Cheerleader, Other Girls Beat Up Teen...

Cheerleader, Other Girls Beat Up Teen Girl , Tape the Crime

There are 2461 comments on the WLTX Columbia story from Apr 7, 2008, titled Cheerleader, Other Girls Beat Up Teen Girl , Tape the Crime. In it, WLTX Columbia reports that:

" Lakeland, Florida - The Polk County Sheriff's office released the video of a teenage girl who, as Sheriff Grady Judd puts it, was "lured so her friends could beat her." The video shows what Judd says is the ...

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Since: Apr 08

Columbia s.c.

#1733 Apr 14, 2008
These girls will get a taste of their own medicine when their locked up with other girls that are bigger,badder, meaner, and will enjoy putting them in their place. Lets see how tough they are then.

Haverford, PA

#1734 Apr 14, 2008
The beating was vicious and cowardly - 5 on 1? Real brave. Secondly, filming the whole thing as evidence and putting it on the internet? The only way they could have made it easier on the prosecutors is if they had captions with their names following each of them around. And maybe a punch count. Idiots.

Mesquite, TX

#1735 Apr 14, 2008
Are you people sick? You parents make me want to throw up!To allow something like this to go on in your homes by your children to someone's child.They could have killed this kid!You people are so lucky this was not my child,because i would have gone postal on each and everyone of you!!!!!

Knoxville, TN

#1736 Apr 14, 2008
Those girls are bad and I cant beleive they would do that I think they DO belong in prisn for LIFE. I mean they cant make someone like them plus that girl could NOT fight.

Walnut Creek, CA

#1737 Apr 14, 2008
They knew what they were going to do. It was premeditated and just because they are minors, doesn't make it alright. THEY SHOULD BE TRIED AS ADULTS IN COURT AND NOT GO TO JUVENILE COURT!

Mesquite, TX

#1738 Apr 14, 2008
Steve you are just as stupid as these girls are maybe alittle jail time will do you some good to.Nobody deserves this kind of treatment nobody you are a jack*** suppose this was your daughter or sister lets get real here.They could have killed this kid and for what? I live in a world were people put there life on the line everyday fighting a war we know nothing about in a country we know nothing about, must we fight here in our homes everyday also??????????
barbara aguilar

Joliet, IL

#1739 Apr 14, 2008
Anonymous wrote:
It appears that all these girls are in need of psychological testing and treatment. Without professional help these girls will resort to more violence as they grow up. I think a few years in a psychiatric hospital or even boot camp will do the job!
If an example is not made, the teens of today will continually get worse.

I think a lot of parents right now are asking themselves two questions. 1. What would I do if this happened to my child? and 2. What would I do if my child did this to another child?

If, like me, you can answer #2 that your child would never do something like this and know in your heart your answer is true than you are raising your children right. My daughter would never do something like this because she understands what consequences are - every time she makes a wrong choice, I give her a consequence. Everyone of the attacker's parents knew before this even happened that they are bad parents.

They can see a psychologist every day in prison, they should never be free in society. By this age, if they do not know the difference between right and wrong - THEY NEVER WILL!

Last thought: the teens of today will be running our world in less than 20 years. As a 39 year old this statement scares the life out of me!

Walnut Creek, CA

#1740 Apr 14, 2008
annonymous wrote:
These girls just needed some guidance. They let there egos take over there competitiveness and when that happens that leaves no self control. they are obviously confused about popularity.
Guidance my a**!, It has nothing to do with guidance. This attack was premidiated, and if a parent was at home then this kids would have done this attack at another person's house!

“Prayer Is Power”

Since: Dec 06


#1741 Apr 14, 2008
anonymous wrote:
So a poor little white girl gets beat up and it's a horrfiying event? Bullsheet. If this had been a group of kids from the ghetto there would be no press coverage and I doubt people would be showing any outrage at all.
Funny how nobody cares until little white children from the suburbs are involved.
You are having quite a senseless pity party. I hope you soon realize that you are totally wrong in your thinking, or you will thrive on self pity forever. It's not a pleasant nor helpful life ambition. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Mesquite, TX

#1742 Apr 14, 2008
The more I watch the video the hotter I get.Where are the parents, not one parent called to check up on the girls.How could this happen these parents as well as these girls should be held responsible. And the one doing all the hitting put her in a jail cell with Big Bertha and then see if she still thinks shes bad.All I can say is WALKING TALL! MOM, WATCH IT

New Orleans, LA

#1743 Apr 14, 2008
this is what comes from children not being taught by there parents. also the gov. needs to but out of family affairs. you can't say anything to kids today because there tol they canhave there parents arrested. what are we raising here.wake up people!!!!!!!!!!

Camas, WA

#1744 Apr 14, 2008
they didn't even give the poor girl a chance to speak, shame on them!! i believe that the girls should be trialled as an adult since they were obviously trying to be one. And as for the boys that were trying to be a look out, they should have known better and also get the same punishment and as the girls.

Since: Apr 08

Stanley, NC

#1745 Apr 14, 2008
Stephen in Lincoln wrote:
Talk shit about somebody and get the shit beaten out of you; that's reality. I guess none of you have had your life ruined by somebody's big mouth; when it happens to your kid then you'll change your tune and be ready to kick some azz. Right now you all picture your kid as the one getting beat up, but none of you are thinking how you'd feel if your kid came home from school one day in tears because nobody is talking to them because one of their "friends" told everyone a lie about your kids such as they were 1) a lesbian or 2) they blew the football team or 3) they told a lie about so and so when they didn't or 4) insert your worse nightmare here. How many kids have to change schools or drop out and take a GED because of trash-talk. You guys are having a knee-jerk reaction here, this girl got her ass kick for running her mouth when she should have kept it shut, she's not deaf, she's not blind and her injuries will heal but look at all the trouble that she's caused a lot of people including herself. She should have taken her beating and moved on like a lady who'd learned a valuable lesson.

There are other ways, that don't involve criminal-like behavior, to deal with disrespectful people.
She may have done all the nasty things they claim, and I don't condone her antagonizing them, cyber-bullying is all the rage I hear for teens, BUT their violent reaction has officially blown up in their face.
Why, because it was the wrong way to deal with it, but maybe they were never taught differently.
Should they get the death penalty, in my opinion, no.
Is a punishment in order, definitely.
When my young child stole a piece of candy from the store, did I shrug it off because of their gentle age and innocence? Or maybe it was just too much trouble to worry myself about a piece of candy.
Absolutely not. I marched them into the store and they faced the store manager and confessed their crime with a suitable apology.
They never did it again.
Parenting bears an enormous amount of responsibility and not everyone is built for it. Not only are people divorcing their spouses, they now have stooped to bailing on their children. I'm sure you've heard, Victoria was living with Mercedez and the Grandmother. She's, what, 16?
I'd sooner move my family to a remote location, and I have the means, than drop her at some strangers house. If they ain't blood related, that is what they qualify as.
So it appears many decidedly unfortunate decisions were at play in this scenario, an epidemic of ignorance for the lack of priorities.
Some things are worth fighting for.
But not at the expense of your morals.
Empathy, humility, and respect or lost to all the girls. Learning them is a just punishment.

Durham, NC

#1746 Apr 14, 2008
wow, i cant believe they show no regret...i hope they go away for life...and one of the teens mother's defended her daughter, saying the victim shouldnt have been saying things in the first place!:(

Since: Apr 08

Stanley, NC

#1747 Apr 14, 2008
Vox Populi wrote:
Every day in America, non-White America, people get beaten by gangs, run home from school with bloody noses and broken ribs, and laugh as they do it running past police. People seem to be able to tolerate a lot more from communities that aren't immediately in front of them. Kids fight, people harm other people. Inprisonment to kidnapping charges?? Setting an example of girls being viciously catty?? Let's check ourselves here, life in prison for an ass kicking?? Really.

Out of curiosity, what is your analysis of why the two communities bear such a drastic difference in what is acceptable behavior?
Who's responsibility is it to hold each child accountable for their actions?
The child?
The schools?
The police?
Proverbs 22:6
King James Bible
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
It is a shame the way 'non-white' communities, and frankly more than a few 'white,' are or are not.
The only difference is the obvious.
Skin color does not determine ones fate.
There are numerous factors, but it is the individuals will, or lack there of,that is the deciding agent.
And it all starts with what they are taught.

Durham, NC

#1748 Apr 14, 2008
...and stephen, i cant believe you actually said something so ignorant. So ur basically saying anyone who talks trash deserves getting ganged up on? Bull. Grow up. She shouldnt have said whatever she said, but she didnt deserve to get beaten the way she did. if people who say things that others dont like should get beat, then according to your idiot reasoning, you should get beat too.
Lakeysha Richardson

Oneida, TN

#1749 Apr 14, 2008
I think that the beaters should git life in prision for doing their friend that way if she was their friend that they claim.
Lakeysha Richardson

Oneida, TN

#1750 Apr 14, 2008
I think that the beaters should git life in prision. For doing their friend that way. If she was a friend why do her that way? you just dont make someone believe your their friend and invite them over so you and the other sick in the head friends can beat on a helpless one person who would not even fight back but just wanted to leave.
Lakeysha Richardson

Oneida, TN

#1751 Apr 14, 2008
Stephen in Lincoln wrote:
<quoted text>
i read that the trashy chick that got her ass kicked is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is and that's what a lot of her myspace chit talk was about.
maybe you should not bring personal problems in the situation


#1752 Apr 14, 2008
give them the max and Dr Phil should keep his nose where it belongs along with Opra

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