23 foot alligator in your lake?
Fl Native

Fredericksburg, VA

#41 Mar 14, 2008
May 2008, don't know about what u folks know. But do know used to gator hunt with my father and I have seen Gators much larger than 14 feet.
And this was Verified..."Life Flight Helicopter" took pics, I have 3, 2 pics above water....and yes, this one is 23 ft. Not unheard of either....Go to "Jungle Larry's Carribean Gardens" in Naples, Fl.!!They have huge (21ft) very old Gators there u can watch them get fed. And if u have doubts, just ask Jayne & Don Hobkirk, whose back yard this monster was shot in, and that they heard bellowing at night. God Bless all.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#42 Mar 27, 2008
This is all true. I work for Cabela's & we are going to purchase the 23'1" gator from the Texas game & wildlife wardens to mount & put it in our west virginia cabela's store for our customers to observe.

Conroe, TX

#43 Apr 11, 2008
Skeptical wrote:
I have recently recieved an email describing a 23 foot alligator that was toting a full grown deer in it's jaws, underwater as it swam in the west end of Conroe Lake,...any truth here?
For pics and a copy of the email, contact me at jonas.schommer.ctr@navy.mil.
screwevery one else its tru about a23 footer who cares what florda recrd is. the 23 foot gater just benn named king of united states texas white pride

Conroe, TX

#44 Apr 11, 2008
i belev u its very likly.U do know we dont know evry thing for a reson.thers toads in the amozone bigger then me (5"11)168lbs we dont know because we see a pest not a beautiful creature older and more graceful then us.do you agree.my emailis drgemo5150@yahoo.com

Louisville, KY

#45 Apr 15, 2008
jesus people

Gibsonton, FL

#46 Jun 4, 2008
the pictures arnt fake.. that alligator is infact on a arm lift but there is no way that lift is 23 feet up look at the pick up in the background and the police officer being 6 feet tall is walking behind the alligator that means the alligator is at least 13 feet at most yall need to learn dimensions.. the only reason the alligator duzent cast a showdow is because its closer to the camera then the police officer is. with that said and done.. the damn thing is nowhere near 23 feet long thats just bloody ridiculous.
Dude From louisiana

Louisville, KY

#47 Jun 20, 2008
[IMG]http://i91.photobucket.co m/albums/k312/Southernbrat78/f ile001-2.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://i34.photobucket.co m/albums/d124/oneblondelikeme/ Images%20for%20Blog/23Ft1gator 1.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://i34.photobucket.co m/albums/d124/oneblondelikeme/ Images%20for%20Blog/23Ft1gator 2.jpg[/IMG]

Look, it isn't that complicated, a camera angle made a 13 foot gator look like 23 feet. They simply don't get that big. I have seen hundreds of Gators and the largest was probably around 12-13 feet. I know in Louisiana there wasn't a law making hunting/ shooting a gator over 12' illegal. And Joey, you probably saw those 18-20 footers in a daydream in your office in Cincinnati (or you haven't seen enough to realize those 20 footers are 12 feet).
Dude From louisiana

Louisville, KY

#48 Jun 20, 2008
Dude From louisiana

Louisville, KY

#49 Jun 20, 2008
Misty Glover

Columbus, GA

#50 Jul 7, 2008
Sandy Combes wrote:
<quoted text>I have pictures of the 23+ foot long alligator hanging from a front end loader, with a 6'5" man walking by and two trucks in the background. If it's a phony, it's a good one. sandyantares@boston-redsox.net .
Could you forward that email to me of the alligator on the backhoe mistyrglover@gmail.com. thank you so much
mrs do gooder

Katy, TX

#51 Jul 20, 2008
not on Lake Conroe, I live there. Big gators on the N end though. Hubby said one the same size as his john boat a few years ago came at em, hitting the boat. Hubby clubbed it in the head with an oar, then shot a gun in the water to scare it off, before retreating fash and with success. no one or no gator was injured during the event.
mrs do gooder

Katy, TX

#52 Jul 20, 2008
Not on Lake Conroe, I live there. Big gators on the N end though. Hubby said one the same size as his john boat a few years ago came at em, hitting the boat. Hubby clubbed it in the head with an oar, then shot a gun in the water to scare it off, before retreating fast and with success. No one or no gator was injured during the event. Loved the pics from the story. Seen really long ones at Sea World in San Antonio.
Dixie Girl

United States

#53 Aug 23, 2008
I am from Alabama, so living here I have been around gators my whole life. They are by far one of my top fav. animals. My professors sent me the three pics of the massive 23ft gator. Yes, I believe the pics are real and not fakes. Here's why, the largest recorded gator in FL was a massive 19ft. which is large for the species. It is not unheard of to see those size gators. Now 23 ft, no I have never heard of an alligator getting that big, but you must remember how solitary the creatures are. And also, they are derived from crocs, and nile crocs can grow 20ft+. Also most people do not know that we, in America have American Crocodiles, they are found in FL. So, if most people still do not know that, what else do we not know. Is it possible for a gator to grow that large? yes, with the right circumstances yes it is. Also, the game warden had to kill the gator. Anyone who knows about the legalities surronding gator capture and releases, knows that there is no way the game warden could release the gator back into the wild. Alligators are extremely territorial and will come back to certain areas. Obviously it was a "bull" male gator, because eye witnesses said they continuously heard bellowing. Bulls make that sound during mating. They bellow low percusson sounds into the water which can radiate a good mile. Whether you believe the pics are real or not, just remember these creatures are amazing, no matter how scary they are. They have endured poaching, and millions of years of evolution. They are one of the top predators, and they deserve respect. Please do not go in to a mass hysteria, and start poaching these perfectly adapated creatures. The poluations are controlled through restricted and regulated open hunts. So if you dont like gators (which most people dont) thats fine. Go the other way. Just remember a adult gator can grow 12ft+, they have 3in tough skin surronding a densely boney skull. So if you think shooting a gator that size will do the trick, think again. All your gonna do is piss it off, and then you are in trouble. Before you get all gun-ho when you see a gator just remember its not the gator you see that you have to worry about,.its the one you dont see.

Phenix City, AL

#54 Nov 5, 2008
Dont argue if u dont know what your talkin about. The gator was shot in georgia and it was only 13 feet not 23 that would be f ing crazy. If u dont belive me look at the press release about it.

Phenix City, AL

#55 Nov 5, 2008
the pics are real but most of the facts going around arent!

Phenix City, AL

#56 Nov 5, 2008
whatever one of said u see 18-20 gators your full of crap the record fl gator is 14.5 feet. I was born in south florida and saw tons of alligators and i even hunted them and i never saw one over 11 feet so your 100 percent lying!!
ms country boy

Gulfport, MS

#57 Nov 9, 2008
i've fished an seen gators all my life. the biggest one i've ever seen i was fishin wit my dad on the tensaw river near mobile in a 18'9 hydra-sport an one swam by just a few feet short of that. so it is possibly 15-17'. the gator was killed in texas in a couples back yard and is 13' 1". in the pic it is been lifted by a back hoe and i've personally never seen a backhoe thats bucket will go 20'+.. so its obviously not 23' feet

Orlando, FL

#60 Nov 26, 2008
snick were talking about the gator but ya i have seen those pictures it's crazy but still under investagtion sorry about spelling.

Sealston, VA

#61 Dec 6, 2008
born & raised in montgomery county! BEFORE lake conroe was dug and after YOU FOLKS WOULD NOT BELEAVE HOW BIG THE GATORS & CATFISH ARE! CATFISH as big as cars YES gators 23+ feet and plenty of hydro to hide em' HAPPY SWIMMING
virginia resident now


#62 Mar 25, 2009
It's true that alligators grow to be more than 20 ft long and it doesn't take long at all to reach that as long as they have enough food around so it's not hard to believe that alligator is 23 ft in length. It was shot here in Texas where I live but it was shot in Lake Corpus Christi not Lake Conroe. The pictures are everywhere. The shadowing under the gator isn't visible either which is due to the angle of the camera and the position of the sun behind the gator which makes the shadow extend towards the photographer and not visible to the camera since the gator isn't touching the ground.

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