Review: Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis

Review: Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis

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Starkville Health

United States

#1 Oct 13, 2011
I have tried many, many, weight loss products over the years and after becoming frustrated with being the "fat one" in the crowd and feeling helpless... I decided to give this stuff a try! I am seeing very positive results now and have discovered that I too can be healthier by losing my goal of 40 pounds. After 3 months of Plexus Slim with the Accelerator, I am closing in and know that the last 11 pounds is not only obtainable but within reason. I never thought it was possible for me. Thanks Plexus!!!

One Happy Momma!
Starkville, Ms





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United States

#2 Oct 13, 2011
I heard everyone talking about this particular product, "Plexus Slim", and must admit that I am quiet the sceptic after trying different things and getting the same results... Nothing! Well, NOT this time!!! I haven't lost as much as I would like but then again, I am only starting my 4th week and after going from No results to 18 lbs lighter... I would recommend this to anyone.

Caledonia, Ms
M Mcduffy

Pearl, MS

#4 Oct 13, 2011
I take plexus also, only without the accelerator. I tried it for a few days but I had a little trouble falling asleep at night. Then again, I'm the type that can't drink coffee after lunch either! I do have three close friends that are taking both together and have indeed lost more weight than me but don't have trouble with cafiene either. I am still losing weight though... 16 pounds in 7 weeks. Great product plexus and Thank You for giving us something that works. I do have one question directed at the corporate level though. This particular advertisement is for a local Plexus representative in our Golden Triangle area. Do you not have some kind of etiquette guidelines for your distributors where they do not advertise the same product on another distributors add??? Nothing to me either way but "Bill and Robin" are from Louisianna, a long way from home, just to happen to stumble upon this page and have the audacity to leave his web links... Seems pretty tacky to me! I live in Una but work in West Point... if I'm going to continue buying it will be from a rep that is local. I do have many acquaintances that use PS and I will certainly make sure they aren't buying from the two in LA. Two words... Business Ethics. Just sayin'!
Scott K - Tuscaloosa Al

Tupelo, MS

#6 Oct 13, 2011
Bill and Robin wrote:
...So I joined Plexus Slim and now it is October 13th and I have lost 18 lbs so far. My goal is to get down to 215 lbs so I still have a ways to go.
So if you are in need of losing some weight then you may want to check out my company web site at or
Sneaky biz move there my friend! Down right LOW down if you ask me! You almost had me with your praises of this product right up until I realized you worked for them. Then, to top it all off, you put a plug in for your own site... on Sue's page! Way to go Plexus from LA!!!
Athena R

Tupelo, MS

#7 Oct 13, 2011
I had not so good results with ps the first time around but will admit that not taking as directed will probably produce those kinds of testimonys. lol This time has been much different. About 11 pounds in 18 days. I also didnt buy the accelerator last time. Probably part if my problem too. Would recommend ps to anyone. I agree with the man above, nice layout of material on the blog. Best I've seen! Keep up the good work.
Trina W

Tupelo, MS

#8 Oct 13, 2011
T Franks wrote:
...accelerator part of it. Does it contain efedra or another stimulant? Please someone, let me know. One comment on the post from the man and woman putting their website info on someone elses business page... shame on you!
T Franks
Iuka, Ms
I think I read somewhere that the accelerator does contain caffiene, but only about as much in one cup of coffee. I take it and have never had any problems. Only results!!! I hope youll give ut a try. Good luck!!!!!

Trina W
West Point, Ms
S Horton

Tupelo, MS

#10 Oct 13, 2011
Well, I guess I am the exception to the rule it seems. I took it for an entire month and only lost 6 pounds... did I forget to mention that after four days with no sleep, my ability to reason diminished and my patience with everyone and everything was turned into an "inability"! After the 7th day, I had uncontrolled diarrhea and no appetite. Did I mention, I still had not slept. Two weeks in, I was like a caged animal... foaming at the mouth and gnashing of teeth. Sleep... very little. Three weeks in, my husband accused me of being on meth and threatened to leave me unless I sought immediate inpatient treatment for amphetamine addiction. Probably because for THREE weeks, I paced the floors day and night and drank water like I had not seen a cool drink for days. I was exhausted to the point of no longer being able to dial a telephone number, drive my car, or carry on a conversation. I did begin to worry and seemed advice from others that I knew was taking it. They laughed at me and said to just give it another week. After all, they were losing weight by the double digits... so, I did. Week 4.... I really don't remember, amnesia of such. I entered what I have described as a "fog". You know your there but can't see your hand in front of your face. I had uncontrollable muscle twitching, loss of bladder control, no sex drive, I became light headed and dizzy, experienced loss of balance and motor skills, heart palpitations, swollen painful joints, could not wear a bra because my breast were too tender, hives across my body, and out of body experiences... probably from NO sleep! Then, I woke up 33 days after first taking ps in the hospital at UAB! Well come to find out, the old story about if one will do a little good, two will do even better... So NOT true!!!!! I managed to succeed in taking a 3 Month supply of the accelerator, minus the last 11 pills, probably because I was so out of it, I forgot to take them, in 29 days! I can't blame it on the plexus... I wonder now if I was really trying to carry out some distorted plan to end my life, although I was a little ticked at the time because my husband had me committed to detox and placed on suicide watch... 10 days later, I was discharged and told that I always had a shrink on call if I ever needed an ear to lean on. lol My purpose for posting is not to put a bad spin on plexus but to warn adults to take as directed and keep away from kids... they shoot and snort poisons for a buzz for goodness sakes... If they ever found this, in large enough doses, will not produce a buzz but it will put them in a state of dillerium and tremors! From one dumb cookie, take this one from experience... Read the directions and do not think you'll get faster, better, results by sneaking a few more than your girlfriends. For me, the junk in my trunk will have to stay!

Birmingham, Al





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Monique L

Tupelo, MS

#11 Oct 13, 2011
If you have questions or are curious about Plexus Slim, I would recommend attending one of the Explosion meetings... very informative. I haven't been to one in the golden triangle yet but did attend one in Jackson. It was nice to find a list of schedules on here for our area. I'll be at the next one for sure.

Mississippi State University
Starkville, Ms
Carl V

Tupelo, MS

#13 Oct 13, 2011
To S Horton: You have made my night! I take plexis slim and the accelerator and have lost abt 34 pounds in 14 weeks, BUT... you scared the hell out of me! The more I read, I actually thought about purging myself of the pill I just took out of the fear of death! My goodness woman, did you have to be so graphic in your description and sequence of events? Boy was I glad when I finally made it to the end, wiping sweat and all, swore I was dieing, kind of like suffering from symptom by association... then I sucked in a deep breath, of relief, when I realized that you my dear are an utter idiot, no disrespect I assure you! Funny as hell but still an idiot by any means of examination!!! After I composed myself from the panic attack I suffered due to your stupidity... I could not resist going back and reading it again. This time, however, because I knew that an introduction to a certified nutcase awaited me, I laughed at your predicament to the point I actually urinated on myself. Thanks Alot!!! Talk about 0-60 in 6 flat... I went from hyperventilating from fear of what I had been putting in my body to rolling with laughter as a 40 year old man pissed himself! Just fir the record, if I was your husband, I would have locked you up too! You my southern fried idiot managed to put a whole new spin on Alabama redneck! Mel Tillis, Foxworthy, or that other get er done guy really ought to fit your story into their skit! At least you could wag your junk in the trunk all the way to the bank!!! Seeing how I can still manage to write, I assume I have followed the directions fir proper administration of the plexus accelerator. Your source of a three month supply should have recognized the adverse reactions you were having and cut you off... NOT! They were laughing at your dumb ass right along with your friends that told you to keep taking it!!! That's funny right there, I don't care who you are... That's funny!

Dallas, Tx





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Jennifer P

Philadelphia, PA

#14 Oct 14, 2011
I agree w carl, very funny sandie! Nice read over a cup of coffee this morning. I take just the plexus slim, have been for a couple of months and have had fairly good results. I have about decided to order the accelerator after having tried the 3 day pack. I can't say that I lost 10 pounds in 3 days but I can say that it took away my fear of the jitters. I took it for the full 3 days and had no trouble sleeping and did not feel like bugs were crawling on me as some other weight loss products I have taken. Hope this helps someone considering using PS or PSACC.

Oxford, Ms
Ronald E

Tupelo, MS

#15 Oct 14, 2011
I have not used the slim or acc from plexus because I haven't needed to lose any weight. I use the colon cleanser and probio5 in conjunction with creatine and muscle max protien as part of my body building regimen. I feel better and have noticed remarkable improvements in the areas of my immunity, stamina, and energy. You would be amazed at how much better you feel when you rid your body of toxins and excersie daily. I am not a professional and do not compete so I am not speaking for the body building community. It has worked for me and I feel better than I have in years. I can attest my results to the plexus products because the chafes I felt cane about only after about 30 days from starting these products.

Nashville, Tn
Pauline F

United States

#16 Oct 14, 2011
I have been trying to find somebody in my area to buy this from but even though the word about plexus slim is everywhere you look on the Internet, I have not been able to find a distributor in the North East. Is this only a product being sold in the Southern Region? Amazing how I stumbled upon this thread actually, just goes to show you guys what happens when you put only your city in the search engine... never knew there was another West Point in the US. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
West Point, NY

Go Army!
Mack B

United States

#18 Oct 14, 2011
Nothing to report on the benefits of any of the plexus products but will say that after reading some of this, my curiosity has been peaked as I could stand to lose about 50 pounds according to my doctor but have yet to find a way of accomplishing this! Very inspiring, except of course, with the exception of the lady from alabamas near death experience. It was humorous after I discovered it was a direct result of her own failure to read the directions! As far as the salesman that took the liberty of posting his links on an advertisement page that did not belong to him... you sir or mam should issue a public apology to Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis and delete your own thread. If this were my page, I would mark it as spam and delete it myself.

Mack B
Orlando, Fl
Cynthia F

Pearl, MS

#19 Oct 14, 2011
Good day to all yous. You can get plexus postaled to yous. Nit certen if it is available globaly ir nit but I have had it postaled to canadia. I am original from Europe but hoildayed here one year and moved for employee opputunitie. I am lost with 13.2 kilos in 65 days. To try the pink breast balm next order time so help with wrinkled and chaffing. Friend speak of increase to blood flow und firming of breast with sensitizing of nipples. Nit oder products consumed to date but will debate on at later time. Many blessing to all yous and farewell.

Alberta Canadia
Jesus Miguel A

Pearl, MS

#20 Oct 14, 2011
I had to stop using plexus. Doctor said because of working outdoors in heat it made me sick. I did loose weight so with cooler weather will try again. Maybe just slim this time around but will see.
Patrick H

Tupelo, MS

#21 Oct 14, 2011
Just started using plexus slim myself and have not had any negative effects. One of my friends had lost a tim of weight and I finally asked him how he was doing it. I hope that my story is as successful as his in the long run. I think he has lost about 35 pounds now. One other observation, anyone else but me see that there is a flaw in this sites location posting? It doesn't match where anyone is from. Anyway, that's technology for you. Happy Slimming!

Patrick H
Knoxville, TN
Jan L

Tupelo, MS

#22 Oct 14, 2011
Really enjoy the PS and Accelerator. I have lost 12 pounds in 21 days. Need to find a local rep to buy from though. Wish we would get one in my area. If anyone knows of one in or around St Louis, MO let me know.


Tupelo, MS

#23 Oct 14, 2011
Plexus Slim Explosion... I need to know who to talk to about selling this stuff??? A lot of people I know is taking it but all order direct. I need to gety hands on it so I can be their contact. Help me...

Chicago, IL

Tupelo, MS

#24 Oct 14, 2011
My mother in law takes plexus now for about a year. She wouldn't trade it for all the empty promises out there! Her blood sugar is under control without meds. First time in years! Way to go Plex!

Oklahoma City, OK
Benjamin H

Washington, DC

#28 Oct 14, 2011
I took plexus and like the other lady, could not sleep the whole night through for about a week. I have lost 26 lbs though and now have no trouble. Each to his own I guess.

Mobile, AL

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