Review: Anytime Fitness
Awful Service

Palm Bay, FL

#109 Aug 1, 2013
Anytime fitness customer service is a fucking joke. Every person I spoke with at corporate was highly rude and did nothing but keep transferring me because the supposedly cold not help me. My only question was concerning how to make a payment because my debit card was stolen and I work two jobs so I can not go up to the gym during normal business hours and every time I call anytime fifteens nobody answers.

Atlanta, GA

#110 Aug 2, 2013
I am having the same problem - trying to cancel my membership. I paid for the time that was on the contract initially, then went on a month to month. I called the head office and they told me I had finished the initial period but that in order to cancel I had to send a certified letter, plus pay an additional $30. I told them they were crazy, that I wanted them to stop taking money out of credit card immediatedly. They kept deducting money so after several more months I called again. Again was told I could cancel at any time but they still kept dunning my card. Finally, I had to cancel my credit card and get a new one. They they started harassing me about unpaid dues, finally turning it over to a lawyer. This gym is a litigation machine. They are the only such club I know of that requires a certified letter plus fee to cancel a month to month contract - nothing allowed over the phone. Plus, if you read all the complaints on line, you'll see a lot of people do send the letters and they still can't get canceled. This gym (ABC-Anytime Fitness) is a scam. They're like the mafia - you can get in but you'll never get out. I'm sending a history of my complaints to the Better Business Bureau and Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs. The clause in their contracts requiring a certified letter is an unnecessary burden on clients that should be against the law.
Poor Service

Sheboygan, WI

#111 Aug 2, 2013
I am a member of the Anytime Fitness in Sheboygan, WI. I've been a member for over a few years.
I mostly go to the one on South Side.
Recently, a new manager Allison has been running this place.
I have to say that the gym is going down hill. I do not like how it is being managed.
I spend a lot of money here and once my membership is up, I will be going to a different gym.
I know a lot of the members there and so it's not only me but she doesn't do her job well.
She has never said Hi to me or even have a good day when I'm finished! I don't even think she knows my name. The gym is not as clean as it used to be. She seems to fool around a lot with the other guys. She is always out in the gym talking and giggling around with them. I find it very distracting and not a good work ethic.
She doesn't have the customer service skills I think you would need for this job.
The manager before was great! She always said hi to me and knew my name! Such a shame.
Very Disappointed

Pleasanton, CA

#112 Aug 5, 2013
Please appoint some real employees at the facility t who can access the account information and who won't give the excuse of saying I am only a trainee....I have visited the facility with the receipt 3 times to cancel a membership and asked help from the same lady but her response was you paid full for 1 year..we are not charging you anything..I came back and brought the credit card bill with the charge for her to see , then her argument was to get all the bills to get it reimbursed..I came home, found all the credit card bills, went back, that was when she realized she had to check the account information...suddenly trainee became! She told me that she cannot reimburse and filled up a cancellation form...I wish she did this on the first day itself and that would have saved a lot of time, frustration and a month's fee too... Please make sure whoever is helping you fills up the form clearly and correctly...names spelled wrong....not able to read the copy of the enrollment form..just suggestions...don't want hurt any one but if you are committed to a job that involves customer interaction..we need good ones!
Janine Fraser

United States

#113 Aug 20, 2013
Not my experience at all, and my bf and I have been members since the day ours opened. Check out your gyms yourself friends, don't be put off by a review, we LOVE ours (north Spokane).
Disappointed wrote:
I had read several online reviews concerning the pros and cons of Anytime Fitness. Even though the cons weighed heavier than the pros, I was excited to visit their facilities and speak to someone in detail. I was actually ready to sign up, pay the bill, and get started!! When I arrived (about 4:30PM, Friday April 10, 2009) the front door was locked. I peaked inside and noticed an employee there, but thought she didn't see me. As I prepared to call their number from my cell, a woman appeared at the front door (not sure if this was the owner or an employee) and she asked, in a very annoyed tone, "Can I help you?". I told her, "I was just about to call you since the front door was locked, Do you always lock the door when you're here. I realize you have to lock the door after hours?". She said curtly, "No, not when I'm here." Then I said, "then why was it locked?" and she exclaimed, "I' was just about to leave (with keys in hand)...she paused, and then said reluctantly, so, is there anything you need?" By this point, I was pissed. I said, "Why yes, I am here to visit your facility and possibly join!". She rolled her eyes and preceded to let me inside where I received a short, half ass tour of a small room, with no TV with your cardio machines, some free weights and Nautilus machines, a few fitness balls, a tanning booth, and a mini fridge which she described as a snack area. When we approached her office she just stood there for a while and then asked if I had any questions. I said, yes, I do, for one do you have to sign a contract for years or can I join month to month. She seemed offended, "month to month, why would you want to join a gym on a monthly basis?". I said, getting more annoyed, "Because maybe I don't want a long term contract hovering over my head." She then acted kinder, "Oh, I'm sorry, some people move in a month and I'm just curious why you wanted a monthly contract. To be honest, she said, every gym I know of in Columbia requires you to sign a yearly contract. I then said, that's not true, the YMCA downtown lets you join monthly and cost the same if not less than your gym. She said smugly, the YMCA... that's not a "real" gym. I said, Yes, it is, it has several floors with running tracks, indoor pool, instructors, and classes all included in the rate...your gym, on the other hand, is a small room with some weights in it. She exclaimed, but we are open 24 hours. I laughed and said that doesn't make you a "real" gym. I said, "thank you but no thank you". and walked out extremely angry. I was so shocked by her behavior. Obviously, the Anytime Fitness on Devine street is not hurting for new business since I was ready with cash in hand to join. If the owner/employee would have been nice, warm and accommodating, I would have joined...ignoring the obvious cons and signed a 2 year contract with no problem. Bottom line: Not worth your time and money...the customer service and attitude was poor and inconsiderate. Join a "real" gym like the YMCA or Body Fit!
Well pleased

Gary, IN

#114 Dec 16, 2013
I belong to the Anytime Fitness in Lincoln, Illinois and it is a great place! With my work schedule and helping to look after very elderly parents, the 24 hour availability is perfect for me.

Mount Vernon, IL

#115 Dec 22, 2013
The complainers on here sound like a bunch of Prima Dona's! It's a gym for crying out loud. It's set up for ppl to come 24/7, why do you need service? Come in, work out, go home! Pretty simple. If you're looking for someone to hold your hand, buy some equipment and move it over to your Mom's house! She'll be glad to see you.

United States

#116 Jan 2, 2014
I joined Anytime Fitness in South Haven, MI, and although the gym itself was up to par, I CANNOT recommend this gym based solely on the customer service I experienced.

Signing up was easy. They sold me on the 24/7 idea, but after a week 'free
trial' the staff informed me that actually I needed to put $20 down for the key deposit. Since I was originally told it was free they included the deposit in my first month's payment. Very nice of them, and so I used the gym twice weekly for about two months.

After the Target scandal during the holidays, I had to get a new auto-pay account, and thusly had to cancel my account with them, fully intent on rejoining. After calling my gym the staff said it would not be an issue, do not worry, I would not be billed, etc etc. I thanked them and thought 'what a nice staff...'

Two days later my bank serves me not one but TWO over-draft notices, both from Anytime Fitness auto-pay system. Needless to say, now that I am faced with about $100 in fees, and two debits totalling $15 and $20, via Anytime Fitness I am not impressed with this gym. I just wanted some legitimate free-weights, at this rate I should have just bought a rack and weights myself. VERY dissapointed, I would recommend you stay away and either buy your own equipment if your in a free weight routine, or consider another gym.
Ann York County PA

Mount Wolf, PA

#117 Jan 7, 2014
I have to commend this owner for the classy and intelligent response.

Batavia, NY

#118 Jan 8, 2014
I've been a member of four gyms in my lifetime and this is by far the best gym I've ever belonged to. The gym is very clean, 99% of all cardio machines have their own tv. They have single, personal showers. They have classes of all kinds from spinning to step that can be taken through a kiosk type machine and video screen, being available 24/7 365 days a year. The weight machines and free weights are all top of the line. EXCELLENT. My family and I can't get enough of this gym. Also, you have access to all Anytime Fitness Centers World wide.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#119 Jan 10, 2014
Anytime Fitness is a rip off. First I was soooo happy to join, then my dad got sick and I was in the hospitals with him all the time... I visit two offices, told them that I don't have time, also I was moving to St. Pete,... and I send email too, explaining. I wanted to have a hold on my contract for the time I couldn't use my anytime membership, aaaand I wanted to stay..... instead of working out something, so we both can be happy, they send me a bill, 2 x 32.09 for two months, plus 19.00 late fee, plus 19.50 service charge, = 102.68, plus one more 32.09 next month due.....all that for all my trouble explaining that I have a hard time and I want to workout on my membership.... That was a warm and inviting.. Thank you Anytime Fitness, but you are just to much. Yes, you know my name.
Frustrated ex customer

Hannibal, MO

#120 Jan 13, 2014
Very much pissed at Anytime Fitness. Twice in the last several months the video kiosk wouldn't work, so I called the number that was posted and got no one to answer. I let it slide the first time, but the second time it happened I about blew the fuse. I work out after office hours and it's ANYTIME fitness, the equipment should be up and running all the time, right? I was not offered any freebies for my trouble and the cancellation couldn't be backdated to the first of the month even though I couldn't use the equipment due to it's malfunction. Totally don't recommend this place! No loyalty after being a faithful member for several years!!! Pissed...

Toronto, Canada

#121 Jan 22, 2014
Literally worst service I've ever received I paid to much money first off and they didn't even let me work out my last month!! Not only that but they proceeded to talk to me with the utmost disrespect and were completely rude about it when I was a loyal customer of theirs for an entire year membership, now I will not refer this gym to anyone and when anyone even brings i will definately not recommend this club to anyone

Houston, TX

#122 Jan 23, 2014
Have been up to the gym to sign up three days in a row at the Conroe, TX location and the doors are locked with a sign that reads "gone to get supplies" or "at the other gym." I've called every day and frustrated by this point. On another note, he's been very rude and I believe his name is Henry. No thank you.
confused in dayton

United States

#123 Jan 29, 2014
Why the price difference between clubs in the Dayton,Oh area? I've been quoted from a low of $30x month to $59 in Springfield. If I can access any club any time,why join in Springfield?
Cathy Peebles

San Antonio, TX

#124 Feb 3, 2014
Please do not join Anytime fitness, I joined for a year and decided it was not for me. I told them I was quitting and they said come in close to the time your contract is up and fill out paperwork. I did that and was told I can not quit because I did not give the thirty days notice. I cancelled my credit card and now have ABC financial calling me every day for money. They said I needed to not only give thirty days notice but send it to the corp. office. This was never explained to me at anytime. I now have a complaint at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau . I am now receiving notices from the gym saying my contract is not up and I owe them for every month I do not pay.

Lynchburg, VA

#125 Feb 6, 2014
I joined Anytime fitness a year ago in Staunton, VA because it is in my first due. I am a firefighter and received the local hero discount and appreciated it very much. I paid my year contract up front. The facility was brand new but had some maintenance issues. The hydro massage bed, one of the facilities only extras was out of service every time I went, pretty bad because I was one of the first members at the location.
After a few months I was moved to another station and stopped going to there. I asked if I could cancel but of course was reminded of the 1 year contract. Half way through the year I was charged a $50 club enhancement fee without my knowledge. Figuring they must have used that $50 times however many members they have to fix the hydro massage bed I went in for a visit. The brand new facility must of had better things to enhance because it was still out of service. I asked to cancel but was told that is the only annual fee and I was already paid in full. Now I just received another charge and am told my contract was extended automatically. Now I have to write a letter to give a 30 day notice that I want to cancel a membership I have regretted since the beginning, and pay another month. Do yourself a favor and join somewhere that has more extras like a pool, hot tub, locker room, and real towels. Whats up with baby wipes to wipe your sweat anyway.

Lynchburg, VA

#126 Feb 6, 2014
I am having the same problem with ABC financial. They extended my contract without any notification and began billing me month to month. The gym sucked so I went in and said I wanted to cancel, thought that was it till now. Now I get another bill and am told I have to writer a letter and will be charged again next month. Figure while I'm writing I'll warn other considering joining to go somewhere else.

Riverview, FL

#127 Feb 9, 2014
this is NOTHING like the anytime fitnesses in Florida and really just sounds like an add for YMCA. Ive been a member of both and cannot wait to go back to anytime.
new member

Pensacola, FL

#128 Feb 14, 2014
I joined Anytime Fitness about a month ago, in Pensacola, FL. This is a newer facility and I love it. They cater to the working class. I have tried the other gyms in the area. The all ladies gym was not as modern and the doors closed at 8pm on week nights, 5 on Sat and closed on Sunday, not very convenient for a mom who works 50+ hrs a week and drives her kids to ballet 4 times a week. I love the flexibility of Anytime and I love the modern equipment. The staff is friendly and the facility is clean. When visiting other gyms, the cheaper ones were too crowded and the hours were not convenient. I never have to wait for a machine. On top of that, the other gyms always held their specialty classes in the daytime. With Anytime, I get a virtual instructor and can Zumba at 3 in the morning if I wanted to.

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