately instituting PayGo “Pay as you go”
Said during a speech immediately after the Trillion Dollar “Shovel Ready” bill.
I got the Message from Massachusetts
Daily Bail
Lies During First Year
We began by passing a Recovery Act that has already saved or created over 150,000 jobs.”– caught cooking the books and now changed to ‘jobs supported’ versus ‘created/saved’
AP fact Checker
Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit.… That wasn’t me.”– Congress, under Democratic control in 2007 and 2008, controlled the purse strings that led to the deficit Obama inherited.Obama supported the emergency bailout package in Bush’s final months — a package Democratic leaders wanted to make bigger.
AP fact Checker
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Obama Inauguration. 20 Jan 2009
Cut Deficit in Half by end of first term
Associated Press Video
Health Care deals will be covered on C-span
Obama Lies
As President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide
Recovery Act will save or create jobs
ABC News
Unemployment rate will be 8.5% without stimulus.
Obama Lies
No Earmarks in the $787 Billion Stimulus
I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan
We have launched a housing plan that will help responsible families facing the threat of foreclosure lower their monthly payments and refinance their mortgages.
Obama Lies
I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.
Guantanamo bay to be closed within a year
Council on Foreign Relations.

Cookeville, TN

#145 Sep 24, 2012
Won’t Raise taxes on those making less than 250,000 per year.
Businessweek: Obama Agnostic on taxes
List of Tax Promise Violations
2008 Campaign Lies
Take our nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert
ArmsControl.org –“the current alert posture … should not be changed”
Mr. Ayers as “a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” but “not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.
News Busters
I had a uncle who was one of the, who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Obama campaign would accept public funding
Minimum Wage will increase to $9.50/hr
A Socialist
Ann Dunham spent the months before her death in 1995 fighting with insurance companies that sought to deny her the coverage she needed to pay for treatment.
Mounting Heath Care Lies
Didn’t know Jeremiah Wright was Radical
Dreams of My Father – A radical Socialist.
Would have the most transparent administration in History
Cato Institute
We will go through our federal budget – page by page, line by line – eliminating those programs we don’t need, and insisting that those we do operate in a sensible cost-effective way.
Boston Globe
I have visited all 57 states.
I’ll get rid of earmarks
Source: Any bill passed during presidency
When a bill lands on my Desk, The American people will have 5 days to review it before I sign it.
Campaign Speech
My father served in World War II.
The Videos and the Facts
Have troops out of Iraq by March 31, 2009
News Video
Seniors Making less than 50,000 will not have to pay taxes
Would not vote for any bill supporting troop funding without a firm withdrawal commitment from the Bush Administration.
He has done nothing but continue the Bush admins strategy and to explain how the “surges total failure” has now become his greatest achievement.
Present Votes Are Common In Illinois
I Won Michigan
Huffington Post
I won Nevada
The Nation
I don’t Have Lobbyists
US News
My Campaign Had Nothing To Do With The 1984 Ad
Crooks and Liars
I Have Always Been Against Iraq
Washington Post
My Wife Didn’t Mean What She Said About Pride In Country
Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity.
Obama Campaign Video
I Barely Know Rezko
Sun Times
My Church Is Like Any Other Christian Church
ABC News

These are a few of the old ones, I will add more latter. Think before you Vote!!!

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