I've always been confused on the issue of gambling in this state. How is it legal to gamble at Washington and Illinois, but illegal at 3700 N. Keystone? How is it that nearly every convenience mart can sell lottery tickets, but a person selling pull-tabs at work is breaking the law? The city missed a golden (no pun intended) opportunity when it did not turn Union station into a casino and restaurant. It's within easy walking distance to many hotels, the stadium and Circle Centre mall. It would have made an ideal location. The revenues it would have generated might have been used for a number of projects. But no, the moral comb over majority decided in their infinite and holy wisdom that the people were given just the right amount of vice to quench their needs. Licensing, regulating and taxing such establishments would go a long way toward reducing the crime associated with them. People are going to gamble, legally or otherwise. The county and state already waste considerable resources trying to enforce unreasonable liquor laws. For some reason they have decided that people shouldn't drink on Sunday unless they do it in an establishment that makes over half its revenue in food sales and does over a hundred thousand a year. A drink is a drink and a bet is a bet no matter where they occur.