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United States

#66 Mar 29, 2010
Dude wrote:
<quoted text> you are right it does say Confederation of Clubs State of Tennessee.
this sandra is a idiotic Bitch, once again Duh "here's ya sign"
Givemea break

Mcminnville, TN

#67 Mar 29, 2010
Most motorcycle clubs are nothing more than glorified street gangs


#68 Apr 1, 2010
just for your info wrote:
it's amazing how much input some people have on here.if you have never been in a club why would you bother posting.everyone is bashing the Outlaws for a few incidents that happened which will be taken care of by the club.the knoxville incident is one that when it all comes out will be seen as a political posturing by the sheriff and is going to cost the county taxpayers for his idiocy and want of fame. as for chattanooga if you read the original news article they had evryone charged for child porn now it's down to one person.maybe you should do your research before you open your mouth. as far as some of the posts concerning the ha's try looking on bikernews.net and read some of the 1%er news articles before making the Outlaws and Black Pistons out to be the only clubs causing problems.and the Outlaws do not force anyone to be member or probate for them.if the person does not make the first initiative to be a member they won't be one. the Outlaws do not go out recruiting people or take over other clubs.maybe some of you should keep watching sons of anarchy reruns and keep quiet.
I totally agree. Perhaps all this self proclaimed Cookeville bosses show up anywere else besides those two bars that they claim to run and express their opinions on what happen in TN lately. It is easy to call someone a drug dealer or kiddy porn trafficker without the benefit of getting your ass stump by an outlaw.

Cookeville, TN

#69 Apr 2, 2010
nobody is claiming to run any bars and excuse me "a outlaw" the outlaws and their little suc clubs always show up 10 to 1 odds in their favor but they usually ambush you because they are afraid to go 1 on 1, as you can see in the incident at CSA clubhouse
Just Wondering

Atlanta, GA

#70 Apr 2, 2010
1967 called they want there biker club mentality back... its 2010 people, biker gangs are a throwback...

middle aged men living vicarously through sons of anarchy, riding their honda rebels wearing merit badges..... its cookeville for christs sake not san fernado valley....
reality check

Smithville, TN

#71 Apr 2, 2010
ex life member wrote:
Sorry buddie, but the Rolling Thunder,Outlaws, Fortune Seekers were the top dog on getting Abate of Tennessee started here and as Im sure of this that Smith-Wilson is one of the oldest charters here in this state and One of the Outlaws was there to help start this chapter. I am positive of this one. I got my March 1010 issue and I know I am correct. I also did an article and got my info from the head huncho. We do want the Outlaws involved and the Rolling Thunder too. I am a member of the Music City Chapter and we are threving and Smith-Wilson has the support of 72 or more. I think you need to go back to March issue and read the history of the ABATe. If you didn't get a paper it IS ON LINE. YOU ARE WRONG> SIR>>

Riceville, TN

#72 Apr 2, 2010
YOUNG 81 wrote:
nobody is claiming to run any bars and excuse me "a outlaw" the outlaws and their little suc clubs always show up 10 to 1 odds in their favor but they usually ambush you because they are afraid to go 1 on 1, as you can see in the incident at CSA clubhouse
So... you dumbasses can't come up with 10 wannabes that can counter.
Sounds like the defenses may be a little thin...
hmmm his coc

Alcoa, TN

#73 Apr 13, 2010
hey go watch some child porn with sircy you can dress him up like a baby girl have sex with him and sell his pictures to the ol's
SYLO 4 ever


#74 Apr 29, 2010
YOUNG 81 wrote:
nobody is claiming to run any bars and excuse me "a outlaw" the outlaws and their little suc clubs always show up 10 to 1 odds in their favor but they usually ambush you because they are afraid to go 1 on 1, as you can see in the incident at CSA clubhouse
You must be be bitting on your tonge when you make that statement. 1 on 1? You must be in high school or something. You mess with one you mess with everybody else. All for one and one for all!

Toledo, OH

#75 Jul 12, 2010
It's ok the H.A are in full force and the Outlaws and there bitch clubs will fall very soon. Watch and see.

Surrey, Canada

#76 Sep 25, 2010
Anybody who is involved with child porn is a pedophile.
No crap

Knoxville, TN

#77 Sep 25, 2010
Ibitz wrote:
Anybody who is involved with child porn is a pedophile.
Thats why he got the F'K beat out of him and he lost his patch.
Oh yea, F'K Canada.

Fond Du Lac, WI

#78 Oct 19, 2010
The Outlaws will never go away, if nothing else they just get bigger and stronger, more members and chapters every day

Cookeville, TN

#79 Oct 19, 2010
yea more undercover agents and more confidential informants busting the hell out of them too,and the "bigger and stronger" snitching on each other every day.
Dont matter who this is

Mount Juliet, TN

#80 Mar 9, 2011
Personally Ive seen several roll thru Lebanon and stop where I was at ,,, they dressed neat ,, wearin their Club Patch ,,, so far as the Child Porn deal ,,, If Your runnin a wireless router on Your PC anybody can log onto Your shit and look at anything they want , unless You have that password in there , I dont buy that shit unless You see actual pictures and I mean printed picture's !!! It could be a frame !!! I say Innocent until proven guilty !!!! Support Your Local Out Law's OAA

Charlotte, TN

#81 Mar 10, 2011

Knoxville, TN

#82 Mar 10, 2011
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.-- For the first time in years, a controversial motorcycle club isn't participating in Bike Week. Police forced the Outlaws out of a building they had rented for the week; it's the fourth time police have pressured the club to move.

Club members told WFTV it borders on harassment.

The Outlaws, as a rule, don't grant interviews. They did Tuesday, though, because after being pushed out of neighborhoods they tried to rent a storage building, with a fence around it and no neighbors, and police found a way to move them out, again.

"It's blatant harassment on the American Outlaw Association. That's all it is man," Outlaw member Hillbilly told WFTV.

Hillbilly, who would only give that as his name, said Daytona Beach police have put undeserved pressure on the club, pushing them out of the building they leased for Bike Week, and forcing them to find a house out of the city where members could meet.

"There's plenty of other motorcycle clubs in this city right now, whether they're One Percenter clubs, or Jesus freaks, and they're not being bothered, but we are," Hillbilly said.

The Outlaws have had trouble finding a home in Daytona Beach since federal agents raided their clubhouse four years ago. Then, police looked for code violations at their new home on South Street and parked a mobile command center at the house on Tanglewood last year.

"If we can keep a step ahead of something happening, we're going to do it. We're not going to stop, sit by and just wait for something to happen," said Dep. Chief Steve Beres, Daytona Beach Police Department.

Police have focused on dropping crime during Bike Week, cutting arrests from more than 500 in 2005, to 419 last year. Outlaws members have been accused of drug and weapons crimes, even murder and a firebombing in Florida in the 90s.

The group acknowledged their past drew police attention everywhere, but said if they're not causing trouble now and they deserve to be treated like the rest of the crowd.

"You are different than the rest of that crowd," WFTV reporter Jason Allen told Hillbilly.

"Yeah, but I still, I live in the United States of America, not the USSR," Hillbilly said.

The Outlaws are still fighting some code fines from old houses in Daytona Beach. Police said the latest location was a problem simply because it isn't zoned as a place to sleep or hold parties.

Morristown, TN

#83 Mar 11, 2011
(USSA) Outlaws find no place to party
DAYTONA BEACH -- The Outlaws Motorcycle Club has left town once again, and the Police Department's top cops aren't losing any sleep over it.

This time gang members got in a huff when police nixed their plans to hold a party and a barbecue at a warehouse they rented on South Segrave Street for Bike Week.

It's the first time since at least the '70s club members of the Outlaws don't have a place of their own, or an event in the city during Bike Week, said Deputy Police Chief Steve Beres.

A clubhouse purchased in 2009 on Tanglewood Street is up for sale and has several code enforcement liens on it, Beres and Police Chief Mike Chitwood said.

According to police, the 10 or 11 members who call Daytona Beach home roared off Friday and haven't been seen or heard from since. A neighbor on Tanglewood said he had not seen club members for a few days.

The clubhouse, at 605 Tanglewood, looked abandoned Wednesday. A "for sale" sign sits in the front yard; signs warning "beware of the dog" are still posted on the chain-link fence.

Beres said he drove by the Segrave warehouse -- zoned only for storage -- last Friday and noticed a new fence and the Outlaw's tell-tale black and white chairs outside. The chairs are usually set up wherever the Outlaws go. Now they've been packed up.

The deputy chief said he contacted gang members "Hillbilly" and "Broda" and told them they were in violation of zoning ordinances in the area.

"They wanted to have a barbecue and a party and I told them,'You can't do that,' " Beres said. "They're not too happy with me right now."

Police have been spoiling the Outlaws' fun for years.

In May 2009, code enforcement officers and police turned off the power at an old green house the gang had rented at South and Seaman streets. The house had myriad code violations and the club was given 10 days to fix them.

Instead, gang members rode off into the sunset, saying police had harassed them from their clubhouse yet again.

Relieved, city officials and cops thought they had chased out the notorious gang. The Outlaws resurfaced later in the year, though, when one of their members purchased the Tanglewood property.

Once, the Daytona chapter's digs were at 615 N. Beach St., the black and white chairs positioned in a neat row outside. Gang members were often spotted smoking and talking or sitting on their motorcycles. Before that, the chapter met at a house at 9 N. Peninsula Drive just north of Main Street. It and a vacant business the club owned on Main Street were seized in July 1998 by federal law enforcement officers in a nationwide crackdown on the Outlaws.

The Beach Street clubhouse was busted up in August 2007 when Daytona Beach police and the FBI raided the place, looking for guns and drugs. The local operation was made in conjunction with raids on other Outlaw clubhouses in Jacksonville and other parts of the country. The authorities never found guns or drugs at the Beach Street site and none of the local gang members were arrested.

The Outlaws originated in Chicago in 1935 under the name McCook Outlaws Motorcycle Club, their website shows. The American Outlaws Association, however, was born in 1965. Two years later in 1967, the Outlaws became the first sanctioned motorcycle club in Florida. The club's motto, "God forgives, Oulaws don't," was adopted in 1969.

But it's the gang's criminal history that interests police.

"They are a certified criminal gang," Chitwood said Wednesday. "All they do is rape, rob and pillage American society."

Buffalo, NY

#84 Sep 16, 2012
BIG-UN wrote:
what is a states mother club???the renegades have been in crossville tn 15 yrs and as a matter of facts they chartered a chapt in 1974 in sparta tn and that chpt is still on books i have been a renegade for nearly 12 yrs and i've lived in cookeville 18 yrs yes Big-Dawg the renegades are the local M/C BIG-UN COOKEVILLE CHPT PRESIDENT RENEGADES M/C.
renegades rule outlaws are total scumbags

Columbia, SC

#88 Sep 17, 2012
Support them

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