We are thinking moving to Spokane

Spokane, WA

#101 Sep 4, 2012
Get a grip here and stop trying to actsmart and street-wise where noen exist, enough said.

If you walk around in this part of the world and you hear someone use the word "redneck" it is not to describe someone that is a "hard working man", but to be derigatory.

I have taken the bus on Chicago southside and been called "redneck" by three pre-teen girls and that was not because they showed appreciation for my "hard woring man" skills. Likewise, I have no count of how many time I hear out-of-touch bigoted white liberals insinuate to like-minded and "minorities" that everybody else are "rednecks". Nowadays to most uneducated liberals (notice the redundant adjective) "redneck" simply means someone who is white and either:

*Lives in the south
*Is "conservative"
*Doesn't think affirmative action is the greatest thing since Heissenberg uncertainty principle.
*Owns a gun and wants others to be able to.

Finally, you are saying it is not a "racist" term?! Who says so?? You? What excactly IS a "racist" term. It is not enough any more simply to paint anyone else as "racist" if they question some dogmas. What a pity.

Finally, to get back to the thread here. Really, Spokane overall is a fabulous place to raise kids. Also, lots of good neighbors around and the parks are beautiful.

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missing the west coast

San Antonio, TX

#102 Sep 5, 2012
very confused by the banter, is spokane safe and ok for mixed race or is it high crime and racist. single mom with mixed heritage child thinking of moving there until I read this blog, please confirm which way is correct. had heard that it is a great place to raise a family, but need it not to be racist.


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#103 Sep 6, 2012
missing the west coast wrote:
very confused by the banter, is spokane safe and ok for mixed race or is it high crime and racist. single mom with mixed heritage child thinking of moving there until I read this blog, please confirm which way is correct. had heard that it is a great place to raise a family, but need it not to be racist.
Though Spokane has one of the highest crime rates in the nation, racism isn't rampant. You will find racism in any town USA.

Spokane, WA

#104 Sep 15, 2012
I also want to add in something about food prics since it appears to be a re-occuring issue from many people I know.

*I would say food prices are probably on equal level with the rest of WA. For out-of-staters coming here, it appears larger than it is for the reason that WA doesn't have a state-tax.

*There are a lot of really high-quality grocery stores in Spokane. Fred Mayer, HuckleBerrry's Rosaurs and others are probably more expensicve than Wal-Mart and such.

*Farmer's market and likewise things appear to be well-developed here. Overall,, I would say the veggies and friuts I can get in SPokane are high-quality and very often local.

*There is no fluoride in drinking water, so I would see the dentist when I get here to establsih a baseline> I have heard many people moving here from other places and have cavities when they go to dentist. If they are used to fluoride in water that can be why. ALso ask your doctor about this when you take your kids for shots.

*Otherwise, the drinking water in Spokane is yummy, IMHO.


Toledo, OH

#105 Sep 22, 2012
My husband and I did come out to visit the Spokane area in July. We are more convinced than ever that this is where we want to live. It was so nice to turn on the news in the morning and not have to listen to a lead story that started with "There were five shootings overnight....." Day after day our own local news nearly always starts with murder and gang wars. We felt very relaxed in the Spokane area. We found the people very friendly and open. The scenery is beautiful. We found the roads in much better shape than home. The strip malls are not empty and boarded up. It is much cleaner. No trash along the roads. The weather was hot but blessedly dry. Sadly, I think a lot of the negative comments from those who are from Spokane, are from people who have never been anywhere else and don't know how good they've got it.

Spokane, WA

#106 Jan 6, 2013
Honestly Spokane does suck.. its filled with old grumpy rude ass people.. bunch of white people pretending yo be black.. I'm from so cal and let me tell u nobody and there mom know how to drive in Spokane .. seriously the speed limit is already slow enough.. and that's kinda true the only way u will get a job is if you know someone.. from own experience worked some where 3 yrs and they only hire people who employees already knew witch is carp...this town getting so over populated for its size traffic is beyond crazy and annoying. Takes 20 minutes to get from point to a to b.. in so cal I'd get at least to a hole another city n that time..

Toledo, OH

#107 Jan 20, 2013
Then come to the midwest for a few days. Go ahead. Fly into Detroit Metro. Drive around the city (you might want to bring a handgun for protection). Then hop on 75 south and head to Toledo ( a mere hour away). See the unemployed flocking to low paying jobs. See the boarded up buildings all over town. See the gang signs scrawled all over town. Drive on unrepaired bumpy roads that blow your tires.Watch the local news. Hear about all the arson fires and gang related crime. Several homes in every neighborhood are in foreclosure. My neighborhood used to be safe. Spokane is growing and it's beautiful. Yes you need better jobs and industry. But it is in better shape than the auto industry dependant Ohio/Michigan area. I hear people talking about moving out of State every day. Most here seem to be heading to North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

Toledo, OH

#108 Jan 20, 2013
I don't mean to sound sarcastic or mean. Sorry I let a little anger come through. I'm very frustrated with what used to be a family friendly city---deteriorate so badly and so quickly. Washington State rocks.

Rapid City, SD

#109 Feb 24, 2013
I have been to Spokane several times. I am not a city person but got a good fealing for northern Spokane. I really enjoy the outdoors and activities and hunting with my wife and kids. I am looking at also moving to the area around Spokane but not in Spokane.

I have found that no matter were you go in life someone will always have good and bad to say. So take what interests you and ignore the rest.

Spokane, WA

#110 Feb 25, 2013
'Google' Spokane with key words like police abuse, corruption, old money, judges, etc. - you will see a tip of an iceberg. A dangerous place for freedom minded, independent thinking people.

Spokane, WA

#111 Feb 28, 2013
Two words....SOUTH HILL!

Seattle, WA

#112 Mar 18, 2013
Spokane is full of rednecks. It is the worst city on earth, Seattle is the best #SQUAD

Spokane, WA

#113 Mar 20, 2013
Transplant wrote:
'Google' Spokane with key words like police abuse, corruption, old money, judges, etc.- you will see a tip of an iceberg. A dangerous place for freedom minded, independent thinking people.
Spokane is not a bad place. You can find problems anywhere.

Naperville, IL

#114 Mar 22, 2013
While Spokane has it's own share of globalists, communist politicians and other people living for control and power (cops, CPS, gang bangers), I would say it measures up very well to the rest of the places I have lived in the USA and the entire Northwestern laid-back attitude is very present, IMHO.

Big enough to feel "urban&hip" and small enough to actually willingly consider the idea (at least) of sending your own tkids to a public school.

Statistics wise, like most decent places, I sit with theimpression that the bad crimes and stuff tends to come from people who are not from here. I'm not from here either, but appreciate scrutiny from local people, because I know that's how I treat any newcomers in my neighborhood as well until know what is going on.
Otherwise, it is an emerging problem that so many people from other states with higher taxation (often leading to a higher amount of cash at hand when overprized houses are sold) come and buy properies in free states and then they also spread their agendas. I think this is especially true with lots of the property in CDL.

Finally, google for anything and you will find anything (you want).

Naperville, IL

#115 Mar 22, 2013
Anonymous wrote:
Spokane is full of rednecks. It is the worst city on earth, Seattle is the best #SQUAD
"redneck" has simp-ly become a derogatopry term form anyone who deosn't cowtow to liberals and/or vote democrat. "redneck" is also anyone who isn't ashamed of having a "white" heritage.

We need MORE "rednecks" instead of freedom chasing liberals who never work, or if they do only with government jobs to control people.

Now, you empty headed liberals can go ahead and rack up the long list of sins "whitey" has done again. You guys zeal to destroy and demonize anyone who doesn't think like you all will only lead to more resistance. You guys are already working hard to destroy the economy, where old terms like "budget", "inflation" or "deficit" is as foreign a concept to you guys as honesty, empathy or logic. And no, don't put words into my mouth you scmu, because this does not mean any insuinuations or agitations for violence or illegal activity. The only ones resorting to violence (as always) are the ones who claim to be against it, you libs..

It must be fun for liberals to wear their morally and politically correct suits 24/7 atop of a high horse where they can smite and "expose" anyone who is a "threat" to society (i. e. anyone not thinking like you guys) on the mere whim of how appealing the message sent out is.

Bullhead City, AZ

#116 Aug 6, 2013
Wow My husband and I are wanting to move there to raise our 3 year old little boy we are looking for a good place to raise a family. A place were our son can go to school with his friends and graduate with those same friends. I am looking for four seasons, history, and friendly people that don't care if you are white, black, purple, green, from earth or from mars. We are all the same and were all created the same. I am white my husband is Hispanic and my son is mixed but yet we are all created equal and that is what i am looking for. I am a medical assistant and my husband is a bar tender. We live in Arizona and I want my son to grow up in the same town all his life and enjoy the four seasons, experience the beauty of the outdoors. Is that so hard to find now a days.

Spokane, WA

#117 Aug 20, 2013
Tim John wrote:
<quoted text>
I wouldn't come if I were you, the city is full of racist people. The town is part of the government's Federal Witness Protection Program, as such, you would discover strange things happening to your piracy. The city hates business owners and does not encourage new dynamic business adventures, the business sector is controlled by old money with old ideas (the city is not allowed to ‘Seattlizes’ and grow, the judicial system is controlled continuously in a state of ‘conflict of interests’ by Gonzaga Law School Graduates everybody knows everybody else in the courts and they all work against you if you try to change things in Spokane, oh, you better never talk bad about Gonzaga. The police here are racist, the housing market is ballooning because the rush from California, the town is a ‘who-you-know’ to get a job type of place to the 5th power, you don’t know no one you don’t get a job. The nightlife is a joke, there are no radio stations allowed in Spokane unless you like junk, the city hates diversity. If you are an inner-racial couple you are not welcome and if you are a minority couple you are not welcome. Everybody is in everybody’s business so you must stay in your house with the doors locked!
But other than these facts Spokane is quiet…the city does not grow, so if your family comes, that means someone else and their family MUST leave!
,..don't say someone didn't warn you!
If you don't like it, leave!

Spokane, WA

#118 Aug 20, 2013
Geez, it's not that bad. Growth has been about 6% in the last decade. There are racists everywhere, and if you dislike it so much, go somewhere else.
Former Resident

Tucson, AZ

#119 Aug 20, 2013
I spent most of my upbringing in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. I lived in Connecticut, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Oregon. After 15 years being away, I am so ready to return. However, I think I would prefer to live in the outlying areas like: Cheney, Nine Mile Falls, Colbert, Liberty Lake or Airway Heights. I stayed 3 years in Rathdrum, Idaho and by far that was the best place lived. For tax purposes, it makes more sense for my family to live in Washington than Idaho.

Places further north, Deer Park, Loon Lake and Chewelah are nice but the commute is too long for me. Do any current residents have suggestions for cities just outside of Spokane?
Good queston

United States

#120 Aug 21, 2013
I was wondering the same

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