CPS in Colorado Springs, CO Abuses Fa...
concerned relative

Lancaster, PA

#21 Jul 26, 2009
I have a senior relative is being taken advantage by family members. They are spending his money at such a alarming rate he will be broke soon. Then I'm afaid he will be out on the street. Very little if any of his money is spent on him. These blood suckers have bought expensive cars for there selfs,large flat screen tvs, computers, etc.

My understanding is that adult protective services is ran by the same stupid people who run child protective services.
We all know how bad and worthless these people are.

Is there any one else in Colorado to turn to for help before they spend all his money.


Alton, IL

#22 Sep 7, 2009
The thread that I started today refers to Ramona Bourgeois-a victim of CPS Col. Springs.She died in 1997 of mysterious circumstances after living in a virtual Hell caused by CPS.They took her children hostage on hearsay, controlled her very existence, and treated her as sub-human.We were engaged to marry but CPS decided to keep the children, and to make a long story short she just couldn't take it anymore---these people will rot in Hell for their actions-I have no doubt

Colorado Springs, CO

#23 Sep 8, 2009
"Vote Martinez off the bench in 2010. DO NOT retain this 'judge'" Okay, how do we organize to remove this piece of garbage? Let's make this happen. He screwed me over in 1987 and almost got me killed by my ex, he just screwed my friend over today. That's 22 years too long on the bench.

Alton, IL

#24 Sep 8, 2009
It's amazing to me that as bad as it was in 1997 (when I had enough of the Springs)it has gotten worse.The SAME people are there doing the same things but to different families.A good rule of thumb and very simple rule: NEVER vote to retain a judge.NEVER give them a chance to get a foothold.They do their dirty little deeds behind the scenes,in the dark and try to keep a low profile.Only the families involved know the damage these judges are capable of doing.The name Martinez does sound very familiar-whatever he's been in way too long.Songster I truly understand your hurt--
A Citizen

United States

#25 Sep 9, 2009
I despise the arrogance of Gilbert Anthony Martinez. There is NO HONOR in this small character. He needs to be removed from the bench ASAP. There is a lot of criminal activity in the courts by the people we simply expect to do their jobs with integrity. Martinez is one of them. He remains immune from all the harm he continues to flaunt because the people don't vote him out. Anyone who has not had the misfortune of dealing with this tyrant ignores the vote. The people decide. In the case of Gilbert Anthony Martinez, VOTE HIM O-U-T !!!

Copy this material. Send it forth; and so on.

http://BearingFalseWitness.com - Read the CASE SUMMARY located at the top of this page. An innocent man is in prison because this tyrant's reputation and obscene pay (going onto $100,000.00 or more per year) is his priority. Justice be damned. For every wrongful conviction, the real murderer goes free. We are NOT safe with Martinez. Ol' Gilbert COULD have reversed the decision, but chose to protect the real murderer in exchange for a personal WIN. I find him quite evil.

My compassion goes out to each of you who have been subjected to this tyrant and the diabolical CPS.

YOU could be HIS next VICTIM.

Colorado Springs, CO

#26 Sep 9, 2009
Can we organize a campaign to get people to vote no in 2010?
Kathleen Ryan-Lee

Denver, CO

#27 Sep 9, 2009
We are in deserate need of help asap!!! CPS came and took my daughter yesterday accusing me of neglect which is untrue and I have witnesses to prove it. I cannot afford an attorney as everything i have goes to the love and caring for my daughter. Im in central city Colorado. WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Thank You
Mother In Need Of Help
Kathleen Ryan-Lee
Debt Slave

Colorado Springs, CO

#28 Sep 9, 2009
Remember the definition of sedition and that many posters on the internet are guilty of it:


Colorado Springs, CO

#29 Sep 9, 2009
debt slave - jog on

United States

#30 Sep 10, 2009
Sedition? I see no act of sedition on this forum. There is no attempt to create an "act of war by force" on these comments. What is requested, not by force, is the speaking about the RIGHTS of the people to vote. If this is an act of attempting to "overthrow the government through violence" we are living in a fascist state.

Debt Slave: What is being suggested here is simply free speech and to bring awareness to the people to exercise their right to vote with factual information provided.

Sedition does NOT apply, only 1st amendment rights. To view free speech as sedition would be unconstitutional unless it were blatantly violent in suggestion. In politics, that would make the entire "attack" ads and words subject to sedition. This would make each and every one of us 'guilty' of sedition in one way or another. That is dictatorship not democracy.

Is this an attempt to instill fear? WE THE PEOPLE have the right to make an educated decision as to which way we vote. It's as simply as that.

Littleton, CO

#31 Sep 10, 2009
Marty wrote:
<quoted text>
Martinez has the lowest approval rating of all judges in El Paso County. Something is very wrong with this situation. I despise Colorado Springs due to the experiences I've had in Division 10. He works on the re-entry board in CCJJ and I REFUSE to donate to CCJRC or CCJJ due to his presence in the system. This is a smokescreen. No compassion. No sense of what true justice and a passion for rehabilitation is all about. Self-serving. Lives and families are shattered without an ounce of conscience. I believe in Karma. NO one can operate with such an inflated sense of ego/arrogance and not pay the price. Much higher forces are observing all of us. MUCH higher. The judge WILL be judged.
I would like everyone who has suffered at Martinez hand to write back. I am filing a judicial complaint against this ass. Time we united and get this piece of trash where here belongs ....at the curb!

Littleton, CO

#32 Sep 10, 2009
My x actually perjured himself in court, when I filed a motion to reconsider (there was a business deal of $435 thousand dollars in question). Martinez just dismissed it without even looking at the documents or hearing the issue. He thinks he is god and therefore no need to re-consider one of his issues…what a swollen headed ass. He deserves to be dismissed from the Bench. There are a lot of qualified lawyers that could take his place. He is over due to step down. Any comments would be appreciated as I plan on addressing this issue with the congress man for our state, the judicial committee and the newspaper.

Edwardsville, IL

#33 Sep 10, 2009
Debt Slave- Your post really does not deserve a reply.Evidently they haven't invaded your world or your childrens world.Sedition my ass-Freedom of speech you bet your ass--

Edwardsville, IL

#34 Sep 10, 2009
Dina-Great post--Rock their world

Littleton, CO

#35 Sep 12, 2009
It would be awesome if everyone who has suffered at the hand of martinez would step forward... I am sure we together, can get this piece of trash removed from the bench. However, we can't do it alone...we have to unite. Does anyone know how many signatures it takes to remove a judge from the bench. I would be willing to collect signatures outside of Walmart or even the court house. Lets unite to make a difference for others out there who may have to deal with this ignorant SOB.
Regina wrote:
<quoted text>There are so many woman in Colorado Springs who are abused by the family court system. Judge Gilbert Martinez is a sexest. He believes woman should be subservinet to the man and makes the woman of Colorado Springs the objects of this beliefs. He leaves woman and their children devastated by his rulings and should be removed from the family court system. Colorado Springs needs to get it's head out of the clouds and pull this diabolical woman hater off the bench.
Ronny B

Glen Carbon, IL

#36 Sep 12, 2009
Dina- when is this clown up for election??

Colorado Springs, CO

#37 Sep 12, 2009
he is up for re-election in 2010 - next November
EPC Citizen

Littleton, CO

#38 Sep 30, 2009
I live in El Paso County, Colorado. Our DHS is not as responsive as you say. In fact, they normally are so late to respond that our children are killed by their parents and in one case, a foster-parent. Senior citizens who are abused and neglected by their caretakers face a similar challenge here. I wish DHS was little faster in their response.
A Citizen

Colorado Springs, CO

#39 Oct 2, 2009
EPC Citizen wrote:
I live in El Paso County, Colorado. Our DHS is not as responsive as you say. In fact, they normally are so late to respond that our children are killed by their parents and in one case, a foster-parent. Senior citizens who are abused and neglected by their caretakers face a similar challenge here. I wish DHS was little faster in their response.
EPC Citizen: I am alert to DHS and what they do (or don't do). You are right. DHS in El Paso County is primarily interested in what brings in the money rather than what is good for the child or senior. If it's a money-maker, they will involve themselves to the point of annoyance. Quite frankly, for the most part, they do NOT apply necessary focus on genuine abuse cases. They would rather zoom in on false calls and 'claims' of abuse. Even when the individual who calls in on those fabricated abuse calls, they are not held responsible for taking up critical time for REAL cases that require immediate attention. I know this from experience. The more DHS and CPS can adopt a child out, the more money they make. Read between the lines and you can figure out how they 'decide' which calls to answer and which calls to ignore. It's sad and they should be held accountable!

Colorado Springs, CO

#41 Dec 3, 2009
I am living proof that colorado spring's CPS is pure evil. My son was 2 months when he was first taken from me. IT was because I was kicked out of my sister's house over an argument and tossed into a slum pad where the father was living where as the owner of the 2 bedroom apartment recently had his 2 kids taken. I would sleep on an air mattress that had a small hole somewhere in it that caused it to get a tumor like bulge in it when it was blown up. I was changing my sons diaper when I noticed there were no diapers in the diaper bag next to me and had to get one out of the pack behind our room door. I moved for 2 seconds and he rolled off. 2 days later the father noticed his arm was hurting so we took him to the hospital where they saw a bruise and called it a pinch mark. 30 minutes after getting home he was taken and brought to the father's mom down the street who was for one an on again off again meth head and had a neglect case against the father and his brother when they were kids.(both were adopted irony) they never gave her a background check. I moved back in with my sister and got my son back. Caseworkers would stop by all the time. there was only one nice one. She put a down payment on an apartment for me and helped me a lot then was taken off my case after defending me. my son later suffered a seizure while the father was getting him dressed and I was on my way to work when I got to the hospital they found 2 brain bleeds..one new one old..he was taken again and given to the foster family. We went through police interrogation and lie detector tests until a doctor finally found what was wrong with him..they were accusing us of shaking him but apparently it was a rare condition called External HydroCephalus (can't spell it) It caused his skull to grow bigger then his brain leaving an extra gap where even the slightest jerk caused him a brain bleed and of course they found it during winter time where we had a bad stroller and had to take the bus. the seizures he suffered were caused by the brain bleeds I assumed it was epilepsy since it's in my family history. they gave him back for a week then took him again apparently we missed a doctor's appointment the foster family set up that we had no clue about. since then it was an uphill battle..drug tests..parenting classes..only 2 hour visits twice a week ended up leaving the father because substance abuse got the best of him after all of this..had to quit my job because they cut my hours so drastically I was getting $5 checks in 2 weeks never more then $30. We got evicted and then I ended up having to move in with friends that weren't "fit to be around my child" everybody and colorado springs practically has a criminal background I swear i'm the only one without..lets just say at the end of it all my son is now 26 months almost and was adopted yesterday..by the same foster family..they call him by his middle name..he barely recognizes me or his father and was trying to hide from us the other day..and today he moves to England..I've been trying to find a lawyer to sue but there may be so many CPS workers here but there are no defenders I am permanently going to be emotionally traumatized..I cry every night I end up caring for my friend's and my sister's kids because I constantly miss having my own son around. CPS told me if I have a kid in the next year I'd get them back in my life. Therefore because of that constant fear I ended up terminating another pregnancy which I feel horrible about.

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