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Cookeville, TN

#1 Feb 24, 2010
So what's happened to Slick Willy's bar over on Broad Street, went by there the other nite and they closed down???
Dont Care

Cookeville, TN

#2 Feb 24, 2010
Who cares what happened to them. Just another scuzzy place gone. The trash that goes there can troll for another hangout.
Gary Coleman

Mcminnville, TN

#3 Feb 24, 2010
They already have. Its called Wooly Bullys

Cookeville, TN

#4 Feb 25, 2010
Bunch of maricons at "Slick Willy's"!

Heard a rumor that they moved to the grade (into the county), so they could prosper as a gay bar because Cookeville won't put up with the tunnel miners.
brown crayon maker

Paris, TN

#5 Feb 25, 2010
I went poopee!!!!!!!!!!
nun ya

Cookeville, TN

#6 Mar 2, 2010
ppl allways gota talk shit when there jelious they will be opening back up as cb's bar and grill at the old sisco on the grade movin on up in this small town

United States

#8 Mar 22, 2010
It is going to be reopening at the old Sisco's on the grade - been there helping get it ready and it is going to kick ass!! There is a page for it on Facebook if anyone is interested in finding out information about it that is true - join me there!

Cookeville, TN

#9 Mar 22, 2010
every business that goes in there fails and a remodel isn'g going to help a thing. this will fail too.

Columbia, SC

#10 Mar 26, 2010
The sad part about this Bar (CB's Bar and Grill) the old Cisco's Billards Building out on the grade that is getting ready to open is that Brent Webb (The OWNER)could not hang on to a Bar (Slick Willy's)...He even could not even hold on to a girl like Cortney... His EX....Cortney is a Sweatheart of a girl...She Figured him out. Brent is a sad Piece of Shit....I've known Brent for years and and he is worthless..Like his Dad..The Apple does not fall from the tree...He will Crash and Burn....

Cookeville, TN

#11 Mar 26, 2010
just so yall know yes it is moving to the old siscos billards on the grade it will be open the second week in april i work there have since it opened and by the way yeah courtney is a sweetheart i love her to death and for brent does anyone in this world know how to mind their own shit i mean for real and i bet that babba whoever u are u kiss brent and ricky's ass everytime u see them and for one if are who i think u are u have been in the bar and the only reason u come is to get free beer! well that shit aint gonna happen anymore so i think all of yall but linds needs to get a real life!!!

United States

#12 Mar 26, 2010
Babba - you obviously don't know anything. It doesn't matter how long you have known someone - it is how you know them. It is because of Brent that there are a group of people who will go to ANY establishment that he owns or runs every week and have a great time. The people who are involved in the reconstruction and opening of this bar - are wonderful people. As for Brent and Courtney - yes she is a sweetie but it didn't work for them - that does not mean that Brent is a piece of shit - as someone who has talked to both of them about what happened - he was not to blame, but you know what - that is THEIR situation to deal with - so stay the hell out of it. You can sit on here and run your mouth about Brent (because obviously you have no life) but this bar will be open and I do believe that it will be a great success. Oh and by the way - he didn't lose Slick Willy's because he couldn't hang on to it - but if you were someone who really knew him like you say that you do - you would know that. Brent has become one of my best friends and I don't know who you are - and I really don't care - but if I ever find out that you step foot in the new bar for any reason - I will make sure that you are escorted out immediately and I am not so sure I would tell them to be nice! It is really sad that someone has to use a forum like this one to run their mouth for attention!

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#13 Mar 29, 2010
Someone told me to get on here and I'd find him. Brent and I talked a lot Thursday but I left and didnt give him my number. Ive read everything and didnt realize what this site was about when I signed up. Anyways, he was really nice and said he owned a bar that he has been working on a lot. Is he single before I go any further trying to find him
Lil Cuz

Cookeville, TN

#14 Mar 29, 2010
Yeah, whoever is blasting Brent should probably cease to exist :) Matter of fact, I know if you told Brent that you thought all this, he would probably laugh in your face, show you all records, then smack you like the b*tch you are :) Yes, Courtney is a great girl, and she'll find someone who will just make her melt, and who melts for her. Same goes for Brent, also. Sure he goes through the girls, but ya know, I'd honestly worry about him if he didn't... Most girls cannot handle having a guy who does his own thing, either. Not to be like all Kentucky-sounding or anything, here, but yes Brent is a good looking guy, and he knows it, as does just about every girl in the fifteen surrounding counties who come to Cookeville to hang out and stare at Brent to get his attention. You say his bar was bad? Cool, you're just giving him more publicity and free advertisement because people are goin to go see if you are right... so, thanks for helping make his business life a success. So... on opening night, let me go ahead and invite you out to tell Brent to his face what you think... I'm sure there will be alot of people there to throw you out on your sorry ass. You can stop being mad because you're precious little Cotton Eyed Joes & Monies closed down - and be glad that someone took INITIATIVE to make something good in this place. Linds is right - Slick Willy's wasn't a "lost cause" - and I'd personally like to see you succeed in HALF of what Brent has done.
Just Wondering

Atlanta, GA

#15 Mar 29, 2010
You people must not know brent to well...He is a manipulator/user and a coward..

slick willies was just another crap house in town and will be when its at its new place. You can shine a turd till it beams but its still a piece of crap.

Brent will be nice to you until he is done with you. lol

If any girl thinks he is attractive needs to stop drinking before they meet him.
Lil Cuz

Cookeville, TN

#16 Mar 29, 2010
I must not know Brent too well? Honey I've known Brent 24 years, surely to God I know alot more than you do! And there are ALOT of girls I know who think he is attractive! Sounds to me like you're jealous of him, honestly. I don't know why I'm even replying to you, because you seem pretty stupid, and well... to put it nicely, you can't fix stupid, so I'll not try to fix you, honey!:)
Just Wondering

Atlanta, GA

#17 Mar 29, 2010
ok honey,lol not asking to be fixed here just making an observation..

In regards to fixing stupid I see that it didnt work if your still hangin around him.

oh believe me, I amm jealous of him..I would love to have little redneck wannabes drolling over me so I could knock em up and have more unpaid child support.
Lil Cuz

Cookeville, TN

#18 Mar 29, 2010
And you just proved my point exactly. You don't know anything, so why are you babbeling? The girls he talks to aren't "redneck wannabes" but sweetie, I'm sure a few girls that I KNOW could show you redneck, and I promise you, he doesn't know them. And did I say I've "hung around him" for 24 years? No, sweetie, I said I've known him 24 years, something you obviously didn't comprehend. Not that my name would give it away or anything.... but ya know. I think you should just go back to Kentucky... lol
Just Wondering

Atlanta, GA

#19 Mar 29, 2010
I could care less to argue with you about Brent being a good guy or how you know him, what ever I don't care.. Doesn't change the fact of how I know him, as a backstabbing like coward and thats good for you "honey" to know him for 24 years, I'll send you some kind of trophy later.

And I'm sure there are all kinds of upperclass young ladies that want to come and drink up and drool over ol fat ass webb. Its more because he owns a little crap house bar than anything...
Lil Cuz

Cookeville, TN

#20 Mar 30, 2010
Honey, he's definitely not fat... and yeah... you sound pretty jealous. You're right, there are alot of upperclass young ladies that DO COME and drool over him. So sorry you lost your girlfriend to her obsession :-) And if thats a "house bar" please do tell me what you call a bar? Have you seen the plans for CB's? Have you been giving your input on how to make it a success? No, you haven't, nor did "fail" up there... so I think the both of you need to quit whining because you have nothing better to do. I mean, seriously, grow up.

And for Just Curious: I can text your number to him, or heck even send you on a date if you're his type. LOL!

Linds: Sorry I left without saying bye. I hope everything straightened out for you!
Just Wondering

Atlanta, GA

#21 Mar 30, 2010
hahah, well I didnt knew he swung that way. I'll have to pass there on that one..


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