Public speaks to Kasich

Public speaks to Kasich

There are 142 comments on the DispatchPolitics story from Apr 3, 2011, titled Public speaks to Kasich. In it, DispatchPolitics reports that:

Excerpts from the thousands of emails to Gov. John Kasich on Senate Bill 5, which limits collective-bargaining rights: I am a corrections officer with the state and have been for 15 years.

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#22 Apr 3, 2011
The least the Dispatch could have done would be to show a sampling of emails represenative of the true feelings of the citizens of Ohio. I assure you it is not an even 50/50 split. Check the polls. I'd bet the number of emails to the governor in opposition of SB5 outweigh the supporting ones by at least a 3 to 1 margin. The Dispatch isn't even trying to appear balanced anymore. What a pathetic excuse for a newspaper.
Cancel the Dispatch

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#23 Apr 3, 2011
Karla Katz wrote:
Looks more, and more as if this newspaper is being run by MSNBC.
Go away out-of-state spammer. I know you get paid to post this, but keep it in your own back yard.
Ben Dover

Columbus, OH

#24 Apr 3, 2011
I love this one. She'll see a levy this fall or next spring as will all the districts in the state. Wonder what she'll say then?

"Passage of this legislation would mean, at the very least, a $5-$6 million boon to our school district's budget, just considering the cost savings from our employees' medical plans and retirement programs.... Simply put, this would allow our district to request less millage in future levies for new operating revenue or perhaps allow us to delay levy requests far longer than we have in the past.

- Jennifer Sinisgalli"

Wellington, OH

#25 Apr 3, 2011
Allen wrote:
<quoted text>
I think the silent people represent a group much larger than you think. They don't enjoy the benefits or pensions that public employees have had. When more Ohioans start to realize what a good deal public employees have had, Gov. Kasich will enjoy more support. He's taking a lot of heat, but what he's doing is in the long-term interest of Ohio.
Teachers always whine that these cuts will "hurt the children" to cover up that this is basiscally a fact that teachers' salaries have gone way up while the quality of education has gone way down.
If you want to know what teachers make in your district, check out the web site of the Buckeye Institute. You'll find that the kindergarten teacher making $90,000 for nine months work isn't the only teacher in that pay range.

Another Moron opening his mouth without any knowledge whatsoever. You have to be a Republican or TeaBa_er !!

I will dumb this up for you. Public Workers have taken Pay Freezes, Cuts to Pay, Personal Days were taken & Medical has gone up every year for the last 3 years. Where in GODS name do you think they make all this money ? I understand you are a "Hater". You are one of those people that hate it when someones doing better than you. I get it now. With that being said, how much should someone make with a College Degree ? How much should someone make with A Masters Degreee ? You're the "Smart" one, give us some numbers.

You sit here & run your mouth about things you have NO knowledge about. If people want a better job, go to College, get a Degree. Then you can talk. If you want to Lump in those that work @ Fast Food Restaurants, Retail Stores, etc. You need to Get A Grip.

Seriously, GOOD LUCK in LIFE, HATER !!!

Nashport, OH

#26 Apr 3, 2011
So they can use a computer ? So what ?

Defiance, OH

#27 Apr 3, 2011
Pat wrote:
Does this bill effect ALL government employees or just those in unions? I work for a government agency but we never been union. I sure hope they don't throw us all in the same bucket, none of us makes $10 an hour now. Our city picks up our health insurance though. No way can I afford to pay 15% on $9.50 an hour. I only take home $513 every two weeks now.
Sorry Pat, this bill affects all Public Employees. You are one of many overpaid public employees that the Republicans are talking about. They work for Small communities, townships, counties, and they do the work in school systems that is not teaching. Keep writing because these salaries are the norm not the exception.
C Streetman Westerville

Westerville, OH

#28 Apr 3, 2011
The last 10 posts have been 50/50 for and against. I am unsure where I come down on this issue, but know that collective bargaining for the auto industry is what put Michigan in the position it is in right now. I believe that teachers that do a good job deserve more pay than they are currently earning as well as firefighters and police. However, powerful unions and the people that run them have run their course. Unions protect the good and the bad and therein lies the problem. We can't afford to keep spending money we don't have our state will be bankrupt. The middle-class has been tightening their belts for the past several years, it is time for others to do the same.
George Milo

Orange Park, FL

#29 Apr 3, 2011
If the above comments are for real and Gov Ksich is as stubborn as I have known him to be over the past 30+ years. Your memories of this incident should be long lasting bcuause he is not through yet.! His politcial benchmark is and has been for many,many years my way or the highwayu. Ohiio voted him into office so the registered voters had better be prepared to go to court ,or vote him a vote of no confience or tie him up infederal court by getting a stay of implemntation by a federal judge to implement SB5 iun November 2011. That is democracy at work. Either start now or whine a lot.
Hold Up and Think

Marengo, OH

#30 Apr 3, 2011
There's a long term effect here that is totally being overlooked. Yes, it is possible that money will be saved in the short run, but let's think about the long term ramifications for a second.

People enter public service for a variety of reasons including stability and the willingness to provide a service to their fellow citizens. These people do not expect to become rich; quite the contrary, they are content with the knowledge that they can live comfortably for their lives. I would not call a salary of $35,000 a year getting rich by any stretch.

Long term, with the bashing that is going on, young people are not going to choose a career in public service. Probably, for some of you, that's just fine, didn't need their kind leaching off the taxpayer anyway.

But let's be honest, teachers are still needed. Firefighters and police are still needed. People who make the air and water clean are still needed. So, what will happen? People will not choose public service but those jobs will still need to be done. How will we get people to fill those jobs? We'll have to attract people to do those jobs somehow and the best way to do that is to offer them a better pay and benefits. This will cost us all more in the long run.

The people who like public service because they can serve people, the people who like public service because it can be a comfortable living will leave or never enter the public sector. They will realize that they should not put themselves or their families through the awfulness that public sector employees are being portrayed as on the news and in many, many forums. The people left will be the ones who don't want/can't go anywhere else. Then, in order to get good people back in public service, more money and benefits have to be thrown at these new recruits, costing all of us more in the long run.

Think I am exagerating. Look to the governor himself in the hiring of his chief of staff. Her salary is tens of thousands above Strickland's chief of staff. In the governor's own words, "I had to pay an amount that would entice her to come and work for me and even then she had to take a pay cut." Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of the route for higher long term costs and less quality that we all want to avoid. And make no mistake, the mass exodus of the good people in public service is beginning.

Cambridge, OH

#31 Apr 3, 2011
Pat wrote:
Does this bill effect ALL government employees or just those in unions? I work for a government agency but we never been union. I sure hope they don't throw us all in the same bucket, none of us makes $10 an hour now. Our city picks up our health insurance though. No way can I afford to pay 15% on $9.50 an hour. I only take home $513 every two weeks now.
I am shocked that all public employees are still asking questions about this bill. Every "Public Employee" is affected by this bill. Take the time to educate yourself about the major provisions included in it.

Mount Vernon, OH

#32 Apr 3, 2011
More of our money diverted to the govenor's friends. Who is Teach for America? The group is headed by Wendy Kopp. She is married to Richard Barth CEO of KIPP Schools which were featured in the "Waiting for Superman" documentary. Both of them and their organizations are making big bucks on the public dime.
Teach For America had revenues of $159 million in fiscal year 2008 and expenses of $124.5 million.
CEO and founder Wendy Kopp made $265,585, with an additional $17,027 in benefits and deferred compensation. She also made an additional $71,021 in compensation and benefits through the TFA-related organization Teach for All...
It’s also interesting to look at the 990 for the KIPP Foundation, the charter school chain led by Richard Barth, a former Edison vice president and TFA staffer who also happens to be Kopp’s husband.
Barth made more than $300,000 in pay and benefits, bringing the Kopp/Barth household income to almost $600,000 for their work with TFA and KIPP.

Cambridge, OH

#33 Apr 3, 2011
Dativus wrote:
Boy, I hope everyone who sent the Governor comments about SB 5, especially those individuals who are public union members who are coming out in favor of the bill, were fully aware of the risk that the Dispatch would plaster their name, city, and comments on their website. As passionate as the fight over that bill has been, I'd be worried if I were these individuals.
This is something the Dispatch and other media outlets need to learn - the right to access to public records isn't a blank check to carelessly throw information out there. I'm certain these poor individuals would have paused if they realized their comments, names, and homes would be put out here like this. The Dispatch fights hard to maintain public access rights, but actions such as this just give the politicians more reason to limit access.
And at the end of the day, articles such as this will only have a chilling effect upon citizens communicating with their government. Citizens will likely think twice now about communicating with their elected officials concerning hot topics because the Dispatch might just decide to post it for the entire world to see.
Just like the posting stuff on the internet...if you don't want the world to see what you write, don't send it to a public agency. The sunshine rules are there so that the public can always "check" on the government.

Mount Vernon, OH

#34 Apr 3, 2011
KING KASUCK wants public schools to fail, so he can divert money from public schools to the pockets of his firends who run CHARTER SCOOLS!!! We're being ROBBED!!

Columbus, OH

#35 Apr 3, 2011
Teachers "only work 9 months" - right - well, I work 8 hrs every Sunday during the school year. I arrive at 7 am and leave at 5 pm (contract says I'm there 8am - 4 pm). So - 36 weeks of a school year. There are 261 weekdays during a 365 day year. So, I work a 187 day contract, add in an addition 36 Sunday, conservatively an additional one more day worth of time (10 hrs if all 5 days, but I'll round down)- 36 more days.

187 + 36+ 36 = 259 days worked. Remember the downward rounding? Yep - I work AT LEAST 261 days a year. How many do YOU work?

I'm tired of teachers being blamed for the financial woes of Ohio. Gov. Kasich is clearly going after unions for personal and national GOP agendas. I would be less angry if he stepped up and stated that was his real agenda.

Teachers are required to receive a Master's degree. How many other jobs - public or private - require obtaining an advanced degree in order to maintain their licensure?

Columbus, OH

#36 Apr 3, 2011
How is Senate Bill 5 going to create jobs? Still waiting John -- where is the explanation? Instead, our Republican General Assembly is debating an abortion bill that has absolutely zero chance of being constitutional. The abortion bill is so ridiculous that even Right to Life will not back it. Not to muddy the conversation with the aborition issue, but this proves to me that the Republicans refuse to focus on what it is absolutely pressing to the people -- the economy -- and instead just want to push their agenda. And I'm a registered Republican.

Chillicothe, OH

#37 Apr 3, 2011
I would like to know how much the superintendent for Licking Valley Local Schools make a year? I wonder if he is willing to take a pay cut to support SB5.

Chillicothe, OH

#39 Apr 3, 2011
Pat wrote:
Does this bill effect ALL government employees or just those in unions? I work for a government agency but we never been union. I sure hope they don't throw us all in the same bucket, none of us makes $10 an hour now. Our city picks up our health insurance though. No way can I afford to pay 15% on $9.50 an hour. I only take home $513 every two weeks now.
I hope your next! What's good for one is good for all!

Toledo, OH

#40 Apr 3, 2011
mattie wrote:
I would like to know how much the superintendent for Licking Valley Local Schools make a year? I wonder if he is willing to take a pay cut to support SB5.
Right on Mattie, Each school district has a superintentdent, each county has a county superindentent. Removing this duplication would allow school district to keep the most important piece of education - the TEACHERS. Superindents should be supporting teachers.

Elyria, OH

#41 Apr 3, 2011
The problem is get what you pay for. If you want to pay less you have to cut services, not salaries. Teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc. Deserve their pay and then some. By cutting salaries you are taking the walmart approach cheap as possible but no quality.

If you are cutting your budget you cut HBO, you do not call the cable company and say I am only paying half my bill from now on but I expect the same service.

You can not pay for a used ford and demand a new BMW.

Jackson, OH

#43 Apr 3, 2011
I'd like to know how you "hand-picked" these particular comments? What about those who know that any chance of keeping your job under the conditions of SB5 would depend on WHO you are and WHO you know? I see it as the best way to "shut people up!"

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