I am searching for other patrons of this establishment that have had charges billed to their credit card for bogus "damage" to the room they rented....This is a serious inquiry. I live 5 hours from there and brought my daughter to Childrens Hospital to have a new ear drum surgically made. We stayed two nights there and after we left they charged my card $200.00 because they said we had plugged the tub, turned the water on full blast and within 20 minutes of us leaving two suites were flooded and the ceiling below our room fell in...I spoke to some RUDE lady named, Amanda she said there is 5 housekeepers who can testify etc etc. Im taking them to court to get my money back, that is an outright lie. We have never done anything like that. We go to Columbia approximately 4 times a month for doctor visits...PLEASE HELP ME STOP THESE ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL BUSINESS PRACTICES>>>>