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3 rd shifter

Brookfield, WI

#1 Nov 27, 2012
This so called president wants to tax small businesses. This tax could cost us 700,000 jobs. How
we looking Obama voters?
Osama Obama YoMamma

Connersville, IN

#2 Nov 27, 2012
Obama sux donkeys!

Connersville, IN

#3 Nov 27, 2012
First time in us history democrats voted to raise taxes on there selfs, For Gay Marriage.Amnesty for illegals . obamacares new tax .they want us to go over the cliff and raise all taxes. but democrats are the only ones that wanted all this ,all the over 3 million illegals with no papers that was in hurricane sandy now won't handouts from gov ,AT THE TAX PAYERS EXPENSE

Brownstown, IN

#4 Nov 28, 2012
I am getting a free lunch at the white house, democrats are great, I was right "a chicken in every pot". My idea of a small business is someone making over one million dollars not you poor small business 47% peeons! And for 3rd shifter, I know for a fact you can't afford to have voted for me. And as for you,Junior, if I was elected we would make sure we wouldn't spend tax money on those illegals and would deny all people their rights including illiterate hillbillies like yourself! I can clearly see no one spent tax dollars on your education. Why should we, your just part of the 47%! By the the end I was the one who got 47%(votes that is!) Love, Mitt
P.S. Keep believing! Losers!
House Republican

Connersville, IN

#5 Nov 29, 2012
I am glad that we got all very white straight MEN to head up all our House Republican committees. Those women need to be put in there place. They can bring us coffee.

Connersville, IN

#6 Nov 29, 2012
Mr. President lets just eat a Big Mac for lunch.

Chicago, IL

#7 Nov 29, 2012
Obama cannot do much if congress keeps stale mateing everything.

Brownstown, IN

#8 Nov 29, 2012
Sorry Mitt, Michelle won't let us have Big Macs at the White House anymore. Remember what happened to Bill Clinton's heart after eating all those Big Macs! You will have to settle for Turkey Chile. We have to use up that turkey before it goes bad. Remember, we have a budget!
In a Trance

Connersville, IN

#9 Nov 30, 2012
Two unfunded wars,Tax breaks to help send 9 million manufacturing jobs to China and corporate welfare to keep my big salary.
How we looking Republicans?

Since: Mar 09

Connersville, IN

#10 Nov 30, 2012
clowns to the left of me
jokers to the right.
here i am
obama do what you do

Connersville, IN

#11 Nov 30, 2012
THE newsjunkie wrote:
clowns to the left of me
jokers to the right.
here i am
obama do what you do
He Lies alot.Never ran anything. Obamaclaus will keep your checks and foodstamps coming ho ho ho.the cliffs near.and you fools voted for more taxes. but he will save the day.

Connersville, IN

#12 Nov 30, 2012
congress wrote:
Obama cannot do much if congress keeps stale mateing everything.
You got the not do much part.after you nut jobs start paying more taxes to fund all will sing a different tune .Obamaclaus promised alot to get votes tax payers will pay for that also. foodstamps up 20% after election

Since: Mar 09

Connersville, IN

#13 Nov 30, 2012
i have yet to receive my first food stamp.
i work for a living.
always have for nearly 4 decades.
obamacare will not raise my taxes a penny as i dont make enough money to be caught in the net.
i seriously doubt that shurlock or junior or any other "job creator" on this site will be affected either.
y'all are just sorry, misinformed losers and you need to get over it.
life is good!
and turn off fox. it only serves to make you stupid
Good is a relative term

Spiceland, IN

#14 Dec 1, 2012
The Outstanding Public Debt as of 01 Dec 2012 at 11:13:00 AM GMT is:

$16,329,088,741,706.44.....Lif e is good, until China, Russia & the U.A.E. decide that foreclosure is in order.

Obama shares in the shame of all the presidents going back to Woodrow Wilson. He's a Federal Reserve shill just like the rest of them which is smart on his part because those few brave souls that did oppose them always seemed to contract severe cases of lead poisoning.

Connersville, IN

#15 Dec 1, 2012
Can it be that our Government of the people for years has lived up to it's benevolent personality. We have been determined to be the human caregiver of the world and each other. Now it has come time to be more harsh to those who don't/won't carry their own weight.

Problem with the above comment is; work for so many has gone to another country and the job base has become smaller.
graham kracker

Connersville, IN

#16 Mar 12, 2013
A copy and paste;
Certainly, the “big government” that Republicans insist President Barack Obama espouses has been more of a hindrance than a help in putting America back to work. While the private sector was adding 246,000 jobs in February, the public sector cut 10,000. Newsweek notes that
since the spring of 2010, the private sector has created 6.35 million jobs; the public sector has cut 1.5 million jobs.
Those figures should give the lie to the charge that Obama is a socialist. If he is, he’s a very bad one.
Master Spanker

Orland Park, IL

#17 Mar 12, 2013
All you low information, mind numbed robots, demoncrats are just a bunch of ozombiecrats.

Charlestown, IN

#18 Mar 12, 2013
the debt ? it is owed to Rothschild NOT the USA which it is supposed to be owed to . Get rid of the Rothschild Federal reserve System an lets coin our own money again . Oh wait Lincoln and Kennedy got killed for trying that .

Connersville, IN

#19 Mar 12, 2013
Obama lovers = welfare recipients
No Obama no free rides.

Connersville, IN

#20 Mar 29, 2013
Obama is too busy being on talk shows.. next he wants to be on Dancing with the Stars

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