Former Chambersburg man killed in Bed...

Former Chambersburg man killed in Bedford County crash

There are 15 comments on the Public Opinion story from Jul 21, 2008, titled Former Chambersburg man killed in Bedford County crash. In it, Public Opinion reports that:

A Bedford County man has been charged in the traffic death of Burton E. Reany, a 64-year-old Connellsville man who worked for a Defense contractor in Chambersburg.

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Mcgarrett 5-0

Virginia Beach, VA

#1 Jul 21, 2008
Bookem dano murder 1!
pale rider

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#2 Jul 22, 2008
what a scumbag hang him high !!
was married to the jerk

United States

#3 Aug 5, 2008
thanks for your comments, mcgarrett and pale rider. this guy is an A-1 a**hole. I had the misfortune of being married to the jerk and I just knew that he would somehow be responsible for someone's death someday. I am just thankful that it wasn't me, so that I can give our sons a good life since he is in now way ever been able to provide that for them.
Dead mans daughter

Springfield, VA

#4 Aug 22, 2008
Wish you would have told someone about it before he had to kill my dad. Thanks

Mountainside, NJ

#5 Aug 22, 2008
Why is this news article no longer available?

Pittsburgh, PA

#6 Aug 14, 2009
Dead mans daughter wrote:
Wish you would have told someone about it before he had to kill my dad. Thanks
I am the real woman that was married to the man that was in the accident with your father honey. I do not know who put that posting on there, but they should be reported for abuse for impersonating me because it has now caused me problems with my exhusband. He now has accused me of writing to the newspaper and outraging your family and will be to blame for causing more time to be added onto his term. Only God and those involved that day know what happened; so I would never say a word about the accident. I have not been a part of my exhusband's life for quite a few years, and whoever made the comment about him, must not hide behind my character if they are going to act out against him. I have our two beautiful sons to raise. Jack can deal with his own burdens, whatever they may be... on his own.
To the "aunt" who told Jack that I wrote to the newspaper, I WROTE THIS ONE and put my name to it! Get your facts straight people. I had to do alot of research to even find the posting in the first place. People shouldn't run their mouths when they don't know what they are talking about. It can hurt many people.
To Mr.Reany's daughter, may God Bless and keep you and just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I mean it.

Pittsburgh, PA

#7 Aug 17, 2009
Mike wrote:
Why is this news article no longer available?
It is available. just google Jack Jarosz and it will come up in another article for another newspaper too.
dead mans daughter

Carlisle, PA

#9 Jun 28, 2010
My company has sent me to work in carlisle Pa briefly and they needed me to drive in on fathers day. It was the first time I had been in the state since I buried dad. I cried for 10 hours straight. When I checked in to the hotel ( a cheap one) the front desk clerk called to make sure that my "room was alright." Either the guy thought I was hot or he could tell that I was beside myself. I am pretty sure it was the latter. I was the only one in the family that did not attend the sentancing hearing. I saw no point. The damage was done and I needed to move forward. I have custody of his 94 year old mother and have moved her to Richmond where I live. I have not checked this site since I wrote this. It is my way of getting some of this out of my system in an anonomous way. I want you guys to know that my dad was a hero and he is missed. He had a key fob with letterkenny info on it and did not lose conscienceness until a state trooper arrived so he could pass it over. He never gained conscienceness again. I am guessing that Jack did not mean it to happen, but I guess that doesn't really matter. 1 life taken, 1 wasted, many impacted. Such are the musings of a heartsick daughter in a dingy hotel room in a state that she would rather never have come to again.

Chambersburg, PA

#10 Sep 24, 2010
If it would help you at all to be in contact with me, please let me know. I will do anything in my power to help you bring any closure if possible. If God is able to work through me in any way, I will try. Please let me know. I think of you and your family often.

Chambersburg, PA

#12 Sep 29, 2010
Jake wrote:
Don't even try to be sympathetic; you are the worse parent and person I know!! If anyone wants to know about this woman here are a few examples. This women dumped her kids off at there grandparents house to party in Texas for months. Left her young kids in the car unattended while shopping.**** her x-husband's best man at there wedding right after being married a short while. Put her 8yo son on the court stands to testify against there father, he is a dirt bag but you don't "make" his own son testify against him. These are a few examples of hundreds. Shelby I am telling again of what I told you before "if I ever see you in person I am knocking your buck teeth down your throat because of how you raised my nephews". Yes Jack deserves what he gets and some. You are total scum for coming on here and leaving comments for this article and trying to play the nice guy. Leave these people in peace for gods sake they lost there father.
You know what Jake, it is quite sad that you have to interfere with me trying to comfort this woman. How is putting me down going to help her any, huh? So mature. I only spoke kindly of Jack and did not judge him on here. He is serving his time and only has God above to answer to. You are making comments on many things that you know nothing about and only got information on 2nd and 3rd hand. So I am not going to stoop to your level by trying to discount all of the b.s. you just spewed out. I will just shake my head and consider the source. You are not an angel either, but I choose to be the better person and not make mudpies out of dirt that is over 10 years old. Oh, and by the way, if you threaten me again or come near me, you'll be sitting right beside your brother. Grow up Jake and mind your own business; it's called the 1st ammendment. I haven't said 2 words to you in over 7 years. Hell, you barely even knew me the 10 years I was with Jack... you were too busy with your own life. Try keeping it that way.

Richmond, VA

#13 Sep 29, 2010
The source for all the stuff I know about you Shelby is by my parents and 1st hand experience! Are you calling my father a liar, he sat in your car in a grocery parking lot after seeing them alone while you were shopping!!!! Are you also saying you didn't go to Texas to party with your brother while my parents had to take custody of your kids to take care of them? Look it up in Adams County Court house Shelby, they still have records of the custody paper work and my wife (an attorney) helped them file for custody! If you would like I can send you a copy of the paper. Oh and yes you did sleep with his best man at your wedding. If not why did I see 1st hand that husband showed me the parking ticket you got outside his apartment building and Nelson told me 1st hand that he did sleep with you!! What about the time you and my brothers work friend were hiding from me in my fathers-In-laws house when I went there to get cloths for you kids. Found out later you have been screwing him when Jack was not around! You are a total slut. And I don't ever threaten anyone I only make promises.

Chambersburg, PA

#14 Sep 29, 2010
I am only going to respond one last time to your complete and unending ignorance. I had to read your posting three times just to understand your grammar and YOU are the one that went to college!
As to the traffic ticket, I was pulled over in downtown Frederick. It was for not having a seatbelt on. I wasn't outside anybody's apartment. I was going to see a band and made a wrong turn into an alley and a cop pulled up behind me. I was so scared that I just went right back home. I never once cheated on Jack even though it was a long standing joke with your parents that I should have, as many times as he did it to me! But hey, I don't owe you any explanations. As far as Nelson is concerned, he WISHES he would have been with me. I turned down many of Jacks friends. But like I said, that is between Jack and I and is of no concern of yours. I take good care of my boys even though I don't get a dime's worth of help from their dad. Which is fine. They have a good role model in their home and we will always make sure they will be provided for. So you just go on and make your threats to me. You are only just tarnishing the Jarosz name even more and showing your IQ and violent tendencies. I am not perfect and never have claimed to be. But at least I learned from my mistakes and have grown from them. Maybe you should try going to church. Maybe that would help you with forgiveness and help you move on. I know it helped me. Being angry at me isn't going to solve anything. You are only going to alienate your nephews, who are more than well taken care of. Well, enough of this; I have to get back to WORK. I have a family to help support.
dead mans daughter

Washington, DC

#16 Apr 30, 2011
My family is gearing up again to come to some hearing in June. I do not let them tell me about it. It upsets me, is pointless and I just don't want to know. My fight was waged and lost in the ICU.
Puppet Master

Waynesboro, PA

#17 May 9, 2011
Jake seems like a pretty tough guy threatening to beat up a woman

Chambersburg, PA

#19 Jun 7, 2011
dead mans daughter wrote:
My family is gearing up again to come to some hearing in June. I do not let them tell me about it. It upsets me, is pointless and I just don't want to know. My fight was waged and lost in the ICU.
Ma'am, I apologize on my own behalf for using this forum to respond back to Mr.Jarosz's brother. It was very disrespectful and I should have just ignored him. There is no reasoning with people like that and I should have known better. All I wanted, was to wish you well.

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