We are thinking moving to Spokane

Knoxville, TN

#121 Aug 23, 2013
Northie wrote:
I'm a Portlander myself, now a Spokane transplant. Here are my pros and cons:
Pros: sun almost every day for seven months a year; homes are about 2/3 what they would cost in Portland; good public schools in neighborhoods you can afford; you can actually buy land here; five nearby ski resorts with better snow than Mt. Hood; you can bike to work without risking your life; the fall colors in town are incredible; if you're a liberal, you can actually make a difference here; Spokane is blossoming into cityhood as Portland did three decades ago, and it's fund to be part of that; being relatively close to the Canadian Rockies, The North Cascades and Montana is a fine thing.
Cons: you're a looong way from real cities here; conservative religious people run the joint, plain and simple; rednecks yell and wave their middle fingers at bicyclists (you can guess which side of this transaction I'm usually on); most people here are even more reluctant to extend friendship than Portlanders are, amazing as that is; there is a tough shabbiness across Spokane that Portlanders only find in certain parts of the East Side; you will miss Oregon beaches; forget about artsy movies; grocers and farmer's markets here absolutely suck.
Translation: Unless you're a raging liberal nut case Spokane is a good place to live.

Arlington, TX

#123 Nov 9, 2013
Spokane is ,..well a cultural shock. WAS a transplant from Texas. Dirty, no class, lower people in society..no curbs and good luck finding employment with 2 universities near. Must have a degree to get minimum wage.
Couldn't leave this sucky place quick enough.
Back in Texas, thank God!

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#124 Nov 12, 2013
With regards to areas AROUND Spokane, I would give CDL, Post Falls, Sand Point (if you lime it super-hip) and Liberty Lake all high marks to live as well.

I live in Seattle AND Spokane. Our kids like it more in Spokane and I think so do we. No question this is the best place to raise family, but so are the other places I mentioned.

Finally, Montana is always something to consider...
Pistol Packing Pete

United States

#125 Nov 14, 2013
Noway wrote:
Spokane is ,..well a cultural shock. WAS a transplant from Texas. Dirty, no class, lower people in society..no curbs and good luck finding employment with 2 universities near. Must have a degree to get minimum wage.
Couldn't leave this sucky place quick enough.
Back in Texas, thank God!
What part of town did you live in that had no curbs? Most of the city has sidewalks and curbs, though not all. You are correct about the job market, it sucks.

Maple Valley, WA

#126 Dec 1, 2013
sounds like my kind of place, thinking of buying a rental property. I hate seattle.
Born and raised

Seattle, WA

#127 Dec 6, 2013
I was born and raised in Spokane and still have family there. My opinion is Spokane has no culture, no opportunity to be much as far as financial success. It is boring and basically unless you are a real strong person there is nothing to do but have kids, deal drugs, do drugs, go to jail or die. Spokane is a trap and real hard to escape, I made it out and will never look back.

Spokane, WA

#128 Dec 17, 2013
Noway wrote:
Spokane is ,..well a cultural shock. WAS a transplant from Texas. Dirty, no class, lower people in society..no curbs and good luck finding employment with 2 universities near. Must have a degree to get minimum wage.
Couldn't leave this sucky place quick enough.
Back in Texas, thank God!
I couldn't agree with you more. As a biracial man, who lives in Spokane....I wouldn't recommend this city to any black/biracial person. There is no sense of affirmation for your cultures here. Spokane is EXTREMELY white, and so is cdl Idaho. There is nothing wrong with being white at all,(I'm half white) but when the city don't have anything else to embrace any other cultures on a regular basis, it becomes EXTREME and DULL. Racism exist all over but up here, it definitely EXIST!!! Not blatant racism, but heavy racism that tries to be low key (fails). Its a decent city overall , mid-lower class society, no good jobs, lots of land. Now if you are a minority (especially black) or a socialite of any form (young or old) and/or openly gay you will not find Spokane or ANY surrounding areas here in the Northwest welcoming in any way.

Manassas, VA

#129 Dec 19, 2013
DONT move here, the whole area from headtotoe sucks

Elmhurst, IL

#130 Dec 22, 2013
Geez... I thought this was postings for Spokane. You people should cat fight on facebook or something. Oh! Thats right, you dont want the person you are slamming to know who you are! Ill look somewhere else for info on Spokane!
KC Soll

Gardena, CA

#131 Feb 1, 2014
Eric, how would you characterize the changes since your posting? I am a single woman, 57 years old, excellent health, and love fishing and kayaking, hiking, gardening and University opportunities for further education.

Eric wrote:
Some unusual comments above: I've ridden my bike all over the area the past ten years and I've never encountered rednecks raising their middle fingers at cyclists. About once per week I am asked for directions to find local places - always friendly!
The area is not filled with racists (an image perpetrated by the Aryan Nations which moved to N Idaho from southern California, originally, and which has since disappeared). Both of my white daughters have best friends who are black; a son is dating a young woman of Japanese ancestry. None have experienced racist taunts.
Predominant ethnic minorities include Native Americans, and Russian and Ukrainian immigrants. About 7% or so of the Spokane Valley speaks Russian or Ukrainian. This is a very different mix than what you find in the coastal cities.
On the pros - a very good place to raise families. Heavy traffic of the type found in the coastal metro areas is non existent. Smog is non existent except for occasional field burning fires in August.
Housing is much less costly than the coastal cities (and is just starting to fall in price here, as it already has been doing on the coast).
Our local schools have been excellent; most of the schools are very good (there are some exceptions, as there are in any community). I have volunteered in 3 high schools and 1 middle school and am super impressed by the enthusiasm and hard work of both staff and students.
That said there are legitimate "cons" - it is a big "small town". If you like the hustle and bustle of a big city down town, you won't find that here. If you like a life style that is laid back - but with relatively good access to many big city activities (shows, airport, etc)- then Spokane is a good place.
Spokane and Coeur d'Alene are pretty much out here on their own. This is not big metro city surrounded more big cities. But again, it doesn't have the hassles of the huge cities either.
If you like access to natural surroundings - that is excellent here. Spokane is sometimes referred to as being the most western city at the base of the Rockies. Its not technically correct but it is all mountains from here east to the Rockies.
On the cons, the city of Spokane has a long history of dim witted politicians, often owned and controlled by the Cowles family. The Cowles family goes back over 130 years or so, owns the local paper monopoly, owns a TV station - and has a documented history of running out of town those who disagreed with their own business goals. Their company has enormous real estate holdings throughout Spokane County - and through their political influence set zoning laws to benefit themselves. The Cowles family power may be waning as their local newspaper shrinks into oblivion.
Their remaining businesses paper (paper mill and forest products) are also under pressure from the collapse of the newsprint/newspaper industry.
Crime rates are about the same as the rest of the state.
In terms of jobs, the big ones are health care, education, government (USAF, federal, state and local government jobs), and agriculture. The tech sector - so big in Portland/Vancouver and Seattle is largely non-existent here. There is a hard working and excellent blue collar work force in the trades and running businesses like metal fabrication, construction, and heavy equipment.
Salaries are lower in Spokane than in Seattle (except for health care, education and government).
If you like a place that is a lot drier than the coast, yet has most big city amenities without the traffic, long lines, and big city hassles, you my enjoy this area quite a bit. If you really want a big big city, then you probably won't be happy in Spokane.

Spokane, WA

#132 Mar 1, 2014
It's cloudy all the time. Winter starts in October and often ends in April. Oh and the city rarely has enough money to plow the roads so the snow and ice just piles up until it's impossible to get anywhere. Besides the horrible weather I often find people here to be very impatient and sometimes rude. I would not walk around anywhere late at night Spokane is not a safe place at all. Lock your doors always or you will get robbed. If you like city life don't move here because Spokane isn't really a city. All are restaurants and bars are very similar and there's few choices in shopping. If you are not Christian people here aren't very tolerante of you, and if you come from anywhere outside of Washington or Montana it might be hard to make friends because you're not "Spokane born and raised". On the plus side traffics not so bad, except the roads are horrible because they never get fixed.

United States

#133 Mar 3, 2014
I wouldn't live in Spookandyland again if it were, literally, the last place on earth! Not sure where I'd go if that was true, but anywhere but there-or anywhere in Stevens county! And a lot of whackos from Stevens County move to Spookandyland, as well as every gang in the country and at least one from Central America. Too hot in the summer (well over 100°), mass chemtrail dumping compliments of the nearby afb. Yeah, NO!!!

Spokane, WA

#134 Mar 7, 2014
Flower child wrote:
Wouldn't it be nice if all the people were like a beautiful bouquet of flowers and realized that with that bouquet came all the colors of the world. All like one, and we would have world peace. The horses came running in a herd, there were black, white, pinto, palamino, quarterhorses, bay...They all got along and all they wanted was to eat some hay and get a bite of oats. They didn't bicker, the just nickered, an the color of their hides did not matter because they were all sacred...They were horses and they were needed by the people. I think I would live in Spokane if there were more horses and people who thought like horses and who believed in God. They would know God is Love and all men and horses are created equal.
What an awesome post! Thank you so much.

United States

#135 Mar 10, 2014
glr wrote:
mass chemtrail dumping compliments of the nearby afb.
Learn the difference in chem-trails and contrails.

So, by looking at where you are posting from, Tampa Florida, you are still by an Air Base....MacDill Air Force Base. Same thing coming out of the exhaust of those planes.

I believe it to be the chems (drugs) you have ingested willingly that has affected your thought process.

Though I would never move back to Spokane either. The AFB is not on my list of reasons.

New York, NY

#136 Mar 20, 2014
Mrs Vigan

Enumclaw, WA

#137 Apr 6, 2014
Play your race card comments elsewhere. I think most whites have had enough of that one. More like reverse discrimination up here if you ask me. Stop blamming others and show some thanks for all you have been given.

Spokane, WA

#138 Apr 8, 2014
Don't come here, you will regret it.

Manassas, VA

#139 Apr 16, 2014
Spokane and Stevens county are sicko places, people are stuck way up, police enforcment in both counties are on the take, they protect there buddies meth operations and there child prositution rings

Ashburn, VA

#140 Jul 15, 2014
I lived in spokane for over one year in the south hill neighborhood. The south hill was a great place to live, other then that I thought spokane was a complete dump. The city is littered with people on disability (who could easily work for a living), and plenty of White trash. I would be so disgusted by how many people paid for their food in food stamps while shopping for food. Overall the city is for the most part filled with underachievers who know nothing about the rest of the world and are happy to live off of the government.
humbley blessed

United States

#141 Aug 12, 2014
Kate wrote:
Whatever you say, you obviously have a need for attention. You cant even stay under one name, you jump all over the place with several names having conversations with yourself.
.....lol I got the same impression, I have a great idea of why he don't like cops, he uses them as a scare tactic, because he scared of them for bad choices he made oh and he loves to use scare tactics all the time think he gets off on it and it

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