just askn

Bedminster, NJ

#54 Feb 25, 2010
aly give rylie a kiss an hug for me love ya
Dereks cousin

Connersville, IN

#55 Feb 26, 2010
okay well she is pretty cool for the few times i have hung with her. so far she is a great mom. the whole time i was there she gave her daughter alot of attention. Everyone out there is just mad because u dnt have ur own place like she does and living on her on. so just get over it.

United States

#56 Feb 26, 2010
I have two kids, and own my own house too yet i dont throw parties and have sex with every guy that comes over. Its time to grow up and be a MOM. Some people will never learn until there kid is getting taken from them.

Philadelphia, PA

#57 Feb 27, 2010
yeah, she does drugs and drinks alottt. i feel bad for her little daughter, she smokes weed in front of her. that lil girl shouldnt have to be around that
omg this is funny

Hudson, MA

#59 Feb 27, 2010
first of all bill browne! great guy and yes a conservatio officer, but also has way way way more privliges than any othe cop in good ol c- ville conservation officers do not need search warrents all they need is probable cause so learn a lil b4 u tlk. any way chelsie gret girl big heart awesome mother NUFF SAID! u guys tlk bout how chels says she hates drama but yet she is always in it. im pretty damn sure she is jus deffending her self jus like all of you would if your name popped up on topix. ppl have lots to say but can not state there name you wanna kno why ? cuz ur all livin in c ville which means scared as shit lol pretty sure the only ones who put there names were chels and her sister ( not scared ) chels, ignore these c-ville dope heads all they do is try to bring you down. and your too strong of a girl for that so for all you haters. be scared!
its me

Connersville, IN

#60 Mar 1, 2010
okay well she dnt party. pretty sure she dnt have sex with every guy tht steps inside her house she is pretty cool. u all just mad becasue she has here own house and shit so get over and geet off the damn computer
mary lawson

La Grange, IL

#61 Mar 4, 2010
roy wrote:
she gave me herpes watch out!
u r full of shit u better thimk again she dont have any STDs u dumn f*cker
tee hee hee

United States

#62 Mar 4, 2010
I know for sure she jus screwed brock turley and he is ate up with std's these days. Its jus kinda funny she got the lil brother first.
gonna whoop ahaaas ass

Chicago, IL

#63 Mar 5, 2010
ahaaa wrote:
Dirtbag from hell! As well as her family.
You dont know shit about the powell family. some have had their ups and downs just like we all have. Thats my family ur talking. we will see who the Fn dirt bag is. tell me ur name and i will show u one thing the powells dont put up with. Its little bitchs like u. Keep my familys name out of ur mouth. Evidently u dont know all of us. I dont take it so kindly when someone thats too much of a pussy to let their name out their to talk crap about my lil sis and family. I aint scared to let my name out their. Its Ashley whats urs?
new girl talking shit

Bradenton, FL

#64 Mar 8, 2010
chelsea i do not know you that well but i did party with a girl named taylor the other night. she said she jus moved to c ville not tolong ago idk where from but she was talking about this forum and said that she partys with you all the time and started laughin sayin most of everything on here is true. like i said i don really know you but i know who you are and i hear good things bout you. and i hear your a bad ass so she might wanna stop talkin shit i guess. but just thought id let you know who your really hangin out with . she fits in well here at c ville she is a 2 faced b*tched just like all the other girls in this town good luck hope all works out.
lol to funny

Cornell, WI

#65 Mar 8, 2010
she would never be a bad ass thats gotta be the funniest thing i have ever heard!!!! plz dont give her a big head!!! and everyone on here talkin about her is making her feel kewl she is dirty like that!!! she is disgusting and yes the cops are watching her house i know that for a fact!!! parents dont let your kids hang out with her!! if she doesnt straighten up she will be in jail soon and whoever is with her will get introuble to!!! if she thinks driving ppl to steal and roll ppl for drugs isnt gonna get her in trouble she is dumb!! but everyone knows right from wrong its the stupid ones that think they wont get caught!! its all about choice!!
eric mcguire

Woodridge, IL

#66 Mar 9, 2010
i like chels i think she is absolutely gorgeous

Peoria, IL

#67 Mar 9, 2010
eric mcguire wrote:
i like chels i think she is absolutely gorgeous
someone will be gettin a piece of @ss now lmfao
blah blah cry about it

Philadelphia, PA

#70 Mar 14, 2010
yea your all so bad thats why your talking crap on the COMPUTER! everyone knows ashley was a ho now her little sister is go figure? yea she had the dame boyfriend/baby daddy for years but they broke up every other week and was both out doing other people. her house is nothing but a party house/ place for losers to chill. i dont know how she is with her kid but thats her problem to worry about.

Peoria, IL

#71 Mar 14, 2010
blah blah cry about it wrote:
yea your all so bad thats why your talking crap on the COMPUTER! everyone knows ashley was a ho now her little sister is go figure? yea she had the dame boyfriend/baby daddy for years but they broke up every other week and was both out doing other people. her house is nothing but a party house/ place for losers to chill. i dont know how she is with her kid but thats her problem to worry about.
im confused your talkin sh!t too YET your name isnt posted either? pretty bab yourself huh
tee hee

United States

#72 Mar 14, 2010
I laughed when i read all this stuff on here because most of it is true about that slut. I never heard of her really until after she got that house then i never stopped hearin about her. Nasty just sums her up pretty well. Watch out guys!
blah blah cry about it

Philadelphia, PA

#73 Apr 6, 2010
Well like i said i knew them all since i was little and they are nasty. everyone wants to point fingers about drugs and guys and parties, but you all did it together, think about that one! Im not trying to just talk sh!t or act like im bad. Im an outsider looking in on the situation and someone who actually knows who and what they are talking about.

Ashburn, VA

#74 Apr 10, 2010
is this the ugly fat fatty fat that was dating kevin a few years back
whoop whoop

Lake Station, IN

#75 May 8, 2010
concerned wrote:
I have been hearing my daughter mention her name alot here recently, and she has been going over to her house quiet often, does anyone know anything about her? I havent heard the greatest things from some other parents, so any advice would be nice, i don't want a bad name for my daughter. Thanks.
ahhhh for one u guys are nuts saying she is a good person.. ha wrong she back stabs and drugs ha.. funny again.. she be on them drugs... alcohol ya deff she is nasty she's not a mother to her child.. she gets drunk while her baby is there.. shes crazy fucking phyco.. i bet if u had a visa card she would fuck ya if u bought her something.. i aint stupid i have known her for a very long time.. she's lucky i havent got ahold of her ass yet.. but anyways she aint a good person.. and dnt think she will ever be..

Peoria, IL

#76 May 9, 2010
SLUT wrote:
No, that's Katie Powell

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