Among those shocked by Senator Hillary Clinton’s fictitious account of her 1996 visit to Bosnia is Emina Bicakcic, the young Bosnian girl who famously recited a poem to the former first lady as she arrived in the war-torn country 12 years ago.

Bicakcic, now 20, told the New York Post in an interview published Monday that she was “surprised” to hear the Democratic presidential candidate’s description of the events that day. Clinton said when she went to the Balkans on a goodwill tour in 1996, she dodged sniper bullets upon landing at the Tuzla Air Base.

A videotape released later proved that Clinton was not under sniper fire at any time during her visit. Clinton has since admitted that she “misspoke.”

Clinton’s comments earned her some ridicule at home, but several Bosnians took deeper offense to the bloated depiction. Former acting President Ejup Ganic, who was present during Clinton’s visit, said that while he was nervous about hosting the foreign figure because the peace was still tenuous, Clinton’s description was “an exaggeration.”

“You don’t mess around with your key friends,” Ganic said, explaining why the welcoming ceremony on the tarmac had been cut down a bit.“There was a little bit of risk, but it was not like that. She didn’t run.”