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Albany, TX

#1 May 5, 2011
Running for Mayor of Colorado City
by Lorena Turnbow on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 8:32am
KVMC/KAUM political forum:
Dear Bobbie,
Just listened to your reply about standing alone on anything when placing your vote for controversial issues for our City while serving as our Mayor.
Bobbie I have always had such great respect for you when you were working on the hospital board. I enjoyed many times seeing and working with you while I was working with CMS service learning programs concerning the Real History ~ Real Heroes Veteran Memorial and so many other programs.
It saddens me to hear that you have chosen to be a yes man/woman on issues that will concern our future.
I understand not wanting to stand alone, but there are times when you must 'stand alone' for the betterment of the people.
I know I am only one vote, but I respectfully say, "You will not be getting my vote for Mayor of Colorado City."
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Linda Sample Baum: It is the weak who can say "yes"...... the strong abide in their convictions!
Yesterday at 9:37am
o Sharon Matthews ‎@ Linda, strong people are very hard to come by. All of us are weak sometimes. I think those who stand up on their convictions with a yes or no are showing their strength. Problem is - they may have different convictions from others. Therein lies the "rub"! I always hope and pray for the very best for C-City.
Yesterday at 10:05am •
o Linda Sample Baum What we, the taxpayers , really want is someone to mindful of us! Anyone can go "along" with the rest of the crowd.
o Yesterday at 11:02am •
o Cat Geiger Just got to hear the whole response from Mrs. Banks. It does sound exactly like she will not stand up for own beliefs and feelings if it means she will vote alone?? Why would anyone want that...makes no sense to me.
o Yesterday at 12:28pm •
o Glenda Turner i'm glad to see others heard the same thing i did. i really thought i misunderstood when she said she wouldn't vote ALONE...??? huh??? that made no sense to me either! i thought surely i heard wrong...
o 18 hours ago •
o Deacon Magill I think she just lost the race
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o Brenda Carpenter i want someone who will stand up to the others if she feels different and not a shame to be of a different thought, man you just don't go along with the others just to keep them happy, please people go vote please
8 hours ago
o Brenda Carpenter her statement made me think if the others jumps off the bridge is she going to jump with them, people you have to get out there and vote
o 7 hours ago •
Its time

Albany, TX

#2 May 5, 2011
This was a post on Lorena Turnbow’s facebook page. What I find interesting is how NONE of these people were at that forum! They are simply going off of what the good ol “unbiased” kvmc decided to play on the radio…which is usually picked apart to what they see fit…they usually base it on what will cause the most uproar to get people on their side, the “anti – City”“anti – Positive, moving forward” side… Two of these responses are from employees of the radio station…”unbiased” eh? Tell me Linda, wasn’t it the Baum family who trashed & tried to tear Carol Sue & her reputation apart when she was running against Jim 2 years ago? Obviously yall have turned over a new leaf and are Carol Sue supporters…or is it keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? Don’t get me wrong, I love having the freedom to vote & freedom of speech as well as anyone else, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of someone else just because you can.
Bobbie did a EXCELET job of explaining what she meant by “not standing alone”. If KVMC would have played the ENTIRE FORUM ANSWER’S ON THE RADIO, you would know that. She simply meant that she is going to try her best to get along with everyone so they can make a decision as united front for what is best for Colorado City. Not many would disagree that The way things are going with the current council are OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING, they haven’t in a LONG TIME & it boils down to LEADERSHIP. Ask yourself… If I’m the only one voting yes, or no on EVERYTHING, could the problem POSIBLY BE ME??? GASP! There’s a concept! So instead of posting which way you’re going to vote and your reasons why, just go down to City Hall LIKE AN MATURE ADULT and vote. Stop trying to cause problems! GROW UP & GIVE THIS CITY THE CHANCE TO HAVE POSITIVE INPUT, NEW POSITIVE LEADERSHIP & MOVE FORWARD! STOP BEING A THORN IN COLORADO CITY’S SIDE!

Abilene, TX

#3 May 5, 2011
This reads like a list of town a**holes and idiots. I would vote the opposite of this bunch regardless of the candidate.

Abilene, TX

#4 May 5, 2011
Dont Feed the troll, vote!

Abilene, TX

#5 May 5, 2011
i attended forum Ms. Turnbow got right.
my opinion

United States

#6 May 5, 2011
As did I & I disagree with you salgal. Bobbie was very encouraging & I left there with hope for our town's future by her words. Yet when Carol Sue was asked the tough questions about her past on the council, she did everything BUT answer the questions.
Local citizen

Lanagan, MO

#7 May 5, 2011
I thought Carol Sue answered the tough questions. She only had issues with two councilmen. The main issue of the election seems to be who wants to represent the people and who wants to be a part of "warm and friendly" council.
my opinion

United States

#8 May 5, 2011
I think Bobbie can not only represent the citizens well, but she will be warm & friendly as well. Both attributes she will bring to the council table will be a nice welcomed change.

Girard, TX

#9 May 6, 2011
This mayor race seems to be a smear campaign by Bobbie,the questions at the forum for Carol Sue was
just to bash her,I felt sure they were all written by city manager.I have never seen a council or mayor race handled with such venom & negative ads, the winner in such mud slinging is the news paper.I try to attend city council meetings, I note that only 2 or 3 people now attend,why, i'm of opinion it's due to meetings being uneventful, or citizens know no matter their opinion on an agenda item their council person will vote with the rest and not make waves,"get along".Jason Castillo has moved from C.City,yet will not resign until after election, if Bobbie doesn't win election, the council will probably appoint her to council,just my opinion,meanwhile jason's district is not represented. I believe the negative ads will help Carol Sue draw votes.
Same ol stuff

Shawnee, OK

#10 May 6, 2011
You GO Sal gal........ well eh.. freedom of speech, people are entitled to their opinion.. or are they?
last I knew, America was a free nation.
That political forum was a set up..

Albany, TX

#11 May 6, 2011
I am all about freedom of speech and having your own opinion too!

Its people like you "same ol stuff", "sal gal", Carol Sue, KVMC & employee's & Mrs. Turnbow that Colorado City will never move forward! Yall are OBSESSED with proving a point that everyone is out to "get you" and no one besides you few really care or want what is best for Colorado City! DONT GIVE YOURSELF THAT MUCH CREDIT!

If you think that forum was a set up by Bobbie to smear Carol Sue, you have lost your mind. Seriously.

And the "bashing" Carol sue comment, Have you considered that she HAS done the things that she was asked to answer for?

Bobbie didn't have any questions asked that doubted her ability, integrity or intentions (not being in the right place) for the position as Mayor... And if you were there, and you REALLY doubt Bobbie so much, why didn't you ask them?

Until we have someone who is at least WILLING to trust and get along with fellow councilmen, we will just continue to spin our wheels and never go anywhere. least of all forward.
mad world

Abilene, TX

#12 May 6, 2011
Carol Sue is a nice lady, but I did not think she answered the questions asked in an honest way. Maybe worse she is running her campaign on taking credit for good things that she specifically has voted against and did everything she could to keep from happening.

Bobby is no yes man. She was just saying that unless it is a very contentious issue that you feel strongly about, the a consensus should be reached before a vote is even called. Furthermore, the damn mayor is isn't even supposed to vote except as a tie-breaker, so it is virtually impossible for the mayor to be a lone voter (unless you do what ever you want regardless of correct proceedure).
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Abilene, TX

#13 May 6, 2011
How do you keep a forum from being "set up" when you agree to ask every question that is written down in an unedited fashion and have a person who has never even been to C-City read them?

Would it be less "set up" if you only asked questions which were favorable?

Or would it be less "set up" if you reworded a question to take the edge off?

The key here is that in America if you piss someone off as a public official you had better be ready to answer their question in an articulate manner. If you are right and they are wrong, then a mean question is an opportunity to blow someone out of the water and make yourself look great.

If you have been making bad decisions....

Girard, TX

#14 May 6, 2011
Meeting of city council 2009,on agenda appointment to a board,3 places. a Black Lady speaks & asks to be appointed,councilman Brookshear asks this question what color is she? So I guess as Mrs. Banks stated she will go alone with council,that should make Brookshear happy. It was stated at forum that Mayor acts outside of council,yet the mayor protem doesn't like a public comment so
he stops Jim Baum after meeting and speaks against citizen,this is clearly without council approval,I may be wrong but I was of opinion that city manager should speak for council. I don't doubt Bobbie's ability, I doubt the reasons the people who had the meeting and talked her into running for Mayor it's their private agenda I question. I'm of opinion they believe they can think and run Bobbie.I think they doubt Bobbie's ability.

United States

#15 May 6, 2011
Its time for a change (big change). I am on Bobbies train...

Abilene, TX

#16 May 7, 2011
Please tell the change (big change)that Bobbies train will bring. May 1 brought a change in water rates,sewer & garbage,this will occur every year until 2015, this is C.City's main revenue base,this
was done by ordinance when new council hired Pete,but I agree we need to pay for services,
we are a town of about 4000 people,and this debt
was in place when Pete was hired,now as with past city managers, the council follows & we incur more debt & the city managers leave this city with money,lots of it and we are left with more debt,& if anyone says or ask how many millions more? They are considered a thorn in the side of the council and against the City. Bobbie stated mistakes have been made, she is totally correct on that,but until city pays off or pays down on those mistakes,it just more mistakes. I recall Steve Shutts saying you have to spend money to make money,the city spent&spent,it didn't make any money that i'm aware only Shutts,and he left with lots of money back to Colorado.Then there was Cato,same thing.The engineer driving the train in my opinion is your city manager, and it seems to me they abandon this city when they realize they have gotten all the money they can and their resume will not look good for next job.Of course this is just my opinion.

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