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Kampfer's Karma injection is about to begin

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Santa Fe, NM

#1 Jul 26, 2012
Read the latest news from Raton, and decide for yourself ...


... but keep in mind, please, that the people of Raton never got a chance to say "yes" or "no" to Kampfer, as the new city manager. He was hired by certain elements in our commission; not by "us".

In the view of many in Raton, our commissioners do WAY too much under HUGE clouds of secrecy and duplicity ... especially when hiring people like the "Tiger" that our now-mayor and/or his (athletic?) supporters once threatened to "unleash" on anyone that dared to challenge the man's Dictator-like rule. Anyway ... Pete's been in his new job since February; and is already heading towards a huge court trial ... on top of all the investigations beginning, on his leadership and his boss's, on our corrupt commission.

Las Cruces, NM

#2 Jul 30, 2012
More recent news about "your ex" can be found at:


Including that he's as-yet still non-responsive to formal IPRA requests for proof that he worked for the FBI; as he had claimed on his resume when he applied for the city manager's job in Raton ... with only three days left, before that deadline.

... and that city hall in Raton, under Kampfer's so-called leadership, was advised late on Monday by the New Mexico Attorney General's Office that the city commission meeting he wants to hold, on Tueday, looks a lot like it will badly be in violation of NM's "Open Meetings Act" laws ... and if it is, we citizens are to call the AG ..

Since: Jul 12

dairy queen

#3 Aug 2, 2012
Have you spoke with Doug Patinka

Las Cruces, NM

#4 Aug 5, 2012
Another update from New Mexico:

You folks may want to watch the online edition of this-coming-up Tuesday's Raton Range newspaper. It usually goes online about midnight, the day before and will likely stay up for at least a few weeks.

The recall efforts in Raton, against every one of the city commissioners, has taken off with such speed that it's taken half a week or so for most folks in this town to even realize it's happening. In large part, that's because they (recalls, in general, in Raton) start with ages and eons (it seems like it, anyway) of drum-beating by the politicians who are trying to put one over on we tiny-brained voters; and ends only when they see we're going to dump all of them, if they don't get a clue and learn to pretend they are half-sane.

In other words, people in Raton have become so accustomed to the mental breakdowns of public officials that without those breakdowns going public, most people don't think a recall is in the works. Having seen loads of squabbling, but very little of the "warm up" routines the politicans use before a recall starts, people in Raton are struggling, apparently, to believe a recall is already in the works. Even the Raton Range made a few minor mistakes, in Friday's paper: even they assumed (incorrectly) that a recall won't begin for some time -- when the truth is, Wednesday was the day signatures began to be collected. What I'm hoping is that Tuesday's paper, out here in NM, will begin to make it clear to residents that, yes, we can have a recall ... without the insanity that several batches of local politicians usually bring to the table, during most of our recalls.

We only need 194 valid signatures to trigger the idea of any individual commissioner being put onto a special ballot; for a special election. Once the recall election begins, anyone in town who is a registered voter can show up and give either a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" to each person who is named on that recall ballot. And all five of our commissioners have custom petition forms, with their name pre-printed on it. And those forms are being quietly circulated around town, now. It won't be long before they're all "eligible". And then an election gets scheduled. Then, we're done with the whole lot of them; once and for all!

For those wondering how it's going: the statistics break down this way. Chris Candelario seems to be the least hated of our local politicians. Even so, thus far, he is still attracting 73% of all who sign a petition -- so, 3 out of 4 want him gone.

Next up are Jimmy Fanelli and Sandra Mantz. They both had 80% of all those signing, picking them to be honored on Raton's upcoming recall ballot forms.

Above those two is our former Mayor: James Neil Segotta, Jr. His unpopularity rises quite a bit above the others. He's sitting right at 93%.

And then there's our current Mayor, Charles Starkovich. Not a single person DIDN'T pick him! He's got 100% of all petition signers for kicking him out of power ... which leads us to your buddy, Pete Kampfer ... since the thinking souls in this small community figure Starkie as Kampfer's main supporter. The others probably rubber-stamped the idea of Kampfer, at Starkie's manipulative and/or threatening persistence ... leaving Kampfer with no supporters and quite a few people upset with him, the moment Raton's recall petitions get to the point where we have 194 valid signatures; and every one of our lousy elected "leaders" get the honor of being named on our next recall ballots!

Goodbye and good riddance to the whole lot of 'em!

(Consider yourselves warned, Colorado City -- lock the gates, and put a guard on them, so Pete can't sneak back into your town, when we boot him out!)

Las Cruces, NM

#5 Sep 15, 2012
Been a while. Just because I haven't updated you kind folks in ages, doesn't mean your ole buddy, Pete Kampfer, isn't getting his fair share of the karma being spread around in Raton, New Mexico:


Besides what was said in that message thread, the recall process against all five of Raton's city commissioners is still going nicely, too. Our mayor, in particular, is being accepted for rejection at a rather astounding rate ... and since he's Pete's primary supporter in Raton ...

Las Cruces, NM

#6 Sep 17, 2012
The commission that put Pete Kampfer into office, in Raton, New Mexico, is nearly out of office now, themselves. Just a matter of time, at this point.


Santa Fe, NM

#7 Sep 28, 2012
Raton NM's recall of all five commissioners still apparently has one day left to go, for collecting voter signatures on petition forms ... but we had so many signatures beyond what we needed, that we decided to do a big turn-in of signed petition forms on Friday afternoon. So ... the recall of all five of Raton's commissioners heads onwards; towards whatever end it will eventually have.

At present, it looks like Raton's Mayor (and from the looks of it, chief Kampfer supporter) is on a recall election ballot, no matter what; the former Mayor's largely in the same boat; the Mayor Pro-Tem is also on board that same boat; and there are only two Raton city commissioners who, while having sufficient (pre-verification) signature numbers, aren't awash in "bonus points" beyond the bare minimum it will take to put them on a ballot.

So, basically: they're all very likely to end up being on a ballot; to be considered for removal.

The local newspapers in/around Raton (the Raton Range and the Chronicle-News) should have more info, before too long. See their web sites.

Santa Fe, NM

#8 Oct 1, 2012
Quoting Raton's illustrious Mayor, from the Tuesday, Oct 2nd edition of the Raton Range:


"In an e-mailed response to The Range, the mayor said the way to prevent such "abuse" is for the citizens to "change our form of government to an elected mayor-city council form of government.""

... which, depending on how one parses things, sounds a lot like our Mayor may be seriously considering throwing city manager Pete Kampfer, under the bus. If so, it would be the first thing Raton's latest Mayor did, that would get cheers out of the long-suffering people living in Raton.

I can't imagine that it would break hearts over here, on the Colorado City, TX forums, either...?

-- Ward Shrake --
clean cut and proud of it

Fredericksburg, TX

#9 Oct 3, 2012
as much bad publicity as raton has had in recent months with the racino permit (nothing raton did as i read it)you would think that people would grow tired of fighting and try working for the good of the community. Kampfer took a job in a town that all ready had a black eye. This recall will confirm many fears that there may be no saving raton from itself. WAKE UP!!!! Why dont you use the same energy to support your community rather than trying to destroy it.

Santa Fe, NM

#10 Oct 9, 2012
Kampfer's giving his new town much more than a black eye ... but read it all for yourself:


Santa Fe, NM

#11 Mar 8, 2013
Those of you who are still hopeful to see Pete Kampfer get in trouble for some of what he pulls, may want to keep an eye on Raton's newspaper over the coming weeks.(And/or other NM news media outlets.) We can't promise they'll report on what just happened, but there's a chance they will.

Until the official media reports on the situation:


(Go there, and then look for the determination document titled "Raton (City of) OMA determination March 4, 2013.pdf" and view or download that file.)

What you'll find there is the NM Attorney General's final / formal "determination" letter, in response to citizen complaints about a lack of openness ... starting right before Kampfer was hired, in Raton NM; and continuing until mid-2012.(Which isn't when the problem with openness ended -- that continues to this day -- that's just when the NM AG's office stopped their close inspection of meeting agendas and meeting minutes and so on.)

I have info indicating that other citizens in this town (Raton, NM) are going to have the AG's office look closely at the second half of 2012, as well -- so this report, above, is just "a good beginning".

Keep in mind that (as previously stated) the AG's office has the power to "undo" any decisions made in Closed Sessions found not to be legally closed. And one of Kampfer's original hiring-in-progress dates was just ruled to be in violation of NM law.

Other citizens are also looking into multiple possible violations of NM's "Governmental Conduct Act" as well ... so, Kampfer's not out of it yet. His troubles are just beginning to come to a boil.

He'll get his. Just a matter of time and patience.

-- Ward Shrake --
Kampfer who cares

Midland, TX

#12 Mar 9, 2013
We in Colorado City feel bad that y'all are going thought what you are with Pete. But we really don't care to keep to being brought into the fray of things. Keep your own agenda in Raton, and stop bringing it here tattling like a spoiled child. We really don't care.
After reading your posts over and over it seems that you are just hell bent on destroying people. We don't seem to have the same problems now that Pete is there with you. If you want to blast him, fine. Just blast him to the people that are having to deal with him. Leave us out of it.

Abilene, TX

#13 Mar 10, 2013
Ratonian, keep s posted, seems by the post above,some people are of opinion that since Kampher has left here it is ok what happens to other towns. This is about government in the sunshine,about the people's right to know. I believe people who try to circumvent the open meetings act do not need to be in public office. Keep posting and standing up for what's right for all people.

Santa Fe, NM

#14 Mar 12, 2013
As requested: here's your latest update on your (and hopefully, soon also our) FORMER city manager:


And of course, those of us living in Raton will be discussing what to do about dumping that buffoon. Those who love Sunshine: feel free to join us at:


Santa Fe, NM

#15 Mar 13, 2013
Kampfer who cares wrote:
We in Colorado City feel bad that y'all are going thought what you are with Pete. But we really don't care to keep to being brought into the fray of things.
Not even if we tell you we just successfully got rid of the man?

Yup ... he up and suddenly resigned from his job as Raton's city manager, this week. Even though he's still technically "our" city manager, right now; he's also technically the new city manager of Kermit, TX ... and both at the same time.

(Sound like Deja Vu?! Yes, he just pulled the same cute little trick he engaged in, when he signed on over in Raton, NM ... while still apparently being on the payroll over at Colorado City, TX!?)

Our city commission in Raton just met on Tuesday evening, at 6:00 PM ... but, since accepting the man's resignation then wouldn't be legal (since nothing about it was listed on the meeting's written agenda, in advance) he's "gone" ... but not legally listed in that capacity, right now. Word is spreading. Celebrations have begun! His last day is supposedly in two weeks; but if I understood what you folks said about his having left C-City, a year ago, compared to when he was supposed to show up here: it looked a lot like he didn't even bother working out his full two week's notice in your city; and no one's gonna complain if he pulls a repeat, in Raton!

That said ... your overall point is well taken about bandwidth loss "here" on a subject that some of you might want to forget all about ... so, for those who want to know more: you can read all about it, over on the Topix forums for Raton, NM ...


... or, if that place isn't to your tastes, you can also read about it at the "less goofy" (moderated) "Raton Politics" blog:


... or, if you wait just a bit longer, it may be in Friday's Raton Range newspaper.(The online edition doesn't have everything that the hardcopy edition does; but the main stories usually go online.)


Santa Fe, NM

#16 Mar 13, 2013
CCityCares wrote:
I believe people who try to circumvent the open meetings act do not need to be in public office.
Then you may want to type "raton commission violated open meetings act" into the Google search engine. It will pull up several brief, repeated-in-various-places news pieces (which originate with the Associated Press) about the city commission of Raton, New Mexico, having formally been slammed by NM's Attorney General's Office, for repeatedly violating this state's laws in regards to Open Meetings -- beginning right before Pete Kampfer was hired; and continuing on through the end of the (short: only five months) period the AG looked at. Six proven Open Meetings Act violations, in five months -- with Pete Kampfer as the city manager. That's on top of the IPRA violations Pete got slammed for, around October.

The Raton Range has a larger story on it, too.(See March 12th.)

With that said: thanks again for your support and understanding; and hopefully the citizens of Kermit, Texas will be fore-warned, thanks to all of the citizen's reports here; and at "our" blogs.

Just so it's clear: my point in making various posts here, in the past, was to show others "how we did it" ... IF we managed to get rid of Pete Kampfer. If what we tried, worked: great. If what we tried didn't work: maybe focus efforts elsewhere. Now, thanks to all of the warnings from you kind folks in C-City, and the many warnings we generated internally, in Raton ... a rather clear road map exists, as to how to deal with certain problems. Now it's up to the folks at the "next place" to look for and study that map.

Thanks, hugely, to all of you folks; for all the help you gave us!

-- Ward Shrake --

Sweetwater, TX

#17 Mar 14, 2013
So very glad Kampfer got exposed for the con artist he is! Now poor Kermit has to deal with him!

Albuquerque, NM

#18 Mar 14, 2013
yes indeed, poor Kermit

Las Cruces, NM

#19 Mar 27, 2013
Quick update -- Pete Kampfer's job offer in Kermit, Texas, may have been taken away from him ...'cuz the man is still hanging around in Raton, looking all sad -- even though he's out of a job as city manager in this city, and should be in Kermit, TX as of this morning. The Raton city commission picked a new (interim) city manager, last night ... so, we folks in Raton now have another (temporary) city manager ... but, Pete's still hanging around in Raton. No solid idea why, thus far. Word on the street is that he's trolling for another job of some kind, with Raton; and his cronies on the city commission may want to give him one.(They're all history, if they do! I have their blank recall petitions already made up!)

-- Ward Shrake --

Las Cruces, NM

#20 Mar 28, 2013
Some of this will be music to some people's ears, I presume?


Gotta love that your ex-(and now, also our ex-) city manager takes no personal credit for his own downfall and/or rejection with the folks from Kermit, TX -- when, obviously, he should massively blame himself.(On so many levels at once that it's not worth trying to parse and list 'em. At least not worth it to me. Might be amusing for some of you other folks to give it a try, though?)

Well, Petey Old Boy, next time ya crap all over two communities, it might be wise to consider NOT telling them where your next set of victims will be. And then, not laughing in their faces about what a great job upgrade you just got, in the local newspaper; before you're actually at that job!

... Especially after telling the community you're currently crapping on, that the only way they'll be able to get rid of you is to "Dig deep or think through".(Which he said around Oct 2012.) Since you're no longer Raton's city manager, Petey Ole Boy, and you're no longer apparently a viable candidate in Kermit, TX either ... and since your ex-bosses in Raton just massively ticked off an already "at their limits, with you" population and are thus about to be kicked out of office in Raton, themselves, for giving we citizens the finger for a second time, by hiring someone as toxic as you, a second time ... well, personally, my dear, I think we citizens of Raton, NM have met with the definition of "thinking through". We not only got rid of you as city manager once; but twice!

Karma is often slow ... but then again, it often does a good job!

(Compound interest, anyone?! It ain't over with yet! Keep an eye on Raton's web sites, to see all the gory details ... but there's no way we citizens will allow Pete to have any job with city hall. Not after all the crap we've taken from him, and his bosses, over the last year. It's time that we citizens of Raton clean up the messes our commissioners insist on making, all of the time!)

-- Ward Shrake --

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