Back on our streets.

Des Moines, IA

#44 Sep 8, 2009
Oh and I completly agree about the job security. If they were to bust that house then they would have to try and figure out where else they could just sit there and watch the drug addicts.

Lincoln, NE

#45 Dec 18, 2009
ese paloma sur 13 tiny criminals rifa

Lincoln, NE

#46 Jan 21, 2010
goodenough wrote:
well said Officer Epps. that's the additude i'd expect coming out of columbus NE. Snitch central. So like you said be free while all the meth heads rot away in a jail cell. only problem is there has not been any jamone sightings in columbus sents you helped put steve davis away. so go ahead, what are you waiting for be free walk your black ass down the streets of columbus and my white ass will there to greet you.
I tell my children that if someone is doing something wrong, then blow the whistle. If youre breaking the rules, you risk getting told on or in trouble. if you don't break the rules, nobody can tattle on you. interesting that my 5 and 7 year old can grasp that concept and "adults" can't. Contrary to what you believe, he's still here in Columbus, taking care of his family. B/c he had the choice to either protect crimals or clean up and be there for his children. It's simple: don't break the law. Take advantage of the opportunities that we have, work hard, earn taxable income and take care of your family. If you invest your time in those things, you shouldn't have time for much else, let alone doing/dealing drugs. Grow up. It's not hard.

Des Moines, IA

#47 Jan 26, 2010
I really don't think that you know the same Jamone since the Jamone there talking about just got out of jail for punching out a bartender. Tell me how is that taking care of your family? How is going around town snitching on drug dealers taking care of your family? How is not keeping a job taking care of your family? And how is cheating on every girlfriend you've ever had taking care of your family? So Please tell me who is the one who needs to grow up.

Des Moines, IA

#48 Jan 26, 2010
I'm not condoning doing or dealing drugs but don't defend a piece of shit like that. By the way I am good friends with one of the mothers of his kids and taking care of his family is not something that he has ever taken seriously.
rouge dawg

Kansas City, MO

#49 May 15, 2012
update... add scott tarnick to the snitch list... he is curently locked up in north platte an while there snitched on 2 close friends an got them locked up.. so to anyone that has been burnt by him its open season on him if u see him...lets hunt...

United States

#50 May 15, 2012
Add timothy kosch n brittney ellenwood they are taking my walkin shoes n tr
ading em in flr orange. Crocks way to pay a friends kindnesses back

Tilden, NE

#51 Jul 14, 2012
yall is dumb. strt up. u see a snitch its strt bag and tag \. Kansas city thugz do the way we do. you snitch look out cuz you just a flea in tha sand. i got 6 bentleys and i been slangin for 18 years. how many thugs get to shake hands with the president? i grew up in a trailer park now i have a luxury home and property and i go to all the democratic conventions. you think you all got somtin to lose? yall dont know shit. start pushing 250.g a week and give me a call if you look hard enough you find me
Rouge dawg

Prairie Village, KS

#52 Jul 21, 2012
Domino u got it right. Kansas city my home town an I know what u mean... Its SOS shoot on sight.. I been in the game for a min. Hit me up lets work..

United States

#53 Aug 31, 2012
yes timothy kosch is a snitch its a fact....i had no part in this he did this all behind my back he tricked us all snitched on my friends and loved ones and also has snitched on me which when we were even together engaged he pinned his meth and weed charges on me there were 3 of us in the car hes the only one who walked away with no ticket my friend got a weed paraphynella ticket i got charged with his weed pipe sack of weed and his meth pipe....he is a snitch really just a pussy scared to wear orange! fuckin snitch baby b**ch all i have to say is karma is a f**kin b**ch and shes guna b**ch slap him so hard he will never stop crying.... im also glad the truth has come out that i did not snitch on her he did he took all of us down.....i have never snitched on anyone

Lincoln, NE

#54 Oct 17, 2012
i like playing this game

Lincoln, NE

#55 Oct 17, 2012
ten down ten more to go

Lincoln, NE

#56 Oct 17, 2012
n ever say never snitchedon anyone bites u in the face fast

United States

#57 Nov 23, 2012
Oh boy

Neligh, NE

#58 Jan 2, 2013
goodenough wrote:
all this talk bout snitches caught my attention for many reasons well i got my kids taken from me by the state i guess the where exposed to my meth use they did test positive and that was a shock but anyways a good man by the name of Doug told me he could get me my kids back all a had to do was set up some people with controlled drug buys so yeah i didnt even think twice i set up friends ive known for ten plus years and with a blink of an eye my kids where home and my friends are in jail so i just wanna tell the columbus pd and snare drug task force thank you now i can kick back blow smoke in my kids face and watch others suffer and still walk the streets as if i did nothing wrong. Jeremy Titman
yes i am a victim of his snitchin...i was one his friends of 10 years...and i was sent to federal prison because of his ass
crazy legs

Minneapolis, MN

#59 Jan 9, 2013
Anybody know anything about a guy named Matt Spence...
big mac

Minneapolis, MN

#60 Jan 11, 2013
I know matt spence he is one person u dont want to piss off... dude is straight gangster...take my advice dont f**k him could be ur last move...

Shawano, WI

#61 Mar 5, 2013
crazy legs wrote:
Anybody know anything about a guy named Matt Spence...
Why are you asking about him? That dude was a previoud TapOut MMA fighter/Champion.
kansas city king

Minneapolis, MN

#62 Aug 16, 2013
I hear y'all talkn bout my dog matt spence.. let me tell u this I've seen him in action an trust me back off him... u Dont wanna fuck with him.. he has ties to a lot of big time organizations... ie maffia.. cartels.. and Kansas city's own duece klick 57 rdv's......straight up leave him be...

United States

#63 Aug 16, 2013
mike vanmeter is 100% snitch he sat there in court sang like a scared little bitch in chuck proroks trial and he was the main witness to which the courts went 100% on what he said he openly admitted he wouldn't think twice about taking his even his closest friends down or taking anyone down just so he couls save his own worthless ass. he also snitched on Melissa Montenagro.. chuck prorok got 13 years no parol until his thirteen years in prison have reached currently locked up in Tacompsa state prison due to mike vanmeter snitching. chuck and mike had been friends sence they were in dipears. how low can u b to put ur bestfriend away with no thought at all? snitches get put in ditches is the saying ive grown up to and learned. that's a little of what I know and and I know one more thing ride or die take ur own don't tell on anyone and fuck u mike vanmeter for helping take some of the most true people to me out of my life hope u rotte in hell. they always say that KARMA when it hits it hits very very very hard good luck because ull need it!!!

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