Alan Wilson's campaign left $134,000 off previous filings.
Associated Press
Friday, Mar. 22, 2013
COLUMBIA, S.C. South Carolina's top prosecutor amended his campaign filings Friday to account for $134,000 in donations and expenses previously unreported on disclosures surrounding his 2010 election win.
Attorney General Alan Wilson's campaign chairman Thad Westbrook attributed the 68 donations and 16 payments to human error.
"They were all simple clerical or scrivener's errors, and they have all been corrected," said Thad Westbrook. "The individuals who made those errors are no longer involved with the campaign's disclosures. Today, new systems are in place safeguarding against such mistakes."
The 59 checks and nine online donations that came in after Wilson won the office totaled $66,890, ranging from $5 to the $3,500-per-campaign-cycle limit for statewide candidates. The payments totaled $66,797 - more than 80 percent of them to two vendors for television production and consulting, according to the information provided by the campaign.
The corrected reports were filed online four weeks after the unreported donations were discovered.
The first-term Republican attorney general, Alan Wilson responding to a report in the Free Times, said he would return money that House Speaker Bobby Harrell gave for Alan Wilson's Jan. 11 gala. However, while Harrell's online filings listed his $3,500 sponsorship, Wilson's did not.
Thad Westbrook initially estimated that 10 to 15 donations were mistakenly unreported. That number represented other sponsors for Alan Wilson's inaugural gala that were unaccounted for in his online filings.
But an independent accountant Alan Wilson's campaign hired to review his account found many more mistakes. The campaign asked for the review to cover a nine-month span.
But 80 percent of the unreported donations were deposited in the bank on two days, Jan. 6 and Jan. 14. Five donations totaling $7,600 were deposited in late 2010.
The eight donations of $3,500 include Harrell's.
"When human beings are involved, mistakes are inevitable," Thad Westbrook said.
Alan Wilson also last month returned $3,500 donated in October 2010 from a political action committee affiliated with Harrell. The decision to return $7,000 came days after Alan Wilson forwarded an ethics complaint against Harrell to the State Law Enforcement Division for investigation, largely over questions about Harrell's campaign filings. Harrell has denied wrongdoing.