Saint Louis, MO

#42 Feb 9, 2012
I think the Feds need to investigate Judge Crane! I also think that the Columbia Tribune knows that Ryan did not do it but they do not want to say it cause then it would make them look bad. Just glad I do not live in that corrupt town!

Columbia, MO

#43 Feb 9, 2012
Why did this kid get 40 years for a murder that had no evidence when Alyssa Bustamante thrill killed and will get out at roughly the same age as Ryan?

Saint Louis, MO

#44 Mar 6, 2012
Finally Crane has to take the stand! Mayby, just maybe justice will happen for Ryan. What a shame the state took so many years from this kid. Can't wait for April 12th!!!!!

Saint Louis, MO

#45 Mar 6, 2012
skeptic wrote:
Gee, I guess you are smarter than a jury huh? Smarter than an Appeals Judge too? Maybe you are just listening to all the Pro-Ryan propaganda. Maybe you are the idiot sheep swayed by the high powered Ferguson lawyers. Would you be in the "innocent" party if Ryan was a 30 yr old black guy from the Hood instead of a tall, rich handsome white guy? hmm. of course not. Go back to your Court TV.
Maybe you should get you head out of your A**! LOL
Take a look at the tapes.....enough said!

Saint Louis, MO

#46 Mar 12, 2012
This country is going to S*** when they can keep a young man in jail just because they do not want to admit they were wrong. Also SHAME SHAME on the newspaper in Columbia for not investigating this case. Guess they didn't really care about Ken!


#47 Mar 18, 2012
wow how can this young kid be in jail, i watched all the tapes and this is crazy. Set the boy free and put the P.A. and Judge in jail. How can the people in Columbia stand for this?

Saint Louis, MO

#48 Apr 17, 2012

Saint Louis, MO

#49 Apr 17, 2012
Time for Kevin Crane to get what he deserves. This man (if you can call him that) should not be a judge. What a disgrace to the city of Columbia. Well maybe Columbia deserves him because they let him get away with it. Another question, how is Kent's family going to feel when they finally realize that Kevin Crane was lying to them the whole time? hmmmm

Saint Louis, MO

#51 Jul 20, 2012
wonder if kevin crane is getting nervous! LOL

Saint Louis, MO

#52 Aug 16, 2012
Any updates? Cant beilieve this guy is still in prison.
Some guy

Columbia, MO

#56 Jan 3, 2013
Let's not forget a few things also:
1. Ryan has gotten in trouble in jail for being caught with 'contraband'
2. In the initial investigation a person named Dallas Mallory said he saw Ryan and Chuck walking late at night while he was driving with two girls. Later he recanted saying it was too late, and he didn't have a car or license. Of course....that's exactly what he would tell the police. This is not mentioned in any of the appeals trials, Dateline specials or anything like that because it does not agree with the Fergusons version of what happened that night.
3. The witness in the recent appeals trials - one of the Bennett twins - said she saw them walk to there car and leave at the club that night. Of course this is made up, no one could or would remember something like that. And if she did why would she not speak up? Of course if you know either of these two Bennett twins you would know they are dumb, conceded, and worthless.
Talk to people who REALLY knew Chuck and Ryan, they will frightfully tell you they think he is guilty. Talk to the many many people who claim to know him, to have known Chuck, but really just know his family and the insane amount of propaganda and money that has been pumped into anything that might convince people Ryan is innocent and they say he is innocent.
Ryan is and was a scumbag, he was a drug user and a self entitled stupid kid. Of course they were out looking for blow (cocaine) money, not drink money. Dateline is there to sell you drama and make you think you're doing something good by saying Ryan is innocent, so you keep watching their very biased program.
Something like this could only happen to upper class white people, if it were black parents saying this we'd ignore it. We all know it.
Don't believe the hype. The only story detail that was fed to either of them was that is was a belt that strangled the victim to Chuck. That's it. Chuck was able to recreate the hand gesture and movement, of course. Of courses some messed up drunk being interrogated guilty kid is going to mess up a few minor details. It sucks that the cops badgered them, but they did so for good reason. They are guilty. Don't believe the hype, the bias, the propaganda. If Ryan gets out, he will just go right back in anyway. Bet that.
Mae Hemm

Smithfield, NC

#57 Jan 7, 2013
So,you really know Chuck and Ryan? Give some examples of their out of control lives. History that would lead to murder. To fuel a drug-crazed robbery. Did they "score" their drug of choice?

As I understand it, the tire iron and car of Ryan's at the time were both found and thoroughly tested. That's pretty big to me.

Ryan's father has stood strongly by his son, and that I admire.

Yes, I have fallen for the "hype" that people, on and for others.
Some guy

Columbia, MO

#58 Jan 7, 2013
on that point on the Dateline specials and its even been brought up in trials and proceedings that the "story" didn't make sense because why would they search for money for booze after bars closed. The point was it wasnt for booze, never was, anyone close to them at the time knows that. They dont present it that way because it doesnt make their story look good. Now they have this bennett girl testifying like we're supposed to forget Dallas Mallory saw them that night while they were walking. Proof that they will lie however they want to make him look innocent. Dont be made a fool.
Mae Hemm

Smithfield, NC

#59 Jan 7, 2013
People lie and then they lie about their lies.

The passage of time made proof hard to come by. There was nothing that led them to Ryan/Chuck before 4(?) years later.
The investigation was not....we'll say....leading them to where they wanted to go. They latched onto Chuck who, by your own argument, was an addict. A weak individual.
Ripe for the pickin'.

Have you visited and perused Ryan's site?
Some guy

Columbia, MO

#60 Jan 8, 2013
BOTH struggled with cocaine use. I'm not saying they were addicts I'm saying they were users, everyone knows it. Dateline is painting a picture that is misrepresenting both boys. What led them to Chuck and Ryan 4 years later was Chuck's testimony and Chuck who recklessly ran his mouth about committing the murder. Hate to break it to you, people are convicted of things EVERY DAY based on hear say and testimony. It's valid. It's used all the time, and the only reason to disregard it here is what happened AFTER he ran his mouth, which is the cops badgered him and gave him the info that it was a belt (even though Chuck remembered he was strangled with something like a cord, and even assumed the position). He was fucked up he won't remember every detail, especially when he spent four years trying to forget it.

I have visited and perused Ryan's site and all the info multiple times. It's biased, it's cherry picking, I'm some of it is twisted and manipulated more than any of us could guess. I know the info that "proves" Ryan's innocence as claimed on the site, but when you read it you realize the Fergusons either dont know what proof is or they do and just decide to lie about it anyway. Like the Bennett girls when they said they saw them leave By George all that time ago.

Also don't forget the people trying to get Ryan out of prison first accused the victims co worker, a close family friend. Shameful. They will stop at nothing to convince Columbia people and people nationally that their little perfect sone has never done anything wrong and is the victim. This is what guilted Chuck into changing his story to the second version, of course this was entirely out of guilt and not fact which is why it played out like it did. It's bullshit. The only reason that this is all happening is A) like all parents the Fergusons are naive enough and want desperately to believe their lying piece of shit son and B) they had enough money to appeal and appeal and appeal and appeal and put up signs and impress Dateline blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. If this was a minority, Dateline wouln't give a shit.

They are so blind, its funny. The sign they pay to put up THIS long after the crime looks exactly like Chuck and Ryan. They can't see it, because it's denial.

I highly advise everyone to start thinking critically and not to believe the biased hype presented by dateline and other news sources who's soul purpose is to make the viewer emotional. And to make the viewer feel like they are helping justice by claiming Ryan's innocence, when they couldnt even begin to understand the full situation. Much like the Ferguson family does not fully understand the situation.

Since: Jan 13

Columbia, MO

#61 Jan 8, 2013
Some Guy - You appear to believe what you have written, however, I (and thousands of others) strongly believe in Ryan's innocence. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be exonerated. The real killer is out there, literally getting away with murder. How can it look like Chuck and Ryan when it's only one person's picture? The bottom picture is a side-view of the top person's face. That individual is not a murder suspect, but a possible wittness. I'm not going to argue with you, as you seem to be an angry person who is not open to anyone else's opinion. There was no DNA that matched Ryan's (or Chuck's,)no murder weapon, and many, many facts that do not make it possible for them to have committed this crime. I truly believe that one day you will see all this to be true.

Rolla, MO

#62 Jan 16, 2013
Hey, SOME GUY,.....
How interesting… I have to ask myself, who is the person that would put all this energy and time and negativity into such vicious commenting on this issue. Who would do that? Who would invest this much time and energy to convince the public that Ryan did this? Hmm…
First of all, Dallas Mallory--- All you have to do is look at the YouTube video and see how he testified. If Dallas Mallory had seen Chuck Erickson and Ryan Ferguson that night, then why didn’t Prosecutor Crane put him on the witness stand during trial? Oh, maybe because Crane KNEW that Dallas Mallory would tell the truth and say that he said he ‘NEVER’ saw them at or near the crime scene or at the stoplight. Police misled Erickson of his testimony and Mallory clarified this, but don’t take my word--- listen to his court testimony from the 2008 evidentiary hearing:

The composite sketch on the billboard looks like Ryan and Chuck??? So they are twins? They look exactly the same?? That makes no sense. One had black hair and one had lighter brown/blondish hair at the time. But the composite sketch looks like Ryan and Chuck? Right… Moving on, the only person that drew the composite; the person that Sgt Monticello is quoted in the Tribune Newspaper in April 2003 as being the “sole witness” is Shawna Ornt.
Her own testimony is crystal clear in the 2008 evidentiary hearing. If Shawna Ornt COULD identify Ryan or Chuck, why didn’t Prosecutor Crane ask her at trial, when Ryan was sitting in the courtroom, 20 feet away, once again because he KNEW her answer. Shawna Ornt testified as to who she saw in the parking lot. The prosecutor covered up Shawna's eye witness statement prior to trial; this is why she was never called to stand. See attached testimony:
In regards to Kim Bennett, we now realize her testimony in the April 2012 Habeas Hearing is 100% verifiably correct. I find it odd that you believe someone who is fed details of the crime, Chuck Erickson, yet are forgetting that Kim Bennett saw Ryan and Chuck drive off that night. We know police tried to conceal her police report, as well as Shawna Ornt’s police report, and Dallas Mallory’s police report, oh and numerous other people, such as Richard Walker, and Jerry Trump’s wife.
First of all, Crane in his opening statement, says to the court-‘there is no physical evidence to connect Ferguson or Erickson to the crime scene’, secondly- the only 2 ‘eyewitnesses’- have come forward, and testified in the April 2012 Habeas Hearing, under oath, that they both committed perjury and were aided and abedded by Prosecutor Crane. Judge Green agreed that Jerry trump admitted perjury.
There’s nothing else in this case that’s left that can convict Ryan.
So as the public sits here and reads this, know the two keys are to look at testimony from Dallas Mallory and testimony from Shawna Ornt, SHE’S the only one who saw the fact at the crime scene. SHE saw the face, SHE helped with the composite sketch, SHE says the person she saw that night was NOT Ryan Ferguson and NOT Chuck Erickson. Look at what SHE has to say, not some zealot who is trying to disparage Ryan Ferguson. Why would someone do this? It’s clear why Ryan Ferguson’s family and the thousands of supports back him, because there is PROOF of his innocence.
So, why don’t you quit hiding behind the veil of the internet casting lies upon someone in secret. If you think Ryan has committed this crime, show us the proof and show us your name. Are you ashamed to attach your name to these lies, and if they’re not lies where’s the proof?
This person speaks so aggressively with no facts for their baseless, shameless, propaganda, one must question their motives.

Redwood Falls, MN

#63 Jan 17, 2013
Excellent post!
The difference between Lookatthefacts and someguy is that one did not use a single documented fact just unsubstantiated HOT AIR. There was a time before the internet when someone like "someguy" could tell a pack of lies and no one would be the wiser. Now we can google, look at YouTube testimony, court record etc. A liar will be caught everytome.
Lookatthefacts got you!!!!
Some guy

Columbia, MO

#64 Jan 22, 2013
I'm not the only person who holds this opinion. You can check Topix and other forums for people who feel the same way.
As far as Dallas in concerned....he initially said he saw Chuck and Eric that night. Later he recanted saying he was "pressured" to make the statement and had neither car no license. This is ridiculously transparent. Why on Earth would he say that initially if it were not true? He knew then he had no car or license and said it anyway? We're supposed to believe that he was muscled into it by police! And of course he would recant once he realized he would be in trouble for driving without a license! Duh! The only reason he would have said that to begin with is he knew it was true.
As far as the sketch is concerned....the quality of those things is questionable, and given the time of day and condition of the person it could be either one of them. But of course any honest person would tell you it looks more like Ryan than Chuck.
As far as Kim Bennett is concerned....there has been positively nothing that has been shown (to me anyway) of her supposed "interview" and statement to "detectives" except AFTER 2010 and AFTER the local media is flooded with propaganda about Ryan's innocence in 2010.(Much like Ornt and Trump, and so much more obviously Erickson himself) Of course it is possible for them to question their opinions when someones freedom is on the line - and the fact that someone could manipulate this or change their opinion has no bearing on whether or not what they are/were saying is true. This is when she claims to have been interviewed, after seeing Ryans Dad's actions in the community. The person she claims to have been with - that night - the only other person who could verify her story is deceased. If there is any other evidence of Bennett's "interview" with detectives, I would surely be interested in reading it. Mainly because I suspect this story she is telling is a pile of baloney.
If they had actual "proof" of innocence, he would not be in jail. Plain and simple.
As far as questioning my motives is concerned....I highly suggest you look around a bit and see others comments and opinions about this besides myself. Either you realize I believe this and understand someone who is voicing what they think is right, or you think I'm lying in which case I don't know what to tell you because I don't know why anyone would do that. I am lucky because I have chosen my friends and actions carefully and could not be at risk for anyone questioning my involvement in this sort of behavior or activity. And no - I don't want to be personally threatened or contacted in my life by those people who are so passionate about something they think they know or saw on Dateline. I don't feel any shame about this at all, if you were wondering. All I'm doing is providing another side to the coin. A side which is forgotten about and ignored because it does not fit with popular opinion. Take it for what you think it's worth and form your opinions.
Delcia Crockett

Columbia, MO

#65 Jan 24, 2013
Here is the problem that the Ferguson defense team is never going to get past. It is what convicts Ryan every time and proves no one could have killed the sports editor but Ryan:

Ryan has no alibi that will stand up in court.

The facts come out that he was a school minor on a school night that was handed the keys to the car and a couple of money bills and then no further contact was put to him to verify an alibi.

He was a minor out past usual bedtime hours for a high school student, and it is asked why then did the police stop short in only charging Ryan, knowing for a fact that his sibling supplied him with illegal alcohol and that his parents proved lto be negligent and abusive in the worst form of child abuse by not knowing where he was, in safety, or not in the wee hours of the morning on a school night.

I guarantee you it is not the norm to let your underage offspring wander around drunk and get into the area where a man is murdered.

You can ask any responsible parent, and that parent will tell you that the student might get mad at the parent for the time being, but that parent is going to know where that child is.

I have stuck to this ever since this "pity the convicted killer" began in blogs, and the Ferguson people have all but crucified me every time.

All you have to do is be responsible, know where your underage offspring is, and then you don't have to throw a huge pity party later.

Question is: Why were Ryan's sibling and parents not charged, as well - since there is solid evidence that shows negligence on part of the parent, and illegal supplying of liquor to a minor?

Why do they have all these stings that entrap store clerks with underage decoys and then let one like this slide through, as though it never happened?

Maybe we just need a full investigation of the police department and see exactly how fair/equality-bound their judgment calls are.

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