City is broke...but now City Manager ...

City is broke...but now City Manager needs a Financial Assistant??

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Reality Check

United States

#1 Sep 1, 2010
I can say this, Pete Kampfer is one of a all my years in business I have never run across anyone like him. Seems like he decided to cut the Fire Department and Police Deptartment to make way for a Financial Assistant for himself. Let's see, back when Mr. Graham was City Manager, he was paid roughly $55,000.00 yearly. He turned down an assistant and did the work himself. Then Mayor Dakan asked him to take a cut in pay. So we lost him. Along comes Mr. Kampfer, a jack of all trades to hear him talk, and the City is paying him over $65,000.00 yearly (with NO prior experience as a City Manager) and now he wants to hire an assistant...with a salary probably of $35,000.00 a year. The numbers aren't adding up folks.
Look at our Community Development Director...she was promoted to head up the Museum, the Chamber and Main Street. Now the City has hired another Museum Director, another Museum Director and an outside person to organize really, what is left for Mrs. Wood to do? Does anyone really know what her job is supposed to be?
Back to the City Manager, this man will be the downfall of Colorado City unless we make some big changes in the next election. I certainly hope Mr. Reily and his KCCB buddies are happy they ran that carpool to the polls to get Dakan in office, along with Hiser, Brown and Mason. Please call your elected official if your not happy with how things are going, hound them daily if need be. Consider running for office and help turn this City back around!

Abilene, TX

#2 Sep 1, 2010
You have no idea what you are talking about. Putting any issue of Pete Kampfer or Zane Graham aside, you're just out of line on "Mrs. Wood."

I'll say right off the bat that I am her friend and that I have known her since she was a little girl, but all that means is that I "really know what her job is." I think she is respected by most everyone she has ever worked with.

First off, Amy is literally the nicest person I've ever met. She is honest and outside of any of the politics in this deal and truly just wants to make the place she grew up a better place. She got promoted into a hard place, without asking to be.

As far as what she does, she is the person organizing Junktique not "an outside person," naturally she has volunteer help but that is what it takes. As far as other jobs, look at what she has already done for the Main Street Program. In the 4 months she's been on the job, the Program has already had 4 new facade grant applications, drafted and passed a preservation ordinance that will get tax benefits to downtown business owners (and that the state recommended 4 years ago), helped encourage the theater to finish their grant (and is trying to help them get a new sign), and has already lined up a committment of tens of thousands of dollars in grant funding from organizations like the Historical Commission and BOED. That wasn't there earlier this year. On top of that she has basically had to do the job that four people were doing this time last year including answering the phone and doing the clerical work for the Chamber of Commerce while they hired a new person. "The new museum director" works only part time and gets paid less than $11,000.00 a year. Although it wasn't her idea she also has had to orchestrate the cleanup projects and the Baker hotel cleanup going on this month.

I have no doubt that right now she probably averages 60 hours of work a week if you include the off the clock weekend volunteer time she devotes to events like the Railhead Trade Days and basically anything else that someone needs help with.

I can promise you that as far as Amy goes she would work just as hard for the last or the next city council as she does for this one. No agenda, just good intentions.

Pick on the decision makers all you want. People like Kampher come and go. But, it will take people like Amy and the other good city employees we still have, to turn this town around. I've been here 40 years and it upsets me when someone with a big mouth pops off about local kids coming home, working hard and doing good.

Abilene, TX

#3 Sep 1, 2010
I agree with the post above. Amie wasn't hired to head up all those programs, she was promoted to supervise the department heads of those and various other programs, while acting as the Main Street Director. The idea was to have one person who could help keep the other existing department heads going in the same direction rather than everyone having a different agenda. Eventually her job will also involve economic development issues.
I know for a fact that she gets paid less than Cecilia Scott did and has four time the resposibility.

She is hard working (probably overworked) and has only been on the job a few months. She and Ty are nice people, and do good in the community.
Reality Check

Dardanelle, AR

#4 Sep 1, 2010
I am not picking on her at all...really just wanting to know what her job description entails...she seems nice, never said she wasn't.

Abilene, TX

#5 Sep 1, 2010
looks like you got a pretty good answer. Amie is good example and doing a good job with the Main Street Program despite difficult circumstances.
news flash

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#6 Sep 1, 2010
Did anyone else see the story on Headline news that i saw yesterday? The one where the mayor of some town took an 80% cut in his salary because the town was struggling with it's finances? He said that he would gladly take a pay cut before he would start laying off his cops and firfighters!THAT is dedication to your community and it is sad that our city manager doesnt feel the same way about our great town. Apparently lately it doesn't count for anything if you are "nice" and "hardworking". Amy Wood doesn't work any harder than the other people that have lost their jobs. Why should she be treated any better than the others? And if the "city managers" have any say in it, everyone will get paid half of what they should and have 4 times the responsibilities. Things need to change, and i believe that this town will find out just how many people aren't liking Mr. Pete Kampfer and the current city council when elections come around. I pray that this is the case, so that we may undo all the damage they have caused within this small community.
The Dude

Abilene, TX

#7 Sep 1, 2010
No one said she deserved to be treated any better. By you logic if two firefighters lose their jobs you should fire every employee and shut down the whole city. Our Main Street program is one of the few things that has continued to work well since PK has came here. The last lady did a good job and it looks like this one is too. Good job Main Street. Help our town. Get rid of the jerks keep the good home town people.
Reality Check

Lanagan, MO

#8 Sep 1, 2010
I am not sure on anyone's salary..but if Mrs. Scott was paid more I would imagine it was based on years of experience. The City Manager clearly stated when he fired Mrs. Scott that Mrs. Wood would he heading several departments. I just find it interesting they are having to hire outside help to produce Junktique.

Since: Aug 10

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#9 Sep 2, 2010
I know for a fact what the firefighters were making because they are friends of mine ... Rick was making 13 dollars an hour and had been here for 9 years , Chris was making 10.50 an hour ... way below standards of other firefighters in communities near us. But they were here , constantly coming in one their time off for fire prevention in the schools , inspections and other various activities ..... not to mention there time they put in on the volunteer department. I saw the story on HLN and i agree that mayor is leading by example, This administration has become a disgrace. And a for Aime Wood , i think she does an excellent job no matter what she is handed.
news flash

United States

#10 Sep 2, 2010
I never said anything about firefighters did I? STOP making s*** up! What I said was that she didn't work any harder than ANYONE ELSE that lost their jobs. In case you didn't notice, there have been ALOT of people in all the depts that got let go. Mr. Kampfer's solution to everything is to farm it out! Look at how we've farmed out the trash and now he wants to farm out health inspections also? Why? We had people here that the city trained for those jobs...why do you have to get rid of them? Because they wont accept more duties while also taking a pay cut? I don't see Mr. Kampfer offering to take a pay cut. DON"T ASK ANYONE ELSE TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOUR NOT WILLING TO DO YOURSELF!!!!
Think about this

Blanchard, OK

#11 Sep 2, 2010
We now have the dumpsters, thats ok, but... its contracted out. If the committe for combining the PD and Sheriffs office is approved, that is contracted out.... less people working for the city, less city functions...are we going to be left with no city??? Im not understanding how the city made it in the past when the economy was slow, they managed and didnt have to contract out all jobs and let people go! There were more compassionate people then who believed in the city employees enough not to give them the shaft,
is contracting everything out regarding the city, the answer we want?
Junktique Volunteer

Newcastle, OK

#12 Sep 2, 2010
The only outside "coordinators" on Junktique are Main Street Volunteers. I'm assuming that your basing your assertion on the newspaper article about Nicole Neff coordinating the junkfinders event.

Nicole is a recent college grad who had a little extra time and volunteered to help main street. She was specifically exicted about helping gather stuff for the creative auction. So far she has done an awesome job. She and Amie have brought in a lot people not previously involved in Main Street as well as a lot of old favorites. She's not the "junktique coordinator" nor is any other outside party. I can assure you Amie's working her butt off on that one. There are just a bunch of us helping each other. That's the way it has worked in the past and the way a community should always work.


Newcastle, OK

#13 Sep 2, 2010
Reality Check wrote:
I am not sure on anyone's salary..but if Mrs. Scott was paid more I would imagine it was based on years of experience. The City Manager clearly stated when he fired Mrs. Scott that Mrs. Wood would he heading several departments. I just find it interesting they are having to hire outside help to produce Junktique.
You've got bad info Reality Check. Just not the case

Blanchard, OK

#14 Sep 2, 2010
Just remember the way Cecilia Scott was treated,
we all should have known there is no "feelings" or compassion regarding the city decisions.

Abilene, TX

#15 Sep 3, 2010
I had also heard the City was hiring a "retail coach" to help with the Junktique event...wonder what that will cost? I think that is what Reality Check is referring to when he says outside help.
Junktique Volunteer

Newcastle, OK

#16 Sep 3, 2010
No, you heard wrong. The "retail coach" was an idea that the BOED had come up with last year. BOED may hire them, maybe not, it hasn't been decided. Basically, an expert comes into the town and evaluates what types of businesses we need, what types would work here and how existing businesses can improve. They also give advice to the city about how to help with improvements to parking etc. Snyder did it last year. It doesn't have anything to do with Junktique. Reality check is referring to something that is totally inaccurate. Grasping at straws.

Junktique for better or worse is all Main Street, Opera House and Chamber of Commerce volunteers and is shaping up to be great. Hope you'll all come.

Why do people agree with this crap:) What did that get a star for?
Junktique Volunteer

Newcastle, OK

#17 Sep 3, 2010
What are you disagreeing with. These are not opinions, they are factual statements?

Abilene, TX

#18 Sep 3, 2010
I am not disagreeing with anything..just stating what I have heard, and what alot of other folks have heard about them hiring outside help (and not volunteers such as Ms. Neff) You say it's not the time will tell.
Junktique Volunteer

Shawnee, OK

#19 Sep 3, 2010
Well Junktique is on the 25th, and I was at a meeting last night that involved pretty much everyone involved (about 20 volunteers)in the event this year. I can tell you no outside coordinator, coach or other party is involved. You don't have to wait for time to tell. It's never wise to listen to gossip.

You sound interested, if you would like to get involved we would love to have your help. You may be someone who was involved in the past. If so your input would be truly appreciated. You can call Amie Wood or Nicole Neff to get signed up for the Junk to Jewells event or anything else you might be interested in. Main Street is something that is truly trying to move past the problems and bad politics of the past year, the people involved just want to make the downtown better no matter what else is going on around us or bad things are thown at us. Come help us. We'd also appreciate it if you'd straighten out your sources, never good to have false info in the public. As for me I just keep helping out.

Abilene, TX

#20 Sep 3, 2010
I am pretty sure this wasn't "gossip" as my source is pretty reliable, but as I said...time will tell. Thanks for the invitation to help out.

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