A renewed parental commitment to educational excellence.
FACT: Parents need to become much more involved in the process of educating their children! They can begin to accomplish this goal by obtaining answers to the following questions:
QUESTION: Is your child's school safe?
QUESTION: Is your child's school providing a quality education?
QUESTION: Does your child feel safe and secure in his or her learning environment?
QUESTION: Is your child being challenged academically each and every day?
QUESTION: Do you feel that the learning environment in your child's school is free of distractions that take away from his or her learning experience?
QUESTION: How much time does your child's teacher spend each day on discipline and/or distractions in the class setting?
QUESTION: Are other students in the class interfering with the educational progress of your child?
QUESTION: Is any other student in the class violating your child's civil rights to a free, fair and safe public education?
FACT: The right to a free, fair and safe public education implies that as an American taxpayer and as a parent you have the right to send your child off to school each and every day to a safe learning environment. That includes walking to and from school, standing at the bus stop, riding the school bus, before and after school, during classes, lunch, recess, as well as, in all school related activities.
FACT: All parents need to know that they have the right to sue any school district in America that fails to provide a safe learning environment for their children.
FACT: Parents do not even have to hire an attorney. Parents have the legal right to represent their children in any court of law in the United States of America. Our courts have a duty to protect the civil rights of all Americans, especially our children, who are often our most venerable
REQUEST: So parents, if you are not sure about what’s occurring in your child's school, I challenge you to become much more involved.
REQUEST: Please attend parent/teacher conferences, volunteer at your child's school, talk to other parents, and request information about the school's academic performance often. When it comes to your child, do not accept anything less than a quality education for your child!
God’s promise to committed parents is that our children will be committed to us as we grow older!
Hopefully, as we get older, our children will stand up for us and make certain that no one violates our civil rights, especially in cases where we, as older adults, are no longer able to stand up for ourselves! I saw this first hand dealing with my own mother's five year bout with cancer. I witnessed neglect, abuse and the effects of over medication. I thank God that I was able to be there for my mother each and every day, cleaning her dentures, combing her hair, putting skin cream on her face and making sure that her health care providers were doing what they needed to do to make her feel as safe and comfortable as humanly possible. This is what is supposed to happen when education and family commitment come full circle.
“If we do right by our children, maybe they’ll do right by us!”(Trainaism)
Parents can even take this a step further by becoming a “certified parental monitor” or CPM.
FACT: No publicly funded school in America should be allowed to operate without having certified parental monitor freely roaming the campus! CPM’s by their very presence on campuses makes school safer, more productive and much more accountable to the students and families that they serve.
CPM'S have the legal right to enter any class room at any time, as well as, participate in any school activity involving students.
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Learn how to become a CPM today by visiting my website: www.markraina.webs.com I am currently working with an accredited on-line University to set up CPM courses that will teach parents how to “best” serve their children’s schools.