Dr. Bower is great as a doctor but their billing department is nothing short of Fraud!! I will be finding a new OB/GYN for my next yearly exam.
When they ask if you want the STD blood screening and the chlamydiae and gonorrhea with the pap, don't do it unless 1) you are 100% sure your insurance will cover it and 2) the doctor codes it as diagnostic rather than screening. Otherwise you'll be having to pay $1000 out of pocket which doesn't even count towards your deductible simply because of the codes they use when they submit to insurance. I gave them the correct code, which I got from my friend, who is a OB/GYN doc, and my mother, who works in billing for an OB/GYN. My mom and my friend work in Wyoming and Pennsylvania respectively, and since they both gave me the same code, independently of each other, something tells me something is wrong. When I went to check out I didn't get a copy of the bill, even when I asked for one. I was told, oh, we don't do that. I can see why now!! It makes it harder for you to dispute it later!