Benghazi Points to Obama and Muslim ...

Benghazi Points to Obama and Muslim Brotherhood

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Cookeville, TN

#1 Oct 24, 2012
There is a ton of information floating around about what really happened at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. If you listen to Obama, Biden and rest of that team, you will have already heard a number of lies and cover-ups. And like so many other things, the more lying and covering up that is done, the more different conspiracy theories begin to abound.
What makes for a good conspiracy theory is having parts of it based on evidence that has been determined to be true. Once you establish what is supposed to be true, you start adding the meat and flesh of your conspiracy around that frame until you get the creature you desire.
One conspiracy I recently read kind of peaked my interest. I’m not saying this is true and I’m not saying it’s not true. But there could be just enough truth in it to make it plausible.
According to Kris Zane at The Western Center For Journalism, he believes that the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi leads back to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood which in turn leads back to the White House and President Barack Obama. See The Video here.

The reason I am presenting this particular conspiracy theory is that in lieu of all of Obama’s lies and deceptions, it actually sounds plausible. I would not put it past him to have arranged something like this. It also makes sense by the way the White House responded to the attacks in the first place.
Did you know that within one day prior to the attack in Benghazi that there had been only 17 views of the infamous Innocence of Muslims film in the three months the film had been posted on the internet? How would such a non-viewed video be responsible for such an uprising?
We also have tons of evidence that Obama has done so much for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood even though they are a very radical extremist group. Obama has released hundreds of millions of dollars to them without Congress’ approval. Ever since it was evident that the Muslim Brotherhood would assume control of Egypt, Obama has been their lackey, fetching whatever they wanted.
Let’s not forget about Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin whose mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood along with the wife of Egypt’s President Morsi. Abedin has not denied having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or other radical Islamic groups.
When you collect everything we know to be true and look at what this conspiracy purports to be true, you have to ask yourself if Obama was capable of doing what they suggest or not. If he was and actually did, then he is guilty of treason to the United States and should be quickly and summarily brought to justice for his crime.
If you don’t believe it could be true, why don’t you?





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Cookeville, TN

#2 Oct 24, 2012
This can’t be dismissed as some conspiracy, anyone with any sense can see this is a major cover up, however you will still have idiots that wont put their political beliefs aside and pay attention to what’s happening here.
The truth is coming out!

Cookeville, TN

#3 Oct 24, 2012
I saw the video and wouldn't put it a past this president how could anyone support this corrupt president is beyond me. No wonder he kiss these Islamic peoples azz , he supports them. My god how did we end up with this for a president !

Cookeville, TN

#4 Oct 24, 2012
This is the one issue that people should leave the politics out of and get to the bottom of.

Cookeville, TN

#5 Oct 25, 2012
If he is reelected, I hope this blows up in his face. Him and all of his staff that are reporting this lie!
He is a disgrace to the presidency! An embarrassment to the American people!

Cookeville, TN

#6 Oct 25, 2012
Oboma’s lies are catching up with him that’s for sure, regardless to the out come of the election he should be prosecuted

Cookeville, TN

#7 Oct 25, 2012
This is far worse than watergate or Iran contra. We have 4 Americans dead. Obama selling guns to our enemies the Muslims.

Cookeville, TN

#8 Oct 25, 2012
Officials at the White House and State Department were advised two hours after attackers assaulted the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack, official emails show. The emails, obtained by Reuters from government sources not connected with U.S. spy agencies or the State Department and who requested anonymity, specifically mention that the Libyan group called Ansar al-Sharia had asserted responsibility for the attacks.

The brief emails also show how U.S. diplomats described the attack, even ---{as it was still under way,}--- to Washington.

Administration spokesmen, including White House spokesman Jay Carney, citing an unclassified assessment prepared by the CIA, maintained for days that the attacks likely were a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim film.---- "Cover up" ---- "Cover up" ---- "Cover up" ---- "Cover up" ---- "Cover up" ----

The records obtained by Reuters consist of three emails dispatched by the State Department's Operations Center to multiple government offices, including addresses at the White House, Pentagon, intelligence community and FBI, on the afternoon of September 11.

The first email, timed at 4:05 p.m. Washington time - or 10:05 p.m. Benghazi time, 20-30 minutes after the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission allegedly began - carried the subject line "U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack" and the notation "SBU", meaning "Sensitive But Unclassified."

The text said the State Department's regional security office had reported that the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was "under attack. Embassy in Tripoli reports approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions have been heard as well."

The message continued: "Ambassador Stevens, who is currently in Benghazi, and four ... personnel are in the compound safe haven.-{{The 17th of February militia}}- is providing security support." ----- Not United States Marines~~~???---- Not United States Marines~~~???---- Not United States Marines~~~???---- Not United States Marines~~~???

A second email, headed "Update 1: U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi" and timed 4:54 p.m. Washington time, said that the Embassy in Tripoli had reported that "the firing at the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi had stopped and the compound had been cleared. " It said a "response team" was at the site attempting to locate missing personnel. A third email, also marked SBU and sent at 6:07 p.m. Washington time, carried the subject line: "Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack."

The message reported: "Embassy Tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripoli
teddy bonkers

United States

#9 Oct 26, 2012
More Faux news gibberish.... Get a life.

Cookeville, TN

#10 Oct 26, 2012
teddy bonkers wrote:
More Faux news gibberish.... Get a life.
Too bad all the "real" news you watch won't tell you the truth cuz they're too busy helping Obama lie, cheat, steal, and murder our troops.

Cookeville, TN

#11 Oct 26, 2012
I have been thinking about this a lot. This is one of the most messed up stories I have ever heard in my 25 years of life. How could we ever not send it reinforcements to pleas of help?! I think one of the reasons we didn't help out our own intelligence is because it is very close to voting time in the US and the president wants to get elected again. This story is so sick and what makes me even more sick is the people that support Obama.
Jay 727

Cookeville, TN

#13 Oct 26, 2012
Obama : Administraion told Military to stand down while watching Benghazi Attack (Oct 26, 2012)

While Americans were slaughtered, Obama went to bed. He could have saved them all, he did not because he has been taught all his life to hate Americans and America. Then they blame it on a stupid video. Why doesn't Fox come out and blame the White House?

Cookeville, TN

#14 Oct 26, 2012
He's been a busy man:
Obama Chat with ‘Pimp with the Limp’ DJ Laz Airs on 9/11 Morn

President Obama was heard on the South Florida airwaves this 9/11 Anniversary morning in a 10-minute radio interview with Miami’s “Pimp with the Limp” DJ Laz from 106.7 WRMA-FM.
“You’re big time. You’ve got Pitbull and Flo Rida and all these guys just beating a path to your door,” Obama said, buttering up Laz.“And so I’m hoping that I can get a little of that magic from you in this interview.”
The two talked tunes, TV, football and top topics of the 2012 campaign. Obama did not mention the terror attacks that took place 11 years ago today, a fact his critics were quick to point out.
He “avoided talking about 9/11 on 9/11′s anniversary, but made time to mock the Dolphins bad record,” noted the Miami Herald.
Some Republicans circulated a link to the Herald article to claim that Obama was being disrespectful of the anniversary with the lighthearted banter and inappropriately injected politics into what has traditionally been an apolitical day.
It turns out, however, that President Obama was not speaking live. The interview had been pre-taped and was supposed to air on Monday, an Obama campaign official told ABC News.
Guidance from the president’s campaign sent to reporters over the weekend shows that the president conducted the interview around noon on Sunday during a stop in Melbourne, Fla. Aides said at the time that it was to be embargoed until air on Monday morning.
A spokeswoman for WRMA-FM confirmed that the interview was taped Sunday but did not explain why it was held until Tuesday.
The president has been regularly conducting local TV and radio interviews during his visits to battleground states, often talking about lighter subjects — pop culture, food and sports – in addition to major policy items in an effort to bolster his popular appeal.
You can listen to the full interview HERE.

Cookeville, TN

#15 Oct 26, 2012
Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and on that day President Obama snubbed Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but did agree to appear on David Letterman's show.
Now we're learning that yesterday, you know, on 9/11, MTV confirmed that although Obama can't find time to meet with Netanyahu, he has found time to attend a fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce:Entertainment Weekly confirmed Tuesday (September 11) that Hov and wife Beyoncé will host a fundraiser for President Obama at the rapper's 40/40 Club in Manhattan next Tuesday. The president will be in attendance at the 100-guest event, with ticket prices hitting $40,000 per guest. Reportedly, it will be Obama's last fundraising event in New York City before the November 6 election.
Maybe if Netanyahu changed his name to The "Pimp with the Limp," Obama might find some time for him.

retraction issued by the globalist eugenicist Ted Turner, who said it was a good thing that U.S. soldiers are committing suicide in record numbers. Alex also covers the "tsunami of filth" that has left a putrid stain in high places as revelations into the perverse and criminal life of the late British TV presenter "Sir" Jimmy Savile burble to the surface. He also covers the storm of the century, Hurricane Sandy, as it moves ominously toward the east coast.
Father Speaks out

Cookeville, TN

#16 Oct 27, 2012
SEAL Father: Obama, Biden, Clinton showed no remorse
Published on Oct 26, 2012
Charles Woods, father of murdered Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, reveals the details of meeting with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Records Show

Cookeville, TN

#17 Oct 27, 2012
Records Show Repeated Visits to WH by Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas & Islamic Militant Organizations
A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.
Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations.
The IPT made the discovery combing through millions of White House visitor log entries. IPT compared the visitors’ names with lists of known radical Islamists. Among the visitors were officials representing groups which have:
Been designated by the Department of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in terrorist trials; Extolled Islamic terrorist groups including Hamas and Hizballah;
Obstructed terrorist investigations by instructing their followers not to cooperate with law enforcement;
Promoted the incendiary conspiratorial allegation that the United States is engaged in a “war against Islam”— a leading tool in recruiting Muslims to carry out acts of terror;

This is the reason he would not defend americans in Libya, he did not want to kill Muslins.

Hell, Hillary has a muslim as a top staffer advising her. Now, any questions as to why this administrations behavior seems "muslimized"? And don't let his drone hits and kill lists fool you, it's just a ploy to appear strong and get rid of some inconvenient people. There's always more where muslims are concerned and life doesn't exactly have a high value.
Green Hornet

Cookeville, TN

#18 Oct 27, 2012
And all of the above is probably a direct indicator as to why no assistance was sent when our embassy personnel and agents were desperately requesting assistance at the embassy and compound where four eventually died because of Islamic terrorists. You think????

It's a know fact he's a Muslim and intends to destroy our county. Why would this surprise anyone? Everything he does is taking actions against our beliefs. Why isn't he impeached?

This may be a good explanation why there was no support for our ambassador and his staff during the Libyan 9-11 attack.
I should add

Cookeville, TN

#19 Oct 27, 2012
Obama Scandal

This is now growing to be the biggest scandal in American Presidential history. If the mainstream media were objective instead of part of the propaganda arm of the Obama Regime, this story would be headline material.
You may know what the story is, but there are shocking details you may not know. What must we do about this scandal?
The scandal is the attack on our American consulate in Benghazi. This scandal has gone from bad to worse. Usually it is the cover up that is worse than the scandal. Remember, it was the cover-up, not the break in at the Watergate that brought down Richard Nixon.
For two weeks, the Obama Regime lied to us about the attack, claiming that this was not an organized terrorist attack but a response to an anti-Muslim film. Every member of the Regime was dutifully trotted out to not only lie to the American people but to make a full frontal assault on the First Amendment.
Then we find out that Hillary Clinton and others in the State Department had requested more security for the Benghazi site and Obama denied that request.
The media reporting on the attack on the compound makes it sound like the Compound was quickly over run. Former Navy Seals Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods were part of a unit that was near by. They repeatedly asked for assistance and fought for seven hours before being killed.
Part of the compound was a CIA operation to help track down weapons missing since the end of the Qaddafi regime. The existence of this CIA operation and its headquarters was apparently an open secret in Libya.
As the CIA operators called for help, a CIA paramilitary team was a mile away and was told repeatedly to stand down. Special operations forces, including C-130 Specter gunships were an hour away.
They were not sent. Reports are now coming out that there was a drone over Benghazi at the time sending back real time images to the White House.
Now even more reports are coming out that the slain Ambassador Chris Stevens may have been up to his eyeballs recruiting jihadists for Syria. Before his death, a freighter from Libya, with a Captain from Benghazi docked in Turkey carrying 400 tons for weapons for the rebels fighting in Syria. These included sophisticated surface to air missiles. These surface to air missiles are shoulder fired, meaning they are very portable and only need one or two people to fire them. This is an arms smuggling scandal that could make the former Iran-Contra scandal look insignificant.
According to Aaron Klein at WND, the Consulate itself was not a consulate but an operations hub that served to coordinate aid for rebel led insurgencies through out the Middle East.
The weapons that Chris Stevens and the American government were helping to smuggle to Syria, with the help of the Islamist government in Ankara, were going to not to the secular moderates, but to Al-Qaeda type terrorists.
Republicans have a habit of coming into power and deciding they are simply going to ignore scandals from the previous Democrat administration.
This cannot happen this time.
Mitt Romney’s first priority when he is sworn in must be the economy. That is good. But
I should add

Cookeville, TN

#20 Oct 27, 2012
he needs to find a really tough Attorney General and tell him to launch an investigation, get to the bottom of what happened and present the matter to a Federal Grand Jury and start getting indictments and convictions.
When an American President leaves Americans to die the way Obama did, it is criminal. When American forces that could easily help are told repeatedly to stand down, and other Americans who are calling for help are killed, it is murder. When American officials are funneling weapons to Al-Qaeda type terrorists, weapons that one-day might be used against us, that is not just wrong. It is illegal.
Republicans far too often treat Democrats as “Members of the club.” That club being the political class that runs Washington. They believe there are certain courtesies you give to members of the club, including covering for them. Remember what the Clinton administration people did to the White House when George W. Bush was sworn in? What did Bush do? He simply ignored it.
Remember what happened to Bill Clinton and the independent investigation into his conduct? The day before he left office, it ended with a joke. He paid a $25,000 fine to resolve the issues related to the Monica Lewinsky scandal and agreed to be disbarred in Arkansas. On the last day in office, he pardoned Marc Rich, a fugitive financier. Many have argued that this was done in exchange for various contributions. That might have been bribery but the Republicans would not investigate.
The American people are tired of business as usual. The Benghazi scandal is the biggest scandal ever to reach a President. There have been other scandals but no one died in those scandals.
If Mitt Romney’s administration will not investigate and prosecute this because it is the right thing to do, then they should do it out of a sense of self-defense.
Obama’s “Arab Spring” which has toppled regimes all over the Middle East, has opened the door for terrorists to acquire not only surface to air missiles but also possibly chemical WMD’s. Thousands of these shoulder fired surface to air missiles that were in Libya are now missing.
It is not a question of if, but only when some of those weapons will be used against America.
If the Romney administration does not aggressively investigate and prosecute those responsibly early, the Democrats will show them no such mercy.
teddy bonkers

United States

#21 Oct 27, 2012
The biggest scandel in US history is Bush sending 5000 Americans off to die while looking for nonexistent WOMD.

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