1988 April Tinsley Murder To Be America's Most Wanted Profile Case

Mar 31, 2009 | Posted by: roboblogger | Full story: NBC 33 News

It's been almost 21-years and police still need your help. The TV show America's Most Wanted is stepping in, to try to solve the decades-old April Tinsley murder.

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Tampa, FL

#9418 May 22, 2011
CybersuzieQ wrote:
<quoted text>
I found it strange when I read Crow was watching Jessica's prayer vigil on television with a neighbour from the apartment complex, Jessica was missing a shoe when her body was recovered. And you are correct the wheels of justice turn slow. The wheel never stops turning and justice will prevail.
I knew Jessica and have always been frustrated that James Crow got only 40 years. I am not familiar with April's case, but if there is any possibility he was involved we should make sure that those who could officially connect he two cases know about the similarities. I regularly check his name with he Florida Department of Corrections and it sickens me to see a release date there. He deserves to die in prison.

Since: Nov 09

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#9419 May 22, 2011
Floridian wrote:
<quoted text>
I knew Jessica and have always been frustrated that James Crow got only 40 years. I am not familiar with April's case, but if there is any possibility he was involved we should make sure that those who could officially connect he two cases know about the similarities. I regularly check his name with he Florida Department of Corrections and it sickens me to see a release date there. He deserves to die in prison.
Please continue to post your comments and if you could tell us everything you possibly can about this Crow character, a poster by the name of "Justice is Comin" brought Jessica's case to the attention of the regular posters on this forum. There is a video about her case called " A Bag of Evidence," it was on TV and the show was called,"Forensic Files" I've tried to bring the video up on the internet no luck. It's ironic how similar the two cases are April's and Jessica's yet April's was extremely brutal in comparison. April was beaten,tortured, and brutally raped by a sadist. If you bring up April's case on America's Most Wanted hosted by John Walsh you will see for yourself what a sick child predator this maniac really is.Do you know much about Crow and his past? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Since: Nov 09

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#9420 May 23, 2011
I just viewed this weirdo's photograph, I checked out the Florida Department of Corrections interesting to see what this creep looks like. Thanks so much for the information and I agree he should rot in prison LE should never have to release these crazies.

DC Number: 165847
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 232 lbs.
Birth Date: 04/07/1962
Initial Receipt Date: 06/18/1998
Current Facility: GRACEVILLE C.F.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: 06/14/2035
(Release Date subject to change pending gain time award, gain time forfeiture, or review. A 'TO BE SET' Release Date is to be established pending review.)


Since: Nov 09

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#9421 May 26, 2011
Grand Jury Indicts Girl's Neighbor In Her Slaying
By Beth Taylor of The Sentinel Staff, May 2, 1996
A Seminole County grand jury indicted James Edward Crow Jr. on first-degree murder and kidnapping charges Wednesday in the April 5 strangulation of 9-year-old Jessica Knott.Altamonte Springs police arrested Crow, 34, on April 13. Police have suggested the out-of-work Navy veteran might have lured the little girl into his truck with a Happy Meal and a dog named Punkin.Jessica's mother told police that the voice on a 911 tape of a man telling police where to find the body sounded like Crow's voice.

Since: Nov 09

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#9422 May 26, 2011
The date on the notes left by April's killer is written military style. April was missing a shoe, Jessica was missing a shoe, April was found fully dressed, Jessica was found fully dressed, April was abducted on Good Friday, Jessica was abducted on Good Friday,Crow knew his victim, did April know her killer? Crow lived in the same apartment complex as his little victim, did April's killer live close by? Crow wanted Jessica found, April's killer wanted April found, Jessica wasn't raped, April was raped, if you google info on James Edward Crow/ Jessica Knott, you'll learn more about this ex- Navy veteran.

Since: Nov 09

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#9423 Sep 11, 2011
Has there been any progress or up to date information on April Tinsley's case? The last I heard over 400 people were being DNA tested.

Allen, TX

#9424 Oct 4, 2011
CybersuzieQ wrote:
Nov. 23, 1984: David Penton, a soldier stationed at Fort Hood, is charged in the death of his 1-month-old son in Killeen in Bell County.
Jan. 19, 1985: Five-year-old Christi Lynn Meeks is abducted while playing outside her motherís apartment in Mesquite.
April 3, 1985: The body of Christi Lynn Meeks is found floating in Lake Texoma. She is identified two weeks later.
May 1985: Mr. Penton pleads guilty to manslaughter in the death of his son and receives a five-year prison sentence from a judge. He is freed on an appeal bond and flees.
Feb. 15, 1986: Christie Diane Proctor, 9, of North Dallas is reported missing by her family as she was walking from a North Dallas apartment to a friendís house.
Nov. 3, 1987: Four-year-old Roxann Hope Reyes is abducted from behind her motherís Garland home at the Meadow Terrace Apartments while playing with a friend in the late afternoon. Her abductor is described as a man driving a gray, four-door sedan.
March 31, 1988: Nydra Ross, 9, of Dayton, Ohio, is reported missing while visiting relatives in Columbus, Ohio.
April 1988: Christie Proctorís body is found in a south Plano field more than two years after her disappearance. An autopsy reveals she was strangled and sexually assaulted. About the same time, Mr. Penton is arrested in the Ross slaying. Authorities in Bell County try to extradite Mr. Penton from Ohio.
May 19, 1988: The body of Roxann Reyes is found in Murphy, just east of Plano. She has been strangled and sexually assaulted.
Aug. 15, 1988: Area detectives acknowledge that David Penton is being questioned in the deaths of the three Dallas-area girls, and confirm that all three died by strangulation, but they canít find evidence that Mr. Penton was in Texas at the time of the abduction-slayings.
Sept. 15, 1988: Police find the body of Nydra Ross in a creek bed in rural Marion County, Ohio.
May 10, 1990: Mr. Penton is indicted on charges of kidnapping and killing Nydra Ross.
Nov. 1991: North Texas police question a 52-year-old suspect in the Christi Lynn Meeks case, but no charges result and he is never identified.
1992: Mr. Penton is convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing Nydra Ross. He becomes eligible for parole in 2027.
Dec. 2002: Mesquite police interview Christi Lynn Meeksí brother, Michael Meeks Jr., who was 7 at the time of her abduction. He was playing outside with her on the day she disappeared.
May 21, 2003: Plano police file capital murder charges against 45-year-old David Penton in the abduction-slayings of Christi Lynn Meeks, Christie Diane Proctor and Roxann Hope Reyes.
I just wonder if there is anyone out there, including any of Christi Meeks' relatives, that has a doubt that David Penton is her true killer...The authorities could not place him in the state at the time of her disappearance, he admits to killing some of the others with no problem but says he only admitted to killing Meeks because she was part of a plea deal that kept him off of death row, AND he did NOT have a gray car at the time which her brother and others claim the man who took her HAD!...I know someone who "fits"... and neither myself nor my son, who also has information... has ever been able to get the authorities to listen to us...they make it look like we just don't "like" this person...Oh well, what if we "don't"?...That does NOT mean that they should not at least HEAR us out...THEN they can decide if it's "just because we don't like him"!...Who says authorities don't act like KIDS sometimes, right?...Or could it be that they have been able to USE Mr. Penton to "close" a case that indeed STILL remains "unsolved"?

Since: Mar 07

Detroit, MI

#9426 Apr 29, 2012
I believe that April Tinsely and Sarah Bowker were killed by a guy that I know named Gary. Gary worked for 3 months in Indiana in 1987 when felton was abducted in marion and Powell was abducted on WED in South bend, the nect city over from fort Wayne where Tinsely was abducted in 1988. Gary believes himself to be the 2nd ZODIAC killer. He claims responsibilty for the OCCK and related killings, WED/SUN abductions in Iowa, killings where he left a condom with semen in it (Tinsely), and the Jonbenet Ramsey murder. Gary`s own sister has also named Gary as a child serial killer in the Michigan Oakland County Child Killings (OCCK). Recently police are disclosing that they believe there may be more victims related to the OCCK other than the known four and may be possibly 11. Recent names added match victims I have long said that Gary killed. Two Michigan victims were on the 8th and two on the 16th and all seem related to 8-16-24. Tinsely was 8 in 88. OCCK were abducted on WED & SUN and were all abducted or dumped ONE DAY AWAY FROM A HOLIDAY. All 4 victims were held hostage at least 4 days before being found murdered. April Tinsely was abducted for 4 days and dumped ONE DAY BEFORE the HOLIDAY of EASTER. OCCK were DEC, JAN, FEB, MARCH, then somes APRIL Tinsely. Three Jonbenet Ramsey hobos murdered who had witnessed a girl being carried that night were JULIan in JULY , then one in AUG, and one in SEPT.In the middle of the Michigan killings Jane ALLEN was murdered. In the midst of the Iowa abductions Marc ALLEN was abducted one day from EASTER. Tinsely was dumped in ALLEN county. Jonbenet related murder of michael helgoth there was a vcr tape left with a message taped over the middle of the vcr tape starring Tim ALLEN. ZODIAC being arthur leigh ALLEN. Two OCCK victims were jabbed with an object. Tinsely`s vagina was assaulted with a beer can. Jonbenet Ramsey vagina was assaulted with a paint brush. Jonbenet was strangled with a clothes line, Tinsely with a wire. Jonbenet Ramsey was found on the 20th anniversary of the OCCK murders, strangled after being fed a favorite food and redressed in WED underwear just as OCCK victimwas fed strangled and redressed.
In 1990 gary left a ZODIAC style message on the side of a barn claiming that he killed tinsely and that he`ll kill again. Shortly after BOWker was abducted on a WED. Michigan victims were WED/SUN, among them possibly fERRO, lAAROW, tinsely went to fAIRfield elementary, then BOWker. ERRO ARROW AIR and BOW.
I owned a blue truck with a loud exhaust, and traded it back to this guy Bobby T that I got it from when i got another truck. Bob`s friend Gordie put a Rock and Roll sticker on it and he claimed that someone (Gary)gave him a 7 year old girl to molest. It`s likely Gordies semen in the condoms. Gordie ended up getting murdered by being run over. In 2004 the Hi honey notes were left with the semen in the condom and a green truck with matching green camper was seen. My brother gave Gary a green truck with matching green camper on it in 2001.
I have long tried to get Michigan police interested but they do nothing. I regularly post on the Topix Jonbenet Ramsey forum-Dan.

Since: Mar 11

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#9428 May 1, 2012
Happy he is dead

Altamonte Springs, FL

#9429 May 20, 2012
Just did a search from the info in this site at the FL Corrections, and found out James Crow is now dead....Go to...
Also go to...

United States

#9430 Aug 24, 2012
Sooner Magic wrote:
<quoted text>
Tara Oberlin = Sarah Bowkers half sister.
She committed suicide at age 16.
She was in charge of Sarah's well being the day that Sarah was abducted / murdered. It was rumored that Tara committed suicide due to the fact that she felt responsible / guilty for Sarah's death and because she was also a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Roy.
I knew Tara. She took her own life in the face of her parents openly blaming her for the death of her sister, as if the guilt she already felt wasn't substantial enough.
Angel of Death

Dearborn, MI

#9433 Sep 5, 2012
James Crow is dead

Statesville, NC

#9435 Sep 7, 2012
Where is VG and the rest of the original posters to this thread?

Mars Hill, NC

#9436 Sep 7, 2012
Anyone know how to find out how James Crow (he murdered Jessica Knott) died in prison?

United States

#9437 Sep 9, 2012
No clue.
Roy Hensley

Corona, CA

#9439 Nov 20, 2012
My grandfather Roy Alvin Hensley did not kill either child. they had DNA and it did not match my grandfather, furthermore he had to use an oxygen tank and there is no way he could have dragged a girl struggling down a river bank to the murder site performed the depraved acts and then walked back up without either dying or passing out from lack of oxygen. you could look into one of his sons who was later convicted of child mollestation.
Charity Hensley

Colorado Springs, CO

#9440 Nov 21, 2012
I donít know if anyone will see this, but I would like to shine some light on things for you. Much of the information I have read here is incorrect. Roy Hensley did not get around by means of a scooter nor was he over weight, I think you may be referring to his son, who at the time of Sarahís death was not using a scooter to get around but later was. That would be the same man who at the time of Sarahís death had already been convicted of child molestation in California more than once and continued to molest children long after as I understand it. I know this because I am Royís granddaughter and I was raised by him and lived with him when these tragedies occurred.

Tara, the sister who committed suicide was my best friend; her death should more accurately be attributed to the fact that she blamed herself for Sarahís death and her family blamed her for it too. She was alone and depressed and when she threatened to take her own life no one listened.

The confessions that so many people refer to and that the police used to convince people that my grandfather was guilty were him saying how sorry he was. What many donít realize is he blamed himself for both their deaths because he couldn't help them, not because he played a role in them. In all my life I never saw him hurt any of my friends, all the sleep overs and pool parties people talk about him having, those where because of me, they were my friends spending time with me. My grandfather wasn't made of money, we got by on a fixed income but he always made sure I was taken care of and often included my friends in outings, just like many parents do, because that is what he was to me, a parent.

It kills me that I had to find out about all of this through a blog because I moved away. Had I known that any of these accusations were being made I would have come forward sooner. When I was 18, two years after Tara died the police questioned me for what seemed like the hundredth time. They told me then that my grandfather had voluntarily given his DNA and that it did not match but they still believed he was guilty and that I should reconsider what I thought happened that day. They tried for some time to get me to change my account of the day and I believed that my last conversation with the police had cleared my grandfather.

I have never changed my story and can still tell you that there is no way my grandfather killed Sarah. I can say this with certainty for several reasons. First, while he did not use a scooter and was not over weight, he did have only one working lung and had emphysema that made it difficult for him to walk more than a few feet without stopping to catch his breath or take a puff on his inhaler. On most days he had difficulty getting up and down stairs without his cane so there is no way that he could have gotten down into the creek bed where Sarah was found. But most importantly, on the day that she was taken, he had dropped me off at work for my 4 hour shift at the Taco Bell in Auburn, IN from there he went to Fort Wayne for a doctorís appointment that the police confirmed he went to. On his way home he stopped at Tara and Sarahís to drop off my birthday present for Sarah where he saw Tara at the pool and Sarah walking to a friendís house. Sarah made it to that friendís house but never made it back. My grandfather made it to pick me up from work on time and I think I would have noticed if Sarah was with him, donít you? From there we went home where we found out later that Sarah was missing.

Now, if anyone has questions, I would be happy to answer them, just as I was when the police questioned me. Just as I would have done long ago had anyone approached me. Unlike his son, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I just hope that someone is still reading this blog so that the truth can be known. If anyone is reading this and knows how I might go about clearing my grandfathers name now, so many years later, please let me know.

Thank you,
Charity Hensley
Justice IS Comin

Fort Wayne, IN

#9442 Nov 25, 2012
Thank You Charity. Your information is very helpful.

Naperville, IL

#9443 Nov 25, 2012
Charity, I will never forget this case, or cases. One of the reasons I will never forget is, because Tara was a friend of mine. I remember the day I came home from school and my dad told me of her passing. I lived on Webster St when Tara passed away, and I remember walking to school at South Side High, and thinking how terrible it would be to have gone through what Tara had went through. It was not her fault no way shape or form. Tara really believed it was her fault. We all know it wasn't though. I have always thought that whoever murdered April Tinsley also was responsible for the death of Sarah Bowker. I have always wondered why Aprils remains were left in the Auburn area. I am almost 40 now and I remember this like it happened yesterday. I lived in Auburn for several years and I remember meeting someone who's last name was Oberlin, they also were related to Tara and Sarah. If your grandpa didn't have anything to do with this, it sure makes it look like a lot of coincidence that he was named. Don't you see a lot of similarities in these cases? I sure do, and if you are family you know exactly what I am talking about.

Evansville, IN

#9444 Jan 12, 2013
Do they know about how old the murderer is?

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