I am interested in only two statements made by Ms. Kim Pridgen. 1. I recently became aware of a revival in Columbus, N.C., 2. I am not a member of the CMA. Both clearly prove that she is speaking only from what she has heard. There is an old saying that tells us to only believe half of what we see,and none of what we hear! This would have kept a lot of ugly words from being posted. I am the pastor of the church and I was present in this service, and Ms. Pridgen is simply wrong in what she said. Thank you for reading and God Bless
P.S. I will answer the question what have you done for Jesus lately? I've done nothing but try to be a servent for HIM. Now let me tell you what HE did in the meeting being talked about, HE sent 13 weeks of revival in 4 churches in our area and saved over 80 souls GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!