As usual St. Pats will be a rockin' good time this Saturday, March 19 in Columiba, South Carolina as Five Points Downtown kicks off the annual St. Pats Five Points Festival. With more than 40,000 expected to attend, the streets of Five Points will be packed with eager fans looking to catch their favorite bands, beer, and eats.

First up is Moving Mercury ( )! Formerly S-Tribe, these boyz have been working super-hard to wrap up their new EP release (preview to their new Album "It's Not The Same Time Everywhere". I've worked closely with members of the band to develop their Web Site and other online presences. During Saturday's show the Band will be giving away 50 FREE copies of their new EP to the first 50 fans at the post-show meet-n-greet. Get a spot close to the stage or FIND ME if you want to get in on some of the Freebie-action. Moving Mercury hits the stage at 12:40PM on the Miller LITE stage at the corner of Blossom and Harden. They'll be rockin' all 5 of the new EP tracks and if we're lucky, time permitting, a few more from the upcoming Album.

The second NOT-TO-MISS Band is Villanova ( ). An extremely popular South Eastern band touring more than 30 cities currently, Villanova is sure to bring the jamz and good times for more than 40,000 festival-goers just like they always do! Villanova hits the Budweiser / Rock 93.5 Stage at 2:20PM. Get there early if you wanna' ride the speakers 'cause these guys will Pack 'em in foe shizzy! I've personally not had the pleasure of seeing these guys LIVE but ask anyone in the Columbia area and they'll tell you Villanova alone is totally worth the festival ticket price!!!

Lastly, if you're still able to walk, head down to the Direct Auto / WIS TV Stage to catch The Casual Kings ( ) HOT off their brand spankin' new EP release "Bustin' Thru". I own this CD and can attest to the damn fine tunage burned into its every groove. Check the playlist of any of Columbia's Coolest and you'll find a TCK track guaranteed! The Casual Kings take the stage at 4:15PM so make sure you head that way in time to get a great up-front spot. Not like you're going to need your ears after Saturday anyway!

Now keep in mind, I've featured ONLY 3 of the 20 Bands appearing at the Festival. Granted, I feel these 3 are among the best of the best but I encourage you to try and make time to check out all the incredible Talent in attendance.